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Study on Revitalizing Northeast China Through a New Road of Industrialization
Canadian Social Science , 2008,
Abstract: The old northeast industrial base has been the cradle of China after Liberation industry and has made the significant contribution to speed up the process of industrialization in China. The 16th National Party Congress definitely put forward the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial bases in Northeast China. Undoubtedly it can bring new lease and vitality for the development of the old industrial bases in Northeast China in the future. To begin with the study of the contents of a new road of industrialization, the article focuses on the necessity of taking a new road of industrialization to revitalize Northeast China and put forward the countermeasures for it according to analyze the current status. Key words: revitalization of Northeast China, new industrialization, resources, countermeasures Résumé: L’ancienne base industrielle nord-est a été le berceau de l’industrie de Chine après la Libération et a donné une contribution signifiante à l’accélération du processus d’industrialisation chinoise. Le 16e Congrès national du Parti a mis en avant définitivement la stratégie de revitalisation des anciennes bases industrielles dans le Nore-Est de Chine. Sans aucun doute, cette stratégie peut amener la vitalité et un nouveau commencement au développement des ces anciennes bases industrielles dans le futur. Débutant par l’étude du contenu de la nouvelle voie d’industrialisation, le présent article se focalise sur la nécessité de prendre une nouvelle voie d’industrialisation pour redresser le Nord-Est de Chine et propose des contre-mesures correspondantes en vertu de la situation actuelle. Mots-Clés: revitalisation du Nort-Est de Chine, nouvelle industrialisation, ressources, contre-mesures
Earthquake Early Warning Systems
Pei-Yang Lin
International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology , 2011, DOI: 10.5875/ausmt.v1i2.123
Abstract: Because of Taiwan’s unique geographical environment, earthquake disasters occur frequently in Taiwan. The Central Weather Bureau collated earthquake data from between 1901 and 2006 (Central Weather Bureau, 2007) and found that 97 earthquakes had occurred, of which, 52 resulted in casualties. The 921 Chichi Earthquake had the most profound impact. Because earthquakes have instant destructive power and current scientific technologies cannot provide precise early warnings in advance, earthquake prevention is crucial. The earthquake early warning system can provide seconds to tens of seconds of warning time before an earthquake strikes. This paper introduces the earthquake early warning system build by Taiwan National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering and a practice case happened in Yilan City, Taiwan.
Dependence of Interaction Free Energy between Solutes on an External Electrostatic Field
Pei-Kun Yang
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ijms140714408
Abstract: To explore the athermal effect of an external electrostatic field on the stabilities of protein conformations and the binding affinities of protein-protein/ligand interactions, the dependences of the polar and hydrophobic interactions on the external electrostatic field, ? E ext, were studied using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. By decomposing E ext into, along, and perpendicular to the direction formed by the two solutes, the effect of E ext on the interactions between these two solutes can be estimated based on the effects from these two components. E ext was applied along the direction of the electric dipole formed by two solutes with opposite charges. The attractive interaction free energy between these two solutes decreased for solutes treated as point charges. In contrast, the attractive interaction free energy between these two solutes increased, as observed by MD simulations, for E ext = 40 or 60 MV/cm. E ext was applied perpendicular to the direction of the electric dipole formed by these two solutes. The attractive interaction free energy was increased for E ext = 100 MV/cm as a result of dielectric saturation. The force on the solutes along the direction of E ext computed from MD simulations was greater than that estimated from a continuum solvent in which the solutes were treated as point charges. To explore the hydrophobic interactions, E ext was applied to a water cluster containing two neutral solutes. The repulsive force between these solutes was decreased/increased for E ext along/perpendicular to the direction of the electric dipole formed by these two solutes.
In-Network Neighborhood-Based Node Similarity Measure: A Unified Parametric Model
Yu Yang,Jian Pei
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In many applications, we need to measure similarity between nodes in a large network based on features of their neighborhoods. Although in-network node similarity based on proximity has been well investigated, surprisingly, measuring in-network node similarity based on neighborhoods remains a largely untouched problem in literature. One grand challenge is that in different applications we may need different measurements that manifest different meanings of similarity. In this paper, we investigate the problem in a principled and systematic manner. We develop a unified parametric model and a series of four instance measures. Those instance similarity measures not only address a spectrum of various meanings of similarity, but also present a series of tradeoffs between computational cost and strictness of matching between neighborhoods of nodes being compared. By extensive experiments and case studies, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model and its instances.
Boundary Induced Inductive Delay in Transmission of Electromagnetic Signals  [PDF]
Yong Yang, Mingzhi Li, Yan Sun, Dongfei Pei, Shengyong Xu
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2012.44020
Abstract: When an electromagnetic signal transmits through a coaxial cable, it propagates at speed determined by the dielectrics of insulator between the cooper core wire and the metallic shield. However, we demonstrate here that, once the shielding layer of the coaxial cable is cut into two parts leaving a small gap, while the copper core wire is still perfectly connected, a remarkable transmission delay immediately appears in the system. We have revealed by both computational simulation and experiments that, when the gap spacing between two parts of the shielding layer is small, this delay is mostly determined by the overall geometrical parameters of the conductive boundary which connects two parts of the cut shielding layer. A reduced analytic formula for the transmission delay related with geometrical parameters, which is based on an inductive model of the transmission system, matches well with the fitted formula of the simulated delay. This above structure is analog to the situation that an interconnect is between two inter-modules in a circuit. The results suggest that for high speed circuits and systems, parasitic inductance should be taken into full consideration, and compact conductive packaging is favorable for reducing transmission delay of inter-modules, therefore enhancing the performance of the system.
Application of the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Optimal Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams  [PDF]
Jiin-Po Yeh, Ren-Pei Yang
Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications (JILSA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jilsa.2014.64013
Abstract: Using a genetic algorithm owing to high nonlinearity of constraints, this paper first works on the optimal design of two-span continuous singly reinforced concrete beams. Given conditions are the span, dead and live loads, compressive strength of concrete and yield strength of steel; design variables are the width and effective depth of the continuous beam and steel ratios for positive and negative moments. The constraints are built based on the ACI Building Code by considering the strength requirements of shear and the maximum positive and negative moments, the development length of flexural reinforcement, and the serviceability requirement of deflection. The objective function is to minimize the total cost of steel and concrete. The optimal data found from the genetic algorithm are divided into three groups: the training set, the checking set and the testing set for the use of the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). The input vector of ANFIS consists of the yield strength of steel, compressive strength of concrete, dead load, span, width and effective depth of the beam; its outputs are the minimum total cost and optimal steel ratios for positive and negative moments. To make ANFIS more efficient, the technique of Subtractive Clustering is applied to group the data to help streamline the fuzzy rules. Numerical results show that the performance of ANFIS is excellent, with correlation coefficients between the three targets and outputs of the testing data being greater than 0.99.

Yang Pei,

现代图书情报技术 , 1996,
Abstract: A quantitative study for two kinds of indexing mechanism of the Chinese full-tex t database is given,based on the quantitative analysis of capacity,time,retrieva l efficiency.According to results of the test,it is useful to select a full-text database system by users and improve the full-text database software design by designers.Finally,the developing trend of two kinds of indexing mechanism is als o discussed.
Abundant and species-specific DINE-1 transposable elements in 12 Drosophila genomes
Hsiao-Pei Yang, Daniel A Barbash
Genome Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/gb-2008-9-2-r39
Abstract: We present evidence here that the dispersed repeat Drosophila interspersed element 1 (DINE-1; also named INE-1 and DNAREP1) is a highly abundant DNA-mediated TE containing inverted repeats found in all 12 sequenced Drosophila genomes. All DINE-1s share a similar sequence structure, but are more homogeneous within species than they are among species. The inferred phylogenetic relationship of the DINE-1 consensus sequence from each species is generally consistent with the known species phylogeny, suggesting vertical transmission as the major mechanism for DINE-1 propagation. Exceptions observed in D. willistoni and D. ananassae could be due to either horizontal transfer or reactivation of ancestral copies. Our analysis of pairwise percentage identity of DINE-1 copies within species suggests that the transpositional activity of DINE-1 is extremely dynamic, with some lineages showing evidence for recent transpositional bursts and other lineages appearing to have silenced their DINE-1s for long periods of time. We also find that all species have many DINE-1 insertions in introns and adjacent to protein-coding genes. Finally, we discuss our results in light of a recent proposal that DINE-1s belong to the Helitron family of TEs.We find that all 12 Drosophila species with whole-genome sequence contain the high copy element DINE-1. Although all DINE-1s share a similar structure, species-specific variation in the distribution of average pairwise divergence suggests that DINE-1 has gone through multiple independent cycles of activation and suppression. DINE-1 also has had a significant impact on gene structure evolution.Interspersed repetitive sequences are ubiquitous to all eukaryotic organisms, and make up a significant portion of the genome [1-7]. These sequences are mostly transposable elements (TEs) or TE-derived sequences, and they play important roles in the evolution of chromosome organization and genome complexity [8].Based on their mechanism of transposition, TEs can
Research at channel level on the effect of LaCl3 on Radish (Raphanus satirus L.) vacuolar membrane
Yanfang Shang,Pin Yang,Zhenming Pei
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2002, DOI: 10.1360/02tb9025
Abstract: We recorded slow vacuolar (SV-type) channel currents of Radish vacuoles successfully for the first time by using the whole-vacuolar patch-clamp recording mode. SV-type currents would increase and threshold potentials of activation would shift towards more negative values with the increase of concentrations of cytosolic Ca2+. When 2.5 mmol/L LaCl3 and 4 mmol/L EGTA were added to bath solutions, SV-type currents were suppressed remarkably. Then adding LaCl3 with different concentrations to pipette solutions, we found that LaCl3 with higher concentrations (>4 × 10 7 mol/L) had a strong inhibitory effect on SV-type currents, while LaCl3 with lower concentrations ( 4 × 10 7 mol/L) promoted channel currents. This promoting effect provides an important basis at channel level for researching further the effects of rare earth on physiological activities of plants and the production-increase effects of rare earth fertilizers on crops.
Determining burn degree of fire-damaged concrete constructions by thermoluminescence
Jingxian Pei,Yang Han,Xinhe Sun
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02882655
Abstract: We believe that further tests will find the relation between damage degree and burning time as well as the effect of open burning and close burning on heated temperature and damage degree.
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