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A desconstru o do conceito de Deficiência Mental e a constru o do conceito de Incapacidade Intelectual: de uma perspetiva estática a uma perspetiva dinamica da funcionalidade The deconstruction of the Mental Retardation concept and the construction of the Intellectual Disability concept: from a static to a dynamic perspective of functioning
Manuela Sanches-Ferreira,Pedro Lopes-dos-Santos,Miguel Augusto Santos
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Especial , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1413-65382012000400002
Abstract: As quest es em torno da deficiência, da incapacidade e da funcionalidade tornaram-se, nas últimas décadas, importante foco de discuss o e de elabora o conceitual, com a produ o de um corpo de saberes que confere legitimidade científica a uma vis o mais positiva e dignificante das condi es de deficiência e de incapacidade. A premissa base dessa produ o de conhecimento é a assun o da reciprocidade das rela es indivíduo/meio, enquanto unidade nuclear de análise, onde a incapacidade é encarada, n o como característica intrínseca da pessoa, mas como o resultado do desajustamento entre as funcionalidades do indivíduo e as solicita es dos cenários onde ele é chamado a participar. é nesta base que, neste artigo, nos propomos examinar as implica es que tais posicionamentos tiveram na desconstru o do construto de deficiência mental (mental retardation) e subsequente mudan a para a designa o incapacidade intelectual (intellectual disability), pela American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Para atingir esse propósito discutiremos a evolu o do conceito de deficiência mental, explorando o território conceitual que o instituiu e aquele que contribui para a sua desconstru o. Por último, a enuncia o teórica deste artigo pretende contribuir para demonstrar a interdependência existente entre modos de pensamento e modos de a o, e que no caso da Educa o Especial é corporizado na aceita o progressiva do paradigma da inclus o. Issues concerning impairment, disability and functionality have become, in recent decades, an important focus of discussion and conceptual elaboration, with the production of a body of knowledge that gives scientific legitimacy to a more positive and dignifying vision about the conditions of disability and impairment. The basic premise of this knowledge production is the assumption of reciprocity of the relations' individual/environment, as the basic unit of analysis, conceiving disability not as an intrinsic characteristic of the person, but as the result of the mismatch between the functionalities of the individual and the demands of the settings where persons are called to participate. Hence, in this article, we propose to examine the implications that such views had in the deconstruction of the construct of mental retardation and subsequent changes to the designation intellectual disability, by the American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. To accomplish this purpose we discuss the evolution of the concept of mental retardation, exploring the conceptual territory that established i
Estudo das Actividades e das Interac es Educativas em três Unidades de Apoio Especializado a Alunos com Multideficiência
María José Marques-da-Silva,Manuela Sanches-Ferreira,Pedro Lopes-dos-Santos
Revista de Psicología y Educación , 2009,
Abstract: Esta investigación examina las actividades y las interacciones educativas de 24 estudiantes con múltiples discapacidades en tres Unidades de Apoyo Educativo Especializado. La observación muestra que los estudiantes con un nivel superior de competencias básicas tienen más oportunidades de aprendizaje que sus colegas con un nivel menor de competencia. Por otra parte, los estudiantes con niveles menores de competencia pasan más tiempo involucrados en actividades no funcionales, reciben menos interacciones por parte de los profesores y pasan menos tiempo en la tarea. Nuestros resultados sugieren que las unidades de apoyo especializado deberían aumentar las oportunidades de participación para todos los estudiantes que aprenden en su espacio educativo.
In vivo photorelease of GABA in the mouse cortex
Lopes-dos-Santos, V.;Campi, J.;Filevich, O.;Ribeiro, S.;Etchenique, R.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2011007500082
Abstract: electrical stimulation has been used for more than 100 years in neuroscientific and biomedical research as a powerful tool for controlled perturbations of neural activity. despite quickly driving neuronal activity, this technique presents some important limitations, such as the impossibility to activate or deactivate specific neuronal populations within a single stimulation site. this problem can be avoided by pharmacological methods based on the administration of receptor ligands able to cause specific changes in neuronal activity. however, intracerebral injections of neuroactive molecules inherently confound the dynamics of drug diffusion with receptor activation. caged compounds have been proposed to circumvent this problem, for spatially and temporally controlled release of molecules. caged compounds consist of a protecting group and a ligand made inactive by the bond between the two parts. by breaking this bond with light of an appropriate wavelength, the ligand recovers its activity within milliseconds. to test these compounds in vivo, we recorded local field potentials (lfps) from the cerebral cortex of anesthetized female mice (cf1, 60-70 days, 20-30 g) before and after infusion with caged γ-amino-butyric-acid (gaba). after 30 min, we irradiated the cortical surface with pulses of blue light in order to photorelease the caged gaba and measure its effect on global brain activity. laser pulses significantly and consistently decreased lfp power in four different frequency bands with a precision of few milliseconds (p < 0.000001); however, the inhibitory effects lasted several minutes (p < 0.0043). the technical difficulties and limitations of neurotransmitter photorelease are presented, and perspectives for future in vivo applications of the method are discussed.
Neuronal Assembly Detection and Cell Membership Specification by Principal Component Analysis
Vítor Lopes-dos-Santos,Sergio Conde-Ocazionez,Miguel A. L. Nicolelis,Sidarta T. Ribeiro,Adriano B. L. Tort
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020996
Abstract: In 1949, Donald Hebb postulated that assemblies of synchronously activated neurons are the elementary units of information processing in the brain. Despite being one of the most influential theories in neuroscience, Hebb's cell assembly hypothesis only started to become testable in the past two decades due to technological advances. However, while the technology for the simultaneous recording of large neuronal populations undergoes fast development, there is still a paucity of analytical methods that can properly detect and track the activity of cell assemblies. Here we describe a principal component-based method that is able to (1) identify all cell assemblies present in the neuronal population investigated, (2) determine the number of neurons involved in ensemble activity, (3) specify the precise identity of the neurons pertaining to each cell assembly, and (4) unravel the time course of the individual activity of multiple assemblies. Application of the method to multielectrode recordings of awake and behaving rats revealed that assemblies detected in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus typically contain overlapping neurons. The results indicate that the PCA method presented here is able to properly detect, track and specify neuronal assemblies, irrespective of overlapping membership.
An investigation of Hebbian phase sequences as assembly graphs
Daniel G. Almeida-Filho,Vitor Lopes-dos-Santos,Nivaldo A. P. Vasconcelos,José G. V. Miranda,Adriano B. L. Tort,Sidarta Ribeiro
Frontiers in Neural Circuits , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fncir.2014.00034
Abstract: Hebb proposed that synapses between neurons that fire synchronously are strengthened, forming cell assemblies and phase sequences. The former, on a shorter scale, are ensembles of synchronized cells that function transiently as a closed processing system; the latter, on a larger scale, correspond to the sequential activation of cell assemblies able to represent percepts and behaviors. Nowadays, the recording of large neuronal populations allows for the detection of multiple cell assemblies. Within Hebb's theory, the next logical step is the analysis of phase sequences. Here we detected phase sequences as consecutive assembly activation patterns, and then analyzed their graph attributes in relation to behavior. We investigated action potentials recorded from the adult rat hippocampus and neocortex before, during and after novel object exploration (experimental periods). Within assembly graphs, each assembly corresponded to a node, and each edge corresponded to the temporal sequence of consecutive node activations. The sum of all assembly activations was proportional to firing rates, but the activity of individual assemblies was not. Assembly repertoire was stable across experimental periods, suggesting that novel experience does not create new assemblies in the adult rat. Assembly graph attributes, on the other hand, varied significantly across behavioral states and experimental periods, and were separable enough to correctly classify experimental periods (Na?ve Bayes classifier; maximum AUROCs ranging from 0.55 to 0.99) and behavioral states (waking, slow wave sleep, and rapid eye movement sleep; maximum AUROCs ranging from 0.64 to 0.98). Our findings agree with Hebb's view that assemblies correspond to primitive building blocks of representation, nearly unchanged in the adult, while phase sequences are labile across behavioral states and change after novel experience. The results are compatible with a role for phase sequences in behavior and cognition.
Comportamento e hábitos alimentares em crian?as e jovens: Uma revis?o da literatura
Viana,Victor; Santos,Pedro Lopes dos; Guimar?es,Maria Júlia;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2008,
Abstract: in this literature review, some factors of eating practices and eating behavior along development of children and adolescents are described. although there are some genetic influences, the learning experiences with different tastes and foods in affective and social context are the main determinants of eating habits and preferences. satisfactions with body aspect, the time spent in tv and publicity about food are some of the important influences in children and adolescents eating preferences, exercise practices. overeating and overweight are some of the negative consequences. obesity and eating disorders are the results of eating style and food selection. to understand eating behavior and overweight development is an important step to develop preventive and educative strategies.
Género e música electrónica de dan?a: experiências, percursos e ?retratos? de mulheres clubbers
Lopes,Jo?o Teixeira; Bóia,Pedro dos Santos; Ferro,Lígia; Guerra,Paula;
Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas , 2010,
Abstract: the main objective of this work is to understand the construction of gender identities in the field of youth (sub)cultures linked to the participation in electronic music festivals, in particular, drum?n?bass, techno and trance, in order to understand the complex intersections between gender and social class and the internal structure of club (sub)cultures. the internal structuring process is therefore considered in a relational and multidimensional approach, using ethnographical approaches, biographic interviews and sociological portraits in order to detect transfers and discrepancies between pre-clubbing socialising and the acquisition of new (?) dispositions in the parties? contexts.
Teores elevados de Pol nio-210 em plantas aquáticas da restinga de Carapebus, RJ
Kelecom Alphonse,Santos Pedro Lopes dos,Gouvea Rita de Cássia S.,Dutra Iedo Ramos
Química Nova , 1999,
Abstract: 210Po concentrations have been determined in one green alga and in five freshwater plants grown in a pond of the Carapebus restinga (State of Rio de Janeiro). The alga Chara sp showed elevated concentration of 210Po, similar to that observed for marine algae. All the other plants had the lowest concentration of 210Po in the stems and the highest in the roots. Intermediate values were observed in the leaves. The unexpected high concentration of 210Po in the roots, even superior to reported values for roots of plants from high radioactive background areas, must be due to the elevated levels of this radionuclide in associated soils that are known to be rich in humic organic material. There seem to have been no translocation of this radionuclide from the roots to the other parts of the plants.
Caracteriza??o físico-química de frutos cítricos apirênicos produzidos em Vi?osa, Minas Gerais
Santos, Dierlei dos;Matarazzo, Pedro Henrique Monteiro;Silva, Danieele Fabíola Pereira da;Siqueira, Dalmo Lopes de;Santos, Daiane Cristina Marques dos;Lucena, Cícero Cartaxo de;
Revista Ceres , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2010000300016
Abstract: the aim of this study was to evaluate physical and chemical characteristics of eight apirenic fresh fruit varieties recently introduced in the zona da mata mineira region. the varieties 'okitsu' and 'ortanique' showed better color of peel and pulp. granulation was observed in 'okitsu', 'clemenules', 'nova' and 'marisol'. 'salustiana', 'navelina' and 'ortanique' showed the best yields of juice and total absence of granulation. the highest levels of total soluble solids and total tritable acidity were observed in 'salustiana' and 'clemenules'. ratio, in the interval considered appropriate, was observed in the varieties 'navelina' e 'navelate' featuring the best adaptation. ortanique' had good performance for all parameters assessed, except for ratio because of their low acidity. varieties 'navelina', 'navelate' and 'ortanique', in the overall set of features, showed the best quality fruits.
Teores elevados de Pol?nio-210 em plantas aquáticas da restinga de Carapebus, RJ
Kelecom, Alphonse;Santos, Pedro Lopes dos;Gouvea, Rita de Cássia S.;Dutra, Iedo Ramos;Fevereiro, Paulo Cesar Ayres;
Química Nova , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40421999000500007
Abstract: 210po concentrations have been determined in one green alga and in five freshwater plants grown in a pond of the carapebus restinga (state of rio de janeiro). the alga chara sp showed elevated concentration of 210po, similar to that observed for marine algae. all the other plants had the lowest concentration of 210po in the stems and the highest in the roots. intermediate values were observed in the leaves. the unexpected high concentration of 210po in the roots, even superior to reported values for roots of plants from high radioactive background areas, must be due to the elevated levels of this radionuclide in associated soils that are known to be rich in humic organic material. there seem to have been no translocation of this radionuclide from the roots to the other parts of the plants.
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