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Selective Reflection Spectroscopy on the UV Third Resonance Line of Cs : Simultaneous Probing of a van der Waals Atom-Surface Interaction Sensitive to Far IR Couplings and of Interatomic Collisions
Pedro Chaves De Souza Segundo,Ismahène Hamdi,Michèle Fichet,Daniel Bloch,Martial Ducloy
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1134/S1054660X07070134
Abstract: We report on the analysis of FM selective reflection experiments on the 6S1/2->8P3/2 transition of Cs at 388 nm, and on the measurement of the surface van der Waals interaction exerted by a sapphire interface on Cs(8P3/2). Various improvements in the systematic fitting of the experiments have permitted to supersede the major difficulty of a severe overlap of the hyperfine components, originating on the one hand in a relatively small natural structure, and on the other hand on a large pressure broadening imposed by the high atomic density needed for the observation of selective reflection on a weak transition. The strength of the van der Waals surface interaction is evaluated to be 73$\pm$10 kHz.$\mu$m3. An evaluation of the pressure shift of the transition is also provided as a by-product of the measurement. We finally discuss the significance of an apparent disagreement between the experimental measurement of the surface interaction, and the theoretical value calculated for an electromagnetic vacuum at a null temperature. The possible influence of the thermal excitation of the surface is evoked, because, the dominant contributions to the vW interaction for Cs(8P3/2) lie in the far infrared range.
Experimental observations of temperature effects in the near-field regime of the Casimir-Polder interaction
Thierry Passerat de Silans,Athanasios Laliotis,Isabelle Maurin,Marie Pascale Gorza,Pedro Chaves de Souza Segundo,Martial Ducloy,Daniel Bloch
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1088/1054-660X/24/7/074009
Abstract: We investigate the temperature dependence of the Casimir-Polder interaction in the electrostatic limit. This unusual phenomenon relies on the coupling between a virtual atomic transition and a thermal excitation of surface polariton modes. We first focus on the scenario where a Cs(8P3/2) atom is next to a CaF2 or a BaF2 surface. Our theoretical predictions show a strong temperature dependence of the van der Waals coefficient at experimentally accessible conditions. A series of spectroscopic measurements performed in a specially designed Cs vapour cell containing a CaF2 tube is presented. Our results illustrate the sensitivity of atom surface-interaction experiments to the quality and chemical stability of the surface material and emphasize the need of using more durable materials, such as sapphire. We finally discuss selective reflection experiments on Cs(7D3/2) in an all-sapphire cell that clearly demonstrate a temperature dependent van der Waals coefficient.
Temperature dependence of the dielectric permittivity of CaF2, BaF2 and Al2O3: application to the prediction of a temperature dependent van der Waals surface interaction exerted onto a neighbouring Cs (8P{3/2}) atom
Thierry Passerat De Silans,Isabelle Maurin,Pedro Chaves De Souza Segundo,Solomon Saltiel,Marie-Pascale Gorza,Martial Ducloy,Daniel Bloch,Domingo De Sousa Meneses,Patrick Echegut
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/21/25/255902
Abstract: The temperature behaviour in the range 22\degree C to 500\degree C of the dielectric permittivity in the infrared range is investigated for CaF2, BaF2 and Al2O3 through reflectivity measurements. The dielectric permittivity is retrieved by fitting reflectivity spectra with a model taking into account multiphonon contributions. The results extrapolated from the measurements are applied to predict a temperature-dependent atom-surface van der Waals interaction. We specifically consider as the atom of interest Cs (8P3/2), the most relevant virtual couplings of which, fall in the range of thermal radiation and are located in the vicinity of the reststrahlen band of fluoride materials.
Selective reflection spectroscopy of a vapour at a calcium fluoride interface
Thierry Passerat De Silans,Athanasios Laliotis,Marco Romanelli,Pedro Chaves De Souza Segundo,Isabelle Maurin,Daniel Bloch,Martial Ducloy,Asphet Sarkisyan,David Sarkisyan
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1051/anphys:2008040
Abstract: Fluoride materials exhibit surface resonances located in the thermal infrared. This makes them interesting to search for a fundamental temperature dependence of the atom-surface interaction, originating in the near-field thermal emissivity of the surface. Preliminary selective reflection experiments performed on a special Cs vapour cell that includes a CaF2 interface show a temperature dependence, yet to be analyzed
Epidemiology of neglected tropical diseases in transplant recipients: review of the literature and experience of a Brazilian HSCT center
Machado, Clarisse Martins;Martins, Talita Chaves;Colturato, Iago;Leite, Marília Souza;Simione, Anderson Jo?o;Souza, Mair Pedro de;Mauad, Marcos Augusto;Colturato, Vergílio Rensi;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46652009000600002
Abstract: the rising success rate of solid organ (sot) and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (hsct) and modern immunosuppression make transplants the first therapeutic option for many diseases affecting a considerable number of people worldwide. consequently, developing countries have also grown their transplant programs and have started to face the impact of neglected tropical diseases (ntds) in transplant recipients. we reviewed the literature data on the epidemiology of ntds with greatest disease burden, which have affected transplant recipients in developing countries or may represent a threat to transplant recipients living in other regions. tuberculosis, leprosy, chagas disease, malaria, leishmaniasis, dengue, yellow fever and measles are the topics included in this review. in addition, we retrospectively revised the experience concerning the management of ntds at the hsct program of amaral carvalho foundation, a public transplant program of the state of s?o paulo, brazil.
Processo de morte e morrer: evidências da literatura científica de enfermagem
Silva Júnior, Fernando José Guedes da;Santos, Lissandra Chaves de Sousa;Moura, Pedro Victor dos Santos;Melo, Belisa Maria Silva;Monteiro, Claudete Ferreira de Souza;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672011000600020
Abstract: the objective was to identify the profile of production and analyze perceptions, feelings and confrontations on the process of death and dying in the practice evidenced in nursing scientific production in the period 1994 to 2009. there was a qualitative, descriptive research, developed through a systematic literature review with metasynthesis from the meta-ethnographic method. ten studies met the inclusion criteria, this set was subjected to quality assessment checklist with critical appraisal skills programme. subjects perceive this process as a transition, separation and finitude. this is permeated with feelings of frustration and powerlessness and the most effective interventions to this issue is the development of coping strategies that vary with the reality of each individual.
A narrativa que constitui mundos: a literatura de Mircea Eliade (The narrative that constitutes worlds: the literature of Mircea Eliade)
Vitor Chaves de Souza
Horizonte : Revista de Estudos de Teologia e Ciências da Religi?o , 2012, DOI: 10.5752/2820
Abstract: O filósofo Mircea Eliade, dentre seus ofícios, foi um escritor. Para ele, a literatura busca investigar e compreender os significados universais da cria o e dos fen menos – em especial, em seus romances, os fen menos religiosos. Herdeiro da tradi o literária existencialista que marcou, sobretudo, os grandes filósofos e romancistas franceses (como Jean-Paul Sartre e Albert Camus), sua obra literária possui uma unidade fundamental: a inquieta o com o tempo e o sagrado. O objetivo desta pesquisa é apresentar a rela o de Mircea Eliade com a literatura, principalmente as ideias e vivências acerca da aproxima o entre literatura e religi o no pensamento do autor. O método utilizado para esta pesquisa foi, preferencialmente, o analítico, com incidência hermenêutica. Ao analisar os textos e artigos do autor e sobre o autor, conclui-se que a literatura existencial possui um papel fundamental na vida de Eliade e que ela é uma ferramenta entre outras para explorar e apresentar sentidos e significados acerca do ser humano no mundo. Palavras-chave: Mircea Eliade. Literatura. Narrativa. Mundo. Constitui o. Abstract The philosopher Mircea Eliade was a particularly great writer. According to Eliade, the literature seeks to investigate and understand the universal meanings of creation and phenomena – especially, among his novels, the religious phenomena. Heir to the existential literary tradition that marked, above all, the great French novelists and philosophers (such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus), Eliade’s literary work has a fundamental unit: the concern with time and the sacred. The aim of this research is to present the relationship of Mircea Eliade with the literature, especially the ideas and experiences on the approach between literature and religion in Eliade’s thought. The method used for this research was the analytic method with hermeneutic incidence. After the analysis on Eliade’s texts and articles and texts and articles about the author, we conclude that the existential literature has a fundamental function in Eliade’s life and it is an efficient tool to investigate and present to the world the meanings about the human being within the world. Key words: Mircea Eliade. Literature. Narrative. World. Constitution.
Política editorial e processo de avalia o de artigos
Zelita Chaves de Souza
Iberoamericana de Engenharia Industrial , 2010,
Abstract: Política editorial e processo de avalia o de artigos
A política de memória da Teologia da Cruz de Martim Lutero: reflex es a partir da mimesis de Paul Ricoeur
Vitor Chaves de Souza
Caminhando , 2012,
Abstract: ResumoAo longo da história do pensamento crist o, diversas interpreta es foram atribu-ídas ao evento da crucifica o de Cristo. Comumente, pensou-se em Cristo como vítima expiatória. A Teologia da Cruz, de Martinho Lutero, enfatiza o paradoxo da cruz e apresenta uma reflex o teológica que insere a condi o humana na história e interpreta a narrativa da crucifica o de Cristo para a sua época. O objetivo deste artigo é refletir acerca da política de memória que a Teologia da Cruz prop e ao pensamento crist o. Palavras-chave: Teologia da cruz; Martinho Lutero; política de memória; bode expiatório; theologia crucis.AbstRActSeveral interpretations have been assigned to the event of Christ’s crucifixion throughout the history of Christian thought. Usually, Christ has been considered as a scapegoat. Martin Luther’s Theology of the Cross emphasizes the paradox of crucifixion and presents a theological reflection that inserts the human condition in history and interprets the narrative of the crucifixion for its own time. The aim of this paper is to reflect the politics of memory that is proposed to the Christian thought by the Theology of the Cross.Key-words: Theology of the Cross; Martin Luther; politic of memory; Scapegoat; theologia crucis.ResumenDurante la historia del pensamiento cristiano, se atribuyeron varias interpretaciones al evento de la crucifixión de Cristo. Por lo general, se pensaba en Cristo como una víctima expiatoria. La Teología de la Cruz, de Martín Lutero, enfatiza la paradoja de la cruz y presenta una reflexión teológica que encaja la condición humana en la historia e interpreta la historia de la crucifixión de Cristo de acuerdo con su tiempo. El objetivo de este artículo es reflejar la política de la memoria que la Teología de la Cruz propo-ne al pensamiento cristiano.Palabras clave: Teología de la cruz; Martín Lutero; política de la memoria; chivo expiatorio; theologia crucis.
Bullying, Prejudice and Barbarism  [PDF]
Denise Raissa Lobato Chaves, Mauricio Rodrigues de Souza
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.79123
Abstract: Among the many kinds of violence at school, bullying is one of the most important subjects. This phenomenon consists of intentional physical and psychological violence directed to a specific person, who is considered fragile and inferior by the bully. Thus, bullying provides short and long term negative consequences to all involved, and is presents as potentially related to denial and rejection of others. Therefore, this research analyzes the conceptual limitations of bullying by utilizing Critical Theory as its main theoretical framework—more specifically the ideas of Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer about education, emancipation, and prejudice. Lastly, it denounces the naturalization of bullying at school, and the alienation to the concept, revealing it to be a new form of barbarism that remains today.
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