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Weak compactness of solutions for fourth order elliptic systems with critical growth
PaweGoldstein,Pawe? Strzelecki,Anna Zatorska-Goldstein
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We consider a class of fourth order elliptic systems which include the Euler-Lagrange equations of biharmonic mappings in dimension 4 and we prove that weak limit of weak solutions to such systems is again a weak solution to a limit system.
A measure and orientation preserving homeomorphism of a cube with Jacobian equal $-1$ almost everywhere
PaweGoldstein,Piotr Haj?asz
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We construct an almost everywhere approximately differentiable, orientation and measure preserving homeomorphism of a unit $n$-dimensional cube onto itself, whose Jacobian is equal to $-1$ a.e. Moreover we prove that our homeomorphism can be uniformly approximated by orientation and measure preserving diffeomorphisms.
Exposure to Oil during Meiosis Results in Alterations in Meiotic Chromosomes that are Similar to Age-Related Changes in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans  [PDF]
Paul Goldstein
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2010.13027
Abstract: Exposure of young C. elegans nematodes to three different concentrations of oil resulted in changes in the meiotic chromosomes, nucleus, nucleolus, and nuclear envelope associations. Such alterations decreased the viability and fertility of this organism which was used as a biological model. The morphological changes in the “young” group were similar to nematodes that were senescent and post-reproductive. Comparison of meiotic chromosomes at the pachytene stage of meiosis from young, old, and oil-exposed wild-type hermaphrodites were made following three-dimensional electron microscopy reconstruction of serial ultrathin sections. Age-related and oil-exposure related changes included: 1) Induced condensation of chromatin with increased variance in length of chromosomes; 2) Changes in nuclear and nucleolar volume; 3) Increased density of the nucleoplasm; and 4) Absence of Disjunction Regulator Regions, resulting in the loss of control of the segregation of the X-chromosome into gametes during meiosis. Abnormal clustering of the telomeric ends of the chromosomes was present on the nuclear envelope affecting the segregation of the chromosomes during meiosis.
Equivalent for Electromagnetic Transient Calculation in Power System with Multiple Transmission Line  [PDF]
Pawe? Sowa, Katarzyna ?uszcz
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B275

The results of searching of equivalent for electromagnetic transient calculation in power system with the big number of transmission lines are shown. Brief information on the proper transmission line model is given. Comparison of results of simulation in real and reduced system is presented taking into consideration three methods of identification. Some example are examined for different number of transmission lines in reduced system and consequently the recommendation are given for searching of equivalents of systems with many lines.

Amateur Sports of the Elderly: A Chance for Health and a Higher Quality of Life  [PDF]
Pawe? F. Nowak
Advances in Aging Research (AAR) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aar.2014.33031

A significant increase in sports-leisure activity events in recent years presents the opportunity to compete in all age categories. Among the many sport varieties, special attention ought to be paid to amateur sports—recreational sports, particularly in the context of the increasing leisure time among the elderly. Recreational sports activities are free of many distortions and defects of the modern professional sport. Recreational sports are egalitarian, not exclusive. The health paradigm is always at the heart of it, along with a strong emphasis on hedonism. Sport activities reveal self-fulfillment as the highest needs, giving fulfillment and satisfaction. The ease in the selection of a sports goal makes the amateur sports an important tool for the shaping of persons’ life and health. A sports goal, which is participating in sports events, provides a strong motivation for systematic work. Striving for transgression is a source of strong emotions and satisfaction. Struggling with a persons’ own body, with old age, may be a valuable challenge that would positively impact wellbeing in the psychosocial aspect. This study shows a social phenomenon of sports activity among the elderly, dynamically growing in Poland. It also presents multiple benefits for the general wellbeing as well as the potential threats which a lack of distance to the sports rivalry may cause when it crosses the line behind which a persistent pursuit of the purpose (sport result) may end up in health damage. The line between recreation and sport is thin and difficult to distinguish. Animators, trainers, and instructors need to skillfully manage the interests of older people so that their involvement in physical activity determines a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Implementing Scrum Method in International Teams—A Case Study  [PDF]
Pawe? Rola, Dorota Kuchta
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.37043

The paper aims at presentation of problems connected with agile project management methodology implementation (i.e. Scrum) in an international project team. Basing on the case study the paper indicates the most crucial problems, as well as offers solution proposals. The problems were identified during the scrum methodology implementation in the international project team.

DCF Fair Value Valuation, Excessive Assetes and Hidden Inefficiencies
Pawe? Mielcarz,Pawe? Wnuczak
Contemporary Economics , 2011, DOI: 10.5709/ce.1897-9254.27
Abstract: Fair value concept is widely used in DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) business valuation. One of the main principle of fair value concept is full information symmetry between contracting parties. The assumption enforces specific way of FCF (Free Cash Flow) estimation: all areas of inefficiency of valuated companies should be identified and their effect on free cash flow should be eliminated. The projection of free cash flow thus prepared should reflect the optimum operations of the business. The methodological issues of fair value valuation of inefficient companies are not comprehensibly addressed in the financial and accounting literature. There is easily observable gap between fair value theory and valuation practices. Thus this article is an attempt to answer the question about practical issues in fair value valuation of companies which do not apply value based management rules. It is based on literature review, theory examination and short case studies which present proposed solution for practical problems. Methods of identification and assessment of impact of inefficiencies on the fair value of a business are hereinafter presented and supported with arguments.
Increasing Shareholders Value through NPV-Negative Projects
Pawe? Mielcarz,Pawe? Paszczyk
Contemporary Economics , 2010,
Abstract: The concept of Net Present Value (NPV) is a widely accepted tool for verification of financial rationality of planned investment projects. Projects with positive NPV increase a company's value. Similarly, those with negative NPV lead to a decline in the value of a business. This article attempts to answer the question: are projects with negative NPV always disadvantageous in terms of maximization of shareholder value and when should an NPV-negative project be considered justified? The authors discuss the issues of project valuation depending on different conditions. First, they briefly summarize the main idea of valuation - the aim of every company is to maximize shareholder value. Contemporary professional texts say that the way to achieve this goal is through projects that can generate a positive Net Present Value. When there are no such investments within reach, the company should pay dividends to its owners. The authors claim that some circumstances justify investments with a negative Net Present Value, as they still produce maximum possible shareholder value. The three model situations where this takes place are: (1) tax on dividends; (2) shareholders' perception of risk; and (3) temporary inefficiency of the markets. Taxes on dividends reduce cashflows for shareholders from distributed dividends. Therefore, they act exactly as an investment with a negative NPV. The authors conclude that this creates an opportunity to maximize shareholder value by comparing this loss with available alternate projects with negative NPV. If the loss of worth, caused by such taxes, is bigger that the negative NPV of possible investments it will be more rational to invest instead of paying dividends. And, according to the authors, a project with a negative NPV leads to maximized shareholder value. In the second situation, the authors point out that some projects may have negative fundamental (intrinsic) value when valuated by the market (diversified owners) because of their higher expected rate of return. In the same circumstances, an undiversified shareholder may have a different perception of the investment. It is highly possible that he would be ready to accept a lower rate of return in exchange for more safety for his capital. The authors conclude that negative fundamental value (based on the market situation) may be of importance for such shareholder as he prefers projects with lower risk and a lower rate of return. Temporary inefficiencies of the markets may produce a risk of bankruptcy or liquidity problems. The authors argue that NPV-negative projects may be a
Decay and persistence of spatial coherence during phonon-assisted relaxation in double quantum dots
Pawe? Karwat,Pawe? Machnikowski
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.91.125428
Abstract: We present a theoretical study of the evolution of spatial coherence during relaxation between delocalized exciton states in a pair of vertically stacked semiconductor quantum dots coupled to acoustic phonons. We show that spatial coherence can be transferred to the ground state even in a system of uncoupled non-identical quantum dots if a particular kind of degeneracy between the inter-level energy splittings is present. The phonon-assisted mechanism of coherence transfer leads to a dependence of the amount of the resulting coherence on the inter-dot distance and temperature. We analyze also the impact of carrier-phonon dynamics on a coupled system, where spatial coherence is present in the delocalized ground state.
Kadec-Klee Properties of Calderón-Lozanovski? Function Spaces
Pawe Kolwicz
Journal of Function Spaces and Applications , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/314068
Abstract: We study Kadec-Klee properties with respect to global (local) convergence in measure. First, we present some results concerning Köthe spaces and Orlicz functions. Next, we shall give full criteria for Kadec-Klee properties with respect to global (local) convergence in measure in Calderón-Lozanovskiĭ function spaces. In particular, we obtain the full characterizations of Kadec-Klee properties in Orlicz-Lorentz function spaces, which have not been presented until now.
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