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Voltammetric Behaviour of Cu-NTA and Pb-NTA on a Mercury Iridiun Microelectrode Coated with Agarose
Portela,Maria Inês; Capelo,Sofia; Pinheiro,José Paulo;
Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta , 2004,
Abstract: the complexation of nitriloacetic acid (nta) with copper and lead was studied by square wave stripping voltammetry (swsv) using a mercury iridium microelectrode as the working electrode. the results show that nta interfere with the measurements, but if the mercury iridium microelectrode is coated with different concentrations of agarose (0.75%, 1.5% and 15% w/v) this interference is greatly minimized. the best results were obtained with 1.5% agarose.
A teoria da dupla heran a e a evolu o da moralidade
Fábio Portela Lopes de Almeida,Paulo Cesar coelho Abrantes
Principia : an International Journal of Epistemology , 2012,
Abstract: A darwinian evolutionary approach can contribute to reassess philosophical problems in different fields, including ethics and moral theory. Sociobiology and evolutionary psychology address these issues by presupposing mechanisms such as kin selection and reciprocal altruism. However, these mechanisms can’t account for cooperation in the human species. Dual inheritance theory addresses human cooperation differently, by taking into account the above-mentioned classical biological mechanisms without ignoring, however, relevant knowledge produced by social scientists. According to this approach, human social psychology comprises tribal social instincts and symbolic markers. One implication of this approach is that there are innate and universal moral principles hardwired in the human mind-brain, which where selected through an evolutionary process that makes life possible in large, structured social groups. Although innate, these principles are plastically shaped to meet the demands of different cultural niches in particular societies.
Voltammetric Behaviour of Cu-NTA and Pb-NTA on a Mercury Iridiun Microelectrode Coated with Agarose
Maria Inês Portela,Sofia Capelo,José Paulo Pinheiro
Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta , 2004,
Abstract: The complexation of nitriloacetic acid (NTA) with copper and lead was studied by square wave stripping voltammetry (SWSV) using a mercury iridium microelectrode as the working electrode. The results show that NTA interfere with the measurements, but if the mercury iridium microelectrode is coated with different concentrations of agarose (0.75%, 1.5% and 15% w/v) this interference is greatly minimized. The best results were obtained with 1.5% agarose.
Tumor do estroma gastrointestinal em idade pediátrica Gastrointestinal stromal tumor in children
Paulo Freire,Francisco Portela,Bruno Gra?a,Maria Augusta Cipriano
Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia , 2012,
Abstract: Os tumores do estroma gastrointestinal (GIST) s o os mais frequentes tumores mesenquimatosos do tubo digestivo, surgem geralmente após os 40 anos e s o excepcionais na idade pediátrica. Os autores apresentam o caso de uma doente de 14 anos, admitida por anemia microcítica sintomática. A endoscopia digestiva alta revelou volumosa forma o submucosa gástrica, tendo os estudos histológico e imunohistoquímico (c-Kit) estabelecido o diagnóstico de GIST. O estudo genético dirigido às muta es dos genes c-Kit e PDGFRA mostrou a ausência de ambas (tumor wild-type). O estadiamento imagiológico evidenciou a existência de adenopatias peri-tumorais e de metastiza o hepática. Após ressec o cirúrgica do tumor primitivo, iniciou-se terapêutica com imatinib, substituída posteriormente por sunitinib devido a progress o da doen a. Após 18 meses de tratamento com este fármaco apresenta doen a estabilizada mas sem regress o. Quando comparados com os GIST no adulto, os GIST em idade pediátrica encerram múltiplas particularidades. Com base no caso clínico exposto, os autores salientam essas singularidades e as suas implica es práticas Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) are the most frequent mesenchymal tumors in the digestive tract. Usually, they develop after the fourth decade of life and are particularly unusual in paediatric age. The authors present the case of a 14-year old female patient admitted for symptomatic microcytic anemia. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy showed a large gastric submucosal tumor. A diagnosis of GIST was made by histological and immunohistochemical (c-Kit) tests. Genetic assessment of c-Kit and PDGFRA mutations revealed the absence of both (wild-type tumor). The imagiologic staging showed peritumoral adenopathy and hepatic metastization. After surgical resection of the primitive tumor, imatinib therapy was started and later on replaced by sunitinib, due to disease progression. After 18 months of therapy with this drug the disease is stable but without regression. When compared with GIST in adults, paediatric GISTs have multiple specificities. Based on the clinical case described below, the authors highlight these specific characteristics and their clinical implications
Epigastralgias por osso espetado na parede gástrica Epigastric pain due to bone in the gastric wall
Paulo Freire,Dário Gomes,Helena Sousa,Francisco Portela
Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia , 2010,
Esofagite eosinofílica com aspecto endoscópico peculiar Eosinophilic esophagitis with a peculiar endoscopic appearance
Paulo Freire,Francisco Portela,Adriano Rodrigues,Mário Rui Silva
Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia , 2010,
Reten??o da água em solo sob diferentes usos no ecossistema tabuleiros costeiros
Portela, Jeane C.;Libardi, Paulo L.;van Lier, Quirijn de J.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662001000100009
Abstract: modifications in the quantity and quality of soil pores of a "latossolo amarelo alico" located in the brazilian tableland ecosystem under three circumstances (natural forestry, cropped to citrus and cropped to cassava) were evaluated through analysis of water retention curves. these were determined with 10 replications using undisturbed soil samples (randomly collected in each treatment) submitted to tensions of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 5.0 kpa (porous plate funnels) and 30.0, 70.0, 100.0, 500.0 and 1500.0 kpa (porous plate pressure chambers). after the application of the tukey test at the level of 5% of probability to the results, it was possible to verify that there was a decrease of the soil macroporosity in the soil cropped under citrus. this fact, in association with the determination of the relative soil hydraulic conductivity, leads to a strong tendency that the soil with citrus presents hydraulic conductivity values always smaller than those for the soil with forestry and cassava. it was also verified that the soil, when cropped to cassava, increased its soil water holding capacity at the 0.10 m soil depth, in comparison with the soil cropped to citrus. a fact also relevant from the results was that the citrus soil management compacted more intensively the soil than the cassava one; this caused a lesser water retention in the soil under citrus than the soil under forestry at lower soil water tensions and more water retention than the forestry at higher tensions.
Contributos para Uma Tributa??o Simplificada das Pequenas Entidades
Alves,Maria Do Céu Gaspar; Portela,Rui Vieira; Sanches,Paulo Seguro;
Tourism & Management Studies , 2012,
Abstract: this study summarizes the results of a research project that seeks to ascertain the reasons for which small firms have not adopted the portuguese simplified income tax system for micro businesses. data were collected through a survey questionnaire, along with 242 small firms who met the conditions to be framed under the simplified tax (rst). results indicate that i) the choice of the income tax system was made based on the criterion of tax saving, ii) the main factor in the rejection of the simplified system was the existence of unadjusted national technical coefficients iii) most micro-enterprises are open to the option for a simplified system with features of tax / minimum collection, and iv) accountant played a key role in the choice of tax system v) accounting in many companies is perceived as an instrument for compliance with tax and legal obligations.
Genetic divergence on castor bean using the ward-mlm strategy Divergência genética em mamoneira utilizando a estratégia ward-mlm
Ronaldo Sim?o de Oliveira,Simone Alves Silva,Bruno Portela Brasileiro,Everaldo Paulo Medeiros
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2013,
Abstract: The objective of this work was to evaluate the genetic diversity in a segregating population F3 of castor bean in the Rec ncavo Baiano using the Ward-MLM multivariate technique. The experiment was conducted at the Universidade Federal do Rec ncavo da Bahia between April 2009 and March 2010. The 259 genotypes used were derived from crosses between the BRS 149 Nordestina, BRS 188 Paragua u, EBDA MPA-17, Sipeal 28 and Mirante 10 varieties. The design was in randomized complete blocks with four replicates in spacing of 3x1 m. The number of days to the appearance of the first female flower, plant height (cm), number of racemes emitted per plant, total length of the raceme (cm), raceme weight (g), fruit weight per plant (g), number of seeds per raceme, number of seeds per plant, weight of seeds per raceme (g), productivity (kg ha-1) and oil content in seeds (%) were evaluated. The formation of four groups occurred as follows: Group I with 84 genotypes, Group II with 142 genotypes, Group III with 15 genotypes and Group IV with 18 genotypes. The Ward-MLM strategy allows for an appropriate clustering between the genotypes, and the variables that contribute most to the divergence are: fruit weight per plant, weight of seed per raceme, raceme weight and productivity. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a divergência genética em uma popula o segregante F3 de mamoneira no Rec ncavo Baiano utilizando a técnica multivariada Ward - MLM. O experimento foi conduzido na Universidade Federal do Rec ncavo da Bahia, entre abril de 2009 e mar o de 2010. Foram utilizados 259 genótipos descendentes de cruzamentos entre as variedades BRS 149 Nordestina, BRS 188 Paragua u, EBDA MPA-17, Sipeal 28 e Mirante 10. O delineamento foi em blocos completos casualizados com quatro repeti es num espa amento de 3x1 m. Avaliou-se o número de dias para o aparecimento da primeira flor feminina, estatura de planta, número de racemos emitidos, comprimento do racemo, peso de racemo, peso de fruto por planta, número de sementes por racemo, número de sementes por planta, peso de sementes por racemo, produtividade e teor de óleo na semente. Ocorreu a forma o de quatro grupos, sendo o grupo I composto por 84 genótipos, o II por 142 genótipos, o III por 15 genótipos e o IV por 18. A estratégia Ward-MLM possibilitou um adequado agrupamento entre os genótipos, sendo que as variáveis que mais contribuíram para a divergência foram o peso de fruto por planta, peso de semente por racemo, produtividade e peso de racemo.
Avalia??o e sele??o de híbridos de cacaueiro em Rond?nia
Carvalho, Claudio Guilherme Portela de;Almeida, Caio Márcio Vasconcellos Cordeiro de;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Machado, Paulo Fernandes Rodrigues;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2001000800006
Abstract: the goal of the present work was to evaluate and to select cacao hybrids with respect to seed yield and quality for ecological conditions of municipality of ouro preto do oeste, rond?nia, brazil. the selection was done comparing, by means of duncan test, the yield measurement average in trial conducted from 1986 to 1991. a randomized complete block design was used. the best performance, considering total number of collected fruits, total number of healthy fruits, total weight of humid seeds and mean weight of humid seeds per fruit, were obtained from crosses involving pound 7 and be 10, sca 6 and pa 150, pa 150, imc 67 and pound 7 clones, respectively. the hybrids sca 6 x ics 1, pa 150 x sic 328 and imc 67 x be 8 were outstanding when compared to the others.
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