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Teresa Cristina Lara Lanza de Sá e Melo Marques,Janice Guedes de Carvalho,Mariluza Pinto Coelho Lacerda,Paulo Emílio Ferreira da Mota
CERNE , 2004,
Abstract: Macronutrients concentrations in leave, stem, and root tissues of Schizolobium amazonicum Herb. were determined under greenhouse conditions using the missing element technique. The experimental design was a completely randomized block with four replications and 13 treatments. Seedlings 0.05–0.10 -m high were planted into 3 L pots filled with nutritive solution. Based on the concentrations of macronutrients in the leaves of the complete and the deficient treatments, suitable and deficient levels (g kg-1) of macronutrients for S. amazonicum are: a) suitable: 4 for P; 15 for K; 40 for Ca; 4 for Mg; and 3 for S; 33of B; 5 of Cu; 540 of Fe, 88 of Mn; and 71 of Zn; b) critical: 1 for P; 4 for K; 8 for Ca; 1 for Mg; and 2 for S; 31 of B; 4 of Cu; 140 of Fe; 38 of Mn; and 24 of Zn
Teresa Cristina Lara Lanza de Sá e Melo Marques,Janice Guedes de Carvalho,Mariluza Pinto Coelho Lacerda,Paulo Emílio Ferreira da Mota
CERNE , 2004,
Abstract: This paper aimed to evaluate the production of dry matter in leaves, stems and roots, to identify the effect of nutritional deficiencies, and to describe visual symptoms of macro and micronutrients deficiencies in Shizolobium amazonicum Herb. Seedlings were grown in a greenhouse experiment in 13 treatments. The deficiencies due to macro and micronutrients markedly decreased the production of dry matter. The Schizolobium amazonicum showed different responses to treatments. In the first few weeks, the seeds were able to supply P in the necessary amount but, due to fast growth rates, N was the limiting factor at this stage. Nitrogen and Fe were the most limiting and Mg, S, and Cu, were the least limiting to growth. Sodium was also less limiting to growth.
Ocorrência da macaúba em Minas Gerais: rela??o com atributos climáticos, pedológicos e vegetacionais
Motta, Paulo Emílio Ferreira da;Curi, Nilton;Oliveira-Filho, Ary Teixeira de;Gomes, Jo?o Bosco Vasconcellos;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2002000700017
Abstract: the objective of this work was to relate the occurrence of macaúba (acrocomia aculeata (jacq.) lodd. ex martius) in minas gerais state, brazil, to climatic, pedological and vegetation attributes. the state has three huge regions where macaúba occurs: alto paranaíba, zona metalúrgica, and montes claros. the montes claros region is relatively warmer and drier than the two others, although these regional macroclimatic differences do not limit the macaúba occurrence. within those regions, nine soil sequences were selected and sampled in the landscape, totalizing 27 soil profiles, being also registered the primitive vegetation in each case. the use of soil chemical and physical attributes allowed to discriminate the sets of landscape segments (sites) with and without macaúba through the principal components analysis; the correlations with the chemical attributes were the most relevant. the macaúba occurrence followed soil areas where the natural fertility was higher and where the primitive vegetation was forest, showing that the species advances as pioneer, avoiding extreme conditions of deficiencies of nutrients and water. the surveyed data evidence that in all cases the macaúba occurrence only happened when the primitive vegetation is semideciduous forest.
Ocorrência da macaúba em Minas Gerais: rela o com atributos climáticos, pedológicos e vegetacionais
Motta Paulo Emílio Ferreira da,Curi Nilton,Oliveira-Filho Ary Teixeira de,Gomes Jo?o Bosco Vasconcellos
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2002,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho foi relacionar a ocorrência da macaúba (Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Martius) no Estado de Minas Gerais a atributos climáticos, pedológicos e vegetacionais. O Estado possui três grandes regi es de ocorrência de macaúba: Alto Paranaíba, Zona Metalúrgica e Montes Claros. A regi o de Montes Claros é relativamente mais quente e mais seca do que as outras duas, porém as diferen as macroclimáticas regionais n o chegam a representar um fator limitante à ocorrência da macaúba. Dentro de cada regi o, foram selecionadas e amostradas nove seqüências de solos na paisagem, totalizando 27 perfis de solo, registrando-se, inclusive, a vegeta o primitiva. O uso de atributos químicos e físicos do solo permitiu separar de forma eficiente os conjuntos de segmentos da paisagem (sítios) com e sem macaúba, mediante a análise de componentes principais, dos quais as correla es com os atributos químicos s o os mais relevantes. A ocorrência de macaúba acompanhou áreas de solos com fertilidade natural mais elevada e vegeta o primitiva de fisionomia florestal, o que mostra que a espécie avan a como pioneira, evitando extremos de deficiência de nutrientes e de água. Os resultados evidenciam que, nos casos estudados, a ocorrência da macaúba só se verificou quando a vegeta o primitiva é de floresta subcaducifólia.
Veredas do triangulo mineiro: solos, água e uso
Ramos, Marcus Vinícius Vieitas;Curi, Nilton;Motta, Paulo Emílio Ferreira da;Vitorino, Antonio Carlos Tadeu;Ferreira, Mozart Martins;Silva, Marx Leandro Naves;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542006000200014
Abstract: being the veredas (swampy plains between hills and rivers) important regulators of water courses equilibrium at the cerrado region, we aimed to characterize and to compare soils, water and use type of these environments in chapada and arenito bauru geomorphic surfaces. soil and water samples were collected from the veredas. the use was analysed through field observations and interviews with farmers. the veredas present hydromorphic soils in all their extension, occurring higher homogeneity in bauru. from the superior to the inferior part, the drainage gets worse, and the clay contents, organic matter and natural fertility increase. the bauru veredas present better drainage, higher natural fertility, smaller amounts of organic matter and clay.the water was classified as class 4, mainly as a function of color, following variations in the soil organic matter content. at chapada veredas, the water use in agriculture generates environmental contamination risk, while at the bauru ones, it is common the water damming up for cattle supplying. the soils of bauru veredas are frequently used for native pasture, while the chapada ones are maintained without use. the black or grayish color of the veredas soils is an easily-identifiable field attribute for delimitation of such environments.
Mineralogia, química e estabilidade de agregados do tamanho de silte de solos da Regi?o Sudeste do Brasil
Vitorino, Antonio Carlos Tadeu;Ferreira, Mozart Martins;Curi, Nilton;Lima, José Maria de;Silva, Marx Leandro Naves;Motta, Paulo Emílio Ferreira da;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2003000100018
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate the relationship of soil mineralogical and chemical composition with stability of silt-size aggregates. the studies were carried out using samples of a and b horizons of some soils from the southeast region of brazil. fine-earth samples were dispersed at 12,000 rpm during 20 minutes and the silt fraction was separated through clay fraction drain, constituting the fraction named pseudo-silt, which was sonificated, separating the desegregated clay fraction (by sonication) from the properly named silt fraction. correlation analyses showed that the soil mineralogical and chemical compositions have marked influence upon clay dispersion, with reflections on the silt fraction. higher amounts of gibbsite reflect in higher stability of silt-size aggregates, while the kaolinite promotes inverse effect. the al forms determined on the pseudo-silt fraction are associated with higher difficult of dispersion of clay fraction of soils.
Reten??o e dessor??o competitivas de anions inorganicos em gibbsita natural de solo
Pozza, Adélia Aziz Alexandre;Curi, Nilton;Costa, Enio Tarso de Souza;Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimar?es;Marques, Jo?o José Granate de Sá e Melo;Motta, Paulo Emílio Ferreira da;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2007001100015
Abstract: the objective of this work was to quantify the competitive retention and desorption of nitrate, sulfate, silicate and phosphate anions on gibbsitic clay fraction of a melanic gleisol. samples of clay fraction were shaken in centrifuge tubes with 30 mmolc l-1 nacl solution containing these anions in quantities equivalent to 30% of the respective maximum adsorption capacity exhibited by clay. for comparative purposes, samples were also shaken with the same solution containing 1 mmolc l-1 of each mentioned anion. the tubes were centrifuged and the anionic concentrations in supernatants were determined. the dessorption was performed by shaking the residual clay fraction in centrifuge tubes with nacl solution and quantifying the released anions. in another experiment, with the silicon phosphorus previously adsorbed to gibbsite, p and si were added in the sequence, intercalated for evaluating the capacity of desorpting the previously adsorbed anion. the phosphate was preferentially adsorbed in relation to the other studied anions and the previous silicon application reduced the phosphate fixation. the silicon application previously to phosphate favours the bioavailability of p in highly weathered soils.
A alavanca que move o mundo: o discurso da mídia de negócios sobre o capitalismo empreendedor
Costa, Alessandra Mello da;Barros, Denise Franca;Martins, Paulo Emílio Matos;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512012000200007
Abstract: using the perspective of norman fairclough's (2001) social theory of discourse, this paper aims at identifying and discussing possible implications for contemporary labor relations due to the creation and diffusion of the concept of "entrepreneurship" by the business magazines. the assumption guiding this study is that the discourse used bonds - uncritically and without any kind of question - the theme "entrepreneurship" to growth, development, and enrichment of the organizations and the individuals who work for them, choosing and naturalizing market capitalism as the only possible socioeconomic model of development. to fulfill the proposed aim, this study is based on the critical discourse analysis (cda) and focuses on material published in the brazilian business magazines você s/a exame, carta capital, and hsm management, within the period from march 2004 to april 2009, totaling 112 reports and 400 pages. the results of the survey enabled the identification and selection of three discursive objects (entrepreneurial capitalism, upward economic mobility in the free market, and global hero) linked to the theme "entrepreneurship". together, the three discursive objects identified allow us to explore some possible implications in contemporary labor relationships regarding: 1) the media discourse, which establishes a convergence between the interests of organizations and those of individuals; 2) the new configurations in the labor sphere in a model of entrepreneurial capitalism; and 3) the quest for professional success as an organizer of human behavior in the labor world.
Avalia??o de substratos para inocula??o micorrízica e aclimatiza??o de dois porta-enxertos de videira micropropagados
Zemke, Josy Moraes;Pereira, Fabiane;Lovato, Paulo Emílio;Silva, Aparecido Lima da;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2003001100009
Abstract: the aim of this work was to select substrates conductive to the establishment of arbuscular mycorrhizas in the production of micropropagated grapevine rootstocks. micropropagated so4 and paulsen 1103 rootstock plantlets were weaned for three weeks in trays with mycorrhizal fungal- inoculated or uninoculated substrates (prepared with soil, compost, calcined rice hulls, vermiculite and sand, besides a commercial substrate). at the end of the weaning period and ten weeks after, shoot and root growth and mycorrhizal root colonization were evaluated. mycorrhizal root colonization varied according to the rootstock and substrates, with a significant interaction between these factors. the commercial substrate was associated with the highest increase in shoot and root mass, but it decreased mycorrhizal colonization. the best substrate for paulsen 1103 rootstock growth and mycorrhizal inoculation was prepared with soil, compost and sand and, for the so4 rootstock the substrate prepared with soil, compost and vermiculite.
Perspectiva histórica em administra??o: novos objetos, novos problemas, novas abordagens
Costa, Alessandra de Sá Mello da;Barros, Denise Franca;Martins, Paulo Emílio Matos;
Revista de Administra??o de Empresas , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-75902010000300005
Abstract: this article attempts to contribute to a better understanding of administrative ideas through the analysis of the use of historical perspective in management studies. although this relationship is not recent, it has not progressed substantially in order to promote all their ontological, epistemological and methodological potential. in order to deepen this discussion, we classify three management approaches relating them to the paradigmatic discussion of history: business history, management history and organizational history. this framework allows us to consider that the reorientationist position of the historical perspective enable us to: a) reflect on the social praxis of researchers, b) consider new objects, new problems and new research approaches, and c) realize that new questions displaces the focus of analysis of the exogenous to the local, which may contribute to the development of more critical analysis of current administrative ideologies.
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