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Chemical composition, losses and fermentation profile of elephant grass silage with jack fruit levels Composi o bromatológica, perdas e perfil fermentativo de silagens de capim-elefante com níveis de jaca
Edson Mauro Santos,Anderson Moura Zanine,Paulo Alfredo Santana,Jo?o Ricardo Rebou?as Dórea
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2008,
Abstract: The objective with this experiment was to evaluate the effects of dehydrated jack fruit addition on the gases and effluent losses, dry matter recovery, pH, N-NH3, volatile fatty acids and chemical composition of elephant grass silage, using a completely randomized design, with four treatments and four replicates per treatment. The treatments were: elephant grass silage; elephant grass silage plus 5% of jack fruit; elephant grass silage plus 10% of jack fruit and elephant grass silage plus 15% of jack fruit, on the natural matter. Grass was cut at 50 days and ensiled in silos of five liters capacity, with bunsen valve to the gases flow up. The losses by gases showed quadratic (P<0.05) response by jack fruit addition, whereas the losses by effluent decreased linearly (P<0.05). Dry matter recovery was altered (P<0.05) quadratically with jack fruit addition. Dry matter and crude protein contents increased linearly (P<0.05), and neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber and hemicelullose decreased linearly (P<0.05) with jack fruit addition. The pH increased linearly (P<0.05), and lactic acid content increased (P<0.05) quadratically. N-NH3 and acetic and butyric acids decreased (P<0.05) quadratically with jack fruit addition. Jack fruit addition increases dry matter recovery, besides improving the fermentation profile of elephant grass silage and the smallest jack fruit level is enough to assure such improvements. Objetivou-se com este experimento avaliar os efeitos da adi o de jaca pré-desidratada sobre as perdas por gases e efluente, recupera o de matéria seca, pH, N-NH3, ácidos graxos voláteis e composi o bromatológica de silagens de capim-elefante, usando um delineamento inteiramente casualizado, com quatro tratamentos e quatro repeti es por tratamento. Os tratamentos foram: silagem de capim-elefante; silagem de capim-elefante mais 5% de jaca; silagem de capim-elefante mais 10% de jaca e silagem de capim-elefante mais 15% de jaca, com base na matéria natural. O capim foi cortado com 50 dias de rebrota o e ensilado em silos de cinco litros de capacidade, com válvula de bunsen para escape dos gases. As perdas por gases diminuíram (P<0.05) de forma quadrática com adi o de jaca, enquanto as perdas por efluente diminuíram linearmente (P<0.05). A recupera o de matéria seca aumentou (P<0.05) de forma quadrática coma adi o de jaca. Os teores de matéria seca (MS) e proteína bruta (PB) aumentaram linearmente (P<0.05), enquanto os teores de fibra em detergente neutro (FDN), fibra em detergente ácido (FDA) e hemicelulose (HEM) diminuíram linearmente (P<0.
Evaluation of elephant grass silage with the addition of cassava scrapings
Zanine, Anderson de Moura;Santos, Edson Mauro;Dórea, Jo?o Ricardo Rebou?as;Dantas, Paulo Alfredo de Santana;Silva, Thiago Carvalho da;Pereira, Odilon Gomes;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982010001200008
Abstract: the objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of adding cassava scrapings on gas and effluent losses, dry matter recovery, ph, contents of n-nh3, organic acids and volatile fatty acids and the bromatological composition of elephant grass silages. it was used a randomized complete design, with four levels of cassava scrapings (0, 7, 15 or 30% natural matter) each one with four replications per level. the grass was cut at 50 days of regrowth and ensiled in 15-l silos, equipped with a bunsen valve to allow gas outflow. the gas losses decreased quadratically with the addition of cassava scrapings, whereas effluent losses decreased linearly. dry matter recovery increased quadratically with the addition of cassava scrapings. dry matter (dm) concentration increased but crude protein (cp), neutral detergent fiber (ndf), acid detergent fiber (adf) and hemicellulose (hem) decreased linearly with the addition of cassava scrapings. the ph value and lactic acid concentration increased quadratically with the addition of cassava scrapings. contents of n-nh3 and butyric acid decreased quadratically with the addition of cassava scrapings, whereas acetic acid content decreased linearly. addition of cassava scrapings reduced gas and effluent losses and improved the fermentation profile of elephant grass silages and the level of 7% already ensures this improvement.
Influências de Atta spp. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) na recupera??o da vegeta??o pós-fogo em floresta de transi??o amaz?nica
Carvalho, Karine Santana;Balch, Jennifer;Moutinho, Paulo;
Acta Amazonica , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672012000100010
Abstract: in this study we investigated the role of leaf-cutting ants in the post-fire vegetation recovery. we hypothesized that a forest plot submitted to annual fire presents: (1) higher abundance of leaf-cutting ant nests; (2) higher removal of seeds; and (3) higher herbivory rates of leaf-cutting ants, when compared to the forest plots without fire (control). the leaf-cutting ant nests were sampled, mapped, and checked up (after 17 months) to register their activity and new colonies emerging from the plot. we made comparative experiments of seeds removal and seedlings herbivory in two 50 ha plots, one submitted to annual fire and another without fire. the abundance of leaf-cutting nests was higher in the plot submitted to fire than in the control plot. the species found were: atta cephalotes, a. laevigata, and a. sexdens, being the latter the most abundant and the one that showed an increase of active colonies after 17 months. the plot submitted to fire showed a higher abundance of seeds removed by leaf-cutting ants than the control. while more than two leaves were ripped per seedling in the plot under fire, less than one was registered in the control plot. it was also observed that the average abundance of seedlings attacked by leaf-cutting ant in the fire plot was higher than in the plot without fire. this study shows that the leaf-cutting ants may reduce seed germination and seedling recruitment, affecting the reproductive success and the composition of vegetation recovering from fire. alternatively, the leaf-cutting ants may also speed up the regeneration process of unpalatable plant species. in this sense, we may conclude that the presence of leaf-cutting may interfere in the species composition of post fire forest.
Representa??o social do idoso do Distrito Federal e sua inser??o social no mundo contemporaneo a partir da Internet
Ferreira, Maria Aparecida Santana;Alves, Vicente Paulo;
Revista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-98232011000400009
Abstract: being the study of internet use by the elderly a recent theme in gerontology, this article reports a study that took into account the inclusion of the elderly in the society of information technology and communication (tic) from the theory of social representation of the elderly, who residing in the federal district and access the internet. aims to discuss and analyze the construction of social representations of elderly residents in the federal district on the internet, searching to verify that the elderly are following the profound social transformations of informational and communicational technologies. the methodology adopted is observation, semi-structured interview, the program alceste for content analysis that counts the number of elementary context units (uce), which correspond to the idea of phrase more calibrated according to the size of text, measured in number of words and analyzed according to the order of priority. it was found that there is a disruption of the negative view that aging is a fatality and a time of loneliness, because new possibilities are opened for the elderly with the internet, you can enter them in the contemporary world, allowing the to create new links new friendships and social interactions.
Modelagem matemática do processo de soldagem GMAW: transferência por v?o livre
Santana, Ivan José de;Modenesi, Paulo J.;
Soldagem & Inspe??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-92242011000300003
Abstract: this paper describes the conception and validation of a mathematical model applied to gma welding. this model allows predicting some welding parameters as well as process behavior for operation with free flight transfer mode. this model was based on a set of equations that describes the power source characteristics, the voltage drop along the electric arc, the welding circuit and the energy balance on the wire tip. the model validation was performed by comparing its results to experimental welding trials. in this test specimen steel of low carbon was used and the parameters welding current and voltage, speed of wire feeding and arc length were monitored. the results have shown that the model is able to correctly predict how different parameters change with alterations in wire feed, in different situations. furthermore, welding current and voltage e arc length value were predicted with a least error lower than 10%.
Immunological Intolerance and Tolerance by Antigenic Co-Stimulation  [PDF]
Alexandre Paulo Machado, Gabriel de Paula Albuquerque, Letícia Souza Santana, Olga Fischman Gompertz
Open Journal of Immunology (OJI) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oji.2017.74006
The plasticity and dynamism in the immune responses to both self and environmental stimulation promote the maintenance and adaptation of a system that tends to harmoniously survive and evolve. Fluctuating antigenic forces coexist within the immune system and oscillate between order and chaos to the equilibrium. Thus, when mounting a response to internal or environmental antigens, the main host responses can be divided into two immunological categories. The first, a well-adapted mechanism of complex multi-cellular organisms classically known as tolerance, promotes persistent immunological responses. In the second, opposite way, the modulation of inflammatory immune responses occurs, which we call “intolerance”. Tolerance and intolerance can be mediated by humoral molecules, such as inflammatory compounds, complement, and antibodies, and by different cell types, such as sentinel cells, antigen-presenting cells, and cells that orchestrate the immune response. Tolerogenesis is important in vertebrates because it predisposes species to adapt to self and environmental negative-selective forces. This process depends, in large part, on antigenic co-stimulation (AgCS), which operates as a multi-integrated network formed by all immune and non-immune cells of the body that establishes tolerant immunoregulatory interactions from cells to cells and from cells to the environment. Antigenic distribution, quantity, nature, route of administration, and antigenic convergence on co-stimulatory pathways, and concurrent infections, and the presence of microorganisms (commensals and pathogens) in more than one site are important factors for activating AgCS. To conclude, the AgCS route is a natural immune response generated by heterogeneous APC profile with centralized regulation that promote the counterbalance between intolerant e tolerant status, which can have several applications in the medical and biological fields.
Nocardiose pulmonar e cutanea em paciente usuário de corticosteróide
Baldi, Bruno Guedes;Santana, Alfredo Nicodemos Cruz;Takagaki, Teresa Yae;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132006000600019
Abstract: nocardiosis is a localized or disseminated infection caused by gram-positive bacteria of the genus nocardia. the infection most commonly affects the lungs, skin and central nervous system. nocardiosis principally occurs in individuals with cellular immunodeficiency and should be considered in the differential diagnosis when such individuals present respiratory, cutaneous or neurological alterations. herein, we report a case of pulmonary and cutaneous nocardiosis in a patient receiving oral corticosteroids to treat bronchiolitis obliterans accompanied by organizing pneumonia of unknown origin. after long-term treatment with sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, the clinical and radiological profile improved.
Development of the educational digital library EduCR@I 2.0 Desarrollo de la Biblioteca Digital Educativa EduCR@I 2.0
Yolanda López Santana,Alfredo Jonatan López Vargas
Biblios , 2013, DOI: 10.5195/biblios.2012.55
Abstract: Libraries have changed from being places where you store, organize and disseminate information, to become dynamic centers, acting proactively in knowledge construction by providing resources and services that innovate ways to communicate with its users to create alternative spaces to make an impact in the academic life of the institution. This educational digital library proposal involves the construction of a virtual space extended to the physical library resources to accommodate different teaching and educational purposes expressed in learning objects, video channel, wikis, virtual classroom, blogs, web portal, library in virtual worlds and digital repositories. EDUCR @ I 2.0 is the name that has been designated to the multi-platform educational digital library CUCSUR, presenting up to now as progress in its construction the design of structures for skills development writers. The project proposes a flexible schema to be organized in a modular way and the possibilities to increase its components. It allows saving costs due to the use of free software and open source as well as the campus intranet, and depending on the incorporation of multimedia materials, users online and scanned documents to database, it is possible to perform preliminary tests on its functionality with Workstations computer equipment type for preliminary testing and measuring growth of the collections in the future. Las bibliotecas han evolucionado de ser lugares donde se almacenan, organizan y difunden la información hasta convertirse en centros dinámicos que actúan de manera proactiva en la construcción del conocimiento al disponer de recursos y servicios que innovan la manera de comunicarse con sus usuarios al generar espacios alternativos para lograr un impacto en la vida académica de la institución. La presente propuesta de biblioteca digital educativa consiste en la construcción de un espacio virtual extendido a la biblioteca física para albergar diferentes recursos con fines didácticos y educativos expresados en objetos de aprendizaje, canal de video, wikis, aula virtual, blogs, portal web, biblioteca en mundos virtuales y repositorios digitales. EDUCR@I 2.0 es el nombre que se le ha designado a la multiplataforma digital educativa de la biblioteca del CUCSUR, que presenta hasta el momento como avance en su construcción el dise o de estructuras para el desarrollo de competencias escritoras. El proyecto propone un esquema flexible al organizarse de forma modular y con posibilidades para incrementar sus componentes. Permite el ahorro de costos debido a la utilización de softwa
Comportamiento de cruzas de maíz obtenidas por irradiación y selección
Josu00E9 Alfredo Carrera Valtierra,Tarcicio Cervantes Santana
Revista fitotecnia mexicana , 2007,
Abstract: La inducción de mutaciones se ha usado para incrementar la variabilidad genética y mejorar caracteres de importancia agronómica. En los últimos 15 a os se han liberado 1019 variedades que se obtuvieron directamente de mutaciones. En el presente trabajo se evaluaron compuestos de líneas mutantes tropicales (CLMT) obtenidos por irradiación con 60Co en cruzas con compuestos de líneas F1S1 (CLF) obtenidos de híbridos subtropicales, con la finalidad de identificar material útil para el mejoramiento genético de maíz de la región subtropical de México. Los materiales mutantes lograron una mayor varianza de dominancia (σ2 D=5.4) en rendimiento de mazorca que los materiales no mutantes. Las cruzas CLMT-27 x CML-311 , (LMT- 6)S4-bk-1-7-1p-9p x CML-176 y (LMT-6)S4-bk-1-7-1p-8p x NC-300 , derivadas de material irradiado, produjeron rendimientos de 13.7, 10.8 y 10.0 t ha-1, y fueron estadísticamente iguales (P ≤ 0.05) al mejor testigo Pioneer 30G40 que rindió 13.7 y 11.2 t ha-1, en dos experimentos. Los compuestos de líneas mutantes CLMT-27 , CLMT-3 y CLMT-9 presentaron una media de ACG en rendimiento de 11.7, 9.7 y 9.1 t ha-1, respectivamente, y pueden ser incluidas en programas de mejoramiento genético de maíz.
Respuesta a densidad de población de cruzas de maíz tropical y subtropical adaptadas a valles altos
Josu00E9 Alfredo Carrera Valtierra,Tarcicio Cervantes Santana
Revista fitotecnia mexicana , 2006,
Abstract: En los Valles Altos de México, los maíces (Zea mays L.) locales no toleran altas densidades de población debido a su susceptibilidad al acame. Para resolver este problema se ha recurrido a la introducción de germoplasma tropical y subtropical. En esta investigación se evaluaron cruzas entre líneas S3 derivadas de poblaciones tropicales y subtropicales (LT) adaptadas a Valles Altos, así como cruzas de estas líneas LT con una línea local (LL) derivada de las razas Cónico- Chalque o. Las poblaciones base procedieron de cruzas entre razas de maíz tropical y subtropical de México, seleccionadas en alta densidad de población en Montecillo, Edo. de México mediante cruzas fraternales desde la generación F2 hasta F13, y posteriormente mediante autofecundación por tres generaciones. Con un grupo de líneas S3 derivadas de estas poblaciones se formaron 11 cruzas LT x LT y seis cruzas LT x LL. Las 17 cruzas F1 (LT x LT y LT x LL), dos testigos híbridos de cruza simple ( CS y H-CM ) y dos trilineales ( H-151 y H-40 ) se evaluaron en un experimento en Montecillo en 1999, a 60 (D1), 70 (D2) y 80 mil (D3) plantas ha-1. Con el cambio de D1 a D3 el número de días a floración masculina aumentó en 1.2 d y la longitud de mazorca, el peso de 200 granos y el número de mazorcas por planta disminuyeron (P ≤ 0.05) en 0.7 cm, 3.4 g y 0.2, respectivamente. En rendimiento de grano no hubo diferencias significativas entre densidades. El rendimiento promedio del grupo de testigos, LT x LL y LT x LT fue 9.4, 8.1 y 7.2 t ha-1. Las mejores cruzas LT x LT tuvieron el mismo rendimiento que H-40 (7.6 t ha-1) y la mejor cruza LT x LL rindió 9.3 t ha-1. Las cruzas LT x LT tuvieron rendimiento, precocidad y altura de planta similar a los testigos H-40 y H-CM . Por tanto, la selección en Valles Altos de germoplasma tropical y subtropical, fue efectiva por haber logrado cruzas similares a los testigos en rendimiento, con densidades de población comerciales y mayores.
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