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Learning Phrasal Verbs Autonomously
Pauline Moore Hanna
Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal , 2012,
Abstract: This paper describes the design process of a learning object (LO) for the acquisition of phrasal verbs (PVs) in English, which are a particularly difficult aspect of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for many learners. As such, learners can benefit from the provision of greater opportunities for practice in this area. The PV problem is approached as a semantic rather than a syntactic problem, and so the LO aims to present the learner with contextualized, meaningful practice of PVs with a view to developing independent learning skills. The paper discusses the twin problems of PV use in different language styles (formal vs. informal) and the polysemy of PVs, both of which have been found to contribute directly to learner difficulty (Side, 1990; Dempsey, McCarthy & McNamara, 2007). The way in which the LO attempts to resolve these issues is described in the hope that other materials developers may find them useful.
Inferring Multilateral Relations from Dynamic Pairwise Interactions
Aaron Schein,Juston Moore,Hanna Wallach
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Correlations between anomalous activity patterns can yield pertinent information about complex social processes: a significant deviation from normal behavior, exhibited simultaneously by multiple pairs of actors, provides evidence for some underlying relationship involving those pairs---i.e., a multilateral relation. We introduce a new nonparametric Bayesian latent variable model that explicitly captures correlations between anomalous interaction counts and uses these shared deviations from normal activity patterns to identify and characterize multilateral relations. We showcase our model's capabilities using the newly curated Global Database of Events, Location, and Tone, a dataset that has seen considerable interest in the social sciences and the popular press, but which has is largely unexplored by the machine learning community. We provide a detailed analysis of the latent structure inferred by our model and show that the multilateral relations correspond to major international events and long-term international relationships. These findings lead us to recommend our model for any data-driven analysis of interaction networks where dynamic interactions over the edges provide evidence for latent social structure.
Usefulness of Natural Starters in Food Industry: The Example of Cheeses and Bread  [PDF]
Demarigny Yann, Gerber Pauline
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2014.517181
Abstract: Natural starters have been extensively used for many centuries to make many different fermented food products from different raw materials: Milk, meat, roots, vegetables, etc. The industrialisation of food production at the end of the 19th century necessitated the use of regular selected starters to standardize the organoleptic characteristics of the final product. As a consequence, during the 20th century, there was a decline in the use of natural starters in Western countries except in the production of local cheeses or sourdough breads. The beginning of this new millennium has witnessed a deep change in consumer demand, in pursuit of quality, safety and pleasure. In this context, natural starters could, in the future, play an important role in the development of fermented products. However, food producers and researchers have first to cope with fundamental problems in the understanding of these complex ecosystems. The dynamic evolution of the microbial population inside the natural starter (its resilience, its genetic and physiological aptitudes) and the consequences on the product are still partially unknown. This document reviews a broad range of articles concerning the use of natural starters with a specific focus on cheeses and breads, and discusses the major stakes for local food production and the consumption of typical products.
Guardians and Targets: A Routine Activity Approach to Terrorism in Southeast Asia  [PDF]
Camille Laurence Pauline Bigot
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.512011
Since 9/11, terrorism has been an important subject of study within the political and social fields, having often been examined critically. However, empirical frameworks have been lacking within the study of terrorism. This paper aims to counter reductionist views of terrorism and provide a holistic analysis under the arch of a criminological ontological framework. This study tests the relevance of routine activity theory to terrorism, taking the specific case study of terrorism within Southeast Asia. Working with Interpol, terror attacks, and counter-terrorism operations were quantified to mathematically model Routine Activity Theory where I aimed to find predictive terror patterns. Using a time-series analysis of terrorist attacks and counter-terrorism operations, Deterrence Theory, Randomness Theory in targeting and Contagion theory will be tested. A comparative framework will be established between religious attacks and politically related ones. My research aims to disprove any discursive assumptions of terrorism through a quantitative empirical focus. Furthermore, it aims to find patterns within terrorism to learn how to better combat it.
Deployment of Soft Skills for Effective Customer Service in the 21st Century Library  [PDF]
Adeniran Pauline Oghenekaro
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2018.63003
Abstract: The advent of information communication technology in the information environment has brought dramatic changes in the way information is being handled and managed today. This wind of change engineered by ICT has also changed the information seeking behavior of users making them to place more demands on libraries. There is a need for libraries to strive to be effective in their services to customers in order to remain relevant in the information age. The paper considered the deployment of soft skills expressed in terms of staff appearance, approachability, effective communication, positive attitude, ability to cope in difficult situation, and so on, for more effective customer services in the 21st century library. The paper concluded that, effective customer service in libraries is imperative in the 21st century library as it will make library users feel important, improves learning, increases patronage, and promotes library and university image. The outcome of this paper will help the management of libraries irrespective of the type to be more effective in the services they render to their clients. This will ultimately increase patronage and clients retention.
Study of multiband disordered systems using the typical medium dynamical cluster approximation
Yi Zhang,Hanna Terletska,C. Moore,Chinedu Ekuma,Ka-Ming Tam,Tom Berlijn,Wei Ku,Juana Moreno,Mark Jarrell
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.92.205111
Abstract: We generalize the typical medium dynamical cluster approximation to multiband disordered systems. Using our extended formalism, we perform a systematic study of the non-local correlation effects induced by disorder on the density of states and the mobility edge of the three-dimensional two-band Anderson model. We include inter-band and intra-band hopping and an intra-band disorder potential. Our results are consistent with the ones obtained by the transfer matrix and the kernel polynomial methods. We apply the method to K$_x$Fe$_{2-y}$Se$_2$ with Fe vacancies. Despite the strong vacancy disorder and anisotropy, we find the material is not an Anderson insulator. Our results demonstrate the application of the typical medium dynamical cluster approximation method to study Anderson localization in real materials.
On a Generalization of the Frobenius Number
Alexander Brown,Eleanor Dannenberg,Jennifer Fox,Joshua Hanna,Katherine Keck,Alexander Moore,Zachary Robbins,Brandon Samples,James Stankewicz
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We consider a generalization of the Frobenius Problem where the object of interest is the greatest integer which has exactly $j$ representations by a collection of positive relatively prime integers. We prove an analogue of a theorem of Brauer and Shockley and show how it can be used for computation.
Universal protein fluctuations in populations of microorganisms
Hanna Salman,Naama Brenner,Chih-kuan Tung,Noa Elyahu,Elad Stolovicki,Lindsay Moore,Albert Libchaber,Erez Braun
Quantitative Biology , 2012,
Abstract: The copy number of any protein fluctuates among cells in a population; characterizing and understanding these fluctuations is a fundamental problem in biophysics. We show here that protein distributions measured under a broad range of biological realizations collapse to a single non-Gaussian curve under scaling by the first two moments. Moreover in all experiments the variance is found to depend quadratically on the mean, showing that a single degree of freedom determines the entire distribution. Our results imply that protein fluctuations do not reflect any specific molecular or cellular mechanism, and suggest that some buffering process masks these details and induces universality.
The Effects of European Austerity Programmes on Social Security Systems  [PDF]
Arne Heise, Hanna Lierse
Modern Economy (ME) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/me.2011.24055
Abstract: The recent financial and economic crisis is intensifying the pressure for budget consolidation,increasing the likelihood of cuts in social services throughout Europe. One government after another is bringing forward a budget consolidation programme. Cuts are envisaged above all in social services and so the question arises of what effects this will have on welfare states in EU member countries and on Social Europe in general. In this study cuts in social systems are analysed and compared, both planned and already undertaken. Regardless of the different magnitudes of the austerity efforts and the policy fields concerned there can be no doubt that all austerity programmes are regressive in nature and that the option of raising incomes is being exercised far less frequently than spending cuts and this applies especially in the social realm.
Pharmacogenomics: The Significance of Genetics in the Metabolism of Natural Medicines  [PDF]
Nancy W. Hanna
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2012.34046
Abstract: Natural products have been implemented in medicine through use as herbal medications, chemical compound extraction for prescription medication, or a natural source of food to fight various infections and diseases. Genetics has played a role in identifying various interactions between existing drugs and side effects. In addition, various food allergies have been identified with children in recent years, suggesting genetic associations between certain populations carrying specific genetic alleles. The recent availability of genomic data and our increased understanding of the effects of genetic variations permit a quantitative examination of the contribution of genetic variation to efficacy or toxicity of compounds derived from natural sources. The identification of target molecules relevant for diseases allows screening for natural products capable of inhibiting targets which can lead to the development of rational treatment of various diseases including neurobiological disorders, cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases. This allows for more opportunities to predict the response of individual patients. Identification of genetic variations that arose as a consequence of naturally occurring compounds will help identify gene alleles, or protein ligands that can affect the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetics of the natural products in question. In addition, diet modification and precautions to food products can be identified to help consumers limit or increase certain food intake. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying these interactions and their modification by genetic variation is expected to result in the development of new drugs that optimize individual health. We expect that strategies for individualized therapies will lead to improved results for patients.
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