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Color in Context: Psychological Context Moderates the Influence of Red on Approach- and Avoidance-Motivated Behavior
Brian P. Meier, Paul R. DAgostino, Andrew J. Elliot, Markus A. Maier, Benjamin M. Wilkowski
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040333
Abstract: Background A basic premise of the recently proffered color-in-context model is that the influence of color on psychological functioning varies as a function of the psychological context in which color is perceived. Some research has examined the appetitive and aversive implications of viewing the color red in romance- and achievement-relevant contexts, respectively, but in all existing empirical work approach and avoidance behavior has been studied in separate tasks and separate experiments. Research is needed to directly test whether red influences the same behavior differently depending entirely on psychological context. Methodology/Principal Findings The present experiment was designed to put this premise to direct test in romance- and achievement-relevant contexts within the same experimental paradigm involving walking behavior. Our results revealed that exposure to red (but not blue) indeed has differential implications for walking behavior as a function of the context in which the color is perceived. Red increased the speed with which participants walked to an ostensible interview about dating (a romance-relevant context), but decreased the speed with which they walked to an ostensible interview about intelligence (an achievement-relevant context). Conclusions/Significance These results are the first direct evidence that the influence of red on psychological functioning in humans varies by psychological context. Our findings contribute to both the literature on color psychology and the broader, emerging literature on the influence of context on basic psychological processes.
Neurotoxic Alkaloids: Saxitoxin and Its Analogs
Maria Wiese,Paul M. DAgostino,Troco K. Mihali,Michelle C. Moffitt,Brett A. Neilan
Marine Drugs , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/md8072185
Abstract: Saxitoxin (STX) and its 57 analogs are a broad group of natural neurotoxic alkaloids, commonly known as the paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs). PSTs are the causative agents of paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) and are mostly associated with marine dinoflagellates (eukaryotes) and freshwater cyanobacteria (prokaryotes), which form extensive blooms around the world. PST producing dinoflagellates belong to the genera Alexandrium, Gymnodinium and Pyrodinium whilst production has been identified in several cyanobacterial genera including Anabaena, Cylindrospermopsis, Aphanizomenon Planktothrix and Lyngbya. STX and its analogs can be structurally classified into several classes such as non-sulfated, mono-sulfated, di-sulfated, decarbamoylated and the recently discovered hydrophobic analogs—each with varying levels of toxicity. Biotransformation of the PSTs into other PST analogs has been identified within marine invertebrates, humans and bacteria. An improved understanding of PST transformation into less toxic analogs and degradation, both chemically or enzymatically, will be important for the development of methods for the detoxification of contaminated water supplies and of shellfish destined for consumption. Some PSTs also have demonstrated pharmaceutical potential as a long-term anesthetic in the treatment of anal fissures and for chronic tension-type headache. The recent elucidation of the saxitoxin biosynthetic gene cluster in cyanobacteria and the identification of new PST analogs will present opportunities to further explore the pharmaceutical potential of these intriguing alkaloids.
Fluctuations of fragment observables
F. Gulminelli,M. D'Agostino
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2006-10121-x
Abstract: This contribution presents a review of our present theoretical as well as experimental knowledge of different fluctuation observables relevant to nuclear multifragmentation. The possible connection between the presence of a fluctuation peak and the occurrence of a phase transition or a critical phenomenon is critically analyzed. Many different phenomena can lead both to the creation and to the suppression of a fluctuation peak. In particular, the role of constraints due to conservation laws and to data sorting is shown to be essential. From the experimental point of view, a comparison of the available fragmentation data reveals that there is a good agreement between different data sets of basic fluctuation observables, if the fragmenting source is of comparable size. This compatibility suggests that the fragmentation process is largely independent of the reaction mechanism (central versus peripheral collisions, symmetric versus asymmetric systems, light ions versus heavy ion induced reactions). Configurational energy fluctuations, that may give important information on the heat capacity of the fragmenting system at the freeze out stage, are not fully compatible among different data sets and require further analysis to properly account for Coulomb effects and secondary decays. Some basic theoretical questions, concerning the interplay between the dynamics of the collision and the fragmentation process, and the cluster definition in dense and hot media, are still open and are addressed at the end of the paper. A comparison with realistic models and/or a quantitative analysis of the fluctuation properties will be needed to clarify in the next future the nature of the transition observed from compound nucleus evaporation to multi-fragment production.
A arquitetura, o corpo e o espelho sobre a beleza e o tempo na arte do Renascimento e em nossos dias
D'Agostino, Mário Henrique Sim?o;
Tempo Social , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20702003000100007
Abstract: the revival of the old ideal of "eternal fame" and "perpetuity" in art allows for a new conceptual framing of the classical principle of mimesis, in the renaissance. asserting the preeminence of architecture over all the other arts, various renaissance papers link the making of beautiful works to the longevity of the buildings (chrysolaras, alberti, filarete, cesariano, among others). the curatorship and the exemplary value of the monuments, coordinated to the norm of imitating the antichi, bring about different doctrinarian positions on the meaning of time in art to regulate classicisms up to the 18th century. on the other hand, by looking back on the challenges issued then allows one to make a more removed and critical appraisal on the diffuse "cult" of time and beauty, currently in fashion.
Hydrogeomorphic processes and torrent control works on a large alluvial fan in the eastern Italian Alps
L. Marchi,M. Cavalli,V. D'Agostino
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) & Discussions (NHESSD) , 2010,
Abstract: Alluvial fans are often present at the outlet of small drainage basins in alpine valleys; their formation is due to sediment transport associated with flash floods and debris flows. Alluvial fans are preferred sites for human settlements and are frequently crossed by transport routes. In order to reduce the risk for economic activities located on or near the fan and prevent loss of lives due to floods and debris flows, torrent control works have been extensively carried out on many alpine alluvial fans. Hazard management on alluvial fans in alpine regions is dependent upon reliable procedures to evaluate variations in the frequency and severity of hydrogeomorphic processes and the long-term performance of the torrent training works. An integrated approach to the analysis of hydrogeomorphic processes and their interactions with torrent control works has been applied to a large alluvial fan in the southern Carnic Alps (northeastern Italy). Study methods encompass field observations, interpretation of aerial photographs, analysis of historical documents, and numerical modelling of debris flows. The overall performance of control works implemented in the early decades of 20th century was satisfactory, and a reduction of hazardous events was recognised from features observed in the field and in aerial photographs, as well as from the analysis of historical records. The 2-D simulation of debris flows confirms these findings, indicating that debris flow deposition would not affect urban areas or main roads, even in the case of a high-magnitude event. Present issues in the management of the studied alluvial fan are representative of situations frequently found in the European Alps and deal with the need for maintenance of the control structures and the pressures for land use changes aimed at the economic exploitation of the fan surface.
Comment on "Partial energies fluctuations and negative heat capacities" by X. Campi et al
Ph. Chomaz,F. Gulminelli,M. D'Agostino
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: Studying the energy partioning published in nucl-th/0406056v2 we show that the presented results do not fulfill the sum rule due to energy conservation. The observed fluctuations of the energy conservation test point to a numerical problem. Moreover, analysis of the binding energies show that the fragment recognition algorithm adopted by Campi et al. leads with a sizeable probability to fragments containing up to the total mass even for excitation energies as large as 3/4 of the total binding. This surprising result points to another problem since the published inter-fragment energy is not zero while a unique fragment is present. This problem may be due to either the fragment recognition algorithm or to the definition of the inter and intra-fragment energy. These numerical inconsistencies should be settled before any conclusion on the physics can be drawn.
Tracking energy fluctuations from fragment partitions in the Lattice Gas model
F. Gulminelli,Ph. Chomaz,M. D'Agostino
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.72.064618
Abstract: Partial energy fluctuations are known tools to reconstruct microcanonical heat capacities. For experimental applications, approximations have been developed to infer fluctuations at freeze out from the observed fragment partitions. The accuracy of this procedure as well as the underlying independent fragment approximation is under debate already at the level of equilibrated systems. Using a well controlled computer experiment, the Lattice Gas model, we critically discuss the thermodynamic conditions under which fragment partitions can be used to reconstruct the thermodynamics of an equilibrated system.
Maxwell’s Dynamical Philosophy: An Early Solution to the Problem of a Discrepancy between Particles and Waves  [PDF]
Salvo DAgostino
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2014.33012
Abstract: J. C. Maxwell contributed to an important philosophy of science, the so-called Dynamical Philosophy and Dynamical Approach to his theories. He meant it by a Dynamical Approach a theory of motions of the moving particle that could dispense with the detailed mechanism of motion. In order to develop this type of approach, he applied a modified form of Lagrange's equations in his 1865 essay “A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field” and in his master opus “A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism”. But an attentive historical research has also realized that he used an analogous approach in his contribution to a kinetic theory of gases, the well known statistical law of velocities.
A Good Chance for the Cat’s Life: Erwin Schroedinger’s New Statistics and a Second Quantization Theory of Quantum  [PDF]
Salvo DAgostino
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2015.41001
Abstract: In his paper on the Cat’s uncertain situation between life and death, S. intended to criticize the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and, conversely, to assert the consistency of his own wavelike view of the theory. His ideas contrasted with Heisenberg and Bohr’s positions, but also with Einstein’s attempt at a classically statistical interpretation of a quantum theory. His criticism therefore did not intend to discredit the whole Quantum Mechanics. In the fifties, he proposed a second quantization approach to a many particles state of the theory, which included his New Statistics. He asserted that the new approach modified some aspects of his famous 1926 equations. In my paper, I argue that S.’s new ideas in the fifties are related to his 1920 and 1926 contributions on rarified gas theory.
Developing a performance measurement system for public research centres
Agostino, D.,Arena, M.,Azzone, G.,Dal Molin M.
International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management , 2012,
Abstract: This study aims at developing a performance measurement system (PMS) for research and development (R&D) activities carried out by public research centres. Public research institutions are characterized by multiple stakeholders with different needs, and the management of R&D activities requires balancing the multiple goals of different stakeholders. This characteristic is a key issue in the process of construction of the PMS. Empirical evidence is provided by an Italian public research centre, where the researchers carried out a project aimed to develop a PMS following action research principles. This project gave the possibility to researchers to interact with different stakeholders and integrate their different information needs in a comprehensive set of key performance indicators (KPIs). As a result, multidimensional framework for measuring R&D performance in a public research centre is proposed and a set of Key Performance Indicators is developed, suggesting implications for academics and practitioners.
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