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Vibraciones digitales. Una breve historia sobre los recursos electrónicos y digitales en la música
Pau Damià Riera Muoz
Caracteres : Estudios Culturales y Críticos de la Esfera Digital , 2012,
Abstract: In the last two decades, the music consumption habits have changed dramatically thanks to new technologies. Digital media recording and playback, with the Internet, have allowed everybody the access to a huge musical repertoire. On the other hand, music creation tools are changing very quickly, especially since in the early eighties musicians started to use MIDI programming standards. The use and abuse of musical creation and performance is growing thanks to digitization. What consequences bring these changes towards the public? And how these changes affect the industry professionals?
Recommendations guide for any direct exposure in biological fluids critical care devices and emergencies Seville
Páginasenferurg.com , 2009,
Abstract: El principal riesgo para el personal en el C.U. D. C. Sevilla (instalación crítica y EmergencyCare) que tiene contacto con la sangre arecontaminated manos durante venipunctureand pinchazos y cortes causados por needlesand objects.We afilado deben tener en cuenta que no hay pacientes, pero las maniobras de En Peligro de riesgo o procedimientos, deben tomarse precauciones sothat el uso de barreras en todos los appropriateprotective las orprocedures maniobras en las que hay una posibilidad ofcontact con sangre y / o mucocutaneousexposures fluidos corporales. En este artículo, afteran extensos análisis, las precauciones que deben tomarse discussuniversal reducir al mínimo los accidentes, así como las medidas tofollow en caso de ocurrencia del accidente.
Duplicidad uretral incompleta en un varón: Aportación de un nuevo caso
Muoz Vélez,D.; Riera Marí,V.; Ozonas Moragues,M.;
Actas Urológicas Espa?olas , 2005, DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062005000100014
Abstract: urethral duplication is a rare congenital anomaly affecting mainly males and being usually diagnosed during paedriatric age. we report a 20 year old male complaining of double urethral meatus with double urinary stream. physical examination confirmed and additional hypospadic meatus below a normally placed urethral meatus. retrograde urethro-cystography and voiding cysto-urethrograms showed two distinct urethras originating from a common bladder neck and the diagnosis of effmann type iia2 incomplete urethral duplication was made. no treatment was felt to be applied after associated anomalies were ruled out.
Advanced Driving Assistance Systems for an Electric Vehicle
Pau Muoz-Benavent, Leopoldo Armesto, Vicent Girbés, J. Ernesto Solanes, Juan F. Dols, Adolfo Muoz, Josep Tornero
International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology , 2012, DOI: 10.5875/ausmt.v2i4.169
Abstract: This paper describes the automation of a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) and the embedded distributed architecture for implementing an Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) with haptic, visual, and audio feedback in order to improve safety. For the automation, original electric signals were conditioned, and mechanisms for actuation and haptic feedback were installed. An embedded distributed architecture was chosen based on two low-cost boards and implemented under a Robotics Operating System (ROS) framework. The system includes features such as collision avoidance and motion planning.
Isquemia intestinal en la enfermedad de Buerger
Cordobès Gual,J.; Riera Vázquez,R.; Merino Mairal,O.; Manuel-Rimbau Muoz,E.; Lozano Vilardell,P.; Company Campins,M.;
Anales de Medicina Interna , 2005, DOI: 10.4321/S0212-71992005000500008
Abstract: buerger's disease is uncommon arterial disease that affects mainly young people with heavy smoking history . ischemic symptoms of upper and lower extremities are clearly defined as the most common kind of presentation. visceral arteries are rarely affected. we report a case of a 44 years old young female with buerger's disease and mesenteric ischemic involvement, and a revision of the literature about buerger's disease with visceral affection. due to the extremely rarity of the intestinal involvement of buerger's disease, the early diagnosis is difficult, for these reason all patient affected by buerger's disease who presents intestinal symptoms should be carefully evaluated. aortography and early laparoscopic revision are very important to limit ischemic intestinal injury and later complications. if hemodynamic instability is present emergency laparotomy at the operating theatre is recommended.
Creencias, actitudes y conocimientos en educación sexual
Fernández F,Lilian; Bustos M,Luis; González W,Leonardo; Palma A,Damián; Villagrán A,Johanna; Muoz N,Sergio;
Revista médica de Chile , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872000000600002
Abstract: background: previous reports show that chilean teenagers have an inadequate knowledge about sexuality and reproduction. aim: to compare the knowlege about sexuality among adolescents coming from private and public schools, with and without sexual education programs. material and methods: a structured anonymous inquiry, containing multiple choice and open questions, was applied to a sample of 229 adolescents attending seventh and eigth grade of junior school, in private and public schools of temuco, chile. results: eleven percent of adolescents had already their first sexual intercourse at a mean age of 12.2 ± 2.4 years old. of these, 96% came from public schools. an overall analysis of tests, disclosed a 53% of correct answers to the inquiry. adolescents coming from private schools had a better performance than those coming from public schools. sexual attitudes were not influenced by sexual education programs. conclusions: adolescents coming from private schools have a better sexual knowledge level and more conservative attitudes towards sexuality. overall knowledge is inadequate albeit overvalued. these teenagers are high risk group for unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and require efficient sexual education programs. (rev méd chile 2000; 128: 574-83).
Gender Dignity in the Colombian Labor Market (2000-2013)  [PDF]
ángel Emilio Muoz Cardona
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2014.44020
Abstract: The following research paper seeks to observe how gender equality has evolved in the Colombian labor market over the past 13 years, during which the Government has signed thirteen free trade agreements1. The paper focuses at the central research question: How has it benefited the woman in the Colombian labor market with economic globalization? To answer this research question, we will show what the behavior of macroeconomic variables GDP, unemployment, industrial growth rate and population growth rate has been. From this frame of reference we will make a statistical analysis of the behavior of the labor market by gender in Colombia so as income levels as of schooling. The database of statistical information is provided by the General Household Survey conducted by the Department of National Statistics, DANE.
The Social Game between the Vote and the Democracy  [PDF]
ángel Emilio Muoz Cardona
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2014.43010
From models of game theory, this paper attempts to question the nature collusion oligopolistic in imperfect markets vote and its true social benefit. Search to give reasons for ethical content which serves to change the electoral moral conduct and improves well-being in the public distribution of goods and services. In other words, answer the question, what should be the role of society in achieving better governance, or what must we do to improve as a community of voters? The priority challenge of contemporary societies is to instruct citizens for democracy, citizens with ability to choose and be elected. Educate political leaders, businessmen and society willing to work for the welfare of a nation without exception, not accepting corruption as a way of governing and being governed. That is the subject of this nodal essay research1.
The New Public Management in Sabaneta, Antioquia  [PDF]
ángel Emilio Muoz Cardona
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2014.43019
During the decades of the 80s and 90s three international events that marked the history political, social and economic at the beginning of XXI century took place: the fall of the Berlin Wall and Perestroika; Environmental Summit in Rio de Janeiro and the European Union. These historical events deepened new forms of public administration within the developed and developing countries. International events that were and are answer to the demands of citizens by governments more responsive in the management of their needs of participation are: political decisions, environmental protection and economic security. But, how did these three events alter the economic, political and social order in Colombia, and how have these new trends in public management been incorporated into the municipality of Sabaneta, Antioquia? Visualizing the changes of governance since the late 80s and 90s in Colombia, illustration of the good performance achieved by the municipality of Sabaneta in the period from 2003 to 2013, is the subject of this research essay1.
Salud y desarrollo en el contexto Latinoamericano
Muoz Muoz,Sonia;
Revista Cubana de Salud Pública , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0864-34662011000200012
Abstract: health and development are considered as parts of the same dynamic process, being the human being, the wellbeing and the equity their focal points. the history of the concept development and the contributions made by latin america were reviewed. the evolution of the latin american identity along with its economic development was assessed, and the human being was recognized as the aim and the means of this process. likewise, the multiple dimensions of health and its determinants were examined from a sociological perspective, perceiving the social character of health. through the methodological process, the historical evolution of key concepts was analyzed by using the most frequent international bibliographic and statistical sources of data. emphasis was made on the empirical evidence supporting the indissoluble link between health and development in latin america along with the requirement for multidisciplinary criteria in analyzing these matters.

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