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Electrophysiological Study of Supraspinal Input and Spinal Output of Cat's Subnucleus Reticularis Dorsalis (SRD) Neurons
Patricia Velo, Roberto Leiras, Antonio Canedo
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0060686
Abstract: This work addressed the study of subnucleus reticularis dorsalis (SRD) neurons in relation to their supraspinal input and the spinal terminating sites of their descending axons. SRD extracellular unitary recordings from anesthetized cats aimed to specifically test, 1) the rostrocaudal segmental level reached by axons of spinally projecting (SPr) neurons collateralizing or not to or through the ipsilateral nucleus reticularis gigantocellularis (NRGc), 2) whether SPr fibers bifurcate to the thalamus, and 3) the effects exerted on SRD cells by electrically stimulating the locus coeruleus, the periaqueductal grey, the nucleus raphe magnus, and the mesencephalic locomotor region. From a total of 191 SPr fibers tested to cervical 2 (Ce2), thoracic 5 (Th5) and lumbar5 (Lu5) stimulation, 81 ended between Ce2 and Th5 with 39 of them branching to or through the NRGc; 21/49 terminating between Th5 and Lu5 collateralized to or through the same nucleus, as did 34/61 reaching Lu5. The mean antidromic conduction velocity of SPr fibers slowed in the more proximal segments and increased with terminating distance along the cord. None of the 110 axons tested sent collaterals to the thalamus; instead thalamic stimulation induced long-latency polysynaptic responses in most cells but also short-latency, presumed monosynaptic, in 7.9% of the tested neurons (18/227). Antidromic and orthodromic spikes were elicited from the locus coeruleus and nucleus raphe magnus, but exclusively orthodromic responses were observed following stimulation of the periaqueductal gray or mesencephalic locomotor region. The results suggest that information from pain-and-motor-related supraspinal structures converge on SRD cells that through SPr axons having conduction velocities tuned to their length may affect rostral and caudal spinal cord neurons at fixed delays, both directly and in parallel through different descending systems. The SRD will thus play a dual functional role by simultaneously regulating dorsal horn ascending noxious information and pain-related motor responses.
A rapid and simple method for constructing stable mutants of Acinetobacter baumannii
Jesús Aranda, Margarita Poza, Belén G Pardo, Soraya Rumbo, Carlos Rumbo, José R Parreira, Patricia Rodríguez-Velo, Germán Bou
BMC Microbiology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2180-10-279
Abstract: We describe here a rapid and simple method of obtaining A. baumannii mutants by gene replacement via double crossover recombination, by use of a PCR product that carries an antibiotic resistance cassette flanked by regions homologous to the target locus. To demonstrate the reproducibility of the approach, we produced mutants of three different chromosomal genes (omp33, oxyR, and soxR) by this method. In addition, we disrupted one of these genes (omp33) by integration of a plasmid into the chromosome by single crossover recombination, the most widely used method of obtaining A. baumannii mutants. Comparison of the different techniques revealed absolute stability when the gene was replaced by a double recombination event, whereas up to 40% of the population reverted to wild-type when the plasmid was disrupting the target gene after 10 passages in broth without selective pressure. Moreover, we demonstrate that the combination of both gene disruption and gene replacement techniques is an easy and useful procedure for obtaining double gene knockout mutants in A. baumannii.This study provides a rapid and simple method of obtaining stable mutants of A. baumannii free of foreign plasmidic DNA, which does not require cloning steps, and enables construction of multiple gene knockout mutants.Acinetobacter baumannii is a Gram-negative coccobacillus that is increasingly recognized as a major pathogen causing nosocomial infections worldwide, particularly in patients admitted to intensive care units [1,2]. A. baumannii can cause pneumonia, wound infections, urinary tract infections, bacteremia and meningitis [3,4]. Its clinical significance, especially in recent years, has increased because of the ability of the bacterium to acquire resistance determinants, making it one of the microorganisms threatening the current antibiotic era [5].The availability of the genome sequences of several strains of A. baumannii opens up new perspectives in the study of this bacterial species [6-9].
La medicina complementaria y alternativa desde el punto de vista del traductor
Cristina Estrada Velo
Panace@ : Revista de Medicina, Lenguaje y Traducción , 2011,
Abstract: La traducción de textos de medicina complementaria y alternativa (MCA) esconde dificultades inesperadas para el traductor. Este se debe a que la MCA engloba un amplio y variado grupo de sistemas de diagnóstico y tratamiento y a que además se basa en conceptos, filosofías y técnicas muy distintas a las de la medicina occidental actual que todos conocemos (también denominada medicina convencional). Desde principios de los a os setenta la medicina tradicional china (MTC) se está expandiendo con rapidez en los países europeos y en EE.UU., contribuyendo al auge de la MCA en estos países. Pero para que la expansión de esta medicina importada sea afortunada, es imprescindible que los textos de consulta estén bien traducidos. Una vez realizada esta transmisión correctamente, también es importante que los médicos adapten la MTC a las condiciones reales de la práctica clínica de su país. En una segunda parte del artículo describiremos las particularidades, la terminología específica y las dificultades de traducción que plantean algunos tipos de MCA. Aunque todavía es un campo minoritario en cuanto a recursos económicos y demanda dentro del sector de la traducción médica, veremos los motivos por los que vale la pena familiarizarnos con él y estar atentos ante una posible expansión futura. ----------------------------------------------------- Complementary and alternative medicine from a translator's point of view. Texts that deal with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) conceal unexpected problems for translators. This is because CAM encompasses a widely varied group of diagnostic and treatment systems, and also because its underlying concepts, philosophies and techniques are very different from those of the contemporary Western medicine (or conventional medicine) with which we are all familiar. Since the early 1970s Chinese traditional medicine (CTM) has been expanding rapidly in Europe and the United States, contributing to the rise of CAM in these countries. But for successful expansion of this imported medicine, it is essential that its reference texts be translated well. Once this has been done properly, doctors must also adapt CTM to the conditions of actual clinical practice in their countries. In the second part of the article we will describe the special features, specific terminology and translation problems presented by some types of CAM. Although it is still a minority field in terms of resources and demand within the medical translation sector, we will see why it is worth the effort to familiarize ourselves with CAM and be alert to its possib
Pest control in Albania: an example of collaboration in technical and scientific development in public health
Pampiglione Guglielmo,Enkelejda Velo
Veterinaria Italiana , 2010,
Abstract: In September 2007, a severe cockroach (Blattella germanica) infestation was reported on the premises of the Scutari Regional Hospital. The hospital was infested by cockroaches despite regular insecticide treatment by local pest control officers. The failure of treatment required a careful evaluation of the problem. It also created the opportunity for a more complete analysis of pest control in Albania.
Pest management in Albania: un esempio di coopartecipazione allo sviluppo tecnico-scientifico in Salute Pubblica
Guglielmo Pampiglione,Enkelejda Velo
Veterinaria Italiana , 2010,
Abstract: Nel settembre 2007 veniva segnalata un’intensa infestazione di blatte (Blatella germanica) nei locali dell’Ospedale Regionale di Scutari. Tali locali risultavano colonizzati dalle blatte nonostante i regolari trattamenti anti-infestanti eseguiti dal personale sanitario locale preposto. Questa situazione di forte insuccesso dei trattamenti richiedeva necessariamente una valutazione più attenta al problema. Si sono inoltre create le premesse per un’analisi più completa del comparto del Pest Management in Albania.
A logarithmic extension of the H lder inequality
Ginibre J,Velo G
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 1999,
Abstract: We prove a logarithmic extension of the H llder inequality, motivated by an application to the complex Ginzburg–Landau equation.
Long Range Scattering and Modified Wave Operators for some Hartree Type Equations
J. Ginibre,G. Velo
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: We study the theory of scattering for a class of Hartree type equations with long range interactions in space dimension n > 2, including Hartree equations with potential V(x) = lambda |x|^{- gamma} with gamma < 1. For 1/2 < gamma < 1 we prove the existence of modified wave operators with no size restriction on the data and we determine the asymptotic behaviour in time of solutions in the range of the wave operators.
Long Range Scattering and Modified Wave Operators for some Hartree Type Equations III. Gevrey spaces and low dimensions
J. Ginibre,G. Velo
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: We study the theory of scattering for a class of Hartree type equations with long range interactions in arbitrary space dimension n > or = 1, including the case of Hartree equations with time dependent potential V(t,x) = kappa t^(mu - gamma) |x|^{- mu} with 0 < gamma < or =1 and 0 < mu < n.This includes the case of potential V(x) = kappa |x|^(-gamma) and can be extended to the limiting case of nonlinear Schr"odinger equations with cubic nonlinearity kappa t^(n- gamma) u|u|^2.Using Gevrey spaces of asymptotic states and solutions,we prove the existence of modified local wave operators at infinity with no size restriction on the data and we determine the asymptotic behaviour in time of solutions in the range of the wave operators,thereby extending the results of previous papers (math.AP/9807031 and math.AP/9903073) which covered the range 0 < gamma < or = 1, but only 0 < mu < or = n-2, and were therefore restricted to space dimension n>2.
Long Range Scattering and Modified Wave Operators for the Wave-Schr"odinger system
J. Ginibre,G. Velo
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: We study the theory of scattering for the system consisting of a Schr"odinger equation and a wave equation with a Yukawa type coupling,in space dimension 3.We prove in particular the existence of modified wave operators for that system with no size restriction on the data and we determine the asymptotic behaviour in time of solutions in the range of the wave operators.The method consists in solving the wave equation, substituting the result into the Schr"odinger equation,which then becomes both nonlinear and nonlocal in time,and treating the latter by the method previously used for a family of generalized Hartree equations with long range interactions.
Scattering Theory in the Energy Space for a Class of Hartree Equations
J. Ginibre,G. Velo
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: We study the theory of scattering in the energy space for the Hartree equation in space dimension n>2. Using the method of Morawetz and Strauss, we prove in particular asymptotic completeness for radial nonnegative nonincreasing potentials satisfying suitable regularity properties at the origin and suitable decay properties at infinity. The results cover in particular the case of the potential |x|^(- gamma) for 2 < gamma < Min(4,n).
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