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The End of Voters in Europe? Electoral Turnout in Europe since WWII  [PDF]
Pascal Delwit
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2013.31007

Over the past twenty years, the scientific community and politicians in consolidated democracies have been regularly alarmed by political and electoral participation, portrayed as undergoing a brutal and linear decline. Each election is now scrutinized in terms not only of its results but also of its level of electoral turnout. This paper deals with two important issues—the reality of changes in electoral turnout in Europe and the impact of the institutional constraint of compulsory voting in voter turnout levels—through an analysis of 402 elections held in thirty-five States from 1944 until December, the 31st 2009. We do observe a contemporary erosion of voter turnout but at this stage voters are not so impossible to find as some claim they are. Furthermore, the assumption that interest in, and the importance of, compulsory voting as an institutional constraint encouraging voter turnout is confirmed.


The Catastrophe Map of a Two Period Production Model with Uncertainty  [PDF]
Pascal Stiefenhofer
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.48A016

This paper shows existence and efficiency of equilibria of a two period production model with uncertainty as a consequence of the catastrophe map being smooth and proper. Its inverse mapping defines a finite covering implying finiteness of equilibria. Beyond the extraction of local equilibrium information of the model, the catastrophe map renders itself well for a global study of the equilibrium set. It is shown that the equilibrium set has the structure of a smooth submanifold of the Euclidean space which is diffeomorphic to the sphere implying connectedness, simple connectedness, and contractibility.

Topological Properties of the Catastrophe Map of a General Equilibrium Production Model with Uncertain States of Nature  [PDF]
Pascal Stiefenhofer
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.517259
Abstract: This paper shows existence and efficiency of equilibria of a production model with uncertainty, where production is modeled in the demand function of the consumer. Existence and efficiency of equilibria are a direct consequence of the catastrophe map being smooth and proper. Topological properties of the equilibrium set are studied. It is shown that the equilibrium set has the structure of a smooth submanifold of the Euclidean space which is diffeomorphic to the sphere implying connectedness, simple connectedness, and contractibility. The set of economies with discontinuous price systems is shown to be of Lebesgue measure zero.
A New Interpretation of the Hubble Law  [PDF]
Pascal Churoux
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.69127
Abstract: We propose a new interpretation of Hubble law. Waves are observed in the observer space-time. It defines the observer proper time T. Space-time is composed of three spatial dimensions and three temporal parameters: proper-time s of the observed object, proper time T of the observer and integration time t (currently considered as relative time). Time origin is the birth of the universe. So, universe is stable; it can be seen as the comobile space of expansion theory. When changing space-time from the source to the observer, waves are seen cooling; this explains the redshift effect. The distance is defined as the product of the delay time with the local speed of light of the observer. The mistake between t and T can explain why universe is viewed as not only in expansion but also in acceleration whereas we think it is stable.
Belgian Communism in the Light of Its Vanishing (1976-1994)  [PDF]
Pascal Delwit
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2018.83023
Abstract: In the 1987 national elections, the Communist Party of Belgium (PCB-KPB) lost all parliamentary representation for the first time since 1925. This failure reflects the accelerated collapse of Belgian Communism in just a decade. The events of 1989 and 1991 in Central and Eastern Europe and in the USSR will then confirm the de facto disappearance of the PCB-KPB. The article goes back to the roots of the decline of a medium-size Communist Party, but showed political and social relevance from 1925 to 1985. The decline is due to the industrial and socio-demographic dramatic changes. The paper also tackles the political choices made in the seventies and eighties to understand it. In particular, it embraces the internal paralysis of the party faced with the challenges posed to all the European Communist Parties at this time, and its inability to deal with them.
Conspicuous Ethical Consumption  [PDF]
Pascal Stiefenhofer
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2019.91001

This paper considers a group of consumers who have preferences over how a good is produced and distributed, rather its traits alone. Moreover, it is hypothesized that ethical preferences also depend on prices, and that prices inform consumers about the way goods are produced and distributed. The concept of conspicuous ethics is introduced in order to motivate the consumption of ethically produced goods. The paper states the assumptions and conditions representing the consumption behavior of the ethical consumer. It is shown that a price-dependent direct utility function provides the necessary structure in the characterization of the consumption behavior of the ethical consumer.

Using Nursery Rhymes to Foster Phonological and Musical Processing Skills in Kindergarteners  [PDF]
Jonathan Bolduc, Pascal Lefebvre
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.34075
Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the efficiency of four learning conditions to develop phonological and musical processing skills through a set of 10 nursery rhymes. According to the analysis of the teachers’ practices, eight kindergarten classes (n = 100 kindergarteners) were paired and assigned to one of the following conditions: 1) music, 2) language, 3) combined [music and language], and 4) passive listening (control classes). Participants in conditions 1, 2, and 3 were met for 40 minutes per week over a ten-week period. In condition 1, the nursery rhymes were supplemented by musical activities and in condition 2 by language activities. Condition 3 was a combination of activities from conditions 1 and 2. In condition 4, children listened to a recording of the same nursery rhymes for 15 minutes daily during free exploration periods. No intervention was proposed for this control condition. All participants were evaluated using the same phonological and musical processing measures prior to and after the implementation of the program. Results indicated that children in conditions 1, 2 and 3 significantly improved their phonological awareness and their invented spelling skills at post-test. However, only the two conditions in which the music component was integrated enhanced significantly their results at the verbal memory task. Children in conditions 1, 3 and 4 enhanced tonal and rhythm perception skills. This study demonstrated that supplementing nursery rhymes with language activities is an efficient manner to develop emergent literacy skills, but the addition of musical activities could also boost phonological processing skills.
Synthesis and Characterization of New Chiral Monoanionic [ON] Ancillary Phenolate Ligands  [PDF]
Pascal Binda, Leslie Glover
International Journal of Organic Chemistry (IJOC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijoc.2014.43020
Abstract: Three new chiral monoanionic [ON] ancillary phenolate ligands with varying pendant arms have been synthesized in moderate to high yields (50% - 85%) via Mannich-type condensation reaction of chiral substituted phenol, formaldehyde and (+)-bis-[(R)-1-phenylethyl]amine. These new organic compounds were fully characterized via nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H and 13C) and elemental analysis. The newly synthesized ligands are suitable candidates for metal-catalyzed ring-opening of lactones and asymmetric catalysis.
Structural Organization and Tectono-Metamorphic Evolution of the Pan-African Suture Zone: Case of the Kabye and Kpaza Massifs in the Dahomeyide Orogen in Northern Togo (West Africa)  [PDF]
M. S. Tairou, Pascal Affaton
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.41015

The Kabye and Kpaza Massifs correspond to two main granulitic suites in the suture zone of the Pan-African Dahomeyide orogenic belt, in northern Togo. The Kabye Massif is composed of an important west verging nappe pile subdivided into two petrographic units. The nappes in its western petrographic unit are made up of leucocratic garnetbearing granulites defined as the “Lassa-Soumdina Granulites” (GLS). The eastern petrographic unit consists of mela-nocratic granulites, with metagabbroic structures, called the “Ketao-Sirka Granulites” (GKS). These two petrographic units are separated by the Panalo Mylonitic Zone (ZMP). This major west verging zone includes a syn-Dn + 2 dextral shear contact. The Kpaza Massif comprises nappes of melanocratic granulites (GKM), comparable to the GKS of the Kabye Massif. All these granulitic nappes include boudins of pyroxenites or meta-anorthosites, and ultramafic rocks represented by serpentinites, talcschists, actinolite- and chlorite-schists which generally mark thrust soles. The GLS nappes are thrust over the Kara-Niamtougou orthogneissic unit (UKN) which is considered as the easternmost structural unit of the Dahomeyide external zone. On the other hand, the GKS nappes underlie those of the Binah meta-volcano sedimentary Complex (CB) which belongs to the Dahomeyide internal zone. As regards the Kpaza Massif, it occurs as a geologic window tectonically enclosed in the Mono Complex nappes (CM) corresponding to the southern part of the CB. The organization of the Kabye and Kpaza Massifs, as west verging nappe piles, and their relationships with the surrounding structural units express the tangential and folding tectonics that structured the Pan-African belt in northern Togo. The microstructures and mineral parageneses of the granulites and associated rocks in these two massifs indicate a polyphase tectono-metamorphic evolution: a syn-Dn granulitization (collision phase); a syn-Dn + 1 amphibolitization (obduction or tangential phase); and a syn- to post-Dn + 2 greenschist facies retrogressive metamorphism (post-nappe folding phase).

Psychology’s Borrowings from Medical Methodology: Analog Comparisons  [PDF]
Pascal Henri Keller, Marion Haza
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2013.46A1005

Medical advances force practitioners to work in an increasingly standardized manner with their patients. Quantitative health psychology attempts to follow a similar path by adopting, for the same patients, methods that are equally systematized. In this article, the origin of such an attempt will first be positioned historically. The clinical method will then be used to establish that, while patients tend to accept the constraints imposed by the medical technique, they usually resist those resulting from quantitative psychology. Based on clinical observations, we will present several ways in which such resistance may manifest itself. This article aims to further the understanding of qualitative health in psychology.

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