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FPGA Prototype of Robust Image Watermarking For JPEG 2000 With Dual Detection
Pankaj U.Lande, Sanjay N. Talbar & G.N. Shinde
International Journal of Computer Science and Security , 2010,
Abstract: This paper presents a novel robust invisible watermarking method for still images. The scheme is implemented on hardware, and it can be incorporated with the lossless JPEG2000 compression standard. We have implemented Cohen-Daubechies-Favreau (CDF) 5/3 wavelet filters with lifting scheme which requires less hardware and they are also the basis of lossless JPEG2000. Its modular structure is well suitable for hardware implementation and it is more efficient use of power and chip area. The objective of the hardware assisted watermarking is to achieve low power usage, real-time performance, robust and ease of integration with existing consumer electronic devices such as scanners, cameras and handy camcorders. The proposed scheme of watermarking is tested with StirMark software which is a one of the benchmarking software for watermarking scheme. The experimental result shows that the proposed scheme of watermarking is robust against most of the geometric attacks such as scaling and rotation. We have proposed a dual detection technique for watermark detection which is a novelty of our algorithm.
Pankaj U.Lande,Sanjay N. Talbar,G.N. Shinde
International Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper a fuzzy logic approach is introduced to embed the encrypted watermark in the wavelet domain. The multi-resolution representation based on DWT incorporates a model of Human VisualSystem (HVS). Encryption and digital watermarking techniques need to be incorporated in digital right management. It is clear that these two technologies are complimenting each other, and the completesecurity of the digital contains depends on both. Encryption transforms the original contain into unreadable format and watermarking leaves the digital object intact and recognizable. The objective is to develop simple, real time and robust secure watermarking system, which can be achieved through the hardware implementation. To meet a real time constrain we have proposed parallel computing architecture for wavelet transform. The experimental results demonstrate the high robustness of theproposed algorithm to various attacks like noise additions etc
Fetal Cardiac Interventricular Septal Thickness at 28–37 Weeks of Gestation in Nepalese Population
Pankaj Kafle,MA Ansari,U Khanal
Nepalese Journal of Radiology , 2012, DOI: 10.3126/njr.v2i2.7683
Abstract: Objective : The purpose of this study is to establish a new reference range for fetal interventricular septal thickness in uncomplicated pregnancy at 28-37 weeks of gestation. Materials and Methodology : This was a prospective cross sectional study involving 300 singleton pregnancies between 28-37 weeks of gestation without any known risk factors of adverse pregnancy outcome who were referred for routine obstetric examination. The protocol included the prenatal 2-dimensional M-mode echocardiographic measurements of fetal IVST and data were used to construct the normograms and percentile fitted curves for different gestational age. The relationship between the IVSD and IVSS and gestational age were determined. Results : A total of 300 measurements were obtained. The normal values of the IVSD and IVSS according to gestational age were presented as 5th, 50th and 95th percentile ranks. The correlation coefficients (r) between the IVSD and IVSS and gestational age were 0.19 and 0.14, respectively. The weak correlation may be probably due to small sample size. The IVSD and IVSS were not statistically different with advancing gestation. The 95th percentile of the IVSD was 4.57 millimeters (mm) (range =4.12 to 4.62 mm) and IVSS was 6.67 mm (range = 5.81 to 6.77 mm). Conclusion : The normal values of fetal IVSD and IVSS in a Nepalese population from 28 to 37 weeks’ gestation were established. This could be used as a baseline data in detecting the asymmetrical septal hypertrophy during fetal life. Nepalese Journal of Radiology; Vol. 2; Issue 2; July-Dec. 2012; 36-42 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/njr.v2i2.7683
Neutron Star Powered Nebulae: A New View on Pulsar Wind Nebulae with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
Joshua Lande
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Pulsars are rapidly-rotating neutron stars born out of the death of stars. A diffuse nebula is formed when particles stream from these neutron stars and interact with the ambient medium. These pulsar wind nebulae (PWNe) are visible across the electromagnetic spectrum, producing some of the most brilliant objects ever observed. The launch of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in 2008 has offered us an unprecedented view of the cosmic gamma-ray sky. Using data from the LAT on board Fermi, we search for new gamma-ray-emitting PWN. With these new observations, we vastly expand the number of PWN observed at these energies. We interpret the observed gamma-ray emission from these PWN in terms of a model where accelerated electrons produce gamma-rays through inverse Compton upscattering when they interact with interstellar photon fields. We conclude by studying how the observed PWN evolve with the age and spin-down power of the host pulsar.
Building of Networks of Natural Hierarchies of Terms Based on Analysis of Texts Corpora
Dmitry Lande
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: The technique of building of networks of hierarchies of terms based on the analysis of chosen text corpora is offered. The technique is based on the methodology of horizontal visibility graphs. Constructed and investigated language network, formed on the basis of electronic preprints arXiv on topics of information retrieval.
Challenges on Induction of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies for Optimization of HIV Vaccines Development and Vectored Immunoprophylaxis  [PDF]
Pankaj Kumar
Journal of Immune Based Therapies, Vaccines and Antimicrobials (JIBTVA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jibtva.2013.21002

Despite extensive research efforts, a preventive human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) vaccine remains one of the major challenges in the field of AIDS research. Experimental strategies which have been proven successful for other viral vaccines are not enough to tackle HIV-1 and new approaches to design effective preventive AIDS vaccines are of utmost importance. Due to enormous diversity among global circulating HIV strains, an effective HIV vaccine must elicit broadly protective antibodies based responses; therefore discovering new broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) against HIV has become major focus in HIV vaccine research. However further understanding of the viral targets of such antibodies and mechanisms of action of bNAbs is required for advancement of HIV vaccine research. This technical note discusses our current knowledge on the bNAbs and immunoprophylaxis using viral vectors with their relevance in designing of new candidates to HIV-1 vaccines.

Spectrum of Atypical Presentation of Tubercular Infections of Central Nervous System—Case Series and Review of Literature  [PDF]
Pankaj Sharma
Journal of Tuberculosis Research (JTR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jtr.2015.33014
Abstract: Tubercular infections of central nervous system commonly present with hydrocephalus, basal exudates, infarcts, tuberculomas, etc. However, rarely there are atypical lesions which can pose greater difficulty in differentiating from other lesions like tumors. This case series describes the spectrum of such lesions, with review few individual reports found in literature. Clinical presentations were weakness of limbs, slurring of speech and underlying primary tubercular focus. The age group ranged from 16 - 60 years with M:F ratio being 1:1. Spectrum of such lesions is discussed here with emphasis on the role of magnetic resonance imaging in prompt diagnosis. Thus initiating an early conservative line of management and its follow up with aversion of neurointervention which has its own inherent complications, the final outcome is a reduction in morbidity and mortality (as noted in the follow up) as well as patient cost care.
Role of Computed Tomographic Scanning in Pediatric Head Injury: An Observational Cohort of Data of 60 Patients  [PDF]
Pankaj Sharma
Open Journal of Emergency Medicine (OJEM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojem.2015.34009
Abstract: Pediatric head injury is one of the major health problems. That can be easily evaluated by computed tomographic scanning. This study describes the various findings of pediatric head trauma seen on CT scan, the timely diagnosis of which plays a vital role in prognosis, especially in semiurban and remote location where the decision for tertiary referral is important. Timely intervention in traumatic brain injury cases reduces morbidity and mortality. Cerebral edema, which is the most common intracranial lesion, can be promptly managed by medicosurgical support with ICP monitoring, thereby improving the overall prognosis. Other lesions commonly seen are subdural hematomas and skull fractures. Limitations of radiographs, ultrasound and MRI in these acute cases, highlight the benefit of CT scans.
Convective Heat Transfer Analysis in a Circular Tube with Different Types of Internal Threads of Constant Pitch
Pankaj N. Shrirao,Dr. Rajeshkumar U. Sambhe,Pradip R. Bodade
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This work presents an experimental study on the mean Nusselt number, friction factor and thermal enhancement factor characteristics in a circular tube with different types of internal threads of 120 mm pitch under uniform wall heat flux boundary conditions. In the experiments, measured data are taken at Reynolds number in range of 7,000 to 14,000 with air as the test fluid. The experiments were conducted on circular tube with three different types of internal threads viz. acme, buttress and knuckle threads of constant pitch. The heat transfer and friction factor data obtained is compared with the data obtained from a plain circular tube under similar geometric and flow conditions. The variations of heat transfer and pressure loss in the form of Nusselt number (Nu) and friction factor (f) respectively is determined and depicted graphically. It is observed that at all Reynolds number, the Nusselt number and thermal performance increases for a circular tube with buttress threads as compared with a circular tube with acme and knuckle threads. These are because of increase in strength and intensity of vortices ejected from the buttress threads. Subsequently an empirical correlation is also formulated to match with experimental results with ± 8% and ± 9%, variation respectively for Nusselt number and friction factor.
Design Based Improvement in a Three Pan Jaggery Making Plant For Rural India
Pankaj K Arya, Satish Kumar, U. K. Jaiswal
International Journal of Engineering Research , 2014,
Abstract: Jaggery making is among the major agro processing industries found in rural India. Nearly 50% of total sugarcane produced in the country is used to manufacture about 8 million tonnes of jaggery, which is known to be the most nutritious agent among all sweeteners. Jaggery making plants are generally small units fabricated by local artisans and run by villagers in different parts of India. These plants are designed and fabricated on the basis of age old expertise without any technical support. Bagasse is used as fuel in these units to boil the sugarcane juice. Due to the crude and improper design, energy losses are high in these units resulting into higher fuel consumption. In order to reduce the losses and cut down the consumption of bagasse, an efficient three pan jaggery making plant is designed and studied. The improved plant and the conventional plant are compared on the basis of four parameters viz. jaggery production, baggase consumption, emissions and temperature of exhaust. The Improved unit resulted in about 12% reductions in bagasse consumption, about 23% increases in jaggery production capacity, lesser emissions and comparatively lower exhaust gas temperature.
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