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The Financial Performance of the Greek Football Clubs
Panagiotis Dimitropoulos
Choregia , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyze the financial performance of the football clubs participating within the first division of the Greek football league for a period of 14 years (1993-2006) and to propose specific actions that need to be taken by both managers and regulators in order to improve the financial stability of the clubs. We perform financial analysis of key accounting ratios extracted from the football club’s annual financial statements in order to explain the particular causes of the recent financial crisis which characterizes the Greek professional football league. The analysis of the clubs’ annual financial statements revealed that the Greek football clubs are highly leveraged, have intense liquidity and profitability problems and face an increased danger of financial distress, despite the increased amounts that football clubs invested during 2005. The above mentioned crisis can be attributed to aggregate financial mismanagement and political inefficiencies during the last fifteen years. The paper proposes specific actions that need to be taken by both managers and regulators in order to improve the financial stability of the clubs and the overall competitiveness of the Greek football league.
Conservatism and Accruals: Are they Interactive? Evidence from the Greek Capital Market
Panagiotis E. Dimitropoulos
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v3n10p113
Abstract: A large body of accounting research in the past has documented the existence of conservatism and timeliness of income recognition as distinct factors which affect the returns-earnings relation. However, earnings are not the only measure of financial performance that is affected by conservatism. The aim of this paper is to examine the impact of conservatism on accrual measures and drivers, in the Greek capital market between 1998 and 2004. Results indicated that conservatism has a significant impact on accrual measures (Total and non-discretionary accruals) but not on accrual drivers (earnings, sales, change in sales and property, plant and equipment). These findings suggest that common accrual models are misspecified, thus future research must consider the impact of conservatism in accrual models.
Activity – based costing in sport organizations:Theoretical background & future prospects
Choregia , 2007,
Abstract: Costing systems in recent years have shown a significantdevelopment and activity-based costing (ABC) specificallyhas been considered as a major contribution to cost management, particularly in service businesses. The sport sector is composed to a great extent of service functions, yet considerably less have been reported of the use of activity based costing to support cost management in sport organizations. Since the power of information becomes continuously crucial for the implementation of effective business administration, the traditional methods of cost measurementproved insufficient on this issue, leading to the invention ofABC. The aim of this paper is twofold. First of all we wantto present the main theoretical background of ABC and itssubstantiated benefits, and secondly to present some practical steps for the implementation of ABC in sport organizations.
The accounting and tax legislation of the Greek football clubs
Choregia , 2006,
Abstract: The year 1979 was a cornerstone for the football in Greece, since it practically meant the transformation of the sport’s organization from amateurism to professionalism, establishing new rules and conditions to the management of football clubs. The increased popularity of this sport and the evolutions that took place in Europe and worldwide, forced the Greek government to establish a legislative framework for the successful management of football clubs. These interventions lead to changes in many aspects of football management such as organizational and financial. The new legal environment of football management, required the organization of this sport into a more stable and professional base, following the financial standards of other corporations operating within the Greek state. By these means the government wanted to create a fair economic framework under which the football clubs would operate with common organizational, financial and tax administration rules. The aim of this paper is to present the characteristics of the new capital form establishment of the football clubs (Societe Anonyme), the main financial frame under which the new establishment has to operate and the tax obligations that originate from the aforementioned legal form.
The Relationship between Earnings and Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence from the Greek Capital Market
Panagiotis E. Dimitropoulos,Dimitrios Asteriou
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v1n1p40
Abstract: The relationship between earnings figures and stock returns has been a topic of international research since decades. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the above relationship in the context of the Greek capital market. Previous studies resulted in controversial results regarding the usefulness of models which were using earnings levels or earnings changes as the explanatory variable. In an introductory context, this study examines the earnings-return relation applying four models, proposed by Kothari and Zimmerman (Journal of Accounting and Economics, 20, 155-192, 1995), on individual Greek stocks as well as portfolios between 1994-2004. The overall results, demonstrated a significant value relevancy of accounting earnings prepared under the Greek GAAP. Specifically in the Greek stock market the price model produces less biased ERC’s than the return model but suffers from various econometric problems. Also, the use of cross-sectional and time-series aggregated data results in a large increase in the explanatory power of earnings for returns (for the return and differenced model) yielding more significant Earnings Response Coefficients.
Galvanomagnetic Effects ¨Sensors based on Hall Effect¨
Vlassis N. Petousis,Panagiotis D. Dimitropoulos
Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review , 2009,
Abstract: The Hall effect is the generation of a transverse electromotive force in a sample carrying an electric current and exposed to perpendicular magnetic field. Depending on the sample geometry, this electromotive force may cause the appearance of a transverse voltage across the sample, or a current deflection in the sample. The generation of this transverse voltage, called Hall voltage, is the generally known way for the of the appearance of the Hall effect.The resistance of this sample increasing under influence of the magnetic field, this called magnetoresistance effect. Both the Hall effect and the magnetoresistance effect belong to the more general class of phenomena called galvanomagnetic effects. Galvamomagnetic effects are the manifestations of charge transport phenomena in condensed matter in the presence of a magnetic field.The sensor applications of Hall effect became important only with the development of semiconductor technology. For one thing, the Hall effect is only strong enough for this propose in some semiconductors. Therefore, the first Hall effect magnetic sensor became commercially available in the mid 1950s, a few year after the discovery of high-mobility compound semiconductors. Our goal in this paper is to understand the physically background of the Hall and the magnetoresistance effects. We are going to discuss the effect of parameters in those phenomena and how we can make better our technology to improve better efficiency.
Limites intérieures dans l'espace grec au temps de la domination ottomane. L’aspect géographique des administrations politiques et ecclésiastiques.
Dimitris Dimitropoulos
Historical Review , 2009,
Abstract: Au cours de la domination ottomane, diverses divisions de l'espace actuellement hellénique ont été appliquées, correspondant aux institutions administratives, fiscales, judiciaires, ecclésiastiques ou autres de l'Empire ottoman, ainsi que des délimitations reflétant les différences du statut de propriété de la terre et de ses usages. Dans le texte qui suit, nous étudions les moyens avec lesquels ces formations institutionnelles délimitaient leur espace, leur résistance au temps, leurs changements, leurs enchevêtrements et les différenciations de ces multiples divisions. Nous démontrons aussi le r le et les retombées de ces différentes délimitations dans le fonctionnement de l'administration ottomane et dans la formation sociale et la vie économique des régions sous domination ottomane.
Les sociétés insulaires de la Mer égée au temps de la domination ottomane. Routes communes et trajectoires séparées
Dimitris Dimitropoulos
Historical Review , 2008,
Abstract: L'objectif de ce texte est d'identifier les éléments qui ont joué un r le unificateur et, respectivement, les facteurs qui ont différencié les les de la mer égée, pendant la domination ottomane. Il traite notamment du r le qu'ont joué l'emplacement géographique, l'insularité, et la grandeur de chaque le, dans la formation de leur économie et la constitution des sociétés locales. L'argumentation se concentre surtout sur les petites les de l'égée et sur des sujets comme la forme et le type des bourgades, le caractère de leur fortification et son évolution, le r le et les effets du pouvoir ottoman dans les institutions locales et l'administration communale, le caractère de l'économie insulaire et ses rapports avec la mer, les réseaux de communication entre les insulaires et l'évolution indépendante et particulière de chaque le, les déplacements des populations de et vers les les, la migration et la mobilité des groupes professionnels à l'intérieur ou à l'extérieur de la région de l'égée, et enfin le r le des monastères dans le développement des réseaux de communication dans l'espace insulaire.
Damping of Gravitational Waves and Density Perturbations in the Early Universe
A. Dimitropoulos
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1080/10556799908203012
Abstract: Since the discovery of the large angular scale anisotropies in the microwave background radiation, the behaviour of cosmological perturbations (especially, density perturbations and gravitational waves) has been of great interest. In this study, after a detailed and rigorous treatment of the behaviour of gravitational waves in viscous cosmic media, we conclude that the damping of cosmological gravitational waves of long wavelengths is negligible for most cases of physical interest. A preliminary analysis suggests that similar results hold for density perturbations in the long wavelength limit. Therefore, long wavelength cosmological perturbations have not been practically affected by viscous processes,and are good probes of the very early Universe.
Institutional Inefficiencies in Latin America  [PDF]
Panagiotis Evangelopoulos
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2012.25095
Abstract: In North America the establishment of the institutions of individual liberty and free enterprise demonstrate that prosperity is a function of freedom. Diametrically opposite, Latin America has throughout its history been required to endure attempts at imposing collectivist institutions. The new institutional economic historian approach implies that poor economic performance is attributable to the inefficient institutional framework. Based on this analysis I explain the reasons of the wealth differences between North and Latin America.
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