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Geographic Information Technologies for the Study of Mass Wasting Hazards  [PDF]
Henry Pacheco, Carlos Suárez
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.55048

The purpose of the research was to obtain the mass wasting hazard map for the state of Vargas, central coast of Venezuela, using GIS technology. The work was developed through the heuristic method with the generation of thematic digital maps, univariate statistical treatment, weighting of each variable and quantifying the relationship of each parameter unit regarding mass wasting processes. The algorithm designed to perform map algebra was designed using the variables: surface geology, slope, slope orientation, terrain curvature, moisture topographic index, power index surface flow rate and capacity sediment transport and the rate normalized difference vegetation. The results show a distribution of landslide hazard with the highest values in the west central part of Vargas state, where the dominant lithology is incompetent, and combined with topographic elements, determining high instability, meanwhile the lower hazard areas were found in specific areas such as the middle watershed areas east of the state. The calibration of this model shows a reliability of 80%, so it is highly advisable to use the information generated in this work by governmental and non-governmental organizations in the planning, management and use of land.

Twistor fibrations giving primitive harmonic maps of finite type
Rui Pacheco
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/ijmms.2005.3199
Abstract: Primitive harmonic maps of finite type from a Riemann surface M into a k-symmetric space G/H are obtained by integrating a pair of commuting Hamiltonian vector fields on certain finite-dimensional subspaces of loop algebras. We will clarify and generalize Ohnita and Udagawa's results concerning homogeneous projections p:G/H→G/K, with H⊂K, preserving finite-type property for primitive harmonic maps.
Ednodio Quintero: Del microcuento a la novela en miniatura
Letras , 2009,
Abstract: the work of ednodio quintero displays virtually the complete range of discursive forms in narrative fiction. in this article we study its brief forms: the microshort story, the minishort story, the brief and the extended short story. we postpone more extended works, as the short novel and the novel, for future research. in turn, our approach is panoramic, chronological and comparative. with acknowledged proposals of the theory of the short story as a starting point, we consider the diverse balances between extension and intensity achieved in various narrative modalities of quinterian brief fiction. we take advantage of the fact that the author has introduced some changes in order to compress, but mostly to expand some of his creations, and has published the new versions. this article also analyzes the way in which a narrative andean rural space is built and then relativized. such space becomes circumstantial to its protagonists, and manifests itself through a reiterated geographic and/or imaginary return to the childhood home region.
Doen?a de peixes fluviaes do Brasil
Pacheco, Genesio;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1935, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761935000900002
Abstract: during the past few years there has been observed a dying of fishes in the rivers of the brazilian state of s?o paulo. it is evident, from information obtained by the author and by other investigators, that the phenomenon does not appear to be new among us; it has also been verified in other brazilian rivers, although not repeated with such regularity as at the present time. in the present paper it is demonstrated that we have to do with a contageous disease, caused by a filterable virus. the epizooty manifests itself by the appearance of some dead or sick fish; the number increasing very much during the suceeding days. it seems that at the outset a majority of the fishes is attacked, in the locality where it appears, for in 2 or 3 days, thousands are affected, and in a short time, 8 to 15 days, there is a rapid decline in the number of ill and dead animals. during this interval the disease spread to affluents of the first river, either above or below the first point of attack, and to a considerable distance from it. clinically, the disease is characterised by the leassened motor capacity of the fishes, which move very slowly, allowing themselves to be carried by the current, or trying to remain the coves and at the margins of the river; and by the tendency of rising to the surface in an oblique or verticle, position, different from the healthy fish, which rise in a horizontal position. in the initial stage of the disease, the fish actively resist capture, but later on they can be easily taken with the hands. the visible lesions are restricted to spots, of variable size, situated at each side of the dorsum. these spots are frequent but not always present. a more constant character is the congestion of the fins, especially the pectoral fins. interiorly, there is noted an increase of the mucus in the troath, paleness of the liver with congestion of the gall bladder, the gall being yellowish in colour. these internal lesions also are not constant. the disease is transm
Investiga??es sobre doen?as de Psittacideos
Pacheco, Genesio;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1932, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761932000200004
Abstract: the present paper colligates the notions acquired in previous investigations, already published, and new observations upon diseases of the psittacidae, liable to be confused with psittacosis of parrots. the author calls attention to the indifference with regard to this question shown by investigators, even by those who dealt with the study of this disease on the occasion of the latest outbreak of psittacosis, in flagrant contrast with the researches upon the alterations induced by pathogenic agents of other diseases transmissible to man, when these agents pass through animals or when the latter are depositaries of the virus. this remark considerably enhances the importance of the presence paper from a hygienic and epidemiologic point of view, representing moreover a contribution to general knowledge and to veterinary medicine. the researches carried out since the appearance of the latest outbreak of psittacosis,-which occurred simultaneously with an epizooty in parrots lodged in aviary of the park of agua branca (directory of animal industry of the state s?o paulo)-led to the verification of the frequent existence in these animals of various diseases liable to be confused with psittacosis. these diseases are due to two kinds of pathogenic agents: virus and bacteria. in the first group there are to be found the diseases occasioned by the virus of human psittacosis, discovered by western, bedson and simpson, and the disease me with in parrots coming from traders in s. paulo. the infections by bacteria of the genus salmonella and by those of other genera belong to the second group. as differential characters of the two infections due to virus, delineated on the strength of notions drawn from a detailed experimental study and from the literature on this subject, the following are given: 1 samples of our virus were sent, for comparison, to various investigators of psittacosis. amongst them, prof. m. rivers acceded to our request; he found its nature to be different from
La distribución espacial del voto en México y los cambios en la relación de fuerzas entre los partidos, 1997-2003
Guadalupe Pacheco
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2006,
Abstract: La relación de fuerzas entre los principales partidos políticos se ha venido modificando a escala nacional y distrital desde 1988, debido a los cambios en las condiciones de la competencia electoral y a la presencia de una importante volatilidad en las preferencias partidarias. Esa modificación ha adoptado configuraciones diversas y se ha articulado en una compleja armazón nacional. Esto está asociado al desigual patrón de distribución espacial de los votantes de las principales fuerzas partidarias en los distritos electorales, que se expresa en una mayor o menor concentración territorial de dichos votantes. Así, la relación de fuerzas entre los tres principales partidos, en el ámbito distrital, se materializó en variadas configuraciones que difieren mucho del perfil que proyectan los resultados electorales sumados a escala nacional y ha dado lugar a una dinámica electoral compleja, incierta e inestable.
Resenha de “Da língua ao discurso: reflex es para o ensino” [Pauliukonis, Maria Aparecida; Gavazzi, Sigrid (Ors.) – Rio de Janeiro: Lucerna, 2005]
Denise Pacheco
Linguagem em (Dis)curso , 2006,
A Província segundo os provincianos
Diego Pacheco
OPSIS : Revista do Departamento de História e Ciências Sociais , 2011,
Abstract: Resenha: BOTELHO, André; SCHWARCZ, Lilia Moritz (orgs.). Um enigma chamado Brasil: 29 intérpretes e um país. Companhia das Letras, S o Paulo: 2009, 443 p.
Título da Página electrónica: Attac France
Vanda Pacheco
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012,
Abstract: A ATTAC (Associa o para Taxa o de Transac es Financeiras para Ajuda aos Cidad os) foi fundada em Fran a em 1998, com o objectivo de lutar pela implementa o da taxa Tobin, um instrumento de regula o dos mercados cambiais, promovendo desde ent o um combate cerrado ao poder que a esfera financeira exerce sobre todos os aspectos da vida política, social e cultural ao nível mundial. Descrevendo-se como um “movimento de educa o popular”, esta associa o produz relatórios, organiza conferênci...
Título da Página electrónica: Social Movements International Secretariat
Vanda Pacheco
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012,
Abstract: Esta página, disponível em inglês e castelhano, foi criada por um conjunto de activistas de movimentos sociais, que em comum dizer ter a luta contra a “globaliza o neo-liberal, a guerra, o racismo, o sistema de castas, o fanatismo religioso, a pobreza , o patriarcado e todas as formas de discrimina o e exclus o económica, étnica, social, política, cultural, sexual e de género”. Destacam-se os documentos produzidos no ambito dos cinco Fóruns Sociais Mundiais (FSM) já realizados, tais como as...

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