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Evolución y desarrollo de la medicina medieval en occidente
Pablo Pérez Méndez, and Juan José Varela Tembra
Oceánide , 2009,
Abstract: This paper examines the evolution and development of medieval medicine in the West from a diachronic and historical perspective. In particular, we focus on two poles or axes, the Muslim and the Christian as a basis of the birth of modern medicine; as a synthesis of both traditions. After framing its origin, we define its area of influence and its subsequent interaction with the establishment of the School of Salerno. The next issue outlines the contributions of both lines and borrowings to other sciences such as chemistry, pharmacy and botany. The emergence of the first hospitals and their subsequent widespread establishment in order to provide attention to various plagues and ailments helps us to complete this contribution which marks a turning point in the history of medicine.
Digestibilidades ileal y fecal en cerdos, del nitrógeno, aminoácidos, energía y componentes de la pared celular, de granos tostados de Canavalia ensiformis (L.)
Michelangeli,Coromoto; Pérez,Gerardo; Méndez,Adriana; Sívoli,Liliam; Pizzani,Pablo;
Zootecnia Tropical , 2004,
Abstract: two experiments were conducted to evaluate the ileal and faecal digestibilities of various dietary components of toasted canavalia ensiformis (194±2°c x 18 min) in pigs. eight castrated male pigs (20 kg, on the average) were surgically modified to create an ileo rectal anastomosis for use in an ileal digestibility trial. in addition, eight pigs (29.5kg) were used in a fecal digestibility trial. in both experiments, apparent digestibility coefficients of dry matter, nitrogen, neutral detergent fibre (ndf), acid detergent fibre (adf), ether extract, energy and amino acids were estimated. chemical analysis of raw and toasted canavalia, including canavanine and haemoagglutinating activity, were determined. a standard basal diet was prepared. twenty percent of toasted canavalia were mixed thoroughly with the basal diet. the data indicated that toasting of raw canavalia seeds reduced total amino acids and their digestibilities in approximately 50%. the original canavanine content in raw canavalia beans was reduced by 95% following toasting. no haemagglutination activity was detected in toasted canavalia beans. ndf and adf contents in the raw seeds were markedly increased due to the toasting procedure employed. total amino acid digestibility in toasted seeds was estimated to be 52.8%. in summary, although toasting the raw beans of canavalia ensiformis at 194°c/18min was effective to reduce or abolish the antinutricional effects of the raw seeds, the resulting nutritional value of the toasted seeds for growing pigs was rather low.
Diffused Matrix Format: A New Storage and Processing Format for Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor Images
Pablo Martínez,Alejandro Cristo,Magaly Koch,Rosa Ma. Pérez,Thomas Schmid,Luz M. Hernández
Sensors , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/s100504996
Abstract: At present, hyperspectral images are mainly obtained with airborne sensors that are subject to turbulences while the spectrometer is acquiring the data. Therefore, geometric corrections are required to produce spatially correct images for visual interpretation and change detection analysis. This paper analyzes the data acquisition process of airborne sensors. The main objective is to propose a new data format called Diffused Matrix Format (DMF) adapted to the sensor's characteristics including its spectral and spatial information. The second objective is to compare the accuracy of the quantitative maps derived by using the DMF data structure with those obtained from raster images based on traditional data structures. Results show that DMF processing is more accurate and straightforward than conventional image processing of remotely sensed data with the advantage that the DMF file structure requires less storage space than other data formats. In addition the data processing time does not increase when DMF is used.
Efectos del tostado sobre el valor de energía metabolizable verdadera y el contenido de factores antinutricionales de harinas de granos
Pizzani,Pablo; Vargas,Rubén Enrique; Pérez,Simón; Méndez,Adriana; Michelangeli,Coromoto; Sivoli,Liliam;
Revista Científica , 2006,
Abstract: the effects of toasting on the true metabolizable energy, corrected to zero nitrogen retention (tmen) and content of antinutritive factors (anf) present in jack beans (jb, canavalia ensiformis) seeds were investigated in a balance trial. reactive lysine, protein solubility, and color were also determined in experimental meals. raw jb meal was toasted at the following combinations of temperature and time: 180; 200; 220 and 230°c/3min; 230 and 240°c/2min; and 230 and 240°c/1min. five caecectomised cockerels were randomly assigned to each jb meal (raw or toasted). each bird was intubated 40g of a given meal and excreta were quantitatively collected during 72h. concanavalin a binding to duodenal mucosa was assessed by immunohistochemistry. no hemaglutinating activity was detected in toasted jb but con a binding to duodenal mucosa ranged from moderate to weak. toasting jb meal at 220; 230°c/3min; and 240°c/2min reduced the original canavanine content of jb in more than 90%. tmen value of raw jb was not improved by toasting. no significant differences were found between tmen of raw jb and those of jb toasted at 200; 220; 230°c/3min; 240°c/1min or 240°c/2min, whereas toasting jb meal at 180°c/3min; 230°c/1min or 230°c/2min significantly (p < 0.05) reduced tmen. reactive lysine and protein solubility were reduced (p < 0.05) as both temperature and toasting time increased. meal color was also affected (p < 0.05) by toasting. in summary, under the conditions tested, toasting can effectively reduce anf content in raw jb. however, this positive response did not improve the tmen value of raw jb
Aneurismas intracraneales múltiples durante el embarazo Multiple intracranial aneurysms during pregnancy
Armando Felipe Morán,Nelson Quintanal Cordero,Pablo Pérez la O,Luis M. Gamboa Hernández
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar , 2006,
Abstract: Se presenta una paciente de 21 a os de edad recibida en el Centro de Urgencias del Instituto Superior de Medicina Militar “Dr. Luis Díaz Soto” por presentar un cuadro clínico de hemorragia subaracnoidea durante la semana 30,4 de su embarazo. En los estudios realizados se detectó la presencia de 2 aneurismas cerebrales, uno en cada arteria oftálmica, localizados ambos por debajo de la clinoide correspondiente. Se expone la conducta médica y quirúrgica efectuada. La paciente evolucionó satisfactoriamente. The case of a patient aged 21 admitted in the Emergencies Center of “Dr. Luis Díaz Soto” Higher Institute of Military Medicine with a clinical picture of subarachnoid haemorrhage on the 30.4 week of pregnancy was presented. As a result of the studies, 2 brain aneurysms were detected, one in each ophthalmic artery, both under the corresponding clinoid. The medical and surgical conduct followed was exposed. The patient had a satisfactory evolution.
Caregiver Burden in the Management of Frail Elderly Patients with Diabetes in Internal Medicine  [PDF]
José Miguel Seguí Ripoll, Vicente Jesús Seguí Llinares, Miguel J. Reig Pérez, Carles García Cervera, Juan Manuel Nú?ez Cruz, Pedro Esteve Atiénzar, Sara Ba?ón Escandell, Alberto López Serrano, María Dolores Jover Ríos, Juan Méndez Mora, Carmen Seguí Pérez, María Josefa Navarro Navarro, Pablo Roig Rico
Health (Health) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/health.2018.1010107
Abstract: Aim: Advanced age and fragility often lead to dependence, making caregiver assistance necessary for performing the activities of daily living. Patients with diabetes are characterized by an elevated presence of comorbidities and subsequent frailty—a relevant consideration when making decisions regarding treatment goals. Health professionals may overlook the caregiver experience when assessing the circumstances surrounding frail elderly patients with diabetes, but this factor can have a large impact on relevant caregiver and patient outcomes. Methods: An observational, retrospective study was carried out to assess the impact of improved management in diabetes on caregiver burden. We assessed patients’ performance of activities of daily living using the Barthel scale. Our primary outcome was caregiver burden, as assessed using the Zarit scale. Results: At baseline, 81.4% of the caregivers reported severe overburden (>55 points on the Zarit scale). At three months, the proportion of caregivers reporting this level of burden had dropped to 76.7% and remained stable at six months (77.1%). In contrast, 8.5% of the caregivers reported moderate overburden (47 to 55 points) at baseline, compared to 13.3% at three months and 12.5% at six. The proportion of caregivers reporting no overburden (<47 points) was similar at all time points (10.2%, 10.0% and 10.4% at baseline, three months and six months, respectively). Conclusions: Caregiver burden remained persistently high, decreasing only slightly after six months.
Sudden Death in Sports: Case Report and Review of an Ongoing Problem  [PDF]
María Elena Caparrós-Hernández, Mónica García-Fernández, Carla Miró-Vicedo, María del Mar Ponce-Abellán, Andrea Ruso-Ruso, María Dolores Jover-Ríos, Juan Méndez-Mora, Francisco Caparrós-Hernández, Carmen Seguí-Pérez, Marc Seguí-Pérez, Pedro Esteve-Atiénzar, Jorge Peris-García, David Bonet-Tur, Pablo Roig-Rico, Asunción Pérez-Fullana, José Miguel Seguí-Ripoll
Health (Health) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/health.2019.111008
Abstract: Background: Both competitive and recreational sports are considered a positive practice that is good for human health and quality of life, so it is difficult to understand how young, energetic and apparently healthy people can die while playing their usual sports. When these events occur in elite athletes during monitored events, they normally receive considerable media attention. Objective: To describe the case of sudden death in a young professional athlete who was successfully aided and resuscitated outside our hospital, and to review the literature about sudden death in sports. Materials and Method: We searched for Sudden Death (according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9 and ICD-10)) in our hospital but found no other relevant cases. We performed a literature search on the state of the art in sudden death (Google Scholar, PubMed, LILACS, Scielo and the Revista Española de Cardiología). Results: Although we observed that the prevalence of sudden death is not very high, it still represents a potentially avoidable event. An adequate medical examination prior to regular sporting practice can decrease the incidence of sudden death in athletes under the age of 35. Data available in the literature support medical check-ups that include history-taking, physical examination and electrocardiogram. The findings of this evaluation may also prompt further assessment (electrocardiograph, ergometry). Conclusions: We could not identify standard, obligatory guidelines for screening possible heart diseases causing cardiorespiratory failure and sudden death. As a measure for primary prevention, we propose a protocol for reducing the risk of sudden death in athletes.
Garrapatas que infestan regiones corporales del bovino criollo lechero tropical en Veracruz, México
González-Cerón, Fernando;Becerril-Pérez, Carlos M.;Torres-Hernández, Glafiro;Díaz-Rivera, Pablo;
Agrociencia , 2009,
Abstract: the objectives of this study were to determine the species, number and distribution on body regions, and their relationship to the total number of ticks on tropical milking criollo cattle. twenty-eight heifers and 16 young bulls (655±35 and 741±89 d old) from an experimental herd located in the central region of the state of veracruz, mexico, were used. ticks (>4.5 mm) adhered to the body of the cattle were collected, counted and identified by species. the data were transformed logarithmically and analyzed using a mixed linear model that included the effects of animal sex, tick species, body region, and their interactions, considering repeated measurements by body region. the number of ticks on different body regions was correlated with the total number of ticks with a pearson correlation test. the tick species identified were amblyomma cajennense (ac) and boophilus microplus (bm). the total number of ticks was 10.6±0.8 ac, 3.5±0.8 bm, and 14.5±1.15 (ac+bm). although the most infested body regions were the groin (5.6±0.5) and axilla (4.4±0.5), the number of ticks on the left side of the body correlated more highly (r=0.94) with the total number (p<0.01). thus, the left side was identified as the body region most related to total infestation.
Resultados tensionales tras trabeculectomía a largo plazo: Estudio comparativo entre tipos de glaucoma y tratamiento médico previo
Fernández,S.; Pardi?as,N.; Laliena,J.L.; Pablo,L.; Díaz,S.; Pérez,S.; Honrubia,F.M.;
Archivos de la Sociedad Espa?ola de Oftalmología , 2009, DOI: 10.4321/S0365-66912009000700005
Abstract: objectives: to evaluate long-term intraocular pressure results after trabeculectomy in low risk patients. therefore differences among glaucoma type and previous medical treatment will be evaluated. methods: a retrospective follow-up study, ranging between 3 and 20 years, was carried out on 965 trabeculectomy surgeries without any surgical- failure factor. follow-up was carried-out one day, one week, one month, three months, six months and annually after surgery until the last visit. primary open angle (poag) (671eyes), pseudoexfoliative (psxg) (156 eyes) and chronic closure angle glaucomas (ccag) (138 eyes) were included. iop under 21 hg mm without medical treatment was considered absolute success, relative success included those eyes with pressures under 21 and one or two daily antiglaucomatous drops. results: mean iop ranged between 15 and 17 hg mm. mean iop decreased from 30.7 to 37.4%. relative success ten years after surgery was better in poag; whereas absolute success resulted to be similar in poag and psxg. the group of patients less treated before surgery showed greater rate of absolute and relative success. conclusions: trabeculectomy alone is an efficient technique in long-term tensional control for uncomplicated eyes. the group of patients less treated before surgery and poag showed greater rate success.
Aneurismas intracraneales múltiples durante el embarazo
Felipe Morán,Armando; Quintanal Cordero,Nelson; Pérez la O,Pablo; Gamboa Hernández,Luis M.; Moreno Autie,Mariela; Fuertes Vicente,Dania;
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar , 2006,
Abstract: the case of a patient aged 21 admitted in the emergencies center of “dr. luis díaz soto” higher institute of military medicine with a clinical picture of subarachnoid haemorrhage on the 30.4 week of pregnancy was presented. as a result of the studies, 2 brain aneurysms were detected, one in each ophthalmic artery, both under the corresponding clinoid. the medical and surgical conduct followed was exposed. the patient had a satisfactory evolution.
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