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Theoretical and experimental analyses of recording mark microstructures in signal waveform modulation optical disc

Liu Hai-Long,Pei Jing,Ni Yi,Pan Long-Fa,Tang Yi,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a dynamic mastering process model for signal waveform modulation (SWM) optical disc. To form the ideal microstructures and solve the problems in the SWM master manufacturing process, we use this model to simulate the three-dimensional mark profiles in the SWM read-only disc. The simulated micro-patterns of recording pits and lands are employed to optimize the writing strategy and provide a quantitative basis for manufacturing the sub-pits and sub-lands. The simulation mark profiles are compared with the experimental ones, which are produced with the optimized writing strategy parameters. Comparison results demonstrate that the simulated profiles are highly consistent with the actual ones.
Invariant Sets of Hybrid Autonomous Systems with Disturbance
Li Jian-Qiang,Zhu Zexuan,Ji Zhen,Pei Hai-Long
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/289678
Abstract: The concept and model of hybrid systems are introduced. Invariant sets introduced by LaSalle are proposed, and the concept is extended to invariant sets in hybrid systems which include disturbance. It is shown that the existence of invariant sets by arbitrary transition in hybrid systems is determined by the existence of common Lyapunov function in the systems. Based on the Lyapunov function, an efficient transition method is proposed to ensure the existence of invariant sets. An algorithm is concluded to compute the transition mode, and the invariant set can also be computed as a convex problem. The efficiency and correctness of the transition algorithm are demonstrated by an example of hybrid systems. 1. Introduction Hybrid systems and invariant sets are novel topics in recent years. Hybrid systems are systems which include discrete and continuous dynamics. In many applications, hybrid systems have multiple operating modes; each is described by a different dynamic equation [1–3]. Invariant set of hybrid system plays an important role in the many situations when dynamics system is constrained in some way [4, 5]. For hybrid systems, the transition is very important for constructing an invariant set for the systems. For some transitions, the states of the systems may get out of each subsystem’s invariant set. In this paper, an efficient transition method which makes the states of the hybrid systems stay in the invariant sets is proposed. When the system is given an initial set, this method constructs transition regions for the hybrid system to ensure the invariant set existence. Then, the invariant set can be computed as ellipsoid set or polyhedral set [6–9]. Some studies have been done in the area of hybrid systems in recent years. Controller design and invariant set of hybrid systems have been studied [10, 11]. The lecture notes [12] by Lygeros have talked about the basic theory of hybrid system including automata, existence, analysis and synthesis, model checking, and reachability. The set invariance in control provides a survey of the literature on invariant sets and their applications [13], and the stability of mode transitions has been studied in [14]. Research about invariant set of special hybrid systems has been done in [6, 7]. Polyhedral approximation computation of invariant set has been studied in [15]. This paper proposes an efficient approach to compute the transition regions. By the efficient transition based on the Lyapunov function theory, the system will stay in the invariant sets. This method is attractive as the invariant set is
Rectangular phase-portrait approximation based on qualitative reasoning

LIU Bao-luo,PEI Hai-long,

控制理论与应用 , 2010,
Abstract: The core of the rectangular phase-portrait approximation is the efficient partition of the control model. The phase-portrait approximation based on quality reasoning is proposed. An approach for mode partition is then presented based on the characteristic of the vector field, interesting polynomials and their Lie-derivative. A method for the refinement of the abstract model based on the refined polynomials is also given. Experiment shows that the phase-portrait approximation based on the qualitative-reasoning partition obviously reduces the partition number of the mode state space, and enhances the verification efficiency.
Implementation of CNC Man-machine Interface Based on Linux and Tcl/Tk

MAI Xiang-xi,PEI Hai-long,

计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: A feasible implementation of CNC(Computer Numerical Control) man-machine interface using Tcl/Tk and C languages under the embedded Linux and PC/104 Single Board Computer is discussed.It involves implementation of the main interface process,extension of Tcl/Tk interpreter and the design and implementation of the graphic interface.
Implementation of CNC Panel under the Embedded Linux

WU Hong-jian,PEI Hai-long,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: A feasible implementation of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) panel under the embedded Linux and PC/104 single board computer is discussed. The GUI of CNC system bases on TinyX Server and its inputs of data and instructions are implemented by XTEST Extension. Furthermore, some development techniques of serial port programming and X Window programming under Linux are involved here.
Research on Video Capture and Real-time Transmission Using Software Implementation

FENG Qi,PEI Hai-long,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: 在简述RTP/RTCP协议原理和MPEG4视觉编码标准的基础上提出了一种简单的基于Linux操作系统的视频采集、MPEG4编码以及实时传输方案,并给出了一个基于RTSP协议的WebCam视频流传输实例;最后,还涉及到一些编写视频处理程序的技巧。
Treatment of acute gastrectasia following liver transplantation with the therapeutic methods of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine : A report of one case
FU Hai-Long
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2003,
Recent Results on non$-D\bar D$ decays of $ψ(3770)$ from BES
Hai-Long Ma
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: BES Collaboration measured the $R$ values at 3.650, 3.6648 and 3.773 GeV, the $R$ values at 68 energy points in the energy region between 3.650 and 3.872 GeV, the resonance parameters of $\psi(3686)$ and $\psi(3770)$, the branching fractions for $\psi(3770)\to D^0\bar D^0, D^+D^-, D\bar D$ and non-$D\bar D$, and the observed cross sections for some exclusive light hadron final states at 3.773 and 3.650 GeV. These measurements are made by analyzing the data sets collected with the BESII detector at the BEPC collider.
Lorentz-Covariant Theory of Gravity Founded on Inertial Frame of Center of Mass
Hai-Long Zhao
Physics , 2005,
Abstract: We suggest a Lorentz-covariant theory of gravity that is equivalent to general relativity in weak gravitational field. We first derive the mass variation of a body falling freely in static gravitational field based on the principle of equivalence and the mass-energy relation. We then modify the standards of space-time in local gravitational field to keep them consistent with the standards in inertial frame of reference at infinity based on the influence of gravitational field on the light. The metric thus obtained agrees with Schwarzschild metric at first order approximation. The gravitational vector potential produced by a moving gravitational source can be obtained by applying Lorentz transformations in local gravitational field. Although inertial and non-inertial frames are equally valid in describing the motion of bodies in gravitational field, we still regard inertial frame, i.e. center of mass of the system, as the preferred frame of reference. This is because Newton's laws of motion only hold for inertial frames. The apsidal motion of binary system and the expansion of the universe can be explained more reasonably when observed from their respective centers of mass than that from relative motions. The expression of static metric in our theory does not contain gravitational radius, thus black hole and singularity do not exist. In our theory, the gravity in the presence of matter is the same as that in the vacuum, i.e. TOV equation does not hold. The maximum mass of a neutron star is about five times of solar mass based on our computation.
On the Implication of Bell's Probability Distribution and Proposed Experiments of Quantum Measurement
Hai-Long Zhao
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1134/S1063776113140070
Abstract: In the derivation of Bell's inequalities, probability distribution is supposed to be a function of only hidden variable. We point out that the true implication of the probability distribution of Bell's correlation function is the distribution of the joint measurement outcomes on the two sides. So it is a function of both hidden variable and settings. In this case, Bell's inequalities fail. Our further analysis shows that Bell's locality holds neither for dependent events nor for independent events. We think that the measurements of EPR pairs are dependent events, thus violation of Bell's inequalities cannot rule out the existence of local hidden variable. In order to explain the results of EPR-type experiments, we suppose that polarization entangled photon pair can be composed of two circularly or linearly polarized photons with correlated hidden variables, and a couple of experiments of quantum measurement are proposed. The first uses delayed measurement on one photon of the EPR pair to demonstrate directly whether measurement on the other could have any non-local influence on it. Then several experiments are suggested to reveal the components of polarization entangled photon pair. The last one uses successive polarization measurements on a pair of EPR photons to show that two photons with a same quantum state will behave in the same way under the same measuring condition.
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