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Sociology of Tourism
Cinq Continents , 2011,
Abstract: La sociologie du tourisme. Le tourisme, en tant que phénomène de masse, n’appara t qu’au début du 19e siècle. Bien que sa période moderne de développement soit courte, le tourisme a connu beaucoup de transformations allant du tourisme balnéaire au tourisme culturel et industriel. à présent, le tourisme se définit sous trois aspects interdépendants : comme ressource, élément de dangerosité et phénomène social. En tant que ressource durable ayant une valeur de marché, le tourisme représente une opportunité de développement régional. En outre, l’impact du tourisme sur la société peut se transformer en un élément de dangerosité dont les effets seront ressentis à long terme. En tant que phénomène social, le tourisme peut devenir un prétexte de socialisation, une alternative au quotidien, un moyen d’éducation.Sous aspect ethnique, le tourisme peut perpétuer ou aggraver les conflits interculturels. Au niveau de chaque individu le tourisme est per u de manière subjective.
Andreea Brumaru,Catalina Mihai,Cristina Cijevschi Prelipcean
Jurnalul de Chirurgie , 2005,
Abstract: Polycystic liver disease (PCLD) is a rare disease defined as the presence of four or more thin-walled cyst within the hepatic parenchyma.The most common form of autosomal dominant PCLD coexist with renal cystic disease. In contrast to the concomitant renal and liver cystic disease, the isolated form of PCLD is a comparatively rare form, that displays no renal involvement.Only 7% of patients with PCDL do not have associated renal cyst. Most cases are asymptomatic. Patients generally have preserved hepatic functions.The liver function tests are normal. Polycystic liver is rarely associated with portal hypertension , obstructive jaundice or infection of hepatic cysts. Autopsy series show that 20 % of patients with PCLD have associated intracranial aneurism. There are no effective medical therapies for PCLD.Surgical options for those with refractory symptoms or complications include percutaneous puncture and sclerosys of cysts, cysts fenestration by open or laparoscopic technique, hepatic resection, and isolated hepatic or combined liver kidney transplantation. We present the case of a 68 years male subject , diagnosed with alcoholic liver cirrhosis based on the chronic alcohol consumption,negative serological markers for the B and C hepatitis viruses, hepatoprive and biliar retention tests, portal hypertension. The abdominal echography revealed a diffuse enlargement of the liver , witch contains numerous cysts scattered throughout the liver. The cysts vary in size from less than 1 cm to more than 5 cm. There is no evidence of renal or pancreatic cysts. The treatment is addressed to the portal hypertension due to alcoholic liver disease. The PCLD is not complicated and therefore requires no surgical treatment.
Modeling Quantum Well Lasers
Dan Alexandru Anghel,Andreea Rodica Sterian,Paul E. Sterian
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/736529
Abstract: In semiconductor laser modeling, a good mathematical model gives near-reality results. Three methods of modeling solutions from the rate equations are presented and analyzed. A method based on the rate equations modeled in Simulink to describe quantum well lasers was presented. For different signal types like step function, saw tooth and sinus used as input, a good response of the used equations is obtained. Circuit model resulting from one of the rate equations models is presented and simulated in SPICE. Results show a good modeling behavior. Numerical simulation in MathCad gives satisfactory results for the study of the transitory and dynamic operation at small level of the injection current. The obtained numerical results show the specific limits of each model, according to theoretical analysis. Based on these results, software can be built that integrates circuit simulation and other modeling methods for quantum well lasers to have a tool that model and analysis these devices from all points of view.
Optimal Alternative to the Akima's Method of Smooth Interpolation Applied in Diabetology
Alexandru Mihai Bica,Marian Degeratu,Luiza Demian,Emanuel Paul
Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications , 2006,
Abstract: It is presented a new method of cubic piecewise smooth interpolation applied to experimental data obtained by glycemic profile for diabetics. This method is applied to create a soft useful in clinical diabetology. The method give an alternative to the Akima's procedure of the derivatives computation on the knots from [Akima, J. Assoc. Comput. Mach., 1970] and have an optimal property.
Influence Of High Performance Voltage Converters Supply Upon The Induction Motors Behaviour
Annals of Dunarea de Jos , 2002,
Abstract: The induction motors supply by converters leads to a distorted regime accompanied by some parasite torques and some supplementary losses. These aspects are emphasized further on because their quantitative determinations have a special influence in establishing the motors performances.
Evaluation of Sheep Embryo Quality by Morphologic Methods – Advantages and Disadvantages
S. Angela,G. Prefac,T. Paul,S. Alexandru
Journal of Tekirdag Agricultural Faculty , 2006,
Abstract: The present study is focused on one of the most important steps in embryo technology evaluating embryo quality. During three years, we have conducted embryo transfer experiments on sheep. The evaluation of embryo quality was made using morphologic methods. We have evaluated embryos immediately after recovery (surgical methods recovery) or after throwing of frozen embryo under a optical microscope were used for evaluation. International Embryo Transfer Society standards for embryo quality classification. There are four grades of quality: excellent, good, medium and poor. The morphological method’s advantages are: it is very fast, not so expensive and does not require excessive embryo manipulation. Disadvantages of this method are: grading is subjective, depending on the experience of the evaluator, metabolic, genetic or epigenetic disorders of embryos are not detectable.
Results in Sizing and Simulation of PV Applications Based on Different Solar Cell Technologies  [PDF]
Alexandru Diaconu, Laurentiu Fara, Paul Sterian, Dan Craciunescu, Silvian Fara
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2017.51005
Abstract: Modeling and simulation of photovoltaic (PV) systems represents an essential task for the integration of PV panels in current power applications. At the present time, there are sizing tools of photovoltaic systems available on the market, taking into account the proposed energy consumption, site localization and system cost. An advanced specialized program (PVSyst) was considered. The sizing and simulations of two PV important applications were developed using PV modules based on three different technologies: monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon, as well as CIS. Our results showed how different types of solar cell technologies influenced the final power output and performances for a PV LED lighting, as well as for a PV water pumping system, in terms of overall yield, efficiency and system availability.
V. Ostafe,C. Brumaru,Gabriela Papoe,Ioana Lupsa
Annals of West University of Timi?oara : Series of Biology , 1999,
Abstract: The ascorbic acid is widely used as antioxidant in food products. As this substance is a very unstable substance, its concentration needs an accurate monitorization. A RP-HPLC method was used for identification and quantification of ascorbic acid in mixtures used in sausage industry. Reliable results are obtained even the samples contain high quantities of citric acid. The regression coefficient of standard curve is 0.999.
Magnetic scaffold for drug targeting: evaluation of cephalosporins controlled release profile
Dan Eduard Mihaiescu,Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu,Paul Catalin Balaure,Diana Elena Mogosanu
Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry , 2011,
Abstract: The great problem associated with drug administration is the inability to target a specific area of the body. To reach an acceptable therapeutic level, large doses of the drug must be administered. Only a part of the dose will actually reach the intended disease. Magnetic targeting simplifies drug administration procedures, increases the concentration of the drug at target sites and decreases the concentration of the drug at non-target sites. This study was focused to evaluate the controlled release profile of cephalosporins from magnetic diethylaminoethyl-cellulose hybrid material (magnetic scaffold). Dissolution behavior of these magnetic scaffolds was evaluated using a modified HPLC system. It was found that in all cases, at large time values, the cephalosporin’s concentration was much below the solubility plateau for the pure active compound, demonstrating that the adsorption on the surface of magnetic scaffolds is a valuable procedure to attain controlled release.
Two Analytical Methods for Detection and Elimination of the Static Hazard in Combinational Logic Circuits  [PDF]
Mihai Grigore Timis, Alexandru Valachi, Alexandru Barleanu, Andrei Stan
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2013.47061

In this paper, the authors continue the researches described in [1], that consists in a comparative study of two methods to eliminate the static hazard from logical functions, by using the form of Product of Sums (POS), static hazard “0”. In the first method, it used the consensus theorem to determine the cover term that is equal with the product of the two residual implicants, and in the second method it resolved a Boolean equation system. The authors observed that in the second method the digital hazard can be earlier detected. If the Boolean equation system is incompatible (doesn’t have solutions), the considered logical function doesn’t have the static 1 hazard regarding the coupled variable. Using the logical computations, this method permits to determine the needed transitions to eliminate the digital hazard.


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