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Construction of Cosmid Library of Metagenome Derived from Compost Sample and the Improvement of DNA Isolation Techniques

PANG Hao,FENG Yi,TANG Ji-Liang,FENG Jia-Xun,
庞 浩
,封 毅,唐纪良,冯家勋

微生物学通报 , 2009,
Abstract: 堆肥环境中高浓度腐殖酸的存在阻碍了对这个环境中的未培养微生物的宏基因组研究。我们提出了一个确实可行的提取堆肥环境DNA的方法, 这个方法通过使用Sephadex G200+酸洗PVPP层析柱与电洗脱两步纯化的方法成功地纯化堆肥环境来源的DNA, 用这个DNA成功构建了一个包含约10万个克隆的柯斯质粒文库。从这个文库中筛选到一个新的β-葡萄糖苷酶基因。针对文库低的阳性筛选率问题, 利用分子技术研究了不同的分离速度对提取到的总DNA中真核生物DNA量的影响, 以减少文库中真核生物DNA的污染。
A mycorrhizal fungi CL-3 from Cymbidium goeringii: characterization and establishment of symbiotic associations

CHEN Min,PANG Ji-Liang,YANG Jie-Qiong,ZHOU Yue-Lan,

微生物学通报 , 2011,
Abstract: The fungal strain CL-3 was isolated from the root of wild Cymbidium goeringii with using conventional isolation method. The inoculum of strain CL-3 was used to study its interaction with its host plant. According to the morphological features examination and rDNA ITS sequence analysis, the closest relative of the strain was Acremonium strictum, with the similarity of 100%. After two months of symbioses culture, the fresh biomass of C. goeringii inoculated with CL-3 increased by 80.5%, and the endophytic CL-3 was re-isolated from the seedlings. The statistics showed that the difference between inoculation group and control group was significant. The presence of the fungus in the tissues was stud-ied with paraffin-cut section. The results showed that the fungus was observed in inner tissues of roots, indicating that the symbiosis relationship between Cymbidium goeringii and fungi could be established.
Regulation Network and Biological Roles of LEAFY in Arabidopsis thaliana in Floral Development
拟南芥LEAFY基因在花发育中的网络调控及其生物学功能 Regulation Network and Biological Roles of LEAFY in Arabidopsis thaliana in Floral Development

Li-Lin Wang,Hai-Man Liang,Ji-Liang Pang,Mu-Yuan Zhu,
,梁海曼,庞基良,朱睦元WANG Li-Lin,LIANG Hai-Man,PANG Ji-Liang,ZHU Mu-Yuan

遗传 , 2004,
Abstract: Recent research progress on regulation network and biological roles of LFY gene in Arabidopsis thaliana and its homologue genes in floral development are reviewed emphatically in the present paper. LFY gene expresses widely in both vegetative and reproductive tissues in different higher plants, therefore investigation on role of LFY gene on flowering is of general significance. LFY gene plays an important role to promote flower formation by interaction and coordination with other genes,such as TFL, EMF, AP1, AP2, CAL, FWA, FT, AP3, PI, AG, UFO, CO, LD, GA1 etc, and a critical level of LFY expression is essential. LFY gene not only controls flowering-time and floral transition,but also plays an important role in inflorescence and floral organ development. It was situated at the central site in gene network of flowering regulation,positively or negatively regulates the level or activities of flowering-related genes. Some physiological factors, such as carbon sources, phytohormones, affect directly or indirectly the expression and actions of LFY gene. This indicates that level of LFY expression can also be regulated with physiological methods. It is probable that we can explain the principal mechanism of flowering by regulation network of LFY gene.
Hairy Root Induced by Wild-type Agrobacterium rhizogenes K599 in Soybean, Cucumber and Garden Balsam in vivo

XIANG Tai-He,WANG Li-Lin,PANG Ji-Liang,CHEN Min,XU Chao,
,王利琳,庞基良,陈 敏,许 超

遗传 , 2005,
Abstract: The plantlets of soybean, cucumber and garden balsam were inoculated by wild-type Agrobacterium rhizogenes K599, and hairy root was induced on inoculated sites in vivo. The frequencies of hairy root induction from wound cotyledons of soybean, cucumber and garden balsam were 100%, 65% and 91% respectively. Moreover, hairy root was induced from healthy cucumber axillary bud with frequency of 10%. PCR analysis of hairy root DNA was conducted using the primers from rolC gene. The PCR results showed that all hairy root lines contained T-DNA. The established system should be ideal for studying soybean and cucumber nematode and garden balsam breeding of flower dwarf architecture.

Wang Shi-liang,Jing Ji-liang,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Abstract: By using Brown-York quasilocal energy theory we calculate the quasilocal energy of a stationary axisymmetic EMDA black hole and explore the universality of Martinez's conjecture in string theory. We show that the energy is positive and monotonically decreases to the ADM mass at spatial infinity, and the Martinez's conjecture, the Brown-York quasilocal energy at the outer horizon reduces to twice its irreducible mass, is still valid for stationary axisymmetric EMDA black hole. From the result we also find that the Kerr-Sen spacetime keeps up with Martinez's conjecture. This is different from the Bose-Naing result that the quasilocal energy of the Kerr-Sen spacetime does not approach the Martinez's conjecture.
Late-Time Evolution of the Phantom Scalar Perturbation in the Background of a Spherically Symmetric Static Black Hole

PAN Qi-Yuan,JING Ji-Liang,

中国物理快报 , 2010,

LI Ji-liang,

地球学报 , 1984,
Abstract: In Yanbian Group of Late Proterozoic in Western Sichuan Province, there is a well preserved eugeosyncline rock association. The association is composed of ophiolite, preflysch and flysch series and overlain disconformably by molass of Lieguliu Formation, Sinian Series.In the lower part of Yanbian Group, there is a well preserved ophiolite sequence. It consists successively of cumulate complex, sheet dyke swarm and pillow lava intercalating chert. Metamorphic peridotite representig mantle rock exposes at Dacao being 20 km east of Yanbian and in Shimian.The cumulate complex is mainly composed of harzburgite, Iherzolite, plagioclase-bearing peridotite, troctolite, anorthosite, norite and gabbro. These rock types expose as concentric circle-like shape which has an ultramafic core and transforms gradually to mafic towards peripheral rim. The successive sequence implies the continuous crystalline fractionation. The petrochemistry and REE patterns also suggest such a succession.The earlier diabase dykes interpenetrate the layer gabbro in the top of cumulate. The dykes intersect obliquely the gabbro layers other than normally, implying that the layer gabbro had been undergone a folding deformation prior the emplacement of dyke swarm.Basalt in the base part of lava series exhibits massive structure with slight schistization. The middle and upper parts of lava series show pillow structure. The basalts have subjected spilitization, but its Al2O3/TiO2, CaO/TiO2, Y and Zr, and REE patterns are still comparable with those of modern ocean ridge, Troodos and Island Bay ophiolites. Most of interbedded chert have been recrystallized and its original textures have been modified. Their chemical compositions are different from those of Phanerozoic cherts, indicating the lower SiO2 and higher A12O3 and FeO contents. This maybe resulted from stronger submarine volcanism and hydrodynamics.Pref lysch consists of carbonaceous sillic and pelagic carbonate rocks. It can be suggested that the preflysch deposited at ocean floor, of which the depth may be sometimes less than carbonate compensation level.The flysch series in Yanbian Group has a thickness more than 5000 m which consists mainly of the turbidite with Bouma sequence. In the upper part of turbidite section, there is an olistostrome statum, which may be deposited in submarine canyon of continental margin. The chemical compositions of the turbidite sandstones indicate that they are the sediments deposited in an eugeosyncline environment at an Andes-type continental margin.The reconstruction of this eugeosyncline association evolution suggests that it had undergone three tectonic stages. In stage 1, the ophiolite formed at mid-ocean ridge. In stage 2, the ophiolite cold-descends to ocean floor where the preflysch was deposited. Finally, in stage 3, the oceanic crust represented by ophiolite and preflysch transported into trench at the Andes-type continental margin where the flysch was deposited.The Rb-Sr isochron age d
Resonant frequencies of massless scalar field in rotating black-brane spacetime

Jing Ji-Liang,Pan Qi-Yuan,

中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: This paper investigates the resonant frequencies of the massless scalar field in the near extremal Kerr-like black-brane spacetime. It is shown that the different angular quantum number will present different resonant frequencies. It is also shown that the real part of the resonant frequencies increases as the compact dimensions parameter $\mu_i$ increases, but the magnitude of the imaginary part decreases as $\mu_i$ increases.

Jing Ji-liang,Yan Mu-lin,

中国物理 B , 2000,
Abstract: Statistical-mechanical entropy arising from the electromagnetic field in the general four-dimensional static black hole spacetime is investigated by means of the "brick wall" model. An expression for the entropy is obtained and some examples are considered. The results show that the entropy arising from the electromagnetic field is exactly twice the one for a massless scalar field.
Research and Implementation of Architecture of Cluster-based Scalable Network Services

ZHOU Ji-liang,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: On the analysis of present and future network service requirements, we present the architecture of cluster-based scalable network services called Linux Virtual Server, which has three tiers of load balancer, server pool and backend storage. The load balancer supports IP load balancing and content-based request distribution techniques. The LVScluster provides load balancing, scalability and availability, which can be deployed to build many scalable network services. We give a geographi-cally distributed LVS clusters, which can save bandwidth, improve quality of network services and be disaster-tolerant.
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