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Clutch size and egg characteristics of Cotton Pygmy-Goose in Assam (India)
S. Upadhyaya,P.K. Saikia
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology , 2012,
Abstract: The reproductive output of the waterfowl depends on the nutrients present in the eggs. The average clutch of each species of waterfowl has been evolved in relation to the average availability of food for the female around the time of laying, modified by the relative size of the egg. It has been also suggested that the species laying eggs that were small, relative to their body size, would be able to lay many eggs, whereas species laying large eggs would lay fewer eggs. The Cotton Pygmy-goose eggs were light creamy white or light ivory white in colour on the day of laying with the mean size of 13.94 +0.4 SD. The overall clutch size found was 14.2. The mean size of the eggs ranges between 13.50 to 14.76 cm2 (mean= 13.94 +0.4 SD). The overall mean length of the egg was found to be 42.8 mm +0.7 SD (range 42.0 – 44.6 mm, n=21), whereas the mean egg width was 32.4 mm +0.5 SD (range =31.5 – 33.1 mm, n=21). A strong positive and significant relationship exists between egg length and width (r= 0.8 & p= 0.0001). The mean weight of the eggs was found to be 25.006 +0.2 SD (range: 24.5 to 25.75 gm). Standard methodology was followed to execute the study. The present paper deals with the study of clutch size and various characteristics of eggs of the species in concern and their relation with the female.
Pentacene based thin film transistors with high-k dielectric Nd2O3 as a gate insulator
Sarma, R.;Saikia, D.;Saikia, Puja;Saikia, P.K.;Baishya, B.;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332010000300019
Abstract: we have investigated the pentacene based organic thin film transistors (otfts) with high-k dielectric nd2o3. use of high dielectric constant (high-k) gate insulator nd2o3 reduces the threshold voltage and sub threshold swing of the otfts. the calculated threshold voltage -2.2v and sub-threshold swing 1v/decade, current on-off ratio is 1.7 × 104 and mobility is 0.13cm2/v.s. pentacene film is deposited on nd2o3 surface using two step deposition method. deposited pentacene film is found poly crystalline in nature.
Perceived quality of healthcare delivery in a rural District of Ghana
P.K Turkson
Ghana Medical Journal , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: The study aimed at finding out clients’ perceptions of the quality of healthcare delivery at the district level in rural Ghana, using the Komenda-Edina- Eguafo-Abrem District as a case study. Design: 803 patients were purposively selected and interviewed after visits to health facilities using a pretested questionnaire, while focus group discussions were held in 13 communities. The study was done between October 2003 and August 2004. Results: The majority of respondents (70%) were females. The mean expected maximum waiting time for seeking medical help was 1 hr. About 98% said they were asked to explain their problem. However, lower proportions, 74%, 43% and 46% were physically examined, told what was wrong, or given advice about their illness, respectively. About 90% of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the care given during their visit to the health facility. The participants perceived poor attitude of some health workers, long waiting times, high cost of services, inadequate staff, policy of payment for health services, frequent referrals to hospitals, and lack of ambulances at facilities as being detrimental to effective delivery of quality healthcare. Conclusions: The study found that generally the quality of healthcare delivery was perceived to be high for most of the indicators used. There were, however, some concerns that patients were not told the diagnosis or informed about the management of their illness. These need to be addressed. The level of satisfaction with quality of healthcare was high.
An Evaluation of Improved Local Blacksmith Process
P.K. Oke
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Blacksmithing processes one the most ancient craft and forerunner of all metal forming processes in used is almost fading out in Nigeria because of the quality and quantity of the products. Base on this fact, this study was conducted on manufacturing processes and products in local blacksmith shops in view to improve the quality and quantity of the products. Questionnaires were administered to 70 local blacksmith shops in the south west of Nigeria to verify the manufacturing processes with its associated factors. Critical analysis of the probable solution to the problems as indicated by respondents from the questionnaire lead to redesigning and development of some equipment, which include: Heat treatment bath, close furnace and forging machine in the shop. The performance evaluation carried out on the equipment using two selected products (Chisel and Hammer head) showed that quality and productivity can be considerably improved using developed equipment. The sample from improved equipment showed remarkable increased in hardness, strength and ductility when compared to samples from traditional equipment. These equipment are also simple in design and can be fabricated from locally available materials.
Development and Performance Evaluation of Indigenous Palm Kernel Daul Processing Machine
P.K. Oke
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: In an attempt to ease the production of palm Kernel Oil, a palm Kernel dual processing machine has been developed to crack effectively various sizes as well as to separate the palm Kernel from the shell. This palm kernel dual processing machine was fabricated and designed with locally available materials from the opinion of a new idea which aims at easing the pain, stress, intensive labour, time consuming, unduly cost and cumbersome operation encountering in the traditional/existing processes of cracking and separating palm kernel from the nut. The machine was tested to ascertain its performance and it has efficiency of 98% with processing rate of 95 nuts per second with just one 4hp electric motor which is an improvement over existing ordinary palm kernel cracking machine that has 90% efficiency of cracking with processing rate of 89 nuts per second without separation.
Kinetic description of microwave Raman regime free-electron laser in the presence of helical wiggler and guiding magnetic fields
Optica Applicata , 2007,
Abstract: A full dispersion relation obtained for free-electron laser by kinetic approach based on the method of characteristics in the presence of circularly polarized, periodic, static helical wiggler magnetic field and guide magnetic field incorporating the detailed relativistic particle trajectories is reduced to Raman regime approximations. The temporal and spatial growth rates are evaluated in microwave region. A detailed analysis has been done for temporal and spatial growth rates in Raman regime, especially for microwave region. The spatial growth rate is more than that of temporal growth. The results have been compared with available results obtained by other techniques.
P.K. Dan
South African Journal of Industrial Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This research presents a methodology for determining the optimal location of a new facility, having physical flow interaction of various degrees with other existing facilities in the presence of barriers impeding the shortest flow-path as well as the sub-optimal iso-cost positions. It also determines sub-optimal iso-cost positions with additional cost or penalty for not being able to site it at the computed optimal point. The proposed methodology considers all types of quadrilateral barrier or forbidden region configurations to generalize and by-pass such impenetrable obstacles, and adopts a scheme of searching through the vertices of the quadrilaterals to determine the alternative shortest flow-path. This procedure of obstacle avoidance is novel. Software has been developed to facilitate computations for the search algorithm to determine the optimal and iso-cost co-ordinates. The test results are presented. AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die navorsing behandel ‘n procedure vir die bepaling van optimum stigtingsposisie vir ‘n onderneming met vloei vanaf ander bestaande fasiliteite in die teenwoordigheid van ‘n verskeidenheid van randvoorwaardes. Die prodedure lewer as resultaat suboptimale isokoste-stigtingsplekke met bekendmaking van die koste wat onstaan a.g.v. afwyking van die randvoorwaardlose optimum oplossingskoste, die prosedure maak gebruik van ‘n vindingryke soekmetode wat toegepas word op niersydige meerkundige voorstellings vir die bepaling van korste roetes wat versperring omseil. Die prosedure word onderskei deur programmatuur. Toetsresultate word voorgehou.
Is Quackery An Indian Phenomenon?
Sarkar P.K
Indian Journal of Dermatology , 1998,
Effec.t of casing soil thickness on crop duration and yield of milky mushroom (Calocybe indica P.&C.)
Indian Phytopathology , 2012,
Data Forwarding in Adhoc Wireless Sensor Network Using Shortest Path Algorithm
P.K. Singh
Journal of Global Research in Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks find potential in military, environments, health and commercial applications. The process of forwarding data from a remote sensor node to other nodes in a network holds importance for such applications. Various constraints such as limited computation, storage and power makes the process of data routing interesting and has opened new arenas for researchers. The fundamental problem in sensor networks states the relevance and routing of data through a genuine path as path length decides some basic performance parameters for sensor networks. This paper strongly focuses on a shortest path algorithm for adhoc networks. The simulations are performed on NS2 and the results obtained discuss the role of data forwarding through a shortest path.

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