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Developing a Child Friendly Text-to-Speech System
Agnes Jacob,P. Mythili
Advances in Human-Computer Interaction , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/597971
Abstract: This paper discusses the implementation details of a child friendly, good quality, English text-to-speech (TTS) system that is phoneme-based, concatenative, easy to set up and use with little memory. Direct waveform concatenation and linear prediction coding (LPC) are used. Most existing TTS systems are unit-selection based, which use standard speech databases available in neutral adult voices. Here reduced memory is achieved by the concatenation of phonemes and by replacing phonetic wave files with their LPC coefficients. Linguistic analysis was used to reduce the algorithmic complexity instead of signal processing techniques. Sufficient degree of customization and generalization catering to the needs of the child user had been included through the provision for vocabulary and voice selection to suit the requisites of the child. Prosody had also been incorporated. This inexpensive TTS system was implemented in MATLAB, with the synthesis presented by means of a graphical user interface (GUI), thus making it child friendly. This can be used not only as an interesting language learning aid for the normal child but it also serves as a speech aid to the vocally disabled child. The quality of the synthesized speech was evaluated using the mean opinion score (MOS).
Negative Pressure Pulmonary Edema on Extubation of a 9-Month-Old Baby Boy  [PDF]
Dennis E. Feierman, Katerina Svigos, Evan P. Salant, Agnes Miller
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2015.55018
Abstract: Background: Negative Pressure Pulmonary Edema (NPPE) is an uncommon, but well recognized clinical entity that continues to be reported as a complication of upper airway obstructions during induction or emergence. It results from the negative intrathoracic pressure generated with spontaneous ventilation with concurrent upper airway obstruction. Aim: To present an unusual case of NPPE and review the pathophysiology and treatment. Case: It usually occurs in young healthy athletic adults. We are reporting NPPE in a nine-month-old ex-premature baby. We discuss his intraoperative events leading to NPPE, subsequent intraoperative course and treatment. Conclusion: NPPE needs to be promptly recognized and treated. If the edema resolves, the patient can be successfully extubated, but should be observed overnight.
The Social and Economic Impacts of Ruaha National Park Expansion  [PDF]
Agnes Sirima
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.46001
Abstract: Displacement of people to allow expansion of protected areas involves removing people from their ancestral land or excluding people from undertaking livelihood activities in their usual areas. The approach perpetuates the human-nature dichotomy, where protected areas are regarded as pristine lands that need to be separated from human activities. Beyond material loss, displaced communities suffer loss of symbolic representation and identity that is attached to the place. The aim of this paper was to assess impacts of Ruaha National Park expansions to the adjoining communities. Five villages were surveyed: Ikoga Mpya, Igomelo, Nyeregete, Mahango and Luhango. All participants were victims of the eviction to expand the park borders. Based on the conceptual analysis, major themes generated were: loss of access to livelihood resources, change in resource ownership, conservation costs, resource use conflict, place identity, and the role of power. Similar to previous studies, results show that local communities suffered both symbolic and material loss as a result of park expansion. Furthermore, it has shown that conflicts related to land use changes have roots within (pastoralist vs. farmers; Sangu vs. Sukuma) as well as from the outside. Hence, to better understand resource access and ownership, a deeper understanding of community characteristics/composition and their local interaction is important. Further, park expansion needs to take into consideration human livelihood need.
Management Consulting in Human Resource Management: Central and Eastern European Perspectives in Light of Empirical Experiences  [PDF]
Jozsef Poor, Agnes Milovecz
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2011.43036
Abstract: We analyze the evolution of management consulting in the field of human resources (HR) for the past 20 years in the transitional economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Our framework for HR consultancy is based on extensive professional experience in the region, several sets of multiyear surveys, and a review of the literature. We focus on the evolving HR theory and the current HR practice in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia. Our paper relies on three major sets of multiyear surveys, conducted by the authors’ direct or indirect involvement. Special attention is paid to HR consulting in multinational firms and public sector organizations.
The European Regional Integration in the IR Literature:A Review of Scholarly Support and Opposition  [PDF]
Agnes Katalin Koos
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2011.12015
Abstract: Most of what has been written on the ECSC/ EEC/ EC/ EU, has not been done by international relations (IR) theorists, but by comparativists, sociologists, historians, anthropologists, legal scholars, and many others. These writings are in general classified as intergovernmentalist, federalist, and supranationalist (functionalist and neo- functionalist) in most accounts of the theoretical perspectives on the EU (Webb 1983, Rosamond 2000). Wiener and Diez 2004 add a rational choice institutional category, as well, as they think that the policy analysis within the polity developed into an autonomous brand of literature. It is only Andrew Hurrell in his chapter in Fawcett and Hurrell 1995, who makes an attempt to present the EU, as a regional integration, from the point of view of diverse IR approaches. Drawing on his classification scheme, I conduct an inquiry of the IR theories about European unification from the point of view of whether they allow for the iteration of the European experience in other parts of the world or not. The basic conclusion is that almost all IR work on Europe falls in the inter- governmentalist category, which tends to conceptualize the European Union as representing an n of 1. (Inter- governmentalism is the choice of realism and neo-realism, English School, and neoliberal institutionalism.) Within the liberal IR paradigm, there is a tension between law-focused and security-focused approaches, on the one hand, and economic approaches, on the other. The first believe in the possibility of multiple integrations, while the latter does not think that they are desirable. Critical theories are also hindered by divergent normative commitments, though the class-based theorizing is very clear about pursuing the social control of markets.
Common Origin, Common Power, or Common Life: The Changing Landscape of Nationalisms  [PDF]
Agnes Katalin Koos
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2012.23006
Abstract: Socio-territorial psychic constructs, such as national identities, are perhaps the most important psychic phenomena for political science, with their strength so consequential for wars and inter-ethnic conflicts. The construction of the EU has faced scholars and practitioners with two identity-related problems: (i) whether the socio-territorial identities can be conceptualized as being multi-layered (nested, hyphenated, with non-conflictual relationships among the components), and (ii) whether the higher levels of these identity constructs can be confined to civic aspects (e.g. to a Habermasian constitutional patriotism), as opposed to traditional nationalisms relying on assumptions of common origin, and shared culture. The most entrenched classification of nationalisms relies on an obvious difference between the kinds of nationalisms endorsed by the Irish and Germans, on one hand, and the French and white immigrant countries like the US, on the other hand. These versions are generally labeled “ethnocultural,” involving the consciousness of a shared ancestry and history, and “civic”, relying on the idea of belonging to the same state. My argument is that a schism within the “civic” approach to nationalism can theoretically be expected and empirically supported on the basis of the ISSP 2003, Eurobarometer 57.2 and 73.3 surveys. These datasets confirm the existence of three principal components of nationalism, which can be labeled “ethnocultural”, “great-power-civic” and “welfare-civic”. While the great-power-civic approach is concerned with and takes pride in the country’s military strength, international influence, sovereignty, and national character, the welfare-civic approach takes a more civilian stance and it is concerned with common rights, fair treatment of groups, social security, and welfare within the country. In addition, support has been found for the assumption that people tend to construct their supra-national identity layer according to the molds for their national identity.
On the Use of Connected Moments Expansion with Coupled Cluster Reference
Jozef Noga,Agnes Szabados,Péter R. Surján
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2002, DOI: 10.3390/i3050508
Abstract: We examine the possibility of introducing a new class of so called noniterative corrections to coupled cluster energies, based on the connected moments expansion (CMX). Approximate Coupled Cluster (CC) wave functions are used as reference states and then the “improved energies” can be formally obtained either by CMX in terms of the moments of CC similarity transformed Hamiltonian, or in CMX of the usual Hamiltonian. Numerical results are given for some model systems that show the superiority of the latter approach.
BIOTROPIA : the Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology , 2004,
Abstract: The cellulase production with Penicillium nalgiovense S11 on wheat pollard was enhanced using substrate pretreatments, i.e.: (i) mechanic process by Wiley milling, (ii) reducing sugars removal by water soaking, and (iii) chemical pretrcatment by 0.5% NaOH soaking at 100°C. The enzyme production stated as enzyme activities of all prctrcated substrates were higher than the untreated substrate. Although soaking with water showed significant increase in enzyme activities, the highest CMCase (EC, FPase (filter papcrase) and p-glucosidase (EC were observed on NaOH pretreated pollard. The NaOH prctreatment also enhanced the enzyme production by increasing substrate concentration from 2 to 4%. The op timal incubation time in the cellulase production on 4% NaOH-pretrcated pollard was observed on the fifth day. Add ition of 250 ppm glucose also increased the enzyme activities. The optimal treatments increased the specific activities of CMCase, FPase, and |3-glucosidase into 60, 4, and 198 times, respectively, as compared to the specific activities on 2% unpretreated pollard.
Potential Use of Selected Sweetpotato (Ipomea batatas Lam) Varieties as Defined by Chemical and Flour Pasting Characteristics  [PDF]
Agnes Nabubuya, Agnes Namutebi, Yusuf Byaruhanga, Judith Narvhus, Trude Wicklund
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2012.37118
Abstract: Chemical and functional properties of ten sweetpotato varieties were investigated. The sweetpotato were of various flesh colours which included orange, yellow, cream and white with dry matter content ranging from 30.2% - 39.2%. The sweetpotato varieties varied significantly (p < 0.05) in total amylase activity, total starch and amylose content whose value ranges were 0.256 - 0.570 mg/ml/min 68.4% - 73.6%, 16.2% - 23.4% respectively. The pH of flours from the different sweetpotato varieties ranged from 6.01 - 6.64. The pasting behaviours of the sweetpotato flours also showed significant differences (p < 0.05) in the individual parameters (peak time, pasting temperature, peak viscosity, trough viscosity, final viscosity, breakdown and setback) among the different varieties. The results revealed the influence of variety on the chemical composition of sweetpotato and their pasting properties. Correlations were also revealed among different components of the sweetpotatoes which would be a basis in selection of the varieties for processing into different products.
Kolmogorov's Zero-One Law
Agnes Doll
Formalized Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10037-009-0008-8
Abstract: This article presents the proof of Kolmogorov's zero-one law in probability theory. The independence of a family of σ-fields is defined and basic theorems on it are given.
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