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Utilisation of 2nd generation web technologies in master level vocational teacher training
Péter Tóth
Acta Didactica Napocensia , 2009,
Abstract: The Masters level Opportunities and Technological Innovation in Vocational Teacher Education project (project site: http://motivate.tmpk.bmf.hu/) aims to develop the use and management of virtual learning environments in the area of vocational teacher training, drawing on a well established international partnership of institutions providing both technical and educational expertise. This paper gives an overall picture of the first results and products of the collaboration. We touch upon the goals, the assessments and the learning process of using “Multimedia and e-Learning: e-learning methods and tools” module in details. The main cooperative and collaborative devices are presented in virtual learning environment. The communication during collaborative learning, the structured debate on forum and the benefits of collaborative learning in VLE are interpreted at the end of this paper.
Boundary conditions for many-electron systems
Péter V. Tóth
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: It is shown that natural boundary conditions for non-relativistic wave functions are of periodic or of homogeneous Robin type. Using asymptotic central symmetry of Hamiltonian and theory of singular differential equations the many-electron wave function is expanded in series both in the vicinity of Coulomb singularities and at infinity. Hydrogenic angular dependence of three leading terms of expansion about Coulomb singularities is found. Exact first- and second-order cusp conditions are obtained demonstrating redundancy of spherical average in Kato's cusp condition. Our first-order cusp condition exhibits CP symmetry. Homogeneous Robin boundary conditions are obtained for aperiodic many-electron systems from the expansions. Use of our explicit boundary conditions improves both speed and accuracy of numerical calculations. A confluent hypergeometric series defining arbitrarily high order cusp conditions for the spherically averaged Hamiltonian is presented.
Applying Web-Mining Methods for Analysis of Student Behaviour in VLE Courses
Lajos Izsó,Péter Tóth
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica , 2008,
Abstract: In Hungary, a lot of electronic-based syllabuses have been developed during thelast 8-10 years at a most considerable cost. However, not much has been heard of theirsuccess or efficiency, as would be supported by scientific testing. First, the present study isto provide a survey of our project, which aimed at creating an integrated electroniclearning environment. The processing of an education technology syllabus integrated in theMoodle virtual learning environment system took place in the passing academic year. Theanalysis of student behaviour in the learning environment is based on log files created onthe server during the course of interaction between learners and the electronic syllabus.We analysed the learning activity of the students in the learning environment in exactnumeric terms by using methods of web-mining. The second part of the study presents someof our first empirical results in this field.
Entropy and Hausdorff Dimension in Random Growing Trees
Anna Rudas,Imre Péter Tóth
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1142/S0219493712500104
Abstract: We investigate the limiting behavior of random tree growth in preferential attachment models. The tree stems from a root, and we add vertices to the system one-by-one at random, according to a rule which depends on the degree distribution of the already existing tree. The so-called weight function, in terms of which the rule of attachment is formulated, is such that each vertex in the tree can have at most K children. We define the concept of a certain random measure mu on the leaves of the limiting tree, which captures a global property of the tree growth in a natural way. We prove that the Hausdorff and the packing dimension of this limiting measure is equal and constant with probability one. Moreover, the local dimension of mu equals the Hausdorff dimension at mu-almost every point. We give an explicit formula for the dimension, given the rule of attachment.
An expansion estimate for dispersing planar billiards with corner points
Jacopo De Simoi,Imre Péter Tóth
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: It is known that the dynamics of planar billiards satisfies strong mixing properties (e.g. exponential decay of correlations) provided that some expansion condition on unstable curves is satisfied. This condition has been shown to always hold for smooth dispersing planar billiards, but it needed to be assumed separately in the case of dispersing planar billiards with corner points. We prove that this expansion condition holds for any dispersing planar billiard with corner points, no cusps and bounded horizon.
On the limiting Markov process of energy exchanges in a rarely interacting ball-piston gas
Péter Bálint,Thomas Gilbert,Péter Nándori,Domokos Szász,Imre Péter Tóth
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We analyse the process of energy exchanges generated by the elastic collisions between a point-particle, confined to a two-dimensional cell with convex boundaries, and a `piston', i.e. a line-segment, which moves back and forth along a one-dimensional interval partially intersecting the cell. This model can be considered as the elementary building block of a spatially extended high-dimensional billiard modeling heat transport in a class of hybrid materials exhibiting the kinetics of gases and spatial structure of solids. Using heuristic arguments and numerical analysis, we argue that, in a regime of rare interactions, the billiard process converges to a Markov jump process for the energy exchanges and obtain the expression of its generator.
Catheter-directed thrombolysis in inflammatory bowel diseases: Report of a case
Péter Ilonczai,Judit Tóth,László Tóth,István Altorjay
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2012, DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i34.4791
Abstract: In patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) the prevalence of thrombosis is 6.2%, the average incidence of thromboembolism (TE) is 3.6 times higher compared to normal population. The TE is a common extraintestinal complication of IBD, squarely associated with the IBD activity. The application of anticoagulant and thrombolytic therapy in severe IBD is an unresolved issue. Herein we report the first case in literature of an active IBD patient with an upper limb acute arterial occlusion and successful catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT). A 46-year-old male patient is reported who had Crohn’s disease for 10 years. His right hand suddenly became cold and painful. Angiography proved acute occlusion of the brachial and radial artery. Vascular surgery intervention was not applicable. Endoscopy showed extended, severe inflammation of the colon. Despite the severe endoscopic findings, frequent bloody stools and moderate anaemia, CDT with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator was performed. The control angiography proved improvement, the radial artery pulse appeared. No bleeding complication was observed. This case supports that CDT-after careful estimation of the bleeding risk-can be effective and safe in patients with severe or life-threatening TE and active IBD.
Edge effect on weevils and spiders
R. Horváth,T. Magura,G. Péter,B. Tóthmérész
Web Ecology (WE) , 2002, DOI: 10.5194/we-3-43-2002
Abstract: The edge effect on weevils and spiders was tested along oak forest – meadow transects using sweep-net samples at the Síkf kút Project in Hungary. For spiders the species richness was significantly higher in the forest edge than either in the meadow or the forest interior. For weevils the species richness of the forest edge was higher than that of the meadow, but the difference was not statistically significant whereas the species richness of the forest interior was significantly lower than that of the forest edge and the meadow. The composition of the spider assemblage of the edge was more similar to the forest, while the composition of weevils in the edge was more similar to the meadow. Our results based on two invertebrate groups operating on different trophic levels suggest that there is a significant edge effect for the studied taxa resulting in higher species richness in the edge.
Multilocus dataset reveals demographic histories of two peat mosses in Europe
Péter Sz?vényi, Zsófia Hock, Jakob J Schneller, Zoltán Tóth
BMC Evolutionary Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2148-7-144
Abstract: All three nuclear regions supported the presence of an Atlantic and Non-Atlantic clade of S. fimbriatum suggesting glacial survival of the species along the Atlantic coast of Europe. Contrarily, S. squarrosum haplotypes showed three clades but no geographic structure at all. Maximum likelihood, mismatch and Bayesian analyses supported a severe historical bottleneck and a relatively recent demographic expansion of the Non-Atlantic clade of S. fimbriatum, whereas size of S. squarrosum populations has probably decreased in the past. Species wide molecular diversity of the two species was nearly the same with an excess of replacement mutations in S. fimbriatum. Similar levels of molecular diversity, contrasting phylogeographic patterns and excess of replacement mutations in S. fimbriatum compared to S. squarrosum mirror unexpected differences in the demography and population history of the species.This study represents the first detailed European wide phylodemographic investigation on bryophytes and shows how pattern of nucleotide polymorphism can reveal unexpected differences in the population history of haploid plants with seemingly similar characteristics.Geographic distribution of species is continuously shaped by several extrinsic factors causing repeated historical range and demographic expansions/contractions [1,2]. Using historical observations, short-term range expansions and contractions, together with associated demographic changes, have been documented in several, mostly invasive species in Europe and also world-wide [3-6]. From a conservation biological point of view, it is of high importance to reconstruct the historical demography of populations, which can help to work out conservation strategies. In addition, correlations between demographic changes and climatic oscillations may be useful to predict species responses to the accelerated climate change [7]. If a series of temporarily spaced data is available, demographic changes over several decades are re
Gender Differences and Secular Trends in Height, Patterns of Growth and Maturation During Puberty
Gábor A. Tóth,Péter Molnár,Csilla Suskovics
Human Biology Review , 2012,
Abstract: The "K rmend Growth Study" (KGS) was a series of cross-sectional anthropological surveys repeated in every 10 years in a small Hungarian town for more than 50 years. In this paper the authors are reporting data concerning a special period of children`s development, the puberty and pre-puberty period. Growth patterns of children (aged 3-18 years) were examined in 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2008 and were compared. Significant gender differences and secular trends were observed in the growth pattern of 9-15 year old children. Pubertal girls were temporarily taller than their male counterparts. Physical maturation appeared in an earlier age, and lasted for a shorter duration. This paper also focuses on changes in ages at menarche. In the frame of the KGS, data of age at menarche were collected with the "status quo" method, and was analyzed using probit analysis. In the first period of the study positive secular trends were observed in K rmend but by the end of the 20th century secular changes slowed down and reached stagnation.
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