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Impact of stroke on health-related quality of life in diverse cultures: the Berlin-Ibadan multicenter international study
Mayowa O Owolabi
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7525-9-81
Abstract: 100 stroke patients and 100 apparently healthy adults (AHAs) in Nigeria; as well as 103 stroke and 50 AHAs in Germany participated. Stroke severity was measured using the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale, Stroke Levity Scale and modified Rankin scale. HRQOL was evaluated using the HRQOL In Stroke Patients (HRQOLISP) measure, a holistic multiculturally-validated measure with seven therapeutically-relevant domains distributed into two spheres.Domains within the spiritual sphere were considered more important by stroke patients. In both countries, stroke patients significantly (0.00001 < p < 0.004) had worse HRQOL than AHAs in all domains within the physical sphere. This was not so for the spiritual sphere. Consistently, stroke severity correlated significantly with all domains in the physical sphere unlike the spiritual sphere. In diverse cultures, the correlation coefficients between HRQOL and all indices of stroke severity revealed a decremental trend from the physical domain (rho = 0.77, p < 0.00001) to the spiritual domain (rho = 0.01, p = 0.893).Consistently, stroke elicited a decremental response across domains, with domains in the spiritual sphere being relatively stroke-resilient. The potential utility of the relatively preserved spiritual sphere in facilitating stroke rehabilitation requires evaluation in diverse cultures.Stroke, a leading cause of disability [1], is usually a major life event. The ultimate goal of stroke interventions is to improve the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of survivors ensuring that they are enabled to fulfil their roles and purpose in life after the event. Therefore, it is imperative to know the real impact of stroke on HRQOL as a basis for planning and evaluating therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions after stroke [1].Enormous variations have been reported in the profile of HRQOL in stroke patients [1]. Furthermore, there are conflicting reports on the relative impact of stroke on different domains of HRQOL
Oil and Security in Nigeria: The Niger Delta Crisis
O Owolabi, I Okwechime
Africa Development , 2007,
Abstract: This paper examines oil and security in Nigeria, with special reference to the crisis-ravaged Niger Delta. Its focus on the Niger Delta and its festering crisis stems from that region’s critical importance to Nigeria. As the nation’s treasure base, the Niger Delta provides over 80 percent of government revenues, 95 percent of export receipts, and 90 percent of foreign exchange earnings. Also, the bulk of Nigeria’s bio-diversity and some of her best human resources are derived from the Niger Delta. This paper posits that beyond the well-known threats to the security of the Nigerian state, the lingering crisis in the country’s oilproducing areas is a grave threat to human security in that region. Since poverty, environment and food security are key to national security, the ruthless exploitation and destruction of the natural environment upon which the inhabitants of the Niger Delta depend for their livelihood and sustenance pose major threats to human security in that region and, by implication, to the Nigerian state. The paper suggests that to resolve the crisis, government policy on petroleum should be more inclusive, taking into consideration the peculiar problems and needs of the oil-producing areas, as well as those of the Nigerian state and the oil industry itself.
Intractable Oral Candidosis As An Indicator Of HIV Infection In Infants
A Ojuawo, O Owolabi
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice , 2003,
Abstract: Objective: Human immunodeficiency virus infection is assuming an epidemic proportion in the developing world, and infants are increasingly being infected and seen with clinical features and serological evidence of HIV infection in IIorin. Intractable oral candidosis is one of the clinical features of the disease seen commonly infants. This study examined the possible association between intractable oral thrush and HIV infections in infancy Design: This is a prospective study carried out over a 3 year period. Subjects & Method: Infants presenting with oral candidosis who did not respond to two courses of oral mycostatin drop given thrice daily over 2 weeks period were studied. Such infects were screened for HIV infection after parental consent. Another group of infants who did not have oral candidosis but were screened for HIV infection due to other indication served as controls for the purpose of comparison. Results: Thirty two infants with intractable oral candidosis were screened and 28 (87.5%) were HIV positive whilst 2 out of 20 (10%) cases without intractable oral candidosis screened other reasons were positive for HIV infection (X2 = 21.48, p=0.000036, odds ratio = 24.54 “RR” = 5.42). The presence of intractable oral cadidosis in HIV infected infants has a sensitivity of 93.3% and specificity of 81.8%, with a positive predictive vale of 85.3%. The oral lesions cleared completely with oral miconazole gel given thrice daily for two weeks Conclusion: The finding of extensive intractable oral candidosis which is refractory to simple oral antifungal agent therapy in infants should raise the suspicion of HIV infection and such infants should be screened for HIV after parental consent KEY WORDS: Intractable oral thrush, infants, HIV infection, miconazole gel Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol.6(1) 2003: 42-45
Technology Enabled Customer Relationship Management in Supermarket Industry in Nigeria  [PDF]
Olamade O. Owolabi, Yusuff S. Adeleke, Kazeem Abubakar
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2013.32027

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an enterprise-wide business strategy directed at attracting, retaining and effectively serving customers to grow up their value over the long term. Because customers differ in their preferences and purchasing habit, and their mobility is enhanced by increasing availability of information, firms invest in technologies that help them gain detailed understanding of their customers, allowing them to know how to respond to customer needs and market products and services more effectively. While the modern CRM strategy is intensive in the use of analytical technologies, the Nigeria supermarket industry still at the first stage of its development phase have largely interacted with customers through personal interaction partly due to the low level of competition for customers, high cost of investment in analytical CRM infrastructure and lack of dynamic capability to integrate technology, people and processes.

Comparison of Functional Properties between Native and Chemically Modified Starches from Acha (Digitaria Stapf) Grains  [PDF]
B. I. Olu-Owolabi, O. O. Olayinka, A. A. Adegbemile, K. O. Adebowale
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2014.52027

Acha grain (Digitariaexilis) starch was isolated and subjected to chemical modifications by acetylation, benzylation, succinylation, carboxymethylation and acid-thining. Functional properties (swelling, solubility, gelation, oil and water absorption capacities, alkaline water retention) and rheological properties of the native and modified starches were determined. Swelling power and solubility of the starch samples increased with increase in temperature. Swelling power and solubility were pH dependent, with maximum values obtained at pH 12 in both native and modified starches. Increasing degree of alkalinity increased both solubility and swelling capacity. Water absorption capacities of chemically modified starches decreased, but acetylated starch, ATAS showed higher value compared to the native and also chemically modified starches improved oil absorption capacity of the native starch. The modified starches showed increase in alkaline water retention. Gelation studies revealed that ACAS had higher LGC than the native while some chemically modified starches did not alter the gelation capacity of the native starch except for BAS and ACAS with LGC of 10% and 16% v/w. There were significant differences in functional properties between native and chemically modified starches from acha, so chemical modification improved functional properties. Chemical modifications increased pasting temperature except for ATAS and BAS. Set-back values were reduced after modifications, indicating that modification would minimize starch retrogradation.

Antifungal and antibacterial activities of the ethanolic and aqueous extract of Kigelia africana (Bignoniaceae) stem bark
OJ Owolabi, EKI Omogbai, O Obasuyi
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: Studies on the antibacterial and antifungal activities of the stem bark of Kigelia africana, (LAM). Benth (Family: Bignoniaceae), a medicinal plant used in South, Central and West Africa for the treatment of various ailments and infection was carried out using agar diffusion technique. The results revealed that the crude ethanolic extract exhibited antibacterial and antifungal activities against Staphylococccus aureus and Candida albicans with zones of inhibition measuring 15.0±0.95 and 20.75±4.6mm respectively. The aqueous extract exhibited no antibacterial or antifungal activity. The minimum inhibitory concentration for the extract was 6.25 ± 1.07 mg/ml for S. aureus and 7.92 ± 1.52 mg/ml for C. albicans. The ethanolic extract was also compared with various standards; Ampicillin, Gentamicin, Ceftriaxone and Ciprofloxacin. The ethanolic extract (20mg/ml) produced similar zone of inhibition with 25ìg disc of amoxicillin.
Object Oriented Software Development Using A Use-Cases Approach
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management , 2003,
Abstract: This paper presents a systematic approach to the analysis and design of an online banking system using the Use-Cases method of Jacobson. This analysis and design method will support the development of highly effective reuseable code, thus bringing the benefits of object orientation into important software projects. Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management Vol. 7(2) 2003: 78-88
Rural Poverty and its Implication for Regional Planning in Ekiti State, Nigeria
O. Omotoso,J.T. Owolabi
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Poverty is a state of being poor, being deprived from opportunities as a results of several factors and a state of inequality. It is a situation of low income or low consumption, Jamison and Lau the situation when the resources of families or individuals are inadequate to provide a socially acceptable standard of living. People all over the world should not be allowed to become so poor that they offend or are hurtful to society. It is not so much misery and plight of the poor but the discomfort and cost to the community which is crucial to this view of poverty. In Nigeria for example, the problem of poverty is all over to the extent that low income creates problems for those who are not poor. In this research, the poverty situation and various ways through which the cankerworm has manifested in Ekiti State, the case study, was looked into. The research work employs Orthodox Western views, Marxian theoretical formulations and other social Scientists view to conceptualize the phenomenon. It examines the causes of poverty in Ekiti State and looks into the prospects of poverty in Ekiti State.
Econometrics Analysis of Impact of Capital Market on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1971-2010)
Owolabi A,Ajayi N.O
Asian Economic and Financial Review , 2013,
Abstract: The stock market is a common feature of a modern economy and it is reputed to perform some necessary functions, which promote the growth and development of the economy. This study examines whether or not stock market promotes economic growth in Nigeria. To achieve this objective, ordinary least square regression (OLS) was employed using the data from 1971-2010. The result indicated that there is a positive relationship between economic growth and all the stock market development variables used. With 97% R-squared and 95% adjusted R-squared, the result showed that economic growth in Nigeria is adequately explained by the model for the period between 1971 and 2010.By implication 95% of the variation in the growth of economic activities is explained by the independent variables. The result of the study, which established positive links between the stock market and economic growth, suggests the pursuit of policies geared towards rapid development of the stock market. Also, all sectors of the economy should act in a collaborative manner such that the optimum benefits of linkages between the stock market and economic growth can be realized in Nigeria.
Effects of Reengineering in Banks on Employees Perception of Job Security
Ademola B. Owolabi,Benjamin O. Omolayo
Journal of Management and Strategy , 2011, DOI: 10.5430/jms.v2n4p95
Abstract: Banks in Nigeria are passing through a process of reorganizing how works are done in their organization with the aim of becoming more efficient and effective. This paper examines employees' perception of job security in response to re-engineering or technological changes in Banks. A job insecurity scale was use to measure employee perception to job insecurity. The scale was adapted from Ashford, Lee and Bobkos (1989) job insecurity scale and standardized by the researcher for the purpose of this research. A total of 150 participants (86 males and 64 females) were randomly drawn from two head office branches of Spring and Wema banks (Plc) respectively. Four hypotheses were tested. Findings revealed that there was no significant effect of re-engineering on perception of job insecurity among banks employee. Significant relationship was, however, observed between age and job insecurity of employee, there was also significant effect of job status on job insecurity. The result also revealed a significant effect of gender on perception of job insecurity among bankers. The implication of these findings is that when worker have a good understanding of the process of reengineering through proper education that it does not connote job loss. This study has shown that some negative attitude display by worker in an organization were largely due to lack of proper education by management.

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