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Atendimento de emergência a mulheres que sofreram violência sexual: características das mulheres e resultados até seis meses pós-agress?o
Oshikata, Carlos Tadayuki;Bedone, Aloísio José;Faúndes, Anibal;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2005000100021
Abstract: this study evaluated the process and results of treatment for women at a university hospital after sexual violence. a prospective study of 166 women (> 12 years of age) treated from october 1999 to february 2002 included six months follow-up after aggression. half of the women were under 20 years of age, two were illiterate, 70.0% unmarried, 20.0% used contraceptives, and 80.0% received treatment within the first 24 hours post-aggression. nearly 80.0% of aggressors were unknown to victims and 95.0% of the cases involved vaginal penetration. emergency contraception was administered to 76.0%, antibiotics to 98.0%, hepatitis b immunoglobulin to 95.0%, and hiv anti-retroviral prophylaxis to 90.0%. the first follow-up consultation (at 14 days) was attended by 137 women, whereas 37.0% dropped out before the 45-day visit and only 29.0% complied with the six-month follow-up. during follow-up, hepatitis b and hpv were identified in 2.6%, pelvic inflammatory disease and trichomonas vaginalis in 2.1%, and syphilis in 1.3%. three pregnancies were observed among 127 women who received emergency contraception (2.6%). no cases of hiv seroconversion were observed. emergency care for victims of sexual assault is effective in reducing unwanted pregnancies and infections.
Atendimento de emergência a mulheres que sofreram violência sexual: características das mulheres e resultados até seis meses pós-agress o
Oshikata Carlos Tadayuki,Bedone Aloísio José,Faúndes Anibal
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2005,
Abstract: Avaliou-se o processo e os resultados do tratamento a mulheres vítimas de violência sexual em Hospital Universitário. Estudo prospectivo para avaliar o atendimento de emergência e o seguimento ambulatorial por seis meses de 166 mulheres, pós-púberes, atendidas no Centro de Aten o Integral à Saúde da Mulher da Universidade Estadual de Campinas, entre outubro de 1999 e fevereiro de 2002. Metade era menor de vinte anos, duas n o eram alfabetizadas, 70,0% eram solteiras, 20,0% usavam anticoncepcionais, 80,1% foram atendidas até 24 horas pós-agress o. Os agressores eram desconhecidos em 80,0% dos casos e 95,0% tiveram rela o vaginal. Anticoncep o de emergência foi administrada a 76,0% das mulheres, antibióticos a 98,0%, imunoglobulina para hepatite B a 95,0% e anti-retrovirais a 90,0%. Retornaram aos 14 dias 137 mulheres, 37,0% n o retornaram aos 45 dias e 29,0% completaram seis meses de seguimento. Foi diagnosticado hepatite B e HPV em 2,6%, doen a inflamatória pélvica e tricomoníase em 2,1%, sífilis 1,3%, além de três gesta es entre 127 que receberam anticoncep o de emergência (2,6%). N o houve infec o pelo HIV. O atendimento de emergência a vítimas de violência sexual é eficiente em reduzir o número de gesta es indesejadas e das DST.
Características das mulheres violentadas sexualmente e da ades?o ao seguimento ambulatorial: tendências observadas ao longo dos anos em um servi?o de referência em Campinas, S?o Paulo, Brasil
Oshikata, Carlos Tadayuki;Bedone, Aloíso José;Papa, Mariana de Sá Fonseca;Santos, Gabriela Bezerra dos;Pinheiro, Caroline Damasceno;Kalies, Ana Helena;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2011000400009
Abstract: sexual violence is a crime against individual integrity and sexual freedom. it affects women of all socioeconomic levels, and the perpetrator does not choose the victim's color or age. it is a source of high financial cost and a serious public health problem in brazil. the current study aimed to assess compliance with outpatient follow-up by women victims of sexual violence treated at the center for women's comprehensive healthcare at the state university in campinas, s?o paulo state, from january 2000 to december 2006. we observed a significant increase in the return for scheduled appointments. in 2000, 41% of the women completed the six-month follow-up, and by 2006 the proportion had increased to 70%. some 70% of the women appeared for treatment within 24 hours after being raped. sexual assault by perpetrators known to the victims tripled during this same period. there were changes in the forms of intimidation and a significant decreased in prescription of emergency contraception.
Physical Activity and Blood Lipids and Lipoproteins in Dialysis Patients
Hiroyuki Imamura,Keiko Mizuuchi,Reika Oshikata
International Journal of Nephrology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/106914
Abstract: The relationship between physical activity and blood lipids and lipoproteins in dialysis patients is reviewed in the context of the potentially confounding factors such as nutritional intake, cigarette smoking, obesity, alcohol intake, and physical activity levels in the general population and additional confounding factors such as mode of dialysis and diabetes in dialysis patients. The known associations in the general population of physical activity with high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol subfractions and apolipoprotein A-I are more pronounced in hemodialysis patients than in peritoneal dialysis patients even after adjusting for these confounding factors. Examining studies on the effects of physical activity on blood lipids and lipoproteins, the most consistent observation is the noted decrease in triglycerides and increase in high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol and insulin sensitivity in hemodialysis patients. The changes in lipids and lipoproteins in hemodialysis patients could be caused by changes in activity levels of lipoprotein lipase, insulin sensitivity, and/or glucose metabolism. Future research investigating the relationship between physical activity and blood lipids and lipoproteins in dialysis patients should direct research towards the underlying mechanisms for changes in blood lipids and lipoproteins. 1. Introduction Atherosclerotic heart disease is the leading cause of mortality among patients with chronic kidney disease [1–3]. Chronic kidney disease is associated with dyslipidemia, which seems to persist as renal failure advances and continues to affect clinical outcomes in patients on hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) [4–13]. Patients on HD and PD are at increased risk for atherosclerotic heart disease, which is due at least in part to atherogenic lipid and lipoprotein abnormalities [1]. One study [14] compared traditional atherosclerotic heart disease risk factors among new dialysis patients with those in the general population and reported that the dialysis patients had a high prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, low physical activity, low high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), and high triglycerides (TG). Exercise capacity as measured by maximal oxygen uptake in HD and PD patients is lower than in sedentary normal controls [15], but dialysis patients regardless of the treatment mode could benefit from appropriate exercise training in order to increase physical working capacity [16–18]. The positive association of physical activity with HDL-C has been reported in the general population [19–21]. Although a
Generalization of certain subclasses of analytic functions
Tadayuki Sekine
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1987, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171287000826
Abstract: We introduce the subclass Tj(n,m, ±) of analytic functions with negative coefficients by the operator Dn. Coefficient inequalities and distortion theorems of functions in Tj(n,m, ±) are determind. Further, distortion theorems for fractional calculus of functions in Tj(n,m, ±) are obtained.
Configuration space integral for long n-knots, the Alexander polynomial and knot space cohomology
Tadayuki Watanabe
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: There is a higher dimensional analogue of the perturbative Chern-Simons theory in the sense that a similar perturbative series as in 3-dimension, which is computed via configuration space integral, yields an invariant of higher dimensional knots (Bott-Cattaneo-Rossi invariant), which is constructed by Bott for degree 2 and by Cattaneo-Rossi for higher degrees. However, its feature is yet unknown. In this paper we restrict the study to long ribbon n-knots and characterize the Bott-Cattaneo-Rossi invariant as a finite type invariant of long ribbon n-knots in [HKS]. As a consequence, we obtain a non-trivial description of the Bott-Cattaneo-Rossi invariant in terms of the Alexander polynomial. The results for higher codimension knots are also given. In those cases similar differential forms to define Bott-Cattaneo-Rossi invariant yields infinitely many cohomology classes of Emb(R^n, R^m) if m,n>= 3 odd and m>n+2. We observe that half of these classes are non-trivial, along a line similar to Cattaneo-CottaRamusino-Longoni [CCL].
On model structure for coreflective subcategories of a model category
Tadayuki Haraguchi
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Let $\bf C$ be a coreflective subcategory of a cofibrantly generated model category $\bf D$. In this paper we show that under suitable conditions $\bf C$ admits a cofibrantly generated model structure which is left Quillen adjunct to the model structure on $\bf D$. As an application, we prove that well-known convenient categories of topological spaces, such as $k$-spaces, compactly generated spaces, and $\Delta$-generated spaces \cite{DN} (called numerically generated in \cite{KKH}) admit a finitely generated model structure which is Quillen equivalent to the standard model structure on the category $\bf Top$ of topological spaces.
Long exact sequences for de Rham cohomology of diffeological spaces
Tadayuki Haraguchi
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper we present the notion of de Rham cohomology with compact support for diffeological spaces. Moreover we shall discuss the existence of three long exact sequences. As a concrete example, we show that long exact sequences exist for the de Rham cohomology of diffeological subcartesian spaces.
On Kontsevich's characteristic classes for smooth 5- and 7-dimensional homology sphere bundles
Tadayuki Watanabe
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: M. Kontsevich constructed universal characteristic classes of smooth bundles with fiber a framed odd-dimensional integral homology sphere. In dimension 3, they are known to give a universal finite type invariants of homology 3-spheres. However, they have not been well understood for higher fiber dimensions. The purpose of the present paper is twofold. First, we obtain a bordism invariant of smooth unframed bundles with fiber a 5-dimensional homology sphere, which is defined as a sum of the simplest Kontsevich class and the second signature defect. It may be in some sense a higher dimensional analogue of the Casson invariant. Second, we construct a family of M-bundles. By evaluating on those M-bundles, we show that Kontsevich's universal characteristic classes are highly non-trivial in the case of fiber dimension 7. As a corollary, new estimates for unstable rational homotopy groups of Diff(D^7,\partial D^7) are obtained.
Morse theory and Lescop's equivariant propagator for 3-manifolds with $b_1=1$ fibered over $S^1$
Tadayuki Watanabe
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: For a 3-manifold $M$ with $b_1(M)=1$ fibered over $S^1$ and the fiberwise gradient $\xi$ of a fiberwise Morse function on $M$, we introduce the notion of amidakuji-like path (AL-path) on $M$. An AL-path is a piecewise smooth path on $M$ consisting of edges each of which is either a part of a critical locus of $\xi$ or a flow line of $-\xi$. Counting closed AL-paths with signs gives the Lefschetz zeta function of $M$. The "moduli space" of AL-paths on $M$ gives explicitly Lescop's equivariant propagator, which can be used to define $\mathbb{Z}$-equivariant version of Chern--Simons perturbation theory for $M$.
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