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Meaning Making, Uncertainty Reduction, and Autobiographical Memory: A Replication and Reinterpretation of the TALE Questionnaire  [PDF]
Orlando J. Olivares
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2012.32028
Abstract: The present research was guided by two primary goals: 1) replicate the empirical structure of the Thinking about Life Experiences (TALE) questionnaire (Bluck, Alea, Habermas, & Rubin, 2005); and 2) explore how the functions of autobiographical memory may interact and support one another. Toward the second goal, it is suggested that the potential functions of autobiographical memory may be understood from an existential framework that is grounded by two principles: humans are driven by a need for meaning and meaning is found in relation to others and other things in the world. In this pursuit of meaning making, and a desire to know what to expect from the world, humans seek to create a coherent set of relations among the various existential elements in their lives (Heine, Proulx, & Vohs, 2006); accordingly, humans strive to reduce uncertainty about the world and their place in it. As such, the TALE was reinterpreted using a relational framework and a 28-item self-report measure was developed. Participants completed the TALE and the reinterpreted TALE (RTALE). The results provide some support for the 3-factor structure of the TALE. The proposed 4-factor structure of the RTALE was supported.
Valuation and Risk Assessment of a Portfolio of Variable Annuities: A Vector Autoregression Approach  [PDF]
Albina Orlando, Gary Parker
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2018.82023
Abstract: This paper focuses on assessing the financial position of an insurer issuing a portfolio of Variable Annuities (VAs). Two multivariate models for the underlying and the interest rate are considered. The first model uses a single total rate of return for the basket of assets. The second one, jointly models the rates of return on the n assets in the basket. For simplicity, the insurer is assumed to be able to implement a static hedging programme to manage the risk. As an example, a homogeneous portfolio of VAs with GMDB and GMMB guarantees offering different investment opportunities to the policyholders is studied. The insurer can choose to rebalance the basket of assets regularly or not. Results for these two cases are presented.
Multidisciplinary Approach to a Recovery Plan of Historical Buildings
Luciana Orlando
International Journal of Geophysics , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/258043
Abstract: The paper emphasizes the advantages of employing multiple data techniques—geology, GPS, surveys of cracking, boreholes, seismic refraction and electrical resistivity tomography—to image the shallow stratigraphy and hypothesize the cause of instability of an urban area. The study is focused on the joint interpretation of the crack pattern, topographic monitoring and the features of the underground, to define the area affected by instability and the direction of ground motion with the objective to advance a hypothesis on the cause of the instability of the area and to depict the main features. Borehole stratigraphies for a univocal interpretation of the lithology of electrical and seismic data and electrical resistivity tomography to constrain the interpretation of the lateral velocity variations and thickness of seismic bedrock were used. The geophysical surveys reveals to be complementary in the depicting of underground features. The study is approached at small and medium scale.
Discrete Dynamics in Evolutionary Games
Orlando Gomes
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/416789
Abstract: This paper furnishes a guide for the study of 2-dimensional evolutionary games in discrete time. Evolutionarily stable strategies are identified and nonlinear outcomes are explored. Besides the baseline payoffs of the established strategic interaction, the following elements are also vital to determine the dynamic outcome of a game: the initial fitness of each agent and the rule of motion that describes how individuals switch between strategies. In addition to the dynamic rule commonly used in evolutionary games, the replicator dynamics, we propose another rule, which acknowledges the role of expectations and sophisticates the replicator mechanism.
Racionalidade e escolha
Economia Global e Gest?o , 2007,
Abstract: the concept of rationality is one of the most debated and controversial notions that the economic science has to offer. the rational choice paradigm, which involves profit maximization and utility maximization behavior, may be questioned by an important number of studies that remind that the human choice process is not an error exempt process, that it does not ignore emotional factors and that it is not fulfilled outside a social context where interaction determines behavior. this text intends to characterize the way in which the economists work the notion of rational decision and applies some of their ideas to model the decision process. in particular, we build an exercise in which one considers the cognitive costs involved in the choice process and we make use of the discrete choice theory to exemplify how social interaction and stimuli like advertising determine consumption and utility trajectories.
Introduction: Referential descriptions: for and against
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2009,
Abstract: in this introduction i start by presenting and examining the main positions on the current debate concerning the semantic analysis of sentences containing definite descriptions. as is known, the debate in question has started off with russell's proposal (russell 1905), which has been initially criticized by both strawson (1950) and donnellan (1966). nowadays, waters are divided on this issue: some philosophers, representing the so-called univocality approach (kripke 1977, neale 1990), defend russell's original analysis, according to which all definite descriptions are quantificational expressions, whereas there are others who, following strawson′s and donnellan′s objections, consider that at least some descriptions are genuine singular terms and hence have referential meanings. among the defendants of the last approach, known as the ambiguity theory, we can find michael devitt (1981, 2004, 2007a, 2007b). in the second part of the paper, i then survey devitt's stance on some traditional arguments for the ambiguity theory -mainly, the arguments from misdescription, incompleteness, opacity, and anaphora-, and finally i consider the new ones that he has put forward in favor of the existence of referential descriptions: the argument from regularity, the one based on the comparison with demonstratives, and the argument based on weak rigidity.
General term rigidity as identity of designation: Some comments on Devitt's criticisms
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2009,
Abstract: in his paper "rigid application", michael devitt defends a particular version of the socalled 'essentialist conception' of rigidity for general terms, according to which rigid general terms are rigid appliers, namely, terms that if they apply to an object in any possible world then they apply to that object in every possible in which the object exists. devitt thinks that the thereby defined notion of rigidity makes for an adequate extension to general terms of kripke's notion, originally defined for singular ones, inasmuch as it serves to accomplish its same primary task: namely, "to distinguish terms that are not covered by a description theory from ones that are". he then criticizes the alternative conception of rigidity for general terms as identity of designation -specifically, laporte′s (2000) version- on the basis of its entanglement with some controversial metaphysical theses regarding the existence of universals -including a commitment to a selective realism concerning them. in this paper, i try to defend the identity of designation conception from his criticisms: with this aim, i propose a version different from laporte's, and claim it to be the best one to accomplish the above-mentioned primary semantic task, namely, the one of showing that some general terms, just like most ordinary names, cannot be accounted for in descriptive terms.
Resultados experimentais relativos à poda da figueira, variedade roxo de Valinhos
Rigitano, Orlando;
Bragantia , 1957, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051957000100009
Abstract: four pruning methods were compared during 4 consecutive years at monte alegre do sul, state of s?o paulo. the 4 methods consisted in leaving on the trees, 10 (common method), 20, 30 and 40 branches. pruning was done every year so that all the growth was removed except for a number of branches that were cut back to a length of 2 to 5 inches. on each of these stumps 1 or 2 branches were allowed to grow so that the total number per tree corresponded to the designated treatment. the pruning experiment was laid out in randomized blocks with 3 replications. individual plots consisted of 16 trees of the variety roxo de valinhos (san piero). the results of the trial can be summarized as follows. a) the total yield of the whole experimental plot for the years 1951 through 1954 was, respectively, 5.2, 9.0, 8.9, and 16,0 tons per hectare. this last crop produced in the fifth year after planting was considered very satisfactory when compared with that in other fig growing areas in the world. b) the results of the three last crops were analysed and showed that there was significant tendency for the yield to increase when severity of pruning decreased. in 1954 the yields for the 4 treatments were, respectively, 10.4, 16.3, 18.4, and 18.6 tons per hectare. c) the weight of the ripe figs decreased as the number of branches per tree increased. in 1954 the average fruit weight for the 10, 20, 30 and 40 branch treatments was respectively, 65.5, 63.7, 59.7, and 60,0 g. d) no significant difference was noticed between weights of pruned branches from the 4 treatments. in 1953 and 1954 the average weight of branches for the 10, 20, 30 and 40 branch treatments was respectively, 5,3, 5,2, 4,7, and 5,4 kg per tree. e) a tendency for earlier ripening of the fig crop on trees left with larger numbers of branches was observed. for the first 10 days in january (harvest peak for the 20, 30, and 40 branch treatments) the trees with 10, 20, 30 and 40 branches yielded respectively, 12.9, 21.2, 31.7,
Cambios en las trayectorias de fecundidad masculina en Córdoba, Colombia
Scoppetta, Orlando;
Papeles de población , 2009,
Abstract: a qualitative study based on men from three generations in san antero (cordoba, colombia), inquired for the forces that promoted chances on reproductive indicators and the masculine role in these transformations. the research describes sexual behavior patterns and how both the lack of sexual education and the lack of intergenerational communication become barriers to decision making on fertility in men from the region.
RLA. Revista de lingüística teórica y aplicada , 2007, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-48832007000200008
Abstract: this article examines the processes of phonetic adaptation and morphological integration affecting baseball terms imported from english into dominican spanish. the data are taken from three sources: television and radio broadcasts; a word association test designed to elicit speakers' available lexicon in this semantic field; a questionnaire administered under controlled conditions. analysis of the data indicates that the importation of new lexical items from english does not represent a threat for spanish since the spanish linguistic system has the ability to assimilate and integrate such items by adapting them to its own structures. in this sense, the arrival of loanwords may be viewed as a natural phenomenon that enables the language to expand and enrich its lexis without disrupting its phonological and morphological structures in the process
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