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The Effect of Ultra Low Concentrations of Some Biologically Active Substances on the Aerobic Respiration  [PDF]
Sergii V. Girin, Iryna V. Savinova, Iryna V. Antonenko, Natalia V. Naumenko
CellBio (CellBio) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/cellbio.2016.51001
Abstract: For today it is known, that primary and secondary disorders of the aerobic respiration, which are based on mitochondrial deficiency, lead to a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations and diseases. Therefore, the question about effective correction of various types of energy exchange disorders remains topical. Thus, the aim of our work was the study effect of the complex of biologically active substances (BAS) in ultra low concentrations on the activity of key enzymes of aerobic energy metabolism succinate dehydrogenase (EC (SQR) and mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (EC (GPD2). The human lymphocytes assays were tested in vitro (22 donors). In negative control lymphocytes, cell culture normal saline solution was added. Normal saline solution with NaN3 was added in positive control lymphocytes cell culture. Experimental cell culture contained NaN3 and BAS. Our investigations had been revealed increase SQR activity in the experimental cell culture as compared with positive control culture throughout the time of experiment (measurements were carried out at 4, 24, 48, 72 h of incubation). The SQR activity of experimental cell culture and negative control lymphocytes cell culture was equal up to 24 h of experiment. It showed neutralization of NaN3 inhibitory effect (during 24 h) due to BAS influence. Activity of base glycerophosphate shunt ferment GPD2 of experimental lymphocyte cell culture was not different from GPD2 index in the negative control, but was lower than GPD2 activity in the positive control. It also indicated neutralization NaN3 inhibitory effect due to BAS influence. So we had found that extremely low concentrations of selected BAS with their complex impact on human lymphocytes in vitro could effectively neutralize the inhibitory effect of NaN3 on processes of aerobic energy metabolism link.
The Ethnic Composition of Bohai State on the Archaeological Materials  [PDF]
Olga V. Dyakova
Archaeological Discovery (AD) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ad.2014.21002
Abstract: Setting the Problem: Pohai State (698-926), being situated on the territory of the Russian Primorye, North East of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and North East of China, was created by Tungus-Manchus tribes Sumo Mokhe. Pohai was a poly-ethnic (multinational) state. Tribes Mokhe were the basic population of it. Besides, there lived Koguryo, Paleo-Asian and Chinese residents. Each ethnic community had its own social status that could be determined by archaeological material. For deciding such a task the author worked out methods for determining the structure of archaeological culture. In the Russian archaeology the term “archaeological culture” means a complex of archaeological sites situated on one and the same territory and possessed common indications of material culture (ceramics, artifacts out of metal, necropolis, dwellings, etc.). Structure of Mediaeval Archaeological Cultures: The author proposes to single out three layers in material culture: aboriginal layer contains the information about ethnic belonging; state layer characterizes handcraft production and gives a possibility to determine the state borders; epoch layer gives a possibility to date sites and single out military-trade-economic ties. The aboriginal layer is represented with artifacts being made by residents themselves. They are molded ceramics, traditional decorations, the specificity of dwelling construction, funeral rites, etc. The state layer is represented with handicraft artifacts, mainly, made by alien masters and with technology different from the aboriginal one. For example, ceramics being produced on the potter’s wheel; types of fortifications that were built by special (foreign) masters invited for it, and etc. The
Recommended isolated-line profile for representing high-resolution spectroscopic transitions (IUPAC Technical Report)
Jonathan Tennyson,Peter F. Bernath,Alain Campargue,Attila G. Csaszar,Ludovic Daumont,Robert R. Gamache,Joseph T. Hodges,Daniel Lisak,Olga V. Naumenko,Laurence S. Rothman,Ha Tran,Nikolai F. Zobov,Jeanna Buldyreva,Chris D. Boone,Maria Domenica De Vizia,Livio Gianfrani,Jean-Michel Hartmann,Robert McPheat,Jonathan Murray,Ngoc Hoa Ngo,Oleg L. Polyansky,Damien Weidmann
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1515/pac-2014-0208
Abstract: The report of an IUPAC Task Group, formed in 2011 on "Intensities and line shapes in high-resolution spectra of water isotopologues from experiment and theory" (Project No. 2011-022-2-100), on line profiles of isolated high-resolution rotational-vibrational transitions perturbed by neutral gas-phase molecules is presented. The well-documented inadequacies of the Voigt profile (VP), used almost universally by databases and radiative-transfer codes, to represent pressure effects and Doppler broadening in isolated vibrational-rotational and pure rotational transitions of the water molecule have resulted in the development of a variety of alternative line-profile models. These models capture more of the physics of the influence of pressure on line shapes but, in general, at the price of greater complexity. The Task Group recommends that the partially Correlated quadratic-Speed-Dependent Hard-Collision profile should be adopted as the appropriate model for high-resolution spectroscopy. For simplicity this should be called the Hartmann--Tran profile (HTP). The HTP is sophisticated enough to capture the various collisional contributions to the isolated line shape, can be computed in a straightforward and rapid manner, and reduces to simpler profiles, including the Voigt profile, under certain simplifying assumptions.
Optimization of 8-mm magnetron magnetic system
Avtomonov N. I.,Naumenko V. D.,Suvorov A. N.
Tekhnika i Pribory SVCh , 2011,
Abstract: Optimization of magnetic system of spatial-harmonic cold-cathode magnetron to decrease device mass is performed. Analysis of influence of magnetic conductor size, form of pole pieces and magnet size on magnetic system weight is carried out. Algorithm of optimization of magnet size to obtain minimal weight for maximum magnetic induction field is provided.
Life cycle of mobile devices
G.О Peresadko,S.I. Naumenko,T.V. Rohal
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2011,
Abstract: Article is devoted features of life cycle of mobile devices. The article highlighted a number of disadvantages associated with managing the life cycle of the product. Disadvantages include the orientation is not on the quality of mobile devices and their design, the obsolescence of digital products. The article drew attention to the need for process improvement life cycle management of mobile devices. For since this type of product is now the most popular among the population, consumers are interested, first of all, quality, and only then, look good.
Perfection of Strategic Management of an Organisation Усовершенствование стратегического управления организацией
Naumenko Mariya A.,Gura Tatyana V.,Krasnogrud Yelena S.
Business Inform , 2013,
Abstract: The article considers both theoretical and practical topical aspects of strategic development of an organisation under market conditions. It substantiates urgency of continuous perfection of the process of company management. It generalises theoretical concepts that consider the process of company management. It specifies methods and approaches to development of strategy for achievement of competitiveness of a company and also prospective directions of activity that ensure its growth and prosperity. В статье рассмотрены как теоретические, так и практические актуальные аспекты стратегического развития организации в условиях рынка. Обоснована актуальность постоянного совершенствования процесса управления предприятием. Обобщены теоретические концепции, рассматривающие процесс управления предприятием. Определены методы и подходы к разработке стратегии для достижения конкурентоспособности предприятия, а также перспективные направления деятельности, обеспечивающие его рост и расцвет.
Resonant Diffraction Radiation from an Ultrarelativistic Particle Moving Close to a Tilted Grating
A. P. Potylitsyn,P. V. Karataev,G. A. Naumenko
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.61.7039
Abstract: A simple model for calculating the diffraction radiation characteristics from an ultrarelativistic charged particle moving close to a tilted ideally conducting strip is developed. Resonant diffraction radiation (RDR) is treated as a superposition of the radiation fields for periodically spaced strips. The RDR characteristics have been calculated as a function of the number of grating elements, tilted angle, and initial particle energy. An analogy with both the resonant transition radiation in absorbing medium and the parametric X-ray radiation is noted.
Metameterial refraction characteristics within the millimeter-wave range
G. A. Naumenko,A. P. Potylitsyn,M. V. Shevelev,V. V. Bleko,V. V. Soboleva
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: Phase delays, spectral, orientation, and angular dependences of radiation refraction in metamaterial targets have been experimentally studied within the millimeter-wave range. It has been shown that angular and spectral dependences have a complicate structure, which demonstrated properties typical both for positive and negative refraction indexes. At this, a change of refraction nature occurs in radiation wavelength interval comparable with the sizes of metamaterial structural elements.
Ion exchange recovery of palladium (II) from nitrate weak acidic solutions  [PDF]
Olga N. Kononova, Nataliya G. Goryaeva, Olga V. Dychko
Natural Science (NS) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2009.13021
Abstract: Sorption recovery of palladium (II) from nitrate weak acidic model solutions and solutions of spent catalysts on some ion exchangers with different physical and chemical structure has been investigated. The palladium concentration in contacting solutions was 5.0 ? 10-5 – 1.0 ? 10-3 mol/L at nitric acid and potassium nitrate con-centrations 0.01 and 1.0 mol/L, respectively. It was shown that anion exchangers AV-17-8 as well as Purolite S 985 and A 500 possess the best sorption and kinetic properties. These sorbents can be recommended for selective recovery of palladium from solutions of spent catalysts.
O. Naumenko
Information Technologies and Learning Tools , 2011,
Abstract: In methodical recommendations shortly it is presented bases of organization and realization of scientific researches in a pedagogical college in the conditions of introduction of computer-oriented facilities of studies. A main aim is generalization of creative receptions and methods of receipt of new knowledge, realization of scientific researches, including experiments, treatment and presentation of their results. The first part is devoted to consideration of theory and methodology of process of scientific cognition, including application of laws of logic and dialectics in scientific research, basic principles of organization and realization of scientific researches and research experiments. In the second part the questions of planning of scientific researches in a pedagogical college, treatments and presentations the got results are considered. У методичних рекомендац ях висв тлюються основи орган зац та проведення наукових досл джень в педагог чному коледж в умовах запровадження комп’ютерно ор нтованих засоб в навчання. Головним завданням узагальнення творчих прийом в метод в здобуття нових знань, проведення наукових досл джень, у тому числ й експеримент в, обробки подання х результат в. Перша частина присвячена розгляду теор методолог процесу наукового п знання, включаючи застосування закон в лог ки д алектики в науковому досл дженн , основн засади орган зац проведення наукових досл джень досл дницьких експеримент в. У друг й частин висв тлюються питання планування наукових досл джень у педагог чному коледж , обробки подання отриманих результат в.
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