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Aprender cómo aprendo: la ense?anza de estrategias metacognitivas
Klimenko,Olena; Alvares,José Luis;
Educación y Educadores , 2009,
Abstract: the article reflects on the teaching and learning processes in contemporary schooling, where the priority is on furthering autonomous, self-regulated and continuous learning that allows one to navigate the large quantity of available information and to convert it into knowledge. the "explicitation" and application of cognitive and metacognitive strategies enables students to acquire the tools they need to foster autonomous learning. the role of the teacher in supporting this process is one of a mediator and guide.
Aprender cómo aprendo: la ense anza de estrategias metacognitivas Aprender como aprendo: o ensino de estrategias metacognitivas Learn How I Learn: Metacognitive Teaching Strategies
Olena Klimenko,José Luis Alvares
Educación y Educadores , 2009,
Abstract: El artículo plantea una reflexión sobre los procesos de ense anza y aprendizaje en la escuela contemporánea, cuya prioridad consiste en el fomento de un aprendizaje autónomo, autorregulado y continuado, que permita orientarse en la gran cantidad de la información disponible, convirtiéndola en el conocimiento. La explicitación y aplicación de las estrategias cognitivas y metacognitivas permite a los estudiantes adquirir herramientas necesarias para el fomento del aprendizaje autónomo. El papel del profesor para apoyar este proceso es el de mediador y orientador. Este artigo apresenta uma reflex o sobre os processos de ensino-aprendizagem na escola atual, cujo objetivo principal é favorecer a aprendizagem aut noma, auto-regulada e contínua que permita navegar na imensa quantidade de informa o disponível e transformá-la em conhecimento. A explica o e aplica o de estratégias cognitivas e metacognitivas ajuda aos estudantes a conseguir ferramentas necessárias para promover a aprendizagem aut noma. Para prestar apoio a este processo, o professor deve adotar o role de orientador e mediador. The article reflects on the teaching and learning processes in contemporary schooling, where the priority is on furthering autonomous, self-regulated and continuous learning that allows one to navigate the large quantity of available information and to convert it into knowledge. The "explicitation" and application of cognitive and metacognitive strategies enables students to acquire the tools they need to foster autonomous learning. The role of the teacher in supporting this process is one of a mediator and guide.
Insight into an Acquired Accent of Maritime English Learners  [PDF]
Olena Tyron
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2018.95055
Abstract: The target audience of this article is Maritime English teachers. We have been researching students’ pronunciation before and after a shipboard training in multinational crews. We described the phenomena: The students after a long (approximately 6 months’ shipboard training at sea) returned in the English lecture room with a new acquired accent. From the planed interviews with the surveyed we got information about the national composition of the multinational crews. Then we analyzed information about the peculiar properties of these nations’ pronunciation. We also studied the features that form an accent in English of the Ukrainians. We claim that the theory of converge (make their speech similar to the style of their addressee) and diverge (make their speech different to the style of their addressee) can explain the accent of the students after the shipboard training in a multinational crew. But we assert that inaccuracies in the pronunciation of certain words can distort the accuracy of the utterance and will lead to violations of professional activity. In this connection we consider that any accent in seafarers’ speech has a negative effect on the safety of navigation and seafarers should tend to Standard English pronunciation. Nevertheless, an acquired accent as a result of convergent behavior, have a positive effect in the social-psychological aspect. The research proves that the teachers of Maritime English should: consider the accent as manifestation of ability to use convergence; teach and accept only Standard English especially in the context of safety of navigation; understand the psychological origins of the desire to demonstrate the acquired accent as a manifestation of divergence and skillfully shape the motivation of students to have a standard pronunciation.
Prediction of Multiphase Alternative of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis Course Development  [PDF]
Iryna Lobanova, Olena Myalovitska
World Journal of Neuroscience (WJNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjns.2014.42011

Prediction of development of the multi-phase alternative for the course inherent to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is of great clinical importance, as it enables timely determination of the treatment tactics as well as volume of respective therapeutic interventions. This work is aimed at ascertaining the prognostic factors that determine the risk of development of the multi-phase course in disseminated encephalomyelitis. We have examined 101 patients with the diagnosis ADEM, namely: 28 men and 73 women in the age from 17 up to 53 years (average value 31.7 ± 1.01 years). To ascertain the prognostic meaning of clinic-paraclinic indices corresponding to patients with ADEM, we estimated the cumulative part of absence of relapses in the group of patients by using the Kaplan-Meyer method with estimating the Fisher criterion and using the most important clinic-paraclinic data. Development of the multiphase course in ADEM is reliably related to the following prognostic signs: changes in the neurologic status of patients with ADEM, degree of disability in accord with the EDSS scale as well as sizes of demyelination focuses determined using MRT. Criteria for congenial prediction in disease development with delayed appearance of ADEM relapses in the form of the multi-phase course are as follows: domination of motor impairments over coordinative impairments in neurological status, slight degree (in EDSS scale) of disability and small sizes (up to 4 mm) of demyelination focuses (MRT data). Our analysis of the main clinic-paraclinic indices obtained using the Kaplan-Meyer method indicates reliability of results and enables us to find a number of important prognostic criteria for appearance of the multiphase course in ADEM.

The Participation of Wall Monolignols in Leaf Tolerance to Nature Flooding of Hydrophytes  [PDF]
Olena M. Nedukha
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2015.68058
Abstract: The comparative analysis of the monolignols localization in epidermis, photosynthesizing parenchyma and vessels walls of Myriophyllum spicatum, Potamogeton pectinatus and P. perfoliatus submerged leaves carried out on the basis of cytochemical method and laser confocal microscopy. The images of quantitative distribution of syringyl and guaiacyl in the cell walls were obtained at cellular level depending on the type of leaf tissues and plant species. The increase of relative content of monolignols was established in walls of vessels and in the corners of parenchyma cells. Cytochemical analysis indicates that ratio of syringyl/guaiacyl in leaf tissues changes depending on species. The role of of syringyl and guaiacyl monolignols in the cellular mechanisms of adaptation to nature flooding is discussed.
Amino Acid Composition of Tightly Bound Exopolymeric Substances Produced by Corrosion-Related Bacteria in Presence of Mild Steel  [PDF]
Mariia Boretska, Iaryna Datsenko, Olga Suslova, Olena Pareniuk, Olena Moshynets
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2014.412089
Abstract: The composition of tightly bound exopolymeric substances (EPS) obtained from biofilm and plan- ktonic cell subpopulations of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia 5426 UKM was analyzed to study an impact of mild steel presence in the cultivation medium. The overall protein production was found to increase in the presence of a steel coupon. Some amino acids such as lysine, valine, iso-leucine, tyrosine and phenylalanine were found to be secreted in higher amounts in the presence of mild steel, while its absence leads to an increase of arginine, asparagine, serine, glutamine, proline, glycine, cysteine, leucine, methionine production levels. Biofilm cells EPS contained more arginine, glycine, cysteine, valine, methionine and leucine, comparing to EPS of planktonic cells. The chang- es of tightly bound EPS aggregation around the cells induced in the presence of steel coupons were revealed by transmission electron microscopy. The results suggested the transition of S. maltophilia 5426 UKM cells from planktonic to biofilm lifestyle to be a complex process involving more than a single step.
Trends in Markets for Forest-Based Products and Consequences for Selected Countries  [PDF]
Olena Maksymets, Lars L?nnstedt
Open Journal of Forestry (OJF) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2015.57062
Abstract: The forest sectors in many regions and countries are facing a need to change their structure, due to the development of new markets, emergence of new competitors, and shifts in production and consumption patterns for forest products. This article focuses on recent changes in the trade in these products, on imports and exports of four countries (USA, Sweden, Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, China) during the period from 1995 to 2011. For this purpose we use explanatory data analysis, time series analysis, benchmarking, meta-synthesis and content analysis of scientific and business publications concerning national and global trends in forest product industries. Data sources are various organizations’ databases of international trade in forest-based products in both monetary and physical terms (cubic meters and tons). The results show that the US and Swedish forest sectors are adversely affected by downturns in both their domestic and foreign markets during the study period, while the Ukrainian sector maintains exports of low value-added products at roughly constant levels (except that particle-board exports increase). China maintains production quantities of low value-added forest-based products, but also substantially increases exports of high-value added products. The results may facilitate efforts to forecast future trends and provide useful information and methodological approaches for future studies of interest to industry representatives, policy-makers and researchers.
La creatividad como un desafío para la educación del siglo XXI: um desafío para a educa??o do século XXI
Educación y Educadores , 2008,
Abstract: a look at the concept of creativity and its components offers the possibility of presenting a demystified vision of this human dimension that emerges as a capability susceptible of being developed in everyone. it also affords an opportunity to set forth certain methodological and pedagogic guidelines for education. in this respect, there is the tremendous challenge posed by an educational revolution aimed at creating new learning models that support developmental teaching designed to encourage the creative ability of students at every level, from preschool to higher education. the components of the learning process that are important to the development of creative ability are outlined in the article, such as the creative capacity of the teacher, the design and use of teaching and learning strategies in the classroom, encouragement to a creative atmosphere, and the emergence of creativity as a cultural value. several methodological and educational approaches are considered as part of a didactic proposal to encourage creativity by involving the student in creative learning activity in a creative classroom-workshop situation.
The Features of Functional Capabilities of Elite Basketball Players Related to Game Function
Olena Lysenko
Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10131-009-0005-x
Abstract: Background: The features of functional capacities of elite basketball players related to game functions (players of various lines) have been analyzed on the basis of evaluation of the physiological reactivity characteristics It has been assumed that some specific characteristics are related to efficient competitive activity and are manifestations of endurance: power of cardiorespiratory system (CRS), economy, mobility, stability and ability to realize the potential of the system for specific workload. Material/Methods: Twenty nine elite male basketball players were examined during the competitive period of training. For the analysis of CRS response to physical exercises the complex of the tests for estimating aerobic capacity and anaerobic possibilities of athletes were used. Results: The results showed that basketball players of various game functions have different levels of functional fitness and components of aerobic capacities Conclusion: A possibility to efficiently control the preparation of athletes and determine the most optimal character of their competitive activity has been considered on the basis of an account of functional capacities level and differences in its levels in athletes of different game functions.
Phraseologismen als Quelle der Wortbildung. Phraseological units as source of word-formation
Olena Lazarenko
Kalbotyra , 2008,
Abstract: Phraseological units are not only steady constructions, the transition of free word-combinations in semantically indivisible and syntactically entire word-combinations, but they also serve as a buil-ding material for new words.The article is devoted to the productivity of phraseological units in word-formation of the Ger-man language. The object of my research is 1200 lexemes motivated by phraseological units. The research material is extracted from lexical and phraseological dictionaries, the German belles-lettres and press. The purpose of this study is to analyse linguistic and extralinguistic factors causing the process of the dephraseological derivation, basic word-formation mechanisms and ways of enri-ching vocabulary on the basis of phraseological units.
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