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Guillain-Barré Syndrome after Thrombolysis with Streptokinase
Ertugrul Okuyan,Mehmet Akif Cakar,Mustafa H. Dinckal
Cardiology Research and Practice , 2010, DOI: 10.4061/2010/315856
Abstract: Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is an eponym for a heterogeneous group of immune-mediated peripheral neuropathies. We describe a case of GBS in a patient who recieved intravenous streptokinase therapy for acute anterior myocardial infarction. Clinical symptoms are thought to result from streptokinase-antibody complex mediated damage to the local blood-nerve barrier. Patient was treated with 5-days course of intravenous gammaglobulin and his outcome was good. 1. Introduction Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an eponym for a heterogeneous group of immune-mediated peripheral neuropathies. A feature common in all GBS variants is a rapidly evolving polyradiculoneuropathy preceded by a triggering event, most often an infection [1]. Some cases of GBS after intravenous streptokinase administration have been reported previously [2–5]. We describe a new case of GBS in a patient who received intravenous streptokinase therapy for acute anterior myocardial infarction. 2. Case Report A man 52-year-old taxi driver has been admitted to our clinic with a 1-hour onset chest pain. On electrocardiography, signs of hyperacute anterior wall myocardial infarction were evident. Streptokinase 1500000 unit was administrated over 1 hour intravenously. Reperfusion was positive clinically. Detailed medical history of the patient revealed no exposure to any drugs or toxins. Additionally, there was no evidence of any upper respiratory or gastrointestinal infection within the last 2 months. Medical history was also negative for arterial or venous embolism, connective tissue disease, and vasculitis. He was discharged on the 7th day with oral aspirin, metoprolol, spironolactone, simvastatin, and ramipril. Eleven days after discharge, he complained of progressive weakness on his legs and distal parasthesias. He was unable to walk without aid. On neurological examination, speech was dysarthric, left peripheral type facial paralysis, glove- and stocking-type sensorial impairment and absence of deep-tendon reflexes were prominent findings. Fundoscopic examination was normal. Cranial MRI revealed nothing. Blood chemistry was normal except hyperglycemia. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis showed elevation of protein levels (216?mg/dl). CSF cultures were negative. Electromyographic investigation revealed extensive sensorymotor demyelinized type peripheral neuropathy, supporting the diagnosis of GBS. Patient was treated with 5-days course of intravenous gammaglobulin. Patient’s outcome was good and 1 month later he was able to walk without aid, and 2 months later he was able to work. 3. Discussion
Prevalence of Subclinical Hypothyroidism among Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Okuyan Ertugrul,Uslu Ahmet,Enhos Asim,Hepgul E. Gulcin
ISRN Endocrinology , 2011, DOI: 10.5402/2011/810251
Epicardial Fat Tissue Thickness in Preeclamptic and Normal Pregnancies
Mehmet Mustafa Can,Esra Can,Olcay Ozveren,Ertugrul Okuyan
ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/389539
Epicardial Fat Tissue Thickness in Preeclamptic and Normal Pregnancies
Mehmet Mustafa Can,Esra Can,Olcay Ozveren,Ertugrul Okuyan,Burak Ayca,Mustafa Hakan Dinckal
ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/389539
Abstract: Background. Epicardial fat tissue, another form of visceral adiposity, has been proposed as a new cardiometabolic risk factor, and the possible association of epicardial fat with hypertension has been shown in some recent studies. Although epicardial fat thickness (EFT) is associated with hypertension, the relationship between preeclampsia and EFT is still unknown. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the association between the echocardiographic EFT and the severity of preeclampsia in pregnant women. Methods. Forty women with preeclampsia were recruited and thirty-five normal pregnant women were matched for both maternal age and gestastional age served as control. The materials were collected immediately after delivery of the fetus, before placenta expulsion and before clamping of the umblical cord in patients and controls whom were in fasting state. Total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), and triglyceride levels (TG) and low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), and homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) levels were assessed. EFT was measured by using transthoracic echocardiography. Results. Among the preeclamptic women, 12 were diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and 28 mild preeclampsia. There were no statistically significant differences between patients with preeclampsia and normal pregnancy except when they are divided according to systolic and diastolic blood pressure, proteinuria levels, and parity and EFT levels. Among women with preeclampsia ( ), 30% had severe disease. Women with mild and severe preeclampsia had significiantly higher blood pressures at delivery and earlier gestational ages in comparison to control subjects. Although TG, VLDL and LDL, HDL, and HOMA-IR levels ( ) were comparable between preeclampsia and normal pregnancies, EFT levels were significiantly higher in patients with preeclampsia. Moreover, in subgroup analysis, patients with severe preeclampsia had higher EFT levels ( ) in comparison with mild preeclampsia. Conclusions. EFT levels measured at delivery were increased in patients with preeclampsia, and patients with increased levels of EFT levels had a substantially higher probability of the disease severity in comparison to those with mild preeclampsia and controls. 1. Introduction Preeclampsia is the most important causes of maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in pregnancy [1]. Epicardial fat tissue, another form of visceral adiposity, has been proposed as a new cardiometabolic risk factor and the possible association of epicardial fat with hypertension
Mannose Binding Lectin Deficiency and Clinical Features
Ertugrul Erken
Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi , 2013,
Abstract: Innate immunity consists of macrophages, neutrophils, natural killer cells, mucosal immunuglobulins and the comlement system. Mannose binding lectin (MBL) takes part in innate immunity through opsonisation and complement activation. MBL deficiency is associated with some infections and autoimmune disorders. However some studies indicate that MBL deficiency alone is not essential for immunity but it may intensify the clinic picture of an immune deficiency that already exists. This article refers to clincal studies related to MBL and brings up the clinical importance of MBL deficiency. [Archives Medical Review Journal 2013; 22(4.000): 565-574]
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output OFDM with Index Modulation
Ertugrul Basar
Mathematics , 2015, DOI: 10.1109/LSP.2015.2475361
Abstract: Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing with index modulation (OFDM-IM) is a novel multicarrier transmission technique which has been proposed as an alternative to classical OFDM. The main idea of OFDM-IM is the use of the indices of the active subcarriers in an OFDM system as an additional source of information. In this work, we propose multiple-input multiple-output OFDM-IM (MIMO-OFDM-IM) scheme by combining OFDM-IM and MIMO transmission techniques. The low complexity transceiver structure of the MIMO-OFDM-IM scheme is developed and it is shown via computer simulations that the proposed MIMO-OFDM-IM scheme achieves significantly better error performance than classical MIMO-OFDM for several different system configurations.
MKB’de Yabanc lemleri ve Hisse Senedi Getirileri li kisi = The Relationship Between Foreign Investments and Stock Returns on ISE
Dogus University Journal , 2011,
Abstract: This paper, emerging from base broadening hypothesis, investigates whether the foreign transactions have an affect on the security returns in ISE. The cointegration relationship between two variables has been analyzed by the bounds testing approach developed by Pesaran et. al.(2001) and ARDL models using the monthly data of 1997:01- 2009:12. As a result, a positive relationship has been detected between the foreign transactions and returns of shares in the long run. However, the same relationship is insignificant in the short run. This finding can be interpreted as the validity of base broadening hypotesis in long term in ISE.
In Silico chloroplast SSRs mining of Olea species
Biodiversitas , 2012,
Abstract: Filiz E, Koc E. 2012. In Silico chloroplast SSRs mining of Olea species. Biodiversitas 13: 114-117. Simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers are highly informative and have been widely applied as molecular markers in genetic studies. The purpose of present study is to analyze the occurrence and distribution of chloroplast SSRs in genic and intergenic regions from Olea species viz., Olea europaea, Olea europaea subsp. cuspidate, Olea europaea subsp. europaea, Olea europaea subsp. maroccana, Olea woodiana subsp. woodiana by using bioinformatics tools. We identified 1149 chloroplast SSRs (cpSSRs) in all genome and a total of 340 (29.6%) was located in genic regions. It was observed that the most abundant repeat types were found mononucleotide SSR (66.7 %) followed by trinucleotide SSR (28.3 %), dinucleotide (2.7%), tetranucleotide (1.5%) and pentanucleotide (0.8%). cpSSRs located in genic regions were identified only mono- and trinucleotide motifs, the most abundant of which was trinucleotide (16.2%) followed by mononucleotide (14.3%). All types of repeat motif (mono-, di-, tri-, tetra- and pentanucleotide) were detected except hexanucleotide motifs. According to SSRs analysis, the most abundant observed motifs were identified for mono-, di-, tri-, tetra- and pentanucleotide cpSSRs A/T, AT/TA, AAG/CTT, AAAG/AGTTT, and AATCC/ATTGG respectively. This study results provided scientific base for phylogenetics, evolutionary genetics and diversity studies on different Olea species in future.
The Effect of Precooling of Lettuces and Green Beans on the Ratio of Weight Loss and Net Weight after Storage
Esref Isik,Ertugrul Celik
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In this study, we investigated the effects of precooling and not precooling lettuce types Lital and Yedikule to +2 and +4°C and fresh bean types Aysekadin and Rodop to +8°C in a vacuum cooler on the weight loss and net weight of the products at the end of storage. No statistical difference in poststorage weight loss was found between vacuum precooling treatments in the lettuce trials; however, there was a significant (p<0.01) effect of vacuum precooling on poststorage weight loss in beans. Packaging of precooled products affected weight loss of lettuces and beans (p<0.01) and (p<0.05) significance, respectively. The weight loss in packaged products at the end of the vacuum cooling process was 1.82 and 0.74% in lettuces and beans, respectively, whereas in unpackaged products it was 5.05 and 2.41%. Plant types and packages affected the net weight of lettuces significance (p<0.01). Lital was the best product type with 42.34% net weight and packaging products was the best method with 44.95% net weight. No change in net weight was observed in the beans because there was no spoilage after storage.
Comparison of Generalized Estimating Equations' Performance in Clustered Binary Observations
Ertugrul COLAK,Kazim OZDAMAR
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi , 2007,
Abstract: Objectives: The objective of this study is to compare the performance of generalized estimating equations (GEE) for analysis of clustered binary observations under varying group and observation numbers according to intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC).Materials and Methods: The comparison of GEE performance was made by using bias of parameter estimations through computer simulations under varying group sizes, ICC, number of clusters, and number of observations per cluster. Simulations were performed in SAS 9.0 by using Monte Carlo simulation method. Analyses were made with SAS GENMOD procedure.Results: When intraclass correlation coefficient was low (ICC<0.10), there was no significant difference in parameter estimation and their biases and it was observed that GEE gave reliable, consistent and unbiased estimations. However, when ICC increased (ICC>0.10), it was found that the parameter estimations were significantly biased. On the condition that total sample size is fixed; it was observed that, even though the general sample size was constant in all groups while the number of groups was decreasing, when the number of observations per cluster increased, parameter estimations and their biases weren't affected significantly and the effective factor in parameter estimation was ICC.Conclusion: Because GEE method uses population averaged logistic regression approach, it cannot explain the changes and correlations in clusters completely. The use of GEE method is inconvenient particularly for data sets which have ICC greater than 0.10.
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