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A Comparative Study Above Two Self-Tuning Controllers With Aplication To The Control Of Synchronous Generator Excitation System
Annals of Dunarea de Jos , 2000,
Abstract: This paper presents two self-tuning control structures synthesized through the minimization of two criterion functions. It is described the computation methodology of the control laws, both being particularized for the case of the synchronous generator's excitation control. The parameters estimator is considered the recursive least square error (RLSE) algorithm. In order to validate the considered control structures, two comparative study cases by computer simulation are presented.
Sagitta, Lenses, and Maximal Volume
Curtis Pro
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We give a characterization of critical points that allows us to define a metric invariant on all Riemannian manifolds $M$ with a lower sectional curvature bound and an upper radius bound. We show there is a uniform upper volume bound for all such manifolds with an upper bound on this invariant. We generalize results by Grove and Petersen and by Sill, Wilhelm, and the author by showing any such $M$ that has volume sufficiently close to this upper bound is diffeomorphic to the standard sphere $S^{n}$ or a standard lens space $S^n/\mathbb{Z}_m$ where $m\in\{2,3,\ldots\}$ is no larger than an a priori constant.
The IRIS Development Platform and Proposed Object-Oriented Data Base  [PDF]
Mihai-Octavian Dima
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2015.84017
Abstract: Various code development platforms, such as the ATHENA Framework [1] of the ATLAS [2] experiment encounter lengthy compilation/linking times. To augment this situation, the IRIS Development Platform was built as a software development framework acting as compiler, cross-project linker and data fetcher, which allow hot-swaps in order to compare various versions of software under test. The flexibility fostered by IRIS allowed modular exchange of software libraries among developers, making it a powerful development tool. The IRIS platform used input data ROOT-ntuples [3]; however a new data model is sought, in line with the facilities offered by IRIS. The schematic of a possible new data structuring—as a user implemented object oriented data base, is presented.
A Fragment of Daily Life in the Collectivized Romanian Village between 1971-1985
Revista Roman? de Sociologie , 2012,
Abstract: Based on a personal diary, I will reconstitute certain fragments of daily reality in one collectivized village of the communist period. The research approach is based on a contextual, localist-type methodological perspective, important for minimizing the potential negative effects of the epistemological precarity of post facta analysis, so characteristic to the social and humanistic fields of study. Without doubt, it does not eliminate subjectivity, but it reduces it significantly. The analysis proposed below captures the characteristics of the rural daily life in the last period of the Romanian communist society based on the following criteria: the dissolution of the traditional, peasant village and the end of the peasantry; the emergence of new social value systems; the dismantling of peasant collectivism; the widening rural-urban gap and the effects of economic crisisies in the eighties, which affected both the rural and the urban localities.The premise I start from is that the communist period cannot be judged by applying a reductionist and nominalist label; it must be approached from inside of its own specificity, by attempting to reconstitute the mechanisms of social articulation, which generate new phenomena, having their own historicity, some of which have found an extension in the post-communist period as well.
Paul Henri Stahl and His Contribution to European Ethnosociology
Revista Roman? de Sociologie , 2009,
Abstract: Only a little while has passed since the death of Professor Paul H. Stahl. These lines are an attempt at a synthetic presentation of his life and scientific activity, including short fragments from his memories related to the fieldwork he conducted in his early life, most of the times together with his friend and collaborator, Paul Petrescu. At the same time, being well acquainted with his ethnological and sociological views, as a former student of Paul H. Stahl at the EHESS in Paris, I have sought to capture some of the theoretical dimensions of his activity, insisting first of all on his important contribution to a European anthropology of premodern forms of property and organization of social groups. Within this European analytical and contrastive framework, I have also integrated the Romanian case, to which the late professor Paul H. Stahl was so attached. Secondly, I outlined several directions of analysis of what we could call anthropology of the sacred, the way in which the sacred forms an important dimension of social organization in European peasant societies.
Octavian Baston,Octavian Barna
Annals : Food Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: In the paper we presented a method of sensorial evaluation for chicken meat (red and white). This is a descriptive method of analysis. It was perform with trained assessors for chicken refrigerated raw meat organoleptical evaluation. The sensorial attributes considered were: external aspect of anatomical part of chicken analyzed by slime, the surface odor, the skin and muscle color and muscular elasticity. Color was determined for the skin and white and red muscles. Our scale of analysis is formed by three values that characterize each quality attribute. The trained assessor appreciated the sensorial quality of raw anatomical part of chicken as excellent, acceptable and unacceptable. The objectives were: to establish the sensorial attributes to be analyzed for each type of muscular fiber, to describe the quality of each considered attribute and to realize a sensorial scale of quantification for the considered sensorial attributes. Our purpose was to determine the quality of the red and white refrigerated raw chicken anatomical parts (respectively for legs and breasts) after one week of storage.
Effect of the Spin-Spin Interaction on the Coulomb’s Law: Application to Ferromagnetism  [PDF]
Voicu Dolocan, Voicu Octavian Dolocan
World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics (WJCMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2012.23019
Abstract: In this work we present a model for the determination of the interaction energy for triplet and singlet states in atoms with incomplete filled shells. Our model includes the modification of the Coulomb’s law by the interaction between the magnetic moments of the electrons. We find that the energy of the triplet state is lower than the energy of the singlet state. We calculate the interaction energy between the electrons from the adjacent atoms in fcc lattices and we find that the minimum interaction energy is attained for the triplet state. The result is presented for the interaction between the electrons of the first coordination group and those of the second coordination group. The interaction energy which aligns the spins is used to evaluate the Curie temperature in a mean field model.
Euro area enlargement: dilemmas and strategies after the crisis
M?rginean, S.,Or??tean, R.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series V : Economic Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The main challenges for the New Member States after joining the European Union were Euro adoption and dealing with the economic crisis. This paper explores the impact of the economic crisis on the New Member States of European Union, both to the four NMS countries that joined the euro area, and also for the eight countries which intend to do this in the next few years. The paper begins with an overview of the current situation and analyses the economic performance of the 12 NMS of EU based on the Maastricht Treaty criteria. Finally, we are considering an answer he question: is it necessary to reshape the Euro – area entry rules?
A note on an ergodic theorem in weakly uniformly convex geodesic spaces
Laurentiu Leu?tean,Adriana Nicolae
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Karlsson and Margulis proved in the setting of uniformly convex geodesic spaces, which additionally satisfy a nonpositive curvature condition, an ergodic theorem that focuses on the asymptotic behavior of integrable cocycles of nonexpansive mappings over an ergodic measure-preserving transformation. In this note we show that this result holds true when assuming a weaker notion of uniform convexity.
RELAP5 Calculations of Bethsy 9.1b Test
Andrej Pro?ek
Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/238090
Abstract: Recently, several advanced computational tools for simulating reactor system behavior during real and hypothetical transient scenarios were developed. The TRAC/RELAP Advanced Computational Engine (TRACE) is the latest in a series of advanced, best-estimate reactor system codes developed by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC). Nevertheless, the RELAP5/MOD3.3 computer code will be maintained in the next years. The purpose of the present study was to assess how the accuracy of Bethsy 9.1b test calculation depends on the US NRC RELAP5 code version used. Bethsy 9.1b test (International Standard Problem no. 27) was 5.08?cm equivalent diameter cold leg break without high-pressure safety injection and with delayed ultimate procedure. Seven different RELAP5 code versions were used and as much as possible the same input model. The obtained results indicate that the results obtained by the oldest and latest RELAP5 versions are in general comparable for Bethsy 9.1b test. This is very important for the validity of the results, obtained in the past with older RELAP5 versions. Due to the fact that observation was restricted to Bethsy 9.1b posttest, with its own physical phenomena, this conclusion could be generalized only for scenarios having similar range of the considered Bethsy transient conditions. 1. Introduction Recently, several advanced computational tools for simulating reactor system behavior during real and hypothetical transient scenarios were developed. In the past, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) RELAP5 computer code was one of the most used in the international community. Since the release of RELAP5/MOD2 in 1985 the code was continuously improved and extended. Several new models, improvements to existing models, and user conveniences have been added to the latest RELAP5/MOD3.3 Patch 04 release in 2010 [1]. In the past, the Jo?ef Stefan Institute (JSI) activities in the area of RELAP5 analyses have been aimed also to extend the experiences in simulations of small break loss of coolant accidents (LOCAs) and two-phase natural circulation cooling. Therefore, its own RELAP5 input model of Bethsy facility [2] has been developed. The Bethsy-experiences-based improved modeling methods have been used in simulations of real plant transients and evaluation of plant accident management procedures [3–5]. In 1996 the BETHSY 9.1b test has been analyzed with three different versions of RELAP5 code (MOD2, MOD3.1, and MOD3.1.2 without any modification of the codes and with guidelines consideration) using experimental data

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