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General Consideration on Legal Tax Evasion vs. Tax Fraud
Octavia-Daniela Steriopol,Varvara Licuta Coman,Mirela Costache
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Oeconomica , 2010,
Abstract: The article is a brief overview of tax evasion as a complex social and economicphenomenon, of utmost importance, that today’s states confront with; its consequences seek to limitas much as possible, by legal and fiscal means, the eradication, which, at this point, is virtuallyimpossible. Tax evasion can be analysed from two points of view, the legal and the illegal aspect ofthe phenomenon or the fiscal fraud. The “fiscal paradises” had a very important role in the last years’activity.
Exceptions to the Principle of Free Movement of Workers in the European Community: the Case of Persons Infected with HIV/AIDS
Zemri Elezi,Abdula Azizi,Octavia-Daniela Steriopol
EIRP Proceedings , 2012,
Abstract: The movement of workers in the years after the foundation of the European Community (EC) wasas a result of the labor market needs, essentially in most developed countries in which there was a lack ofspecific profiles of occupation and skilled workers. Due to the fact that, every member state of ECdiscretionary regulates the issues relating to free movement of workers, working conditions and organizationof working hours, it was inalienable the harmonization of rules at the EC level. Even today there are a largenumber of legal measures regarding the harmonization of legislation on free movement in the EC memberstates; however, they are sometimes interpreted differently by its member states, particularly those related tomovement restrictions. Specifically, in the framework of realization of the right to free movement will alsoanalyze the rules that exclude this right and states conduct against persons who violate the rules on freemovement. As states, under the protection of public health of their citizens, they have the right to restrict thefree movement of workers coming from other states, in this context this paper will analyze the behavior ofstates towards persons infected with the virus HIV. This paper will analyze the right to free circulation ofworkers in the EC, and the limitations that exist in several member states, whereas suggests eliminating theobstacles which are not based on the positive acts of the EC.
A Note on Improving Inference of Relative Risk  [PDF]
Octavia C. Y. Wong
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2019.91009
Abstract: Relative risk is a popular measure to compare risk of an outcome in the exposed group to the unexposed group. By applying the delta method and Central Limit Theorem, [1] derives two approximate confidence intervals for the relative risk, and [2] approximates the confidence interval for the relative risk via the likelihood ratio statistic. Both of these approximations require sample size to be large. In this paper, by adjusting the likelihood ratio statistic obtained by [2], a new method is proposed to obtain the confidence interval for the relative risk. Simulation results showed that the proposed method is extremely accurate even when the sample size is small.
Tanti Octavia
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2003,
Abstract: A Modified Giffler and Thompson algorithm combined with dynamic slack time is used to allocate machines resources in dynamic nature. It was compared with a Real Time Order Promising (RTP) algorithm. The performance of modified Giffler and Thompson and RTP algorithms are measured by mean tardiness. The result shows that modified Giffler and Thompson algorithm combined with dynamic slack time provides significantly better result compared with RTP algorithm in terms of mean tardiness.
Tanti Octavia
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2004,
Abstract: This paper discusses the concept of studies an Available to Promise (ATP) system by looking beyond what traditionally highlighted in literature concerning Supply Chain. Advanced ATP systems are implemented in practice depends on the company's strategy. However, The performance measures of ATP system become very important and more complex in order to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of ATP system in a supply chain. This paper concludes seven factors influence ATP system in a supply chain.
ISLAMISM & DEMOCRACY: A Gender Analysis on PKS’s Application of Democratic Principles and Values
Lanny Octavia
Al-Jami'ah : Journal of Islamic Studies , 2012,
Abstract: The increasing popular support for Islamist parties in democratic countries incites public suspicion concerning whether the Islamists’ participation in procedural democracy guarantees their commitment for substantial democracy, which in principle requires equality of rights among citizens regardless of their religion and gender. Indeed, gender politics often appears at the centre of the lslamist agenda, as they seek to construct a new moral order based on a conservative gender perspective. A greater concern arises on whether the Islamists will eventually lead society towards democracy or, conversely, towards theocracy. In Indonesia, the Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera/PKS) shows a remarkable development and significant electoral achievement. Some observers viewed that PKS is opportunistically using democratic means to “hijack” it for their Islamist agenda waiting for when political power is in their hands. Others believe PKS’s involvement in real politics will, in the end, lead to a “gradual secularisation” of their Islamist agenda. Based on a gender analysis, this paper examines whether PKS’s fulfillment of the formalist criteria of democracy is compatible with their application of democratic principles and values. [Semakin menguatnya dukungan terhadap partai Islam memincu kecurigaan publik yang mempertanyakan apakah partisipasi kalangan islamis dalam demokrasi prosedural menjamin komitmen mereka bagi tegaknya demokrasi substansial, demokrasi yang mensyaratkan kesetaraan bagi semua orang tanpa terkecuali. Sebenarnya, agenda politik gender yang didengungkan oleh kalangan islamis tidak bisa dilepaskan dari perspektif konservatif mereka mengenai relasi gender. Pertanyaannya kemudian, apakah yang mereka agendakan akan berlabuh pada pemantapan demokrasi atau --sebaliknya - menuju teokrasi. Di Indonesia, Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) adalah satu-satunya partai Islam di Indonesia yang berhasil berkembang pesat dan mampu mendulang suara secara signifikan. Bagi beberapa pengamat, PKS merepresentasikan partai Islamis yang berhasil “menunggangi” demokrasi untuk memperjuangkan agenda islamis mereka. Ini akan tampak jelas jika PKS berhasil menjadi partai penguasa. Kendati demikian, beberapa kalangan lainnya berkeyakinan bahwa keterlibatan PKS dalam politik demokratis akan “mensekulerkan” agenda islamis mereka. Dengan analisis gender, tulisan ini hendak menjawab apakah kriteria formal mengenai nilai dan prinsip demokrasi yang melekat pada PKS sejalan dengan apa yang mereka praktekkan.]
Initial-value problems for first-order differential systems with general nonlocal conditions
Octavia Nica
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations , 2012,
Abstract: This article concerns the existence of solutions to initial-value problems for nonlinear first-order differential systems with nonlocal conditions of functional type. The fixed point principles by Perov, Schauder and Leray-Schauder are applied to a nonlinear integral operator split into two operators, one of Fredholm type and the other of Volterra type. The novelty in this article is combining this approach with the technique that uses convergent to zero matrices and vector norms.
Pratikto Pratikto,Tanti Octavia
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 2009,
Abstract: Many companies strive for minimizing imbalance work station as well as number of work stations. Besides, the work station’s precedence and space curb also have to be considered. So far, there exist many solutions on those quests. Two of those solutions are the straight line and the U-type line balancing. In this paper, we compare the straight line balancing to U-type line balancing using Mixed Integer Programming (MIP), particularly, for solving the assembly line of water pumps production. Additionally, we employed LINGO to solve the MIP model. The result shows that the U-type line gives a better solution than the straight line balancing in term of number of work station. Moreover, it also shows that U-type line balancing is more efficient than the straight line balancing, significantly. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Saat ini, secara umum banyak perusahaan dihadapkan pada masalah meminimalkan beban kerja yang tidak seimbang dan jumlah stasiun kerja dengan batasan proses serta lokasi yang ada. Banyak penelitian yang telah dilakukan untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan di atas. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk membandingkan keseimbangan lintasan straight line dan tipe U-line menggunakan model mixed integer programming pada suatu perakitan pompa air. Model mixed integer programming diselesaikan dengan menggunakan LINGO. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan tipe U-line memberikan hasil yang lebih baik dibandingkan straight line berdasarkan jumlah work station dan lebih efisien secara signifikan. Kata kunci: keseimbangan lintasan, keseimbangan lintasan tipe U-line, mixed integer programming
Tanti Octavia,Joni Cenderakiawan
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 1999,
Abstract: Shewhart's dan S(or R) control charts have been used very widely in industries . For several decades, many researchers have endeavoured to develop new algorithms to raise the detecting effectiveness of the control charts. While these methods do increase detecting effectiveness, they usually increase the type I error at the same time. This error give the warning that process is unstable. In this article, we design a single control chart to subtitute -S control chart that have the same sensitivity but doesn't increase error type I. We analyze those factors and their influence to a single and -S control chart. The ARL1 value in -S control chart i s compared with a single control chart . The result shows that a single control chart effective enough. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Sampai saat ini Peta Kendali dan S (atau R) merupakan peta kendali yang umum dipakai di kalangan industri. Pada beberapa dekade, sejumlah penelitian dilakukan untuk menemukan algoritma yang dapat meningkatkan kepekaan peta kendali dalam pendeteksian. Pada saat kepekaan peta kendali tersebut meningkat maka bersamaan dengan itu kesalahan dalam pendeteksian juga meningkat. Di dalam artikel ini penulis mencoba membangun sebuah peta kendali tunggal yang dapat menggantikan peta kendali -S yang memiliki kepekaan sama tetapi tidak meningkatkan kesalahan jenis I. Untuk itu dilakukan simulasi yang menganalisa faktor-faktor tersebut dan pengaruhnya terhadap peta kendali -S dan tunggal. Nilai ARL1 peta kendali -S dibandingkan dengan nilai ARL1 peta kendali tunggal. Hasil simulasi menunujukkan bahwa peta kendali tunggal cukup efektif. Kata kunci : ARL0, ARL1, a1
Octavia Maria CILIBIU
Annals of Constantin Brancusi University of Targu-Jiu : Juridical Science Series , 2011,
Abstract: Regarding the evidence meanswhich can be administered in the fiscal procedure,according to the disposition of the art. 49 from Fiscalprocedure Code, for determining the real fiscalsituation, the fiscal body, in the conditions of the law,uses evidence means, being able to: requestinformation, of any kind, from tax payers and otherpersons, to request expertise, to use documents andrealize researches on the scene.In the fiscal procedure, the research on thescene can be defined as being an examinationprocedure made up of the analyze and examination bythe fiscal body of the taxpayer’s fiscal situation,physical or juridical person, realizing ascertainmentin fiscal interest to establish the real status of thefiscal situation.The action of the research on the scene,realized to determine the real fiscal situation does notrepresent a fiscal inspection action.The responsibility of the evidence, accordingto provisions of the art. 65 from fiscal procedure codeis due to the taxpayer having the liability to provedocuments and actions which have been at the basisof their statements and of any other requestsaddressed to the fiscal organ. Also, the fiscal organhas the responsibility to motivate the decision oftaxation based on evidences and own ascertainment.The research on the scene is an importantevidence means in the fiscal procedure, with whichwould be established the fiscal situation, alongsidethe other evidence means, being thus established andreceived, in a correct manner, the taxes and levies dueby taxpayers.
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