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In situ molecular identification of the Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Neuraminidase in patients with severe and fatal infections during a pandemic in Mexico City
Ocadiz-Delgado Rodolfo,Albino-Sanchez Martha Estela,Garcia-Villa Enrique,Aguilar-Gonzalez Maria Guadalupe
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-13-20
Abstract: Background In April 2009, public health surveillance detected an increased number of influenza-like illnesses in Mexico City’s hospitals. The etiological agent was subsequently determined to be a spread of a worldwide novel influenza A (H1N1) triple reassortant. The purpose of the present study was to demonstrate that molecular detection of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 strains is possible in archival material such as paraffin-embedded lung samples. Methods In order to detect A (H1N1) virus sequences in archived biological samples, eight paraffin-embedded lung samples from patients who died of pneumonia and respiratory failure were tested for influenza A (H1N1) Neuraminidase (NA) RNA using in situ RT-PCR. Results We detected NA transcripts in 100% of the previously diagnosed A (H1N1)-positive samples as a cytoplasmic signal. No expression was detected by in situ RT-PCR in two Influenza-like Illness A (H1N1)-negative patients using standard protocols nor in a non-related cervical cell line. In situ relative transcription levels correlated with those obtained when in vitro RT-PCR assays were performed. Partial sequences of the NA gene from A (H1N1)-positive patients were obtained by the in situ RT-PCR-sequencing method. Sequence analysis showed 98% similarity with influenza viruses reported previously in other places. Conclusions We have successfully amplified specific influenza A (H1N1) NA sequences using stored clinical material; results suggest that this strategy could be useful when clinical RNA samples are quantity limited, or when poor quality is obtained. Here, we provide a very sensitive method that specifically detects the neuraminidase viral RNA in lung samples from patients who died from pneumonia caused by Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak in Mexico City.
Consideraciones para el desarrollo de un sistema integral de evaluación y manejo de la fertilidad del suelo y aplicación de fertilizantes para una agricultura sustentable en venezuela
Delgado,Rodolfo; Salas,Ana Mireya;
Agronomía Tropical , 2006,
Abstract: the development of a sustainable agriculture would require integral mechanisms to evaluate and to manage soil fertility, and to recommend mineral or organic fertilizer rates in accordance with environmental, economical, and harvest quality requirements as well as with farmer capabilities. in this paper we proposed a strategy to develop an integral system, based on 1) fate of nutrients, and other important elements, in the soil-water-crop-atmosphere system (i.e. c-co2), 2) most important bio-physical characteristics of the soil and climate, at homogeneous units of land, 3) effect of management practices on specific soil properties, 4) farmer expectations in relation to yield quantity and quality, 5) technical and economical capabilities of the farmer, 6) nutritional requirements and crop growth characteristics of specific varieties or hybrids, 7) characteristics of traditional and alternative nutrient sources, 8) acceptable limits of emissions of gasses and nutrients to the atmosphere and water, and disposal of agricultural bio-products. in this proposal we suggest the use of mechanisms able to integrate the main processes of the soil-cropclimate system to simulate crop growth, soil properties related to soil fertility and soil quality, and the fate of nutrients in the system, in addition of allowing the prediction of nutrient availability in the soil profile. also, the proposed integral mechanism could be useful to teach and to study sustainability issues and soil processes associate with soil fertility, and to detect research needs.
Epoca de aplicación y tipo de fertilizante nitrogenado sobre el patrón de acumulación de materia seca y nitrógeno del maíz en un Ultisol y un Mollisol de Venezuela1
Delgado,Rodolfo; Velásquez,Lorenzo; Cabrera de Bisbal,Evelyn;
Agronomía Tropical , 2004,
Abstract: types of n sources, and time of n-fertilizer application could affect n use and yield production of maize, zea mays l. in this experiment, maize response to application of 120 kg n ha-1 applied as urea, ammonium nitrate (an), and an ammonium source (10-26-26), and time of application of the sidedress was evaluated in an ultisol and in a mollisol of venezuela. normally there were more dry matter production, and n uptake under na. in the mollisol, early application of the n dose (the whole n at sowing or side dressing at 15 days) allowed more n uptake by the crop than late application of the element (sidedressing at 25 and 35 days).
Efecto del tipo de labranza sobre el suministro del agua y el crecimiento del frijol tuy en un suelo mollisol de Venezuela
Delgado,Rodolfo; Cabrera de Bisbal,Evelyn; Gamez,Florencio; Navarro,Lesce;
Agronomía Tropical , 2010,
Abstract: the cowpea, vigna unguiculata l. walp, is an important crop in venezuela, and is necessary to evaluate different tillage practices to increase its production, and to improve the soil properties. we evaluated the impact of the minimum tillage (mt) and conventional tillage (ct) in the production of dry matter (dm), foliar area (fa), and crop production of cowpea, variety tuy, sowed at 0.5 m between rows and 0.05 m between plants in a mollisol soil of aragua state, in a completelly randomized block desing, with four repetitions, and the impact in the soil water content until 50 cm of depth during the crop cycle (cc), the soil bulk density, macro- and micro-porosity, total soil porosity and soil infi ltration. the analisis of variance and means test (tukey a=10%) was done using the statistical analysis system (sas) program. there was a not signifi cant difference in the pattern of dm production of leaves, stem, total dm, foliar area, and grain yield between mt and ct. the fa of the ct there was only signifi cat higher than in mt at 67 days after emergency. in the soil, there was signifi cant differences bewteen mt and ct in the soil water of the 0-5 cm soil layer, in the total soil porosity of the 30-40 and 40-50 cm soil layers, in the soil bulk density of the 0-5 and 5-10 cm soil layers, and in the soil water content at soil capacity in the 0-5 and 10-20 cm soil layers. there was a signifi cant relationship between the water used or missing during the crop cycle and the total dm produced in mt and ct
Carcinoma escamoso metastásico primario de origen desconocido. Presentación de un caso Primary Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Unknown Origin. A Case Report
Miguel ángel Serra Valdés,Rodolfo Delgado Almanza
Finlay : Revista de Enfermedades no Transmisibles , 2012,
Abstract: El cáncer primario oculto representa según varias series del 0,5 al 7 % de todos los cánceres que se diagnostican y la edad media de presentación es 60 a os. Se presenta un caso de metástasis ganglionar de carcinoma primario de células escamosas no identificado, de una paciente de 58 a os de edad, de color de piel blanca, con antecedentes de salud, ama de casa, que fumaba desde joven e ingería alcohol frecuentemente. Ingresó con aumento de volumen de los ganglios del cuello. Se diagnosticó por biopsia metástasis de carcinoma escamoso. No pudo identificarse el primario en vida ni en la necropsia. El cáncer metastásico primario de origen desconocido sigue siendo un reto para la práctica clínica. Occult primary cancer represents, according to several series, from 0,5 % to 7 % of all diagnosed cancers, the average onset age being 60 years old. We report the case of nodal metastasis of unidentified primary squamous cell carcinoma in a 58 years old patient with white skin and a history of good health. The patient was a housekeeper who smoked from early age and frequently consumed alcohol. She was admitted with an enlargement of the neck glands. Metastases of squamous cell carcinoma were diagnosed through biopsy. Primary cancer was not identified neither while still alive or at necropsy. Primary metastatic cancers of unknown origin remain a challenge for clinical practice.
Acumulación de S, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn y Mn y relación con la materia seca en frijol cultivado bajo labranza mínima y convencional en un mollisol de Venezuela
Delgado,Rodolfo; Cabrera de Bisbal,Evelyn; Navarro,Lesce; Paredes,María;
Agronomía Tropical , 2010,
Abstract: in venezuela there is a need for information regarding nutrient accumulation by cowpea, vigna unguiculta l. walp and their relationship with dry matter production (dm), to improve the effi ciency of use of fertilizer, and the amount of nutrient to apply. in this study the absortion of s, zn, ca, mg, fe and mn by cowpea (tuy variety), sowed under minimum (mt) and conventional tillage (ct), was evaluated in a molisol soil of the aragua state. the concentration of the nutrients evaluated were similar in mt and ct, with the exception of s, which was higher in ct. the pattern of the nutrient accumulation was similar in nt and ct, althought the amount of nutrients taken up was higher in ct. between 11-32% of the s, zn, mg and fe, and between 55-59% of ca and mn were accumulated during the fi rst 43 days after germination (dag), while between 68-89% of the fi rst, and 45-61% of the latter were accumulated between the 43-58 dag. probably in ct the higher accumulation of nutrients was associated to a lower soil bulk density in the soil layers between 0-10 cm, which improve the development of the root system. in mt there was a cuadratic relationship between dm and the amount of nutrient accumulated, which suggest that some other soil factor could affect the nutrient absorption, while in ct there was a lineal relationship, which suggest that the crop production could be increased by improvement of the fertilizer management
Acumulación de materia seca, absorción de Nitrógeno, Fosforo y Potasio por el maíz en diferentes condiciones de manejo de la Fertilización Nitrogenada
Delgado,Rodolfo; Nú?ez U,María C; Velásquez,Lorenzo;
Agronomía Tropical , 2004,
Abstract: the pattern of dry matter (dm) accumulation and n, p, and k uptake by maize, zea mays l., could be used in determining the amount and optimal stages of fertilizer application to improve nutrient efficiency. in this experiment it was evaluated the parameters mentioned above by 1) maize hybrid in a mollisol soil of maracay where between 0 to 180 kg n ha-1 was applied, and 2) in a ultisol and in a mollisol soil of el pao (cojedes) and turén (portuguesa) where 120 kg n ha-1 was applied whole at the sowing time, or split between sowing time and dressing at 15, 25, or 35 days after sowing. it was found that dm production had a similar pattern in the three places: between 47% and 58% of the dm was accumulated during the first 60 days, and between 88 and 100% 90 days after sowing. however between 56 and 88% of n, and between 84 and 100% of k were taken up at the 60 days after sowing, with maximum uptake rate between 1.6-3.1 and 2.1-3.9 kg ha-1 d-1 of n and k at the 45-60 and 30-45 days periods respectively. there was a linear relationship between dm production and p uptake (r2 = 0.95-0.99), although p uptake changed between 16.5 (turén) and 42 kg ha-1 (el pao). the maximum p uptake rate changed from 0.30 kg ha-1 d-1 at 60-90 days period (turén), and 1.2 kg ha-1 d-1 at 75-90 days period (el pao). the amount of nutrient uptake followed the order k>n>p.
Acumulación de materia seca, N, P y K en frijol cultivado bajo labranza mínima y convencional en un mollisol de Venezuela
Delgado,Rodolfo; Cabrera de Bisbal,Evelyn; Ortega,Bethsaida; Velásquez,Lorenzo;
Agronomía Tropical , 2009,
Abstract: the knowledge of the pattern of dry matter (dm) production and nutrient uptake by -cowpea, vigna unguiculta, could be usefull to improve the quantity and application time of fertilizers. we evaluated the acumulation of dm, n, p, and k in leaf, steam, grain, pod, and foliar area (fa) a the 15, 29, 43, 58, and 73 days after germination (dag) in cowpea (variety tuy), sowed under minimun (mt) and conventional tillage (ct), in a mollisol soil located at aragua state in venezuela, in an experiment of random block desing with three repetitions. in each sampler time three plants were collected in each experimental unit. we found that the patter of dm accumulation and of nutrient uptake were similar between mt and ct, and in average 69% of the dm, and 92, 79 and 78% of the n, p, and k were accumulated in the period between 43 and 58 dag. the dm, n, p, and k in ct were statisticaly greater than in mt at the 15 and 58 dag for n, at the 58 dag for p, and 43 and 58 dag for k. the ratio fa/dm were similar in ct and mt: in average, it decreased since 412.95 cm2/g dm at the 15 dag, until 72 cm2/g dm at the 58 dag. the p, k, and n taken up, individually, explain between 99 and 94%, 98 and 90%, and 73 and 37% of the variation in dm in ct and mt respectivelly
México en la órbita de la economía global del trabajo barato: dependencia crítica de las remesas
Raúl Delgado Wise,Rodolfo García Zamora,Humberto Márquez Covarrubias
Revista Theomai , 2006,
Swimming Performance: A Strategy to Evaluate Motor Dysfunction after Brain Ischemia in Mice  [PDF]
Claudia Gómez, Martha Delgado-García, Jacinto Santiago-Mejía, Rosa Ventura-Martínez, Leticia Parra-Gámez, Jacquelina González-Ríos, Rodolfo Rodríguez
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2013.38062

We have previously reported that sequential common artery sectioning (SCAS) in mice produces a reproducible pattern of mortality, extensive brain damage and a wide range of measurable neurobehavioral alterations that include motor incoordination and forelimb flexion. The present study describes a comprehensive method to assess motor functional outcome after brain ischemia produced by SCAS using swimming behavior. We found that after the second artery occlusion the time for completion of the swimming task significantly increased and the swimming pattern alterations observed in the ischemic mice showed no evidence of recovery (up to 96 h). We view the swimming performance strategy described here as a sensitive, simple and economic procedure to assess motor performance after brain ischemia.

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