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Changes in Serum Levels of Bone Morphogenic Protein 4 and Inflammatory Cytokines after Bariatric Surgery in Severely Obese Korean Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Mee Kyoung Kim,Eun-Hee Jang,Oak-Kee Hong,Hyun-Ji Chun,Soon-Jib Yoo,Ki-Hyun Baek,Wook Kim,Eung Kook Kim,Ki-Ho Song,Hyuk-Sang Kwon
International Journal of Endocrinology , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/681205
Abstract: Serum bone morphogenic protein- (BMP-) 4 levels are associated with human adiposity. The aim of this study was to investigate changes in serum levels of BMP-4 and inflammatory cytokines after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB). Fifty-seven patients with type 2 diabetes underwent RYGB. Serum levels of BMP-4 and various inflammatory markers, including high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP), free fatty acids (FFAs), and plasminogen activator inhibitor- (PAI-) 1, were measured before and 12 months after RYGB. Remission was defined as glycated hemoglobin <6.5% for at least 1 year in the absence of medications. Levels of PAI-1, hsCRP, and FFAs were significantly decreased at 1 year after RYGB. BMP-4 levels were also significantly lower at 1 year after RYGB than at baseline ( ). Of the 57 patients, 40 (70%) had diabetes remission at 1 year after surgery (remission group). Compared with patients in the nonremission group, patients in the remission group had lower PAI-1 levels and smaller visceral fat areas at baseline. There was a difference in the change in the BMP-4 level according to remission status. Our data demonstrate a significant beneficial effect of bariatric surgery on established cardiovascular risk factors and a reduction in chronic nonspecific inflammation after surgery. 1. Introduction Bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) are members of the transforming growth factor-β superfamily. Although they were originally identified as bone-inducing proteins, the activities of BMPs are not restricted to bone formation [1]. Recent data indicate that BMP-4 induces the differentiation of white fat, the predominant type of adipose tissue [2]. Exposing pluripotent 10T1/2 cells to exogenous BMP-4 induces adipocyte lineage commitment [3]. Adipocyte precursor cells (APCs) derived from subcutaneous fat differentiate well in the presence of classical induction cocktail, whereas those from visceral fat differentiate poorly but can be induced to differentiate by addition of BMP-4 [4]. Activation of BMP-4 signaling may be associated with increased adiposity in humans [3]. It is still unclear whether BMP-4 acts via an endocrine mechanism or an autocrine pathway and whether cellular expression of BMP-4 reflects circulating blood levels of BMP-4 [5]. Recently, we showed that serum BMP-4 levels are associated with human adiposity, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome in nondiabetic subjects [6]. However, no studies have investigated the changes in BMP-4 levels in severely obese patients with type 2 diabetes after bariatric surgery. Adipose tissue is suggested to
Biocultural diversity and traditional ecological knowledge in island regions of Southwestern Korea
Sun-Kee Hong
Journal of Ecology and Field Biology , 2011,
Abstract: In 2009, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized the unique outstanding ecosystem biodiversity and distinct ecocultural values of the Shinan Dadohae Biosphere Reserve in the island region. The Dadohae area, which has been sustainably conserved for scores of years, boasts not only a unique ecosystem, but also has residents with a wide range of traditional ecological knowledge. In terms of understanding the soundness of the ecosystem network known as the landscape system, the recent expansion of environmental development has served to heighten the degree of consideration given not only to biodiversity, which has long been used as an indicator to assess ecosystem soundness, but also to assess cultural diversity. Man has used the surrounding landscape and living organisms as his life resources since the beginning. Moreover, whenever necessary, man has developed new species through cultivation. Biodiversity became a foundation that facilitated establishing cultural diversity such as food and housing. Such ecological knowledge has been conveyed not only to adjacent regions, but also at the international level. The recent rapid changes in the Dadohae area island ecosystem caused by the transformation of fishing grounds by such factors as climate change, excess human activities, and marine pollution, is an epoch event in environmental history that shows that the balance between man and nature has become skewed. Furthermore, this issue has moved beyond the biodiversity and landscape diversity level to become an issue that should be addressed at the cultural diversity level. To this end, the time has come to pay close attention to this issue.
Island ecology on biological-cultural diversities and human adaptation in seascapes
Sun-Kee Hong
Journal of Ecology and Field Biology , 2010,
Abstract: The Asian cultural landscape is a mirrored ecosystem of great complexity, formed by the interaction of man and nature,coupled with a host of ecological processes. The human dependencies on and environmental adaptation of thebio-organisms and the surrounding landscape constitute the typical cultural landscape. Islands are a good example ofa cultural landscape, and each mosaic pattern of marine and coastal ecosystems reflects bio-cultural diversity. Alongwith land-use patterns, wise use of biological organisms and indigenous knowledge has expanded to islands in the Asia-Pacific region in several ways (sea current and human impact, etc.). Loss in biodiversity and landscape diversity as wellas cultural diversity owing to global warming and rapid urbanization are emerging issues for island ecosystems all overthe world. In order to sustain the historical coexistence between man and natural systems, we ecologists must continueto search for a holistic solution for academic consilience. In this paper, I present the vision and practical characteristicsof island ecology with a view toward the conservation of the traditional landscape and bio-cultural diversities in theseascape.
Cause and consequence of landscape fragmentation and changing disturbance by socio-economic development in mountain landscape system of South Korea
Cause and consequence of landscape fragmentation and changing disturbance by socio economic development in mountain landscape system of South Korea

Sun-Kee Hong,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1999,
Abstract: --Through the statistics and the analysis of landscape map,changes of lands-use regime and landscape structure during 20 yearswere investigated in the agriculture-forestry complexed mountainlandscape system of Yangdong-Myon, Yangpyung-Gun in the centralKorea. Landscape changes of this region was inter-related to therecent socio-economic development of rural life. Utilization ofbiomass and other traditional forest management were drasticallyabandoned in recent 10 years. Landscape analysis of maps showedthat the area of secondary vegetation that had been sustained byhuman-nature disturbance was decreased by use of plantation duringthis time. Those decreased areas were replaced to plantation forwood production and other purpose. Past area of woody speciesdominated in plantation also substituted to other species. Traditional human activity on secondary vegetation was disappeared. Consequently, the advanced management regimes such as newplantation and cultivation extending areas were increased inabandoned land.
Macroscopic Structural Analysis on a 10 kW Class Lab-Scale Process Heat Exchanger Prototype under a High-Temperature Gas Loop Condition  [PDF]
Kee-Nam Song, Sung-Deok Hong, Hong-Yoon Park
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.51A017

A PHE (Process Heat Exchanger) is a key component in transferring high-temperature heat generated from a VHTR (Very High Temperature Reactor) to a chemical reaction for the massive production of hydrogen. Last year, a 10 kW class lab-scale PHE prototype made of Hastelloy-X was manufactured at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), and a performance test of the PHE prototype is currently underway in a small-scale nitrogen gas loop at KAERI. The PHE prototype is composed of two kinds of flow plates: grooves 1.0 mm in diameter machined into the flow plate for the primary coolant, and waved channels bent into the flow plate for the secondary coolant. Inside the 10 kW class lab-scale PHE prototype, twenty flow plates for the primary and secondary coolants are stacked in turn. In this study, to understand the macroscopic structural behavior of the PHE prototype under the steady-state operating condition of the gas loop, high-temperature structural analyses on the 10 kW class lab-scale PHE prototype were performed for two extreme cases: in the event of contacting the flow plates together, and when not contacting them. The analysis results for the extreme cases were also compared.

Preventing steroid induced osteoporosis
Oak Jyotsna
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology , 2008,
From Papyrus to Paperless
Oak S
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine , 2008,
Thiocyanate Ion Selective Solid Contact Electrode Based on Mn Complex of N,N'-BIs-(4-Phenylazosalicylidene)-O-Phenylene Diamine Ionophore  [PDF]
Won-Sik Han, Tae-Kee Hong, Young-Hoon Lee
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2011.26084
Abstract: A thiocyanate ion selective poly(aniline) solid contact electrode based on manganese complex of N,N’-bis-(4-phenylazosalicylidene)-o-phenylene diamine ionophore was successfully developed. The electrode exhibits a good linear response of 58.1 mV/decade (at 20?C ± 0.2?C, r2 = 0.998) with in the concentration range of 1 × 10–1.0 ~ 1 × 10–5.8 M thiocyanate solution. The composition of this electrode was: ionophore 0.040, polyvinylchloride 0.300, dibutylphthalate 0.660 (mass). This dibutylphthalate plasticizer provides the best response characteristics. The electrode shows good selectivity for thiocyanate ion in comparison with any other anions and is suitable for use with aqueous solutions of pH 4.0 ~ 6.0. The standard deviations of the measured emf difference were ±1.70 and ±2.01 mV for thiocyanate sample solutions of 1.0 × 10–2 M and 1.0 × 10–3 M, respectively. The stabilization time was less than 170 sec. and response time was less than 17 sec.
Strong correlation effects in the doped Hubbard model in infinite dimensions
Hae-Young Kee,Jongbae Hong
Physics , 1995, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.55.5670
Abstract: The density of states and the optical conductivity of the doped Hubbard model on a Bethe lattice with infinite connectivities have been studied using an analytic variant of the Lanczos continued fraction method. The spectral weight of the gap states and the position of the chemical potential upon hole or electron doping have been studied. We argue that the strong correlation effects such as gap states and midinfrared band shown in two dimensions also appear in infinite dimensions.
Temperature and Pressure Effects on the Resistivity of the Manganese Oxides
Hae-Young Kee,Jongbae Hong
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.55.1011
Abstract: The temperature and pressure effects on the resistivity of the manganese oxides are studied analytically via the Kondo lattice model with a strong Hund's coupling. We obtain analytically the single-particle density of states on the Bethe lattice in the large connectivity limit using the analytical variant of the dynamic Lanczos method. From the density of states for the doped system, we obtain resistivity and show resistivity drop when temperature crosses the magnetic transition point. We also demonstrate the effect of pressure both below and above the transition temperature.
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