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Collective dynamics of molecular motors pulling on fluid membranes
O. Campas,Y. Kafri,K. B. Zeldovich,J. Casademunt,J. -F. Joanny
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.97.038101
Abstract: The collective dynamics of $N$ weakly coupled processive molecular motors are considered theoretically. We show, using a discrete lattice model, that the velocity-force curves strongly depend on the effective dynamic interactions between motors and differ significantly from a simple mean field prediction. They become essentially independent of $N$ if it is large enough. For strongly biased motors such as kinesin this occurs if $N\gtrsim 5$. The study of a two-state model shows that the existence of internal states can induce effective interactions.
Idempotent Elements of the Semigroups BX(D) Defined by Semilattices of the Class ∑3 (X,8) When Z7  [PDF]
G. Tavdgiridze, Ya. Diasamidze, O. Givradze
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/am.2016.79085
Abstract: In this paper, complete semigroup binary relation is defined by semilattices of the class \"\". We give a full description of idempotent elements of given semigroup. For the case where X is a finite set and \"\", we derive formulas by calculating the numbers of idempotent elements of the respective semigroup.
Perspectives to measure neutrino-nuclear neutral current coherent scattering with two-phase emission detector
RED Collaboration,D. Yu. Akimov,I. S. Alexandrov,V. I. Aleshin,V. A. Belov,A. I. Bolozdynya,A. A. Burenkov,A. S. Chepurnov,M. V. Danilov,A. V. Derbin,V. V. Dmitrenko,A. G. Dolgolenko,D. A. Egorov,Yu. V. Efremenko,A. V. Etenko,M. B. Gromov,M. A. Gulin,S. V. Ivakhin,V. A. Kantserov,V. A. Kaplin,A. K. Karelin,A. V. Khromov,M. A. Kirsanov,S. G. Klimanov,A. S. Kobyakin,A. M. Konovalov,A. G. Kovalenko,V. I. Kopeikin,T. D. Krakhmalova,A. V. Kuchenkov,A. V. Kumpan,E. A. Litvinovich,G. A Lukyanchenko,I. N. Machulin,V. P. Martemyanov,N. N. Nurakhov,D. G. Rudik,I. S. Saldikov,M. D. Skorokhatov,V. V. Sosnovtsev,V. N. Stekhanov,M. N. Strikhanov,S. V. Sukhotin,V. G. Tarasenkov,G. V. Tikhomirov,O. Ya. Zeldovich
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/8/10/P10023
Abstract: We propose to detect and to study neutrino neutral current coherent scattering off atomic nuclei with a two-phase emission detector using liquid xenon as a working medium. Expected signals and backgrounds are calculated for two possible experimental sites: Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant in the Russian Federation and Spallation Neutron Source at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA. Both sites have advantages as well as limitations. However the experiment looks feasible at either location. Preliminary design of the detector and supporting R&D program are discussed.
The future of using marketing tools in health care system in Ukraine
O.Ya. Ovsyanetska
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2012,
Abstract: This scientific research examines the possibility of using marketing mechanisms in the health care system of Ukraine. Also in this study are analyzed the positive and negative results of marketing tools implementation on the examples from Ukraine and other countries.
Track detector DEVIS for the double beta decay investigation
V. Artemiev,V. Belov,E. Brakhman,A. Karelin,V. Kirichenko,O. Kozodaeva,A. Kuchenkov,V. Lubimov,A. Mitin,T. Tsvetkova,O. Zeldovich
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: Detector DEVIS is TPC in the magnetic field. It is dedicated to the investigation of the double-beta decay of Xe. Setup sensitivity was estimated in the series of measurements with Xe with natural isotopes composition. Detector allows measuring two-neutrino double-beta decay of $^{136}$Xe with half-life less than $3 \cdot 10^{20}$ years.
Detection of very small neutrino masses in double-beta decay using laser tagging
M. Danilov,R. DeVoe,A. Dolgolenko,G. Giannini,G. Gratta,P. Picchi,A. Piepke,F. Pietropaolo,P. Vogel,J-L. Vuilleumier,Y-F. Wang,O. Zeldovich
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(00)00404-4
Abstract: We describe an approach to the study of neutrino masses that combines quantum optics techniques with radiation detectors to obtain unprecedented sensitivity. With it the search for Majorana neutrino masses down to $\sim$10 meV will become accessible. The experimental technique uses the possibility of individually detecting $\rm Ba^+$-ions in the final state of $\rm ^{136}Xe$ double-beta decay via resonant excitation with a set of lasers aimed at a specific location in a large Time Projection Chamber. The specificity of the atomic levels provides tagging and, together with more traditional event recognition parameters, greatly suppresses radioactive backgrounds.
Long-term Paradigm of Development under Conditions of Globalisation: Contradictions and Ways of Overcoming them Долгосрочная парадигма развития в условиях глобализации: противоречия и пути их преодоления.
Korn?vska Valer?ya O.
Business Inform , 2013,
Abstract: The article provides results of a study of objective conditions of globalisation that influence formation of the long-term time paradigm of development. It characterises processes of administration in the global economic environment in the context of their influence upon long-term planning. It underlines specific features of development of financial innovations in the pre-crisis period. It analyses tendencies of transformation of financial instruments with low liquidity into high liquidity securities and also components of the global financial capital. It shows dominating tendencies of development of the global financial market and their influence upon domination of short-term tendency as a system approach in the global economy. It emphasises tasks of socio-institutional transformation in the context of long-term time paradigm. В работе представлены результаты исследования объективных условий глобализации, влияющих на формирование долгосрочной временной парадигмы развития. Охарактеризованы процессы администрирования в глобальном экономическом пространстве в контексте их влияния на долгосрочное планирование. Автор обращает внимание на особенности развития финансовых инноваций в докризисный период. Проанализированы тенденции превращения финансовых инструментов с невысокой ликвидностью в высоколиквидные ценные бумаги, а также составляющие глобального финансового капитала. Показаны доминирующие тенденции развития глобального финансового рынка и их влияние на преобладание краткосрочности как системного подхода в глобальной экономике. Выделены задачи социоинституциональной трансформации в контексте долгосрочной временной парадигмы.
Sharp Hardy-Leray inequality for axisymmetric divergence-free fields
O. Costin,V. Maz'ya
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: We show that the sharp constant in the classical $n$-dimensional Hardy-Leray inequality can be improved for axisymmetric divergence-free fields, and find its optimal value. The same result is obtained for $n=2$ without the axisymmetry assumption.
Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay in $^{136}$Xe with EXO-200
M. Auger,D. J. Auty,P. S. Barbeau,E. Beauchamp,V. Belov,C. Benitez-Medina,M. Breidenbach,T. Brunner,A. Burenkov,B. Cleveland,S. Cook,T. Daniels,M. Danilov,C. G. Davis,S. Delaquis,R. deVoe,A. Dobi,M. J. Dolinski,A. Dolgolenko,M. Dunford,W. Fairbank Jr.,J. Farine,W. Feldmeier,P. Fierlinger,D. Franco,G. Giroux,R. Gornea,K. Graham,G. Gratta,C. Hall,K. Hall,C. Hargrove,S. Herrin,M. Hughes,A. Johnson,T. N. Johnson,A. Karelin,L. J. Kaufman,A. Kuchenkov,K. S. Kumar,D. S. Leonard,F. Leonard,D. Mackay,R. MacLellan,M. Marino,B. Mong,M. Montero Diez,A. R. Muller,R. Neilson,R. Nelson,A. Odian,I. Ostrovskiy,K. O'Sullivan,C. Ouellet,A. Piepke,A. Pocar,C. Y. Prescott,K. Pushkin,P. C. Rowson,J. J. Russell,A. Sabourov,D. Sinclair,S. Slutsky,V. Stekhanov,T. Tolba,D. Tosi,K. Twelker,P. Vogel,J. -L. Vuilleumier,A. Waite,T. Walton,M. Weber,U. Wichoski,J. Wodin,J. D. Wright,L. Yang,Y. -R. Yen,O. Ya. Zeldovich
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.109.032505
Abstract: We report on a search for neutrinoless double-beta decay of $^{136}$Xe with EXO-200. No signal is observed for an exposure of 32.5 kg-yr, with a background of ~1.5 x 10^{-3} /(kg yr keV) in the $\pm 1\sigma$ region of interest. This sets a lower limit on the half-life of the neutrinoless double-beta decay $T_{1/2}^{0\nu\beta\beta}$($^{136}$Xe) > 1.6 x 10$^{25}$ yr (90% CL), corresponding to effective Majorana masses of less than 140-380 meV, depending on the matrix element calculation.
Measurements of the ion fraction and mobility of alpha and beta decay products in liquid xenon using EXO-200
J. B. Albert,D. J. Auty,P. S. Barbeau,D. Beck,V. Belov,M. Breidenbach,T. Brunner,A. Burenkov,G. F. Cao,C. Chambers,B. Cleveland,M. Coon,A. Craycraft,T. Daniels,M. Danilov,S. J. Daugherty,C. G. Davis,J. Davis,S. Delaquis,A. Der Mesrobian-Kabakian,R. DeVoe,T. Didberidze,A. Dolgolenko,M. J. Dolinski,M. Dunford,W. Fairbank Jr.,J. Farine,W. Feldmeier,P. Fierlinger,D. Fudenberg,R. Gornea,K. Graham,G. Gratta,C. Hall,M. Hughes,M. J. Jewell,X. S. Jiang,A. Johnson,T. N. Johnson,S. Johnston,A. Karelin,L. J. Kaufman,R. Killick,T. Koffas,S. Kravitz,A. Kuchenkov,K. S. Kumar,D. S. Leonard,C. Licciardi,Y. H. Lin,J. Ling,R. MacLellan,M. G. Marino,B. Mong,D. Moore,R. Nelson,K. O'Sullivan,A. Odian,I. Ostrovskiy,A. Piepke,A. Pocar,C. Y. Prescott,A. Robinson,P. C. Rowson,J. J. Russell,A. Schubert,D. Sinclair,E. Smith,V. Stekhanov,M. Tarka,T. Tolba,R. Tsang,K. Twelker,J. -L. Vuilleumier,A. Waite,J. Walton,T. Walton,M. Weber,L. J. Wen,U. Wichoski,J. D. Wright,J. Wood,L. Yang,Y. -R. Yen,O. Ya. Zeldovich
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.92.045504
Abstract: Alpha decays in the EXO-200 detector are used to measure the fraction of charged $^{218}\mathrm{Po}$ and $^{214}\mathrm{Bi}$ daughters created from alpha and beta decays, respectively. $^{222}\mathrm{Rn}$ alpha decays in liquid xenon (LXe) are found to produce $^{218}\mathrm{Po}^{+}$ ions $50.3 \pm 3.0\%$ of the time, while the remainder of the $^{218}\mathrm{Po}$ atoms are neutral. The fraction of $^{214}\mathrm{Bi}^{+}$ from $^{214}\mathrm{Pb}$ beta decays in LXe is found to be $76.4 \pm 5.7\%$, inferred from the relative rates of $^{218}\mathrm{Po}$ and $^{214}\mathrm{Po}$ alpha decays in the LXe. The average velocity of $^{218}\mathrm{Po}$ ions is observed to decrease for longer drift times. Initially the ions have a mobility of $0.390 \pm 0.006~\mathrm{cm}^2/(\mathrm{kV}~\mathrm{s})$, and at long drift times the mobility is $0.219 \pm 0.004~\mathrm{cm}^2/(\mathrm{kV}~\mathrm{s})$. Time constants associated with the change in mobility during drift of the $^{218}\mathrm{Po}^{+}$ ions are found to be proportional to the electron lifetime in the LXe.
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