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Functional assay, expression of growth factors and proteins modulating bone-arrangement in human osteoblasts seeded on an anorganic bovine bone biomaterial
O Trubiani,S Fulle,T Traini,M Paludi
European Cells and Materials (ECM) , 2010,
Abstract: The basic aspects of bone tissue engineering include chemical composition and geometry of the scaffold design, because it is very important to improve not only cell attachment and growth but especially osteodifferentiation, bone tissue formation, and vascularization. Geistlich Bio-Oss (GBO) is a xenograft consisting of deproteinized, sterilized bovine bone, chemically and physically identical to the mineral phase of human bone.In this study, we investigated the growth behaviour and the ability to form focal adhesions on the substrate, using vinculin, a cytoskeletal protein, as a marker. Moreover, the expression of bone specific proteins and growth factors such as type I collagen, osteopontin, bone sialoprotein, bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2), BMP-7 and de novo synthesis of osteocalcin in normal human osteoblasts (NHOst) seeded on xenogenic GBO were evaluated. Our observations suggest that after four weeks of culture in differentiation medium, the NHOst showed a high affinity for the three dimensional biomaterial; in fact, cellular proliferation, migration and colonization were clearly evident. The osteogenic differentiation process, as demonstrated by morphological, histochemical, energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis and biochemical analysis was mostly obvious in the NHOst grown on three-dimensional inorganic bovine bone biomaterial. Functional studies displayed a clear and significant response to calcitonin when the cells were differentiated. In addition, the presence of the biomaterial improved the response, suggesting that it could drive the differentiation of these cells towards a more differentiated osteogenic phenotype. These results encourage us to consider GBO an adequate biocompatible three-dimensional biomaterial, indicating its potential use for the development of tissue-engineering techniques.
A model-driven approach to broaden the detection of software performance antipatterns at runtime
Antinisca Di Marco,Catia Trubiani
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.147.6
Abstract: Performance antipatterns document bad design patterns that have negative influence on system performance. In our previous work we formalized such antipatterns as logical predicates that predicate on four views: (i) the static view that captures the software elements (e.g. classes, components) and the static relationships among them; (ii) the dynamic view that represents the interaction (e.g. messages) that occurs between the software entities elements to provide the system functionalities; (iii) the deployment view that describes the hardware elements (e.g. processing nodes) and the mapping of the software entities onto the hardware platform; (iv) the performance view that collects specific performance indices. In this paper we present a lightweight infrastructure that is able to detect performance antipatterns at runtime through monitoring. The proposed approach precalculates such predicates and identifies antipatterns whose static, dynamic and deployment sub-predicates are validated by the current system configuration and brings at runtime the verification of performance sub-predicates. The proposed infrastructure leverages model-driven techniques to generate probes for monitoring the performance sub-predicates and detecting antipatterns at runtime.
Specialized multi-disciplinary heart failure clinics in Ontario, Canada: an environmental scan
Wijeysundera Harindra C,Trubiani Gina,Abrahamyan Lusine,Mitsakakis Nicholas
BMC Health Services Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-12-236
Abstract: Background Multi-disciplinary heart failure (HF) clinics have been shown to improve outcomes for HF patients in randomized clinical trials. However, it is unclear how widely available specialized HF clinics are in Ontario. Also, the service models of current clinics have not been described. It is therefore uncertain whether the efficacy of HF clinics in trials is generalizable to the HF clinics currently operating in the province. Methods As part of a comprehensive evaluation of HF clinics in Ontario, we performed an environmental scan to identify all HF clinics operating in 2010. A semi-structured interview was conducted to understand the scope of practice. The intensity and complexity of care offered were quantified through the use of a validated instrument, and clinics were categorized as high, medium or low intensity clinics. Results We identified 34 clinics with 143 HF physicians. We found substantial regional disparity in access to care across the province. The majority of HF physicians were cardiologists (81%), with 81% of the clinics physically based in hospitals, of which 26% were academic centers. There was a substantial range in the complexity of services offered, most notably in the intensity of education and medication management services offered. All the clinics focused on ambulatory care, with only one having an in-patient focus. None of the HF clinics had a home-based component to care. Conclusions Multiple HF clinics are currently operating in Ontario with a wide spectrum of care models. Further work is necessary to understand which components lead to improved patient outcomes.
Proteome of Human Stem Cells from Periodontal Ligament and Dental Pulp
Enrica Eleuterio, Oriana Trubiani, Marilisa Sulpizio, Fabrizio Di Giuseppe, Laura Pierdomenico, Marco Marchisio, Raffaella Giancola, Gianluigi Giammaria, Sebastiano Miscia, Sergio Caputi, Carmine Di Ilio, Stefania Angelucci
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071101
Abstract: Background Many adult tissues contain a population of stem cells with the ability to regenerate structures similar to the microenvironments from which they are derived in vivo and represent a promising therapy for the regeneration of complex tissues in the clinical disorder. Human adult stem cells (SCs) including bone marrow stem cells (BMSCs), dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) and periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs) have been characterized for their high proliferative potential, expression of characteristic SC-associated markers and for the plasticity to differentiate in different lineage in vitro. Methodology/Principal Findings The aim of this study is to define the molecular features of stem cells from oral tissue by comparing the proteomic profiles obtained with 2-DE followed by MALDI-TOF/TOF of ex-vivo cultured human PDLSCs, DPSCs and BMSCs. Our results showed qualitative similarities in the proteome profiles among the SCs examined including some significant quantitative differences. To enrich the knowledge of oral SCs proteome we performed an analysis in narrow range pH 4–7 and 6–9, and we found that DPSCs vs PDLSCs express differentially regulated proteins that are potentially related to growth, regulation and genesis of neuronal cells, suggesting that SCs derived from oral tissue source populations may possess the potential ability of neuronal differentiation which is very consistent with their neural crest origin. Conclusion/Significance This study identifies some differentially expressed proteins by using comparative analysis between DPSCs and PDLSCs and BMSCs and suggests that stem cells from oral tissue could have a different cell lineage potency compared to BMSCs.
Stress Loops Effect in Ductile Failure of Mild Steel  [PDF]
O.O. Oluwole
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2009.84026
Abstract: A simulation study of effect of stress on mild steel microstructure has revealed stress loops at areas of stress application which are believed to be the root cause of the ductile failure morphology (cup and cone) in ductile alloys under plane strain conditions. The areas of concentration of these stress loops were observed to be that of subsequent instability (or necking) observed in mild steel and other materials of low friction (flow) stress. Shear stress loops with angular bearing of 450 to the tensile axis were observed to instigate both the failure site and shear morphology in these materials. In plane stress conditions, shear was seen to be that of a wave shape running obliquely to area of stress application resulting in oblique necking observed in thin mild steel sheets.
Boundary Value Problem for an Operator-Differential Riccati Equation in the Hilbert Space on the Interval  [PDF]
O. O. Pokutnyi
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2015.514081
Abstract: The paper is devoted to obtaining the necessary and sufficient conditions of the solvability of weakly perturbed boundary-value problems for the nonlinear operator-differential Riccati equation in the Hilbert space on the interval and whole line with parameter ?. We find the solution of the given boundary value problem which for ε = 0 turns in one of the solutions of generating boundary value problem. Solution of the generating problem is constructed with the using generalized operator in analytical form. Iterative process for finding of solutions of weakly nonlinear equation with quadratic error is constructed.
Vertex-transitive maps on a torus
O. Such
Abstract: We examine FVT (free, vertex transitive) actions of wallpaper groups on semiregular tilings. By taking quotients by lattices we then obtain various families of FVT maps on a torus, and describe the presentations of groups acting on the torus. Altogether there are 29 families, 5 arising from the orientation preserving wallpaper groups and 2 from each of the remaining wallpaper groups. We prove that all vertex-transitive maps on torus admit an FVT map structure.
Vertex-transitive maps on a torus
O. Such
Abstract: We examine FVT (free, vertex transitive) actions of wallpaper groups on semiregular tilings. By taking quotients by lattices we then obtain various families of FVT maps on a torus, and describe the presentations of groups acting on the torus. Altogether there are 29 families, 5 arising from the orientation preserving wallpaper groups and 2 from each of the remaining wallpaper groups. We prove that all vertex-transitive maps on torus admit an FVT map structure.
Definition of secret reasons of errors, appeared during aviation operators’ professional activity Определение скрытых причин происхождения ошибок, возникающих в профессиональной деятельности авиационных операторов ВИЗНАЧЕННЯ ПРИХОВАНИХ ПРИЧИН ПОХОДЖЕННЯ ПОМИЛОК, ЩО ВИНИКАЮТЬ У ПРОФЕС ЙН Й Д ЯЛЬНОСТ
O.?. Луппо,О.М. Ал?кс??в
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2005,
Abstract: Development of discover secret reasons of error actions of aviation operators allows to define reasons of secret factors of error action in time and will give opportunity to develop more effective prevention measures in order to prevent mistake actions in time. Разработана система выявления скрытых причин ошибочных действий авиационных операторов, позволяющая своевременно определять причины и механизмы возникновения скрытых факторов, которые приводят к ошибочным действиям, и осуществлять более действенные профилактические мероприятия по их своевременному предотвращению. Розроблено систему виявлення прихованих причин помилкових д й ав ац йних оператор в, що дозволя сво часно визначати причини механ зми виникнення прихованих чинник в, як призводять до помилкових д й, та зд йснювати б льш д в проф лактичн заходи щодо х сво часного запоб гання.
НТЕГРАЦ Я ЗАСОБ В Д АГНОСТИКИ, ПРОГНОЗУВАННЯ КЕРУВАННЯ Р ВНЕМ БЕЗПЕКИ ПОЛЬОТ В Integration of diagnosis, prognosis and management level of safety Интеграция средств диагностики, прогнозирования и управления уровнем безопасности полетов
В.П. Харченко,O.?. Луппо,О.М. Ал?кс??в
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2007,
Abstract: Розглянуто один з шлях в п двищення контролю за р внем безпеки польот в нтеграц я вс х засоб в форм у комплексних автоматизованих системах. Запропоновано виб р кращого вар анта засобу керування р внем безпеки польот в за допомогою комплексного автоматизованого застосування математичних моделей, методолог чних п дход в до виконання початкових етап в моделювання, концептуального проектування, формал зац алгоритм зац моделей. One of ways rise and control after a level of safety flights is integration of all facilities and forms in the complex automated systems. Acceptance of decision about the choice of the best forms management of mean safety flights level in such terms is erected to satisfaction a number of indexes, and in spite of their possible contradiction is a problem which it is possible to decide by means the complex automated use application of mathematical models, methodological approaches to implementation initial stages of design, conceptual design, formalization and algoritmizationi of models and bases management mean of safety flights level. Рассмотрен один из путей повышения и контроля за уровнем безопасности полетов - интеграция всех средств и форм в комплексных автоматизированных системах. Предлагается выбор лучшего варианта средства управления уровнем безопасности полетов с помощью комплексного автоматизированного применения математических моделей, методологических логических подходов к выполнению начальных этапов моделирования, концептуального проектирования, формализации и алгоритмизации моделей.
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