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Internet and the Egyptian Public Sphere
O Mehanna
Africa Development , 2010,
Abstract: The Internet offers many actors in the society ways to present and raise discussion of ideas that is not possible or easy to engage in, especially in societies with conservative facades such as the Egyptian society. The number of Internet users in Egypt had reached 8.6 million by March 2008. This means that more than 10.per cent of the total Egyptian population had access to the Internet. The number of Internet users in Egypt is the third highest in Africa and represents about 17 per cent of the total number of users in Africa. By taking advantage of the opportunity of having greater access to the Internet and using the security of being anonymous, if one desired, provided by this medium of communication, increasing numbers of Egyptians started using the Internet to gain information and engage in political, social and religious discussions. This new E-public sphere in Egypt is not completely virtual, nor is it completely real. The Internet facilitated more chances to networking, forming alliances and addressing the public. This has led to the emergence of a kind of alternative media run by professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs. And of equal importance, an increasing number of blogs and websites started addressing highly controversial social and religious issues. This article, focusing on websites and blogs, explores the new trends which the Internet gave rise to, as well as institutions – such as government and established religious institutions – whose power to monopolise public debates has been challenged by the Internet in Egypt, till 2008. The paper also shows how the state interacts with these trends through recent attempts to increase censorship of the Internet, and in particular its usage for political mobilisation.
Reconstruction of Partial Auricular Defects by Polypropylene Mesh Helix Framework  [PDF]
Ayman F. Mehanna
Modern Plastic Surgery (MPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/mps.2012.23013
Abstract: Background: Current techniques in partial auricular reconstruction can utilize an autologous or alloplastic framework covered by a variety of soft tissue envelopes. Objective: Is to evaluate the benefit of using polypropylene mesh to reconstruct helix framework in partial auricular defects covered with local postauricular skin flap. Method: Eleven patients with partial auricular defect were treated by using polypropylene mesh helix framework which is covered with post auricular flap in a two stage repair; clinical results of the procedure were evaluated. Results: This technique achieved satisfactory results in 9 (81.8%) cases. Early Post operative complications: Hematoma formation in one case, mild infection in two cases, edema in two cases, and Partial overlying skin breakdown in one case with failure of technique. Late Post operative complications: Hypertrophic scar in one case, narrow retroauricular sulcus in one case, hair bearing skin over the auricle in one case. Conclusion: It is a simple technique, with satisfactory clinical results, easily done, even under local anesthesia, with no donor site morbidity of autogenous cartilage harvesting, not costly as other alloplastic substitutes, large series and longer follow up period are needed for better evaluation of this technique.
Malignancy Risk Analysis in Patients with Inadequate Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) of the Thyroid
Talib Al Maqbali, Miroslav Tedla, Martin O. Weickert, Hisham Mehanna
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0049078
Abstract: Background Thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is the standard diagnostic modality for thyroid nodules. However, it has limitations among which is the incidence of non-diagnostic results (Thy1). Management of cases with repeatedly non-diagnostic FNAC ranges from simple observation to surgical intervention. We aim to evaluate the incidence of malignancy in non-diagnostic FNAC, and the success rate of repeated FNAC. We also aim to evaluate risk factors for malignancy in patients with non-diagnostic FNAC. Materials and Methods Retrospective analyses of consecutive cases with thyroid non diagnostic FNAC results were included. Results Out of total 1657 thyroid FNAC done during the study period, there were 264 (15.9%) non-diagnostic FNAC on the first attempt. On repeating those, the rate of a non-diagnostic result on second FNAC was 61.8% and on third FNAC was 47.2%. The overall malignancy rate in Thy1 FNAC was 4.5% (42% papillary, 42% follicular and 8% anaplastic), and the yield of malignancy decreased considerably with successive non-diagnostic FNAC. Ultrasound guidance by an experienced head neck radiologist produced the lowest non-diagnostic rate (38%) on repetition compared to US guidance by a generalist radiologist (65%) and by non US guidance (90%). Conclusions There is a low risk of malignancy in patients with a non-diagnostic FNAC result, commensurate to the risk of any nodule. The yield of malignancy decreased considerably with successive non-diagnostic FNAC.
Population Dynamics and Management of Goldlined Seabream Rhabdosargus sarba (Sparidae) from the Oman Coast of Arabian Sea
SF Mehanna
Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Rhabdosargus sarba is one of the most important coastal demersal species inhabiting Omani waters. An estimate of the age and growth of R. sarba ranging from 15 to 43.2 cm total length collected from the Omani waters is made by examining the growth increment of their whole otoliths. The growth rings showed that R. sarba rarely attain more than six years. The von Bertalanffy growth parameters were K = 0.33 yr-1, L = 46.97 cm and to = -0.83 yr. The mean total mortality coefficient "Z" estimated by two different methods was 1.8 yr-1. The geometric mean of natural mortality coefficient "M" was 0.6 yr-1. Exploitation rate "E" was computed as 0.67, while the length at first capture was 22.9 cm. The yield per recruit analysis showed that the stock of R. sarba in the Arabian Sea is overexploited and the exploitation rate should be reduced by about 47% to maintain a sufficient stock biomass for spawning and recruitment as well as the length at first capture should be raised to about 30 cm.
Seasonal testicular changes in Dendropsophus minutus Peters, 1872 (Anura, Hylidae)
Adelina Ferreira,Mahmoud Mehanna
Biocell , 2012,
Abstract: The reproductive cycle in anurans may be either continuous or discontinuous. These differences may be connected to seasonal climate changes and/or to anthropic activity. Forty adult male individuals of the Dendropsophus minutus species were collected during one year, in the municipality of Chapada dos Guimar es (Mato Grosso, Brazil). The testicles were studied under light and transmission electron microscopy. No variations were observed when the diameter of the seminiferous tubules and the thickness of the interstitial tissue were studied. However, changes in spermatogenesis were conspicuous and indicated that the reproductive cycle of D. minutus in Chapada dos Guimar es is discontinuous and seems related to variations in air temperature and rainfall.
e-Pedagogy: the pedagogies of e-learning
Wassila Naamani Mehanna
Research in Learning Technology , 2004, DOI: 10.3402/rlt.v12i3.11259
Abstract: The aim of this research was to establish effective e-learning practice in higher education. This was achieved by looking at examples of different pedagogic techniques employed in several cases. The effectiveness of these techniques was established by looking at the students' outcomes on these courses. This study has adopted a sequential mixed methodology characterized by an initial phase of qualitative data collection and analysis, which was followed by a phase of quantitative data collection and analysis. The first phase of the study involved collecting a year of data from a postgraduate programme. A grounded approach was used to analyse one million words of online conferences or discussions, and led to the emergence of 29 pedagogic behaviours. These pedagogic behaviours were then developed into a coding instrument. The second phase, hypothetico-deductive analysis, confirmed their presence in three other cases, five million words of online interactions, and established their associations with students' learning and outcomes. The findings suggest seven clusters of pedagogies correlated with students' grades and the effect size calculation revealed an educational significance for all of them. This indicates that if they are employed in online classrooms they are likely to enhance students' learning and outcomes.
Inter-Sensing Time Optimization in Cognitive Radio Networks
Omar Mehanna,Ahmed Sultan
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: We consider a set of primary channels that operate in an unslotted fashion, switching activity at random times. A secondary user senses the primary channels searching for transmission opportunities. If a channel is sensed to be free, the secondary terminal transmits, and if sensed to be busy, the secondary transmitter remains silent.We solve the problem of determining the optimal time after which a primary channel needs to be sensed again depending on the sensing outcome. The objective is to find the inter-sensing times such that the mean secondary throughput is maximized while imposing a constraint over the maximum tolerable interference inflicted on the primary network. Our numerical results show that by optimizing the sensing-dependent inter-sensing times, our proposed scheme reduces the impact of sensing errors caused by false alarm and misdetection and outperforms the case of a single sensing period.
Doen?a aguda das vias aéreas inferiores em menores de cinco anos: influência do ambiente doméstico e do tabagismo materno
Prietsch, Silvio O.M.;Fischer, Gilberto B.;Cesar, Juraci A.;Fabris, Alisson R.;Mehanna, Halid;Ferreira, Tissyanna H.P.;Scheifer, Leopoldo A.;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572002000500013
Abstract: objective: to study the prevalence of acute disease of the lower airways and the role of the domestic environment and maternal smoking. among the recognized risk factors, passive smoking, living in crowded environments and poor housing conditions play a fundamental role in the causal chain of these diseases. methods: a cross-sectional study was carried out in a sample of 775 children aged between 0 and 59 months living in rio grande, southern brazil. trained interviewers applied a standardized questionnaire to the mothers or guardians of these children in their homes and gathered information about maternal characteristics, housing conditions, socio-economic status of the family and smoking habits. environmental factors were individually studied, and classified according to a score that evaluated the intensity of their association with respiratory diseases. bivariate analyses were performed, calculating the prevalence ratios for each risk factor, as well as multivariate ones, by means of non-conditional regression analyses. results: the main risks identified were: unfavorable environment (p<0.01), less than five years of maternal educational level (p=0.01), monthly family income under us$ 200 (p=0.04), crowded environments (p=0.02), smoking during pregnancy (p=0.03) and present maternal smoking (p=0.01). a thirty-year-old or older mother was identified as offering a protection factor (p=0.05). conclusions: these results indicate the need to improve the income distribution, improve the rates of educational level, and combat the smoking habit, particularly concerning mothers. the programs of control of respiratory diseases must address these critical points that represent an important risk to children's health.
Percutaneous Mesh Expansion and Fixation at the Retro-Rectus Plane without Stabs by Using Redirecting Suture Hook in Midline Hernias Repair  [PDF]
Ahmed E Lasheen, Alaa N. El Sadek, Adel M Tolba, Emad Salah, Ayman F Mehanna
Surgical Science (SS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2011.24039
Abstract: Background: Mesh expansion and fixation at retro-rectus plane through multiples stabs produces good results. But these stabs cause cosmetic disorders for the patients and doctors. So, we find some modification to do this procedure without these stabbing wounds in midline hernial repair. Patients and methods: This technique was used to fix the mesh at retro-rectus plane in 50 patients suffering from midline hernias, from January 2008 through January 2010 at Zagazig university Hospital, Egypt. Laparotomy incision was done over the hernial sac or at old incision; the contents were then released and reduced into peritoneal cavity without much subcutaneous dissection. The suitable sheet of polypropylene mesh to cover the hernial defect and any weak area was prepared and fixed at retro-rectus plane percutaneously without stabbing wounds by using redirecting suture hook. The mean period of follow up was 26 months. Results: There was no recurrence during the period of follow up. Five patients developed subcutaneous bluish discoloration at the site of some stitches, which disappear within two weeks with conservative treatment. Conclusion: Percutaneous mesh expansion and fixation at retro-rectus plane by using redirecting suture hook procedure has good results in recurrence rate and cosmetic appearance.
Reproductive Strategies of Brazilian Lizards of the Genus Tropidurus Rodrigues, 1987 (Squamata, Tropiduridae) in the Temporal and Spatial
Ferreira,Adelina; Kihara,Virginia Ojeda; Mehanna,Mahmoud;
International Journal of Morphology , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022011000400058
Abstract: reproductive strategy is the set of adaptations that promote the most efficient way that the species will survive under the particular conditions of a determined environment. understanding these adaptations is important and can help pinpoint populations indicator of environmental changes. spermatogenesis is a measurable biological process of these adaptations in spatial and temporal scales. we analyzed the morphology of the testes and oviducts of the lizard species that comprise the genus tropidurus, taking into account the geographical distribution and sympatric relations. for the analysis and the testes were removed from the middle part of the oviducts from tropidurus etheridge, t. oreadicus, t. itambere, t. spinulosus and t. guarani species, collected in different places in the mato grosso state, brazil. the reproductive period is synchronous for males and females and occurs in september, october and november. reproductive males were characterized. in the testes are seminiferous tubules with germ cells at different stages of spermatogenesis, with a high epithelium, at present light, free spermatozoa in the lumen and reduction of interstitial tissue. for females, the reproduction peak occurs when the oviduct epithelium is high with secretions and basal nucleus. these months are characterized in the sampled areas over a period of heavy rain and high temperatures. the decline of reproductive period was observed in both sexes, between april and august. low reproduction in males is characterized by ample light, absence of sperm, only germ cells in the early stages of spermatogenesis are observed (a few spermatogonia and spermatocytes) and interstitial tissue wide. in females, the period of reproductive decline is marked by the absence of unicellular glands in the oviduct epithelium, with higher affinity with the dye. this period corresponds to low rainfall periods and lower temperatures. we propose an analysis of zoological samples; this is a proposal to facilitate th
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