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Understanding Organizational Barriers Influencing Local Electronic Government Adoption and Implementation: The Electronic Government Implementation Framework
Nurdin,Nurdin; Stockdale,Rosemary; Scheepers,Helana;
Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-18762011000300003
Abstract: researches in electronic government have indicated a number of organizational barriers that hinder the adoption and implementation of electronic government. this paper proposes a research framework for analysing how organizational barriers influence the adoption and implementation of e-government at local levels. the framework is constructed based on four organizational dimensions; adaptability, involvement, mission, and bureaucracy drawn from organizational theories and e-government literature. we found that organizational barriers which are identified in major e-government literature link to the dimensions of organizational culture and effectiveness. our conclusion is that the framework is relevant to understand organizational barriers influencing adoption and implementation of local e-government. the limitation of this study is that the framework has been developed based on the application of a theoretical lens on the e-government literature. it is now necessary to test this model in different contexts.
Development and Rainfed Paddy Soils Potency Derived from Lacustrine Material in Paguyaman, Gorontalo
Jurnal Tanah Tropika , 2011,
Abstract: Rainfed paddy soils that are derived from lacustrine and include of E4 agroclimatic zone have many unique properties and potentially for paddy and corn plantations. This sreseach was aimed to: (1) study the soil development of rainfed paddy soils derived from lacustrine and (2) evaluate rainfed paddy soils potency for paddy and corn in Paguyaman. Soil samples were taken from three profiles according to toposequent, and they were analyzed in laboratory. Data were analyzed with descriptive-quantitative analysis. Furthermore, assessment on rainfed paddy soils potency was conducted with land suitability analysis using parametric approach. Results indicate that all pedon had evolved with B horizons structurization. However, pedon located on the summit slope was more developed and intensely weathered than those of the shoulder and foot slopes.The main pedogenesis in all pedons were through elluviation, illuviation, lessivage, pedoturbation, and gleization processes. The main factors of pedogenesis were climate, age (time) and topography factors. Therefore, P1 pedons are classified as Ustic Endoaquerts, fine, smectitic, isohypertermic; P2 as Vertic Endoaquepts, fine, smectitic, isohypertermic; and P3 as Vertic Epiaquepts, fine, smectitic, isohypertermic. Based on the potentials of the land, the highest of land suitability class (LSC) of land utilization type (LUT) local paddy was highly suitable (S1), while the lowest one was not suitable with nutrient availability as the limiting factor (Nna). The highest LCS of paddy-corn LUT was marginally suitable with water availability as the limiting factor (S3wa), while the lower LSC was not suitable with nutrient availabily as the limiting factor (Nna).
Glass: a small part of the Climate Change problem, a large part of the solution
Stockdale, J.
Boletín de la Sociedad Espa?ola de Cerámica y Vidrio , 2009,
Abstract: The challenging EU targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generating electricity from renewable sources were established as – 20% and 20% by 2020. As part of the strategy, EU confirmed in 2007 the need to save around 300 million tonnes of CO2 per year from EU buildings by 2020. Housing itself accounts for some 40% of emissions, mostly associated with heating. Industry will be expected to source and use appropriate materials and process technologies to improve their own energy consumption and at the same time deliver products that permit to reach those targets. This article examines the relationship between the emissions from relevant sectors of the glass industry and compares them with the carbon savings that can be achieved with the products the industry makes. Four main areas are discussed: glass fibre insulation, advanced glazing (low emissivity glass and advanced solar glass), continuous filament glass fibre and special glass applications. It is suggested that as well as considering the use of free allowances or border carbon adjustment, member states need to take account of the benefit of these products when formulating emission constraint policies; a carbon credit feedback loop should be also explored to encourage cheaper production and installation and avoid carbon leakage. La UE ha establecido los objetivos de reducción de emisiones de CO2 en -20% y de generación de electricidad a partir de energías renovables en el 20% para el a o 2020. Como parte de esta estrategia la UE confirmó en 2007 la necesidad de reducir en 300 millones de toneladas por a o las emisiones provenientes de los edificios en el mismo a o 2020. El parque de viviendas aporta alrededor del 40% de las emisiones, básicamente relacionadas con sistemas de calefacción. Se espera de la industria que utilice procesos apropiados para mejorar su propio consumo energético y al mismo tiempo desarrolle y produzca materiales que ayuden a cumplir estos objetivos. Este articulo examina la relación entre las emisiones de sectores relevantes de la industria vidriera y las compara con los ahorros de CO2 que pueden alcanzarse con los productos fabricados. Estos balances energéticos y de emisiones de CO2 se analizan en cuatro áreas: fibra de aislamiento, acristalamientos avanzados (bajo emisivos y vidrios con control solar), filamento continuo y aplicaciones especiales del vidrio. Se propone a los gobiernos de la UE que tomen en consideración estos productos a la hora de formular políticas restrictivas de emisiones; por otro lado se sugiere la posibilidad de explorar los retornos del ci
Nurdin Bukit
Makara Seri Teknologi , 2012, DOI: 10.7454/mst.v16i2.1510
Abstract: This study was carried out to compare mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene (PP) reinforced with uncalcined and calcined zeolites. The PP samples were reinforced with zeolites at various quantities of 2, 4, and 6 (wt %). The comparison of the two types of zeolite was based on mechanical properties, including tensile strength, elongation at break, and Young’s modulus, and thermal characteristics analyzed using DSC, and DTA/TGA technique.The results obtained clearly revealed that both zeolites wereable to significantly increase tensile strength and Young’s modulus of the samples, with calcined zeolite was found to work better. Addition of calcined zeolite was found to result in increased fracture elongation of the samples reinforced with up to 4 wt% zeolite but decreased sharply for the sample reinforced with 6 wt% zeolite, while for the samples reinforced with uncalcined zeolite, no consistent trend was observed. Thermal analyses demonstrated that the samples reinforced with calcined zeolite are more resistant to thermaltreatment than those reinforced with uncalcined zeolite, as indicated by their higher decomposition temperature. DSC analysis revealed that there was no significant difference of the melting points of the samples was observed, but the effect of the quantity of zeolite on enthalphy was quite evident, in which the enthalpies of the samples reinforced with calcined zeolites were relatively lower than those ofthe samples reinforced with uncalcined zeolites.
The K ktürk Inscriptions on Wich Was Satysfied Owners SAH PLER N N BOYU BEL RT LEN K KTüRK HARFL YAZITLAR
Nurdin USEEV
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: This article has described the length of the inscription letters K ktürk E 37 Tuba III and Shuzhi taking why this inscriptions have sought answers to the question of the length specified. Some information comparatively reviews after the two inscriptions have themselves in their homes but for whatever reason, they are located elsewhere, who had died in the memories of inscriptions planted, filled switched long to identify the need to hear it was been suggested. Bu makalede sahiplerinin boyu belirtilen K ktürk harfli yaz tlardan E 37 Tuba III (Tes) ve Suci yaz tlar ele al narak ‘ni in bu yaz tlar n sahiplerinin boylar belirtilmi ’ sorusuna cevap aranm t r. Baz bilgiler kar la t r larak inceleme yap ld ktan sonra bu iki yaz t n sahiplerinin kendi yurtlar nda de il herhangi bir sebeple bulunduklar ba ka bir yerde vefat ederek an lar na dikilen yaz tlar n o yerlerde bulundu u renilmi tir. te bundan dolay boylar n n belirtilmesi gereksinimi duyuldu u ileri sürülmü tür.
Nurdin USEEV
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: The K ktürk inscriptions have great importance for our language as the oldest written texts. Therefore on the inscriptions carried out various studies. Part of this works deals with the inscriptions to be reviewed words and sentences. In this article we focused on the compound verb which has been read tün kat- and tün ak t-. And examined which is more accurate. K ktürk harfli yaz tlar dilimizin en eski yaz l metinleri olarak ok büyük nem arz etmekte, dolay s yla üzerinde e itli al malar yap lmaktad r. Bu al malar n bir k sm yaz tlarda ge en kelime ve cümlelerin yeniden g zden ge irilmesi ile ilgilidir. Makalemizde Tonyukuk yaz t nda ge en ve ara t rmac lar taraf ndan tün kat-, tün ak t - eklinde okunan birle ik fiilin üzerinde durularak bu iki okunu eklinin hangisinin daha do ru oldu u incelenmi tir. al ma sonucunda bu birle ik fiili tün kat- eklinde oldu u dü ünülmü tür.
Nurdin Laugu
Al-Jami'ah : Journal of Islamic Studies , 2005,
Abstract: Secara historis, perpustakaan Islam telah memberikan banyak kontribusi dalam sejarah perkembangan peradaban dan ilmu pengetahuan, khususnya di kalangan ummat Islam. Isu perpustakaan Islam yang sangat menarik dan bahkan kontroversial dalam perjalanan sejarah Islam adalah, misalnya, eksistensi dan kejayaan perpustakaan Bayt al-Hikma di Baghdad pada abad II Hijriyyah. Selain itu, perlu dicatat bahwa fenomena semacam ini banyak ditemukan dalam literatur-literatur wacana perpustakaan Islam. Isu yang menarik pula adalah kemunculan perpustakaan Muslim telah berbasis dari awal pembentukan masyarakat Islam, misalnya penyediaan koleksi-koleksi al-Quran di masjid dan mushalla serta tempat ibadah lainnya. Tulisan ini mencoba menelusuri dan membangun tipologi perpustakaan Muslim dan menjajaki isu-isu kemunculan dan perkembangan sampai stagnasinya. Wacana pertama yang disodorkan adalah asal-usul perpustakaan Islam, yang bertujuan untuk melihat sejauh mana perpustakaan mengalami perkembangan dan kemajuan dalam masyarakat Islam. Pembahasan selanjutnya mengenai temuan-temuan dari beragam literatur tentang perpustakaan di kalangan masyarakat Islam untuk membangun tipologi perpustakaan Muslim yang dianggap merepresentasikan jenis-jenis perpustakaan Muslim dalam sejarah perkembangan Islam. Terakhir adalah wacana yang mencoba untuk mengeksplorasi proses stagnasi dan bahkan keruntuhan perpustakaan Islam.
Nurdin Laugu
Al-Jami'ah : Journal of Islamic Studies , 2007,
Abstract: Since the formation of the Islamic society by prophet Muhammad, mosque libraries fulfilled several important roles that deserve scholarly attention. Therefore, this article elicits the significance of these various roles within Muslim societies through Islamic history. Until present day, almost all mosque libraries provide a variety of collections, concerning both religious and non-religious issues, such as social science and education. In line with these roles, this paper presents different examples of mosque libraries that, through history, contributed significantly to the development of Islamic civilization, like the library of the al-Azhar mosque in Egypt, the Grand Mosque Library in Cordova, etc. In addition, several aspects determining the (in)significance of mosque libraries through history, such as library management and factors contributing to the stagnation of mosque libraries, are investigated.
The Effect of Supplementation Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.) and BIOPLUS to the Solid Non Fat, Total Solid and Milk Acidity of Sub-clinical Mastitis’s Holstein Dairy Cows
E Nurdin
Journal of Animal Production , 2007,
Abstract: A research about “The Effect of Supplementation Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.) and BIOPLUS to the Solid Non Fat, Total Solid and Milk Acidity of Sub-clinic Mastitis’s Holstein Dairy Cows” had been done in a small farm at Nagrak Kulon Valley, Lembang-Bandung. The aim of this research is to know about the effect of supplementation Sunflower and BIOPLUS to the Solid Non Fat (SNF), Total Solid (TS) and Milk Acidity (pH) of sub-clinic Mastitis’s Holstein Dairy Cows. This research using 16 Holstein Dairy Cows with 2-4 lactation periode and 2-4 lactation month. The method that using in this research is Random groups method with 4 treatment such as R0 (control), R1 (0.01% body weight of sunflowers), R2 (100 gram of BIOPLUS) and R3 (R1 + R2). As the result of this research is no effect (P>0.05) of supplementation sunflowers and BIOPLUS to the Solid Non Fat, Total Solid and Milk Acidity of Sub-clinical Mastitis’s Holstein Dairy Cows. SNF is 8.50 % - 8.75 %, TS is 12.51 % - 12.65 % and pH is 6.72 – 6.85. (Animal Production 9(2): 79-81 (2007) Key Words : Sunflowers, BIOPLUS, Sub-clinical Mastitis, SNF, TS, pH
Nurliah Nurdin
Bumi Lestari , 2010,
Abstract: This study of evaluation on policy effecitivity on the destructive fishing in small islands and coastal zone. Many government policy have not been successfully implemented due the lack of suprevision and monitoring. The destruction of coral reef has impact on economic income in the coastal zone citizen. Indonesia has lost its tremendous oceanic resources as the cause of destrucitice fishing through chemincal bombing on the sea to catch fishes. Its not only disaster for the longevility of the many kind of fishes but also coral reef which can only be recovered for hundred years. It is no longer a government roles to maintain the sustainability of these lives, but society and stakeholders should be involved as a team to increase the quality of the coastal zone society by improving their knowledge and skill for their fishing.
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