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The Optimum Blend: Affordances and Challenges of Blended Learning For Students
Nuray Gedik,Ercan Kiraz,M. Ya?ar ?zden
Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry , 2012,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to elicit students’ perceptions regarding the most facilitative and most challenging features (affordances and barriers) in a blended course design. Following the phenomenological approach of qualitative inquiry, data were collected from ten undergraduate students who had experiences in a blended learning environment. Data were collected from the students’ weekly reflection papers, interviews with students, and documents, and analyzed by structurally and texturally describing the resulting experiences and perceptions. The findings of the study indicate that used together, online and face-to-face course structures offer several opportunities and challenges for students. The participating students mentioned interaction and communication opportunities, increased motivation, increased opportunities to voice their opinions, and reinforcement of learning as the affordances in the blended learning environment. The barriers included increased workload, cultural and technical barriers, and the inter-dependence of the two environments. Implications and suggestions are offered for instructors in higher education settings.
Perceptions of War and The Solutions of Mothers of Martyrs in Turkey
Esra Gedik
Fe Dergi : Feminist Ele?tiri , 2009,
Abstract: In this study, I want to evaluate mothers of martyrs’ perception of the war and solution while to protect its citizens is the state duty, with the assumption of questioning their son's death, whether they can transform being a mother of a martyr into anti-war women as women examples in the world we have seen. Obviously, as the martyr's mother, these women have acquired new identities. Nevertheless, how the above-mentioned attitude of questioning motherhood is limited by what the different discourses? As a result, these women, mothers of martyrs, are to remain silent. In this context, throughout my research, as previously mentioned, these women in Turkey have been represented, as a mother of a martyr, will be reviewed.
Stability of Flip and Exchange Symmetric Entangled State Classes under Invertible Local Operations
Zafer Gedik
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2010.09.041
Abstract: Flip and exchange symmetric (FES) many-qubit states, which can be obtained from a state with the same symmetries by means of invertible local operations (ILO), constitute a one-parameter family of curves in the Hilbert space. Eigenstates of FES ILOs correspond to vectors that cannot be transformed to other FES states. This means equivalence classes of states under ILO can be determined in a systematic way for an arbitrary number of qubits. More important, for entangled states, at the boundaries of neighboring equivalence classes, one can show that when the fidelity between the final state after an ILO and a state of the neighboring class approaches unity, probability of success decreases to zero. Therefore, the classes are stable under ILOs.
Spin Bath Decoherence of Quantum Entanglement
Zafer Gedik
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1016/j.ssc.2006.02.004
Abstract: We study an analytically solvable model for decoherence of a two spin system embedded in a large spin environment. As a measure of entanglement, we evaluate the concurrence for the Bell states (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen pairs). We find that while for two separate spin baths all four Bell states lose their coherence with the same time dependence, for a common spin bath, two of the states decay faster than the others. We explain this difference by the relative orientation of the individual spins in the pair. We also examine how the Bell inequality is violated in the coherent regime. Both for one bath and two bath cases, we find that while two of the Bell states always obey the inequality, the other two initially violates the inequality at early times.
Quantum Entanglement and Order Parameter in a Paired Finite Fermi System
Zafer Gedik
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1016/S0038-1098(02)00551-3
Abstract: We study the pairing correlations in a finite Fermi system from quantum entanglement point of view. We investigate the relation between the order parameter, which has been introduced recently to describe both finite and infinite superconductors, and the concurrence. For a proper definition of the concurrence, we argue that a possible generalization of spin flip transformation is time reversal operation. While for a system with indefinite number of particles concurrence is a good measure of entanglement, for a finite system it does not distinguish between normal and superconducting states. We propose that the expectation value of the radial operator for the total pseudospin can be used to identify entanglement of pairing.
Eigenvalue Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Near Closed Timelike Curves
Z. Gedik
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: Einstein's field equations of gravitation are known to admit closed timelike curve (CTC) solutions. Deutsch approached the problem from the quantum information point of view and proposed a self-consistency condition. In this work, the Deutsch equation is formulated as an eigenvalue problem. The disappearance of entanglement between two qubits in an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) state near a CTC is demonstrated. The method is utilized to analyze the discontinuous evolution of two chronology respecting (CR) qubits near a CTC.
Quantum Phase in Nanoscopic Superconductors
Zafer Gedik
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: Using the pseudospin representation and the SU(2) phase operators we introduce a complex parameter to characterize both infinite and finite superconducting systems. While in the bulk limit the parameter becomes identical to the conventional order parameter, in the nanoscopic limit its modulus reduces to the number parity effect parameter and its phase takes discrete values. We evaluate the Josephson coupling energy and show that in bulk superconductor it reproduces the conventional expression and in the nanoscopic limit it leads to quantized Josephson effect. Finally, we study the phase flow or dual Josephson effect in a superconductor with fixed number of electrons.
Understanding The Historic City= Tarihi ehiri Anlamak
Nuray ?zaslan
tasar?m + kuram , 2003,
Abstract: The primary aim of this paper is to develop anew perspective in the contemporary urbandesign problem of the historic city. It willargue that the city is not an object of ideologicaland economic choices but rather the subjectof architectural phenomenon. In this sense oneof the main differences between the pre-industrialand modern city is the role and appearanceof architecture. The lack of architecturalquality and duality appears because of discontinuityin the intrinsic rules of the city buildingitself which are the result of accumulatedarchitectural culture of its society as its makerand user. This paper is based on the argumentthat new interventions in those ancient citiesshould follow their own architectural rules,which can be grasped by careful analysis of theurban structure. Bu yaz n n konusu a da ba lamdaki tarihsel kentin gelece e ait tasar m sorununa yeni bir perspektif nermektir. Kent yap evresinin kompleks bir bi imi olarak mimarl k olgusunun ortas nda yer al r. Yaz n n temas n olu turan ‘ a da ba lam’ ve ‘tarihsel kent’ birbiriyle uzla maz g rünen temel olgulard r. Farkl sistemleri temsil eden bu iki kavram nesnel olarak da farkl yap lar tan mlar. Bu farkl l k kentsel doku ve g rünümde bir ikilik olarak ortaya kar. Bütünlü ünü ve giderek de mimar kimli ini yitiren tarihsel kentin gelece i nemli bir tasar m problemidir ayn zamanda. Bu yaz tarihsel kente yap lacak her türlü müdahale de tasar m belirleyeninin kentin kendi i sel kurallar olmas gerekti ini iddia eder ve bu kurallar n ke fini sa layacak bir y ntemin er evesini nerir.
-Almost summable sequences
Fatih Nuray
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1997, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171297001014
Abstract: King[3] introduced and examined the concepts of almost A-summable sequence, almost conservative matrix and almost regular matrix By following King, in this paper we introduce and examine the concepts of -almost A-summable sequence, -almost conservative matrix and -almost regular matrix
Interaction between cultures via art review: Understanding multiculturalism
Nuray Mamur
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Today, modern societies have different expectations from education. An educated individual is expected to interact with different cultural groups and develop positive attitudes in those interactions. Art education- as known as a branch of cultural education- is aware of that responsibility. It evaluates the reviews towards works of art or visuals as a component that helps to understand culture in detail. At this point, how an individual comments on) are quite important. The purpose of the study is to emphasize the importance of examining works of art and evaluate their effects between cultures and on multi cultural education. The study was conducted at an elementary school in 2010-2011 education period. During three weeks practice, 12 students and a teacher had participated in the study. In this qualitative study data was gathered through articles that involves open ended questions and interview forms. The data was analyzed by using content analysis. At the end of the study, students have examined cultural life styles by using Works of art and have stated the differentiation capability of geographic factors climate, and religion in terms of cultural structure. Examining the art of different cultures has been considered as an important factor that has great contributions to their experience. Through these methods, they have questioned their cultural values in terms of understanding and interpreting. Experiences gained via artistic and cultural studies have been effective in terms of internalizing the topic.
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