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The Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Concrete Bridges of Different Typologies Análisis numérico y experimental de puentes de hormigón de diferentes tipologías
Leonel Osvaldo Pico,María Haydeé Peralta,Norma Luján Ercoli,Salvador La Malfa
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2011, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v2i1.38
Abstract: The increase in vehicular load and velocity over the years has prompted the need for structural modifications of concrete bridges. The measurements and analysis of vibrations in situ along with numerical techniques aid in the global evaluation of these structures by obtaining the dynamic characteristics and corresponding response. These measurements are then compared to international standards and codes in order to formulate superior concrete bridges with the objective of obtaining the influence of the difference in typology on the behavior of bridges. Bridge 1 uses a two way system with beams and deck slabs and bridge 2 is a superior structure composed of pretension T beams and situ-cast concrete deck. These findings are fundamental references in the designing of bridges. El incremento de las cargas y de las velocidades de circulación vehicular de los últimos a os provoca una modificación en el comportamiento estructural de puentes de hormigón entre 30 y 50 a os de vida en servicio. Se originan problemas que no solo se relacionan con la seguridad estructural sino también con el confort, lo cual motiva la necesidad de un monitoreo y evaluación de su comportamiento estructural. La medición y análisis de vibraciones in situ, junto con el uso de técnicas numéricas, permiten realizar la evaluación global de dichas estructuras, a partir de la obtención de las características dinámicas y respuesta correspondiente. Los resultados de las mediciones efectuadas se comparan con normas y criterios actuales existentes a nivel internacional.En el presente trabajo se evalúan dos puentes de hormigón de tablero superior correspondientes a tipologías estructurales diferentes, en un caso emparrillado de vigas y losas llenas y en el otro vigas de hormigón pretensadas tipo doble T y losas llenas hormigonadas in situ, con el objetivo de determinar la influencia de las tipologías en el comportamiento estructural. Los análisis efectuados permiten arribar a conclusiones sobre la relación entre la respuesta estructural y la tipología estructural correspondiente, de interés para el dise o y/o evaluación de puentes.
María C. Luján,Rita Morero,Norma E. Bonzani,Gloria E. Barboza
Boletín Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Plantas Medicinales y Aromáticas , 2007,
Abstract: Se realizaron controles de calidad de muestras herbolarias de Pteridófitas de la provincia de Córdoba, los que revelaron que Polystichum montevidense (Spreng.) Rosenst. var. montevidense y var. squamulosum (Hieron.) Hieron., adulteran a Dryopteris filix-mas (L.) Schott "Helecho macho", ambas entidades de la Fam. Dryopteridaceae. Por otra parte, con el mismo nombre vulgar de "Doradilla", se expenden dos helechos: Anemia tomentosa var. australis Mickel (Fam. Schizaeaceae) y Cheilanthes myriophylla Desv. (Fam. Pteridaceae), usados como béquicos, pectorales y diaforéticos, asignándosele además, al primero, propiedades emenagogas. Se realizaron estudios exomorfológicos y anatómicos de diversos órganos de estos taxones. Los resultados se resumen en cuadros diferenciales.
Organic Manures Improved the Phenolic Content, Antioxidant Capacity and Soluble Solids in Pepper  [PDF]
Alejandro Moreno-Reséndez, Ricardo Parcero-Solano, José Luis Reyes-Carrillo, Lilia Salas-Pérez, María del Rosario Moncayo-Luján, Mercedes Georgina Ramírez-Aragón, Norma Rodríguez-Dimas
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2016.714127
Abstract: The aim of this research was to determine the effect of three organic manures (vermicompost, simple compost, compost with gypsum) with four different levels, as sources of fertilization, and mixed with river sand, this was used as an inert material, on the phenolic content, antioxidant capacity and total soluble solids of bell peppers (Capsicum annuum L.). The 12 mixtures formulated, with eight replications, were distributed in a completely randomized design. Data were statistically analyzed by analysis of variance and means were compared by test Tukey5%. All variables were significantly affected (p ≤ 0.001). Fruits with highest phenolic content were developed in the mixtures M2, M5 and M6 with 538.76, 541.54 and 565.04 mg GAE·100 kg-1 DW, respectively. Antioxidant capacity of fruits was increased with mixtures M2, M5, M6 and M7 with values of 934.48, 942.04, 921.69 and 924.17 μM TEAC·g-1 DW, respectively. The soluble solids content was higher in mixtures M1 and M2 with values of 4.93 and 4.97 °Brix, respectively. It was concluded that the variables studied were favored when applying, as sources of fertilization, mixtures of these organic manures with river sand, which could represent a suitable alternative for food production with quality nutraceutical.
Casuística y eficacia: dos pilares básicos en el viraje freudiano hacia la aplicación del método psicoanalítico a las neurosis de la infancia
Anuario de investigaciones , 2007,
Abstract: this work proposes to realize an exploration around the children's casuistry, which allows to locate a turn in freud from the objections that the author was finding to install the analytical method with children, to the conditions of application. for it we will take two basic references that frame this production: the use of the casuistry and the question for the effectiveness . both realize to ours to deal, of freud's position as researcher: it was never supported in mere speculations, and always he resorted to the clinical verification of his theoretical suppositions, and to the evaluation of the results. we will work specifically two cases: hans and arpad.
Giardia y giardiasis
Luján,Hugo D.;
Medicina (Buenos Aires) , 2006,
Abstract: giardia lamblia is a protozoan parasite that inhabits the upper small intestine of humans and several other vertebrates and one of the most frequent cause of intestinal disease worldwide. during its life cycle, g. lamblia undergoes significant biochemical and morphological changes that allow the parasite to survive under hostile environmental conditions. to survive outside the host?s intestine, giardia differentiates into resistant cysts, which are characterized by a rigid extracellular cyst wall that protect the parasite even to the action of the most common chemical disinfectants. another adaptive mechanism of giardia is the switching of its surface antigens, a mechanism that allows the trophozoites to evade the host?s immune responses and produce acute, chronic and/or recurrent infections. during the last years, important advances in the knowledge of the molecular basis underlying the mechanisms of encystation and antigenic variation in giardia suggest that novel chemotherapeutic and/or immunoprophylactic reagents against this important human pathogen could soon be available.
La reforma electoral de 1996 en Uruguay: Un análisis desde la narrativa analítica
Papeles de trabajo - Centro de Estudios Interdisciplinarios en Etnoling???-stica y Antropolog?-a Socio-Cultural , 2011,
Abstract: the article outlines a model to analyze the strategies of the nacional and colorado parties during the electoral reform of 1996 in uruguay. based on the analytic narratives (bates et al, 1998), the author analyzes the strategy of these parties, which consisted in adapting the electoral rules to the party system format. this strategy allowed the reformist parties continue to operate in terms of co-participation within the state level.
Un hidrogel de hidróxido de aluminio para eliminar el arsénico del agua
Luján,Juan Carlos;
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1020-49892001000500003
Abstract: objective. to describe the making of and the preliminary results from an aluminum hydroxide hydrogel that, when added directly to water, can totally eliminate arsenic, regardless of the nature of the water and the oxidation state of the metalloid. methods. the raw materials used to make the aluminum hydroxide hydrogel were: hydrated aluminum sulfate (which is used to make water safe for drinking), calcium hypochlorite in powder form, ammonium hydroxide, and distilled water (when done at the laboratory scale), and water from inverse osmosis of the same or better quality than the distilled water (when done at a pilot scale). quality control for the finished product consisted of determining its ability to adsorb arsenic and performing bacteriological tests to demonstrate its sterility. the product was used with water samples to which arsenic had been added in the laboratory and with water samples from the province of tucumán, argentina, with naturally occurring arsenic. to analyze the arsenic in the water the colorimetric silver diethyldithiocarbamate method was used. results. using the hydrogel greatly reduced the amount of arsenic. treating both the natural and laboratory-produced arsenical waters yielded arsenic concentrations under the limit (0.01 parts per million) that was detectable with the analytical method used. the bacteriological tests of the finished product indicated there were no viable bacteria. conclusions. using the aluminum hydroxide hydrogel produced the desired reduction in the arsenic concentration in the water. this method for removing arsenic is inexpensive and easy to use in scattered rural populations in areas having high arsenic levels and lacking drinkable water, as well as an adequate sanitary and electric-power infrastructure.
Los mecanismos iniciales de defensa de la Constitución en el Perú: el poder conservador y el consejo de Estado (1839-1855)
Daniel Soria Luján
Pensamiento Constitucional , 1998,
Abstract: La investigación ofrece un aporte inicial al conocimiento de los mecanismos de defensa de la Constitución en el Perú de la primera mitad del siglo XIX, especialmente durante la vigencia de la Constitución de 1839.
La instrucción pública en la Constitución de Cádiz y el constitucionalismo peruano inicial
Daniel Soria Luján
Pensamiento Constitucional , 2012,
Abstract: Introducción I. El dise o gaditano de instrucción pública y su aplicación en Espa a II. La importación del dise o gaditano de instrucción pública al constitucionalismo peruano inicial, su regulación normativa y su evolución 1. La regulación de la instrucción pública en los textos constitucionales 2. Regulación normativa y evolución de la instrucción pública en la primera mitad del siglo xix III. Palabras finalesBibliografía
El proyecto de ley de protección a la libertad personal ( 1849)
Daniel Soria Luján
Pensamiento Constitucional , 1996,

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