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Primary pancreatic Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in a young man with abdominal pain and hypersplenism: a case report
Noorian SE,Beigi AA,Safaee M,Heshmat-Ghahdarijani K
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Background: Primary pancreatic lymphoma is really rare and comprising about 0.2-4.9% of all pancreatic malignancies. The diagnosis of this lymphoma is very difficult because the clinical symptoms and signs resemble those of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Case presentation: A 30-year old man was admitted to the hospital with the complaint of left upper abdominal pain. Because of his splenomegaly and pancytopenia he was candidate for splenectomy but during operation a large mass was found in the pancreas and biopsy was taken from it. Pathology reported lymphoblastic lymphoma of pancreas.Conclusion: It is important to differentiate between primary lymphoma and the adenocarcinoma of the pancreas as prognosis and treatment of them differ significantly. Primary pancreatic lymphoma should be considered in differential diagnosis of pancreatic tumors and an attempt to obtain tissue diagnosis is always necessary before radical surgery, especially in young patients.
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Fuzzy LDA and FFNN  [PDF]
Behzad Bozorgtabar, Hamed Azami, Farzad Noorian
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2012.31007
Abstract: The most significant practical challenge for face recognition is perhaps variability in lighting intensity. In this paper, we developed a face recognition which is insensitive to large variation in illumination. Normalization step including two steps, first we used Histogram truncation as a pre-processing step and then we implemented Homomorphic filter. The main idea is that, achieving illumination invariance causes to simplify feature extraction module and increases recognition rate. Then we utilized Fuzzy Linear Discriminant Analysis (FLDA) in feature extraction stage which showed a good discriminating ability compared to other methods while classification is performed using Feedforward Neural Network (FFNN). The experiments were performed on the ORL (Olivetti Research Laboratory) face image database and the results show the present method outweighs other techniques applied on the same database and reported in literature.
The State of the Art in Trust and Reputation Systems: A Framework for Comparison
Noorian,Zeinab; Ulieru,Mihaela;
Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-18762010000200007
Abstract: we introduce a multidimensional framework for classifying and comparing trust and reputation (t&r) systems. the framework dimensions encompass both hard and soft features of such systems including different witness location approaches, various reputation calculation engines, variety of information sources and rating systems which are categorised as hard features, and also basic reputation measurement parameters, context diversity checking, reliability and honesty assessment and adaptability which are referred to as soft features. specifically, the framework dimensions answer questions related to major characteristics of t&r systems including those parameters from the real world that should be imitated in a virtual environment. the proposed framework can serve as a basis to understand the current state of the art in the area of computational trust and reputation and also help in designing suitable control mechanisms for online communities. in addition, we have provided a critical analysis of some of the existing techniques in the literature compared within the context of the proposed framework dimensions.
Common intersection points in dense fluids via equations of state
G. A. parsafar,S. R. Noorian
Iranian Journal of Physics Research , 2001,
Abstract: Some new equations of state which are derived for dense fluids in recent years, namely the linear isotherm regularity (LIR), the dense system equation of state (DSEOS), Inm-Song-Mason equation of state (ISM), and a newly derived semi-emperical equation of state have been used to investigate the common intersection point of isobaric expansivity in αp dense fluids. We have shown that the accuracy of these equations of state in predicting such a common intersection point is reduced from the new semi-imperical equation of state, DSEOS, LIR, to ISM. respectively. Form physical point of view, the van der Waals equation of state is used to investigate such an intersection point. It is shown that the van der Waals repulsion forces and temperature dependency of the effective molecular diameter are important for existence of this common point. Finally, we have shown that the common intersection points of the isotherms of thermal pressure coefficient, the isotherms of heat capacity at constant volume, and the isochores of internal pressure for a fluid are related to each other. Also, the common intersection points of the reduced bulk modulus and 1/(Tαp) for isotherms of a fluid both appear at the same density.
Sequential Pattern Mining by Multi- Threading Techniques
Reza Noorian Talouki,Mehdi Sobhkhiz Talouki
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Discovery of Sequential pattern mining is an important data mining mission with wide applications. One of the most important types of sequential patterns is closed sequential pattern, which holds all the information of the perfect patterns set but is much more compact than it. There is no model that used multithreading techniques for parallel mining of closed sequential patterns. In this paper an algorithm called MTMCSP (multi-thread mining of closed sequential patterns) is recommended to conduct parallel mining of closed sequential patterns on a multi-processor system as a multi-threading technique. MTMCSP divides the works among the tasks by using the divide-and-conquer property. The proposed algorithm has used dynamic scheduling to avoid task idling, moreover we have employed a technique, called random selecting. The experimental results show that MTMCSP attains good parallelization efficiencies on various input datasets.
Discovered DNAs of Protein with Using Parallel Prefixspan Method
Mehdi Sobhkhiz Talouki,Reza Noorian Talouki
Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Discovery of Sequential pattern mining is an important data mining mission with wide applications. There is no model that used multi coring techniques for parallel mining of closed sequential patterns. The parallelization of a prefixspan method to discover DNAs is proposed in this study. The prefixspan method is used to extract the frequent pattern from a sequence database. This system requires the use of multiple computers connected in local area network. This algorithm includes multi-coring to achieve communication between a master process and multiple slave processes. This algorithm applies dynamic scheduling to avoid tasks idling. Moreover we employ a technique, called selective sampling. We implement this algorithm with using a 4G memory and AMD phenomX4. Our experimental results show that this algorithm attains good efficiencies on motifs extraction.
Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: Introduction. Early enteral feeding reduce the mortality and morbidity of head-Injured patients. However, many of these patients have atonic stomach and do not tolerate early gastric feeding. It is suggested that small bowel feeding will improve the patient"s tolerance of early enteral feeding. Methods. In a randomized clinical trial, sixty patients with moderate and severe head injury were divided in two equal groups. In experimental group, a feeding tube with a length, equal to distance from nose to earlobe and umblicus was inserted and interavenous metuclopramide was injected every 6 hours (10 mg in adults, 5mg in children between 6-14 years old and 0.1 mg/kg in children less than 6 years old). These patients also were placed in right lateral decubitus position. In control group, only a tube with a length equal to experimental group"s tube was inserted. After 48 hours, with injection of barium sulfate into the feeding tube and plain radiography of abdomen, the position of the tip of the feeding tube was determined (Prepyloric VS. Postpyloric). Results. The rate of passage of feeding tube from the sphincter of pylor was 63.3 percent in experimental group and 6.7 percent in control group (P < 0.001). Discussion. This study introduces a new safe method for bypassing the atonic stomach in patients with moderate and severe head injury.
Prevalence and specifications of postoperative sore throat following general endotracheal anesthesia in patients undergoing surgery
Hosein Bagheri,Hosein Ebrahimi,Javad Noorian,Zeynab Maghsood-Taleghani
Knowledge & Health Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Introduction: Tracheal intubation is a standard technique for the performance of general anesthesia which might lead to stress in patient. This study has been done to evaluate prevalence and specifications of postoperative sore throat following general endotracheal anesthesia in patients undergoing open reduction surgery of extremity limbs fractures.Methods and Materials: In this cross-sectional study a number of 78 patients with 15-65 year old undergoing open reduction surgery of extremity limbs fractures were selected upon to researcher characteristics and in un-randomized sampling. Sensory, affective, intensity and general condition of pain were assessed in 1 and 24 hour after general anesthesia and extubation by using McGill Pain Questionnaire-Short Form (MPQ-SF) questionnaire. Results: Upon to result, average age was 29 year and base on McGill Pain Questionnaire-Short Form (MPQ-SF) questionnaire results, average score of sensory components of sore throat, 1 and 24 hour after general anesthesia was 3.42 and 1.2 respectively, and average score of affective components of sore throat 1 and 24 hour after general anesthesia was 1.14 and.46 respectively, and average score of sore throat intensity, 1 and 24 hour after general anesthesia was 3.51 and 1.18, respectively. 75.6% of patients had sore throat 1 hour after general anesthesia and 24 hour after decrease to 29.5%. In general, the majority of patients (33.3%) said that their sore throat intensity is discomforting. Pair t test revealed a significant difference between sensory and affective components and also intensity of sore throat in 1 and 24 hour after general anesthesia. Average score of sore throat intensity in females was greater than males. Pearson correlation test revealed a significant difference between age and sore throat intensity in 24 hour after general anesthesia.Conclusion: According to results of this study, awareness to complication following general endotracheal anesthesia and implementation appropriate strategies is essential for prevention of these complications and also for patients’ satisfaction of anesthesia and surgery.
Investigating the Efficacy of Imam Hossein Hospital Wastewater Treatment Plant
Saied Nazemi,Ebrahim Abbasi,Javad Noorian,Mohamad-baghere Sohrabi
Knowledge & Health Journal , 2009,
Abstract: Introduction: Hospitals due to their huge range of activities generate vast amount of wastewater which because of its great pollution must be purified via appropriate procedures. Imam Hossein Hospital also has an extended aeration wastewater treatment plant. This investigation was done to determine the efficacy of this plant and the possibility of reusing the resulting effluent for green space irrigation or discharging it in the environment of the present study. Methods: This cross-sectional study was done upon Imam Hossein hospital wastewater treatment plant for 8 months from April to November 2008. In the study the parameters of COD BOD5 TSS pH Total and fecal coliform in the incoming and outgoing wastewater were determined through standard methods and were compared with standard values for green space irrigation set by the Environment Protection Organization through t-test. Results: Results show that the mean values of pH TSS COD BOD5 and the geometric means of total and fecal coliforms MPN/100ml in the effluent were: 6.95 179mg/lit 145 mg/lit 298mg/lit and 2.8×104 and 1.54×104 respectively. Removal percentages for TSS COD BOD5 Total and fecal coli forms were 46.11 30.1 39.99 99.37 and 99.39 respectively that show significant differences between these measurements and their standard values for green space irrigation set by the Environment Protection Organization (P
Use of MRI fusion second-look ultrasound in breast cancer: can MRI US fusion reduce the need for MRI-guided biopsy?
SE McWilliams
Breast Cancer Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/bcr3253
Abstract: At our institution we have introduced an MRI breast biopsy service which is time consuming and expensive. We looked at 10 patients with MRI US fusion technology on our new Hitachi US MRI scanner to see whether lesions were easier to identify combining the MRI and US images, enabling US biopsy to be performed.Ten patients with a known breast cancer had a further incidental lesion seen on MRI. The patients had an additional supine series on contrast MRI images in addition to the standard prone protocol. The supine images were loaded on the US machine and enabled confident detection of the lesion on US in nine out of 10 patients.Using MRI US fusion with one additional MRI series of supine images reduces the need for MRI-guided biopsy enabling US biopsy to be performed, which is cheaper, quicker and more patient acceptable.

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