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Nino Serdarevi
Economic Review : Journal of Economics and Business , 2011,
Abstract: This paper presents empirical evidence on applied analysis interdependences with created accounting policies and estimates within Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) private commercial entities, in specific, targeting practice oriented relevance of financial indicators, non-financial indicators, enterprise resource planning and management account-ting insight frequencies. Recently, standard setters (International Accounting Standards Board and International Federation of Accountants) have published outcomes of an internationally organized research on financial reports usefulness, recommending enforced usage of enterprise relevant information, non-financial indicators and risks implications in assets and liabilities positions. These imply litigation and possible income smoothening. In regard to financial reporting reliability, many authors suggest accounting conservatism as a measure to compose risk assessment and earnings response ratio. Author argues that recently suggested financial management measures involving cash and assets management, liquidity ratios and turns do not directly imply accounting information quality, prior computed within applied accounting conservatism.
Ambient air quality and the frequency of physician visits by preschool children
Durmi?evi? Smajil,Durmi?evi?-Serdarevi? Jasminka
Medicinski Pregled , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0708387d
Abstract: Introduction. Ambient air pollution in the town of Kakanj, mostly of industrial origin, has become a major reason for increased use of health care services by children under the age of six years. The aim of this study was to examine the correlation between ambient concentrations of sulphur dioxide (SO2), suspended particles and nitrogenoxides (NOx), and the frequency/number of visits to health care institutions by children under the age of six years. Material and methods. The investigation was carried out in the period from January to December 2003, in the area of Kakanj and Brnjic. We examined the average number of monthly visits to health care institutions and concentrations of sulphur dioxide, suspended particles and nitrogen oxides in the town of Kakanj. Results. The investigation shows that there is a linear increase of visits to health care institutions in relation to linear increase of concetrations of sulphur dioxide, suspended particles and nitrogen oxides (O
Side effects of cellular and acellular DPT vaccine in children aged from 3 months to 5 years
Durmi?evi? Smajil,Durmi?evi?-Serdarevi? Jasminka
Medicinski Pregled , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0412584d
Abstract: Introduction Both mild and severe local and systemic postvaccination reactions are seen more rarely in infants immunized with DTPa than in those immunized with DTPw vaccine. Material and methods By analysis of medical records and follow-up of patients, the authors searched for sings of adverse effects of DPT vaccines, comparing cellular and acellular vaccines in children aged from three months to five years. The results of investigation were analyzed using X2. Results Out of the total number of 940 applied vaccines, 329 were cellular and 611 were acellular. Body temperature over 38.5oC occurred in 3% of children immunized with cellular DTPw, and vomiting occurred in 0.8% of those immunized with acellular DTPa vaccine. Vomiting occurred (more than five times) in 0.9% of children immunized with DPTw and in 0.32% of children immunized with DPTa. Other undesirable symptoms like swelling, redness and pain in the arm were found in 0.6% of children immunized with DPTw, and in 0.32% of children immunized with DPTa; prolonged crying (three hours or longer) was registered in 0.3% of cases immunized with DPTw, and in 0.16% of immunized with DPTa vaccine. Convulsions and collapse appeared only in 0.3% of children immunized with DPTw. Discussion Our investigation shows that local and generalized undesirable postvaccination reactions occurred in 5.4% of children immunized with DPTw and in 1.64 of children immunized with DPTa. The latest clinical investigations show that acellular pertussis vaccines are successful in prevention of pertussis and that they are quite safe for infants; in our investigations, local and generalized reactions were markedly rare in children immunized with DPTa. Conclusion Undesirable postvaccination reactions after application of acellular DPT vaccines are less frequent than it is described in relevant references. The most frequent postvaccination reactions was raised body temperature (38.5oC). Convulsions and collapses were not registered in children immunized with DPTa vaccine. This investigation points to significantly rarer unwanted postvaccinationl reactions of acellular DPT vaccine in comparison with DPTw (p<0.01).
Regular Elements of the Complete Semigroups BX(D) of Binary Relations of the Class ∑2(X,8)  [PDF]
Nino Tsinaridze, Shota Makharadze
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/am.2015.63042
Abstract: As we know if D is a complete X-semilattice of unions then semigroup Bx(D) possesses a right unit iff D is an XI-semilattice of unions. The investigation of those a-idempotent and regular elements of semigroups Bx(D) requires an investigation of XI-subsemilattices of semilattice D for which V(D,a)=Q2(X,8) . Because the semilattice Q of the class ∑2(X,8) are not always XI -semilattices, there is a need of full description for those idempotent and regular elements when V(D,a)=Q . For the case where X is a finite set we derive formulas by calculating the numbers of such regular elements and right units for which V(D,a)=Q .
Wet lungs, broken hearts and difficult therapies after subarachnoid hemorrhage
Nino Stocchetti
Critical Care , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/cc8936
Abstract: An acute catecholamine discharge immediately following intracranial bleeding can have devastating extracranial effects: the heart, lungs, fluids and electrolytes can be severely affected. Hoff and colleagues report on pulmonary edema (PE) following subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) [1]. They found a high incidence of PE, usually several days after the initial bleeding, and an association of PE with lower intra vascular volumes (compared with cases without PE). PE is not uncommon after SAH, both as an early complication and as a late complication.Neurogenic PE is an acute event directly linked with an intracranial disaster; as such, it is often diagnosed on admission in cases with severe SAH [2]. PE in the days following SAH has been reported in association with triple-H therapy, which includes hypervolemia and induced arterial hypertension [3]. In different series, the PE incidence varied from 14 to 23% [4,5]. Increasing evidence is accumulating on the myocardial dysfunction that follows SAH, as well as other acute intracranial disasters. Takotsubo syndrome - with typical left ventricular abnormalities (bulging out of the apex of the heart with preserved function of the base, which earned the syndrome its name - a kind of a pot used as octopus trap in Japan), ECG abnormalities and biomarker changes - is a typical example of how much an injured brain can break the heart [6]. Neurogenic in origin, left ventricular failure causes congestion in the pulmonary vasculature and PE in Takotsubo syndrome.What is concerning in the report of Hoff and colleagues is that PE, often labeled in the text as neurogenic PE, has been diagnosed days after the initial bleeding, without concurrent reduction of the cardiac index and in the absence of volume expansion [1]. The clinical implications of these findings, as pointed out by the authors, would be that PE more than 4 days after SAH is not cardiogenic and would not be suitable for treatment with diuretics. It is therefore hard to reconci
The Spaciotemporal Patterns of Georgian Winter Solstice Festivals
Nino Abakelia
Folklore : Electronic Journal of Folklore , 2008,
Abstract: The article focuses on the rituals and ritual symbols of winter solstice festivals in Georgia, which are discussed from a spaciotemporal perspective and which, in their turn, are based on cosmological symbolism. The article aims to show how everyday life changes through ritual into a winter mythicoritual scenario and how the surrounding built environment of a society is being mythologized. How a place of dwelling as a microcosm is opposed to macrocosm; how symbolism conveys further the dialectic of the hierophanies by transforming things or humans into something other than what they appear in the profane experience. The article investigates who are the main characters of the ritual performance. For this purpose, the selection of ritual guests and their symbolic meanings in various rituals are discussed. Also, an attempt has been made to explain what they symbolize. While exploring the rituals from the spatiotemporal perspective, it is possible to distinguish between three kinds of ritual guests: (i) the first-foot, who through ritual embodies the transcendental supernatural powers, which are represented by different saints (predominantly by St Basil, in other cases by St George, and others); (ii) Evangelical “shepherds”; and (iii) the spirits of the dead, who are divided into “visible” spirits of the dead, embodied by a group of disguised mummers, and invisible ancestral spirits of the family. All these ritual guests were unavoidable visitors at winter solstice festivals and were responsible for ensuring the wellbeing and prosperity of the family. By means of the rituals and ritual guests the society communicated with the outer world and guaranteed welfare for the forthcoming New Year.
Distribution of certain pathophysiologic forms of cardiac arrest and survival in patients of Zenica-Doboj canton
Nino Hasanica
South Eastern Europe Health Sciences Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Aim To determine the presence of the pathophysiological forms of cardiac arrest at the beginning and at the end of the reanimation procedures and survival of the patients.Methods This retrospective-descriptive-analytic research involved 41 patients admitted to the Department for urgent and regular admission at the Canton Hospital Zenica during the period 01. September 2008 to 31. May 2009. The data (number of patients before treatment, number of survivors and deaths, ECG forms of the cardiac arrest) were extracted from the Protocols. Chi-square test was used for the comparision of the data and calculate statistical significance at the level of 0.005.Results The most common pathophysiological form of the cardiac arrest at the beginning of the reanimation procedures was asystole (AS), 27 patients (65.9%). Cardiac arrest survived five (12.2%) patients. The most common pathophysiological form of the cardiac arrest, which was registered in the surviving patients immediately before the establishment of the normal cardiac rhythm was ventricular fibrillation (VF), four (80.0%) patients. One (3.7%) patient survived AS, four (66.7%) patients survived VF. Frequency of all forms of cardiac arrest was statistically significantly different (frequency of AS and EMD was higher and VT and VF was lower) in this study, then the expected frequency (p>0.005).Conclusion Ther is need for the improve of the efficiency of pre-hospital treatment by improving the cooperation with institutions that provide training in first aid (Red Cross).
Nino ?ganec
Ljetopis Studijskog Centra Socijalnog Rada , 2002,
Abstract: Zlostavljanje i zanemarivanje djece nije problem samo obitelji ili pojedinca, ve problem ire lokalne zajednice i dru tva u cjelini.Poseban doprinos u prepoznavanju zna ajnosti faktora zajednice koji mogu pozitivno ili negativno utjecati na pojavnost zlostavljanja i zanemarivanja djece ostvaren je u okviru ekolo kog pristupa.Ekolo ki pristup iznimnu pa nju pridaje, kako unutarobiteljskim odnosima, tako i izvanobiteljskim utjecajima odre enim prije svega putem utjecaja koje na obitelj ima lokalna zajednica i susjedstvo, kole te dru tva u cjelini.Koje su karakteristike, stupanj organiziranosti i uloge zajednice u preveniranju zlostavljanja i zanemarivanja djece, kao i zna aj organiziranja lokalne zajednice u okvirima Hrvatske, pitanja su kojim se rad bavi.
Teaching Diversity to Young Learners (With a Sample Lesson)
Nino Mikeladze
Humanising Language Teaching , 2013, DOI: 17559715
Mercati opachi e stime ex-post
Nino Zizzo
Aestimum , 1982,
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