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On the Origin of Early Jade Dagger-Axe: A Brief Analysis  [PDF]
Cheng Xue, Yingzhi Xu
Archaeological Discovery (AD) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ad.2017.53011
Abstract: The jade dagger-axe is a significant ritual artifact in prehistoric China and therefore has been the subject of much discussion among archaeologists and historians. The authors compare the jade dagger-axe and the axe in terms of the morphological features, the means of hafting, and the use in burial ritual. It appears that the shape of the jade dagger-axe is the result of improving the axe. The means of hafting the jade dagger-axe is generally identical to that of the axe. The ritualization of the jade dagger-axe follows that of the axe. Therefore, the jade dagger-axe may have originated from the axe.
The Design of Output Feedback Distributed Model Predictive Controller for a Class of Nonlinear Systems  [PDF]
Baili Su, Yingzhi Wang
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/am.2017.812131
For a class of nonlinear systems whose states are immeasurable, when the outputs of the system are sampled asynchronously, by introducing a state observer, an output feedback distributed model predictive control algorithm is proposed. It is proved that the errors of estimated states and the actual system's states are bounded. And it is guaranteed that the estimated states of the closed-loop system are ultimately bounded in a region containing the origin. As a result, the states of the actual system are ultimately bounded. A simulation example verifies the effectiveness of the proposed distributed control method.

Ning Yingzhi,Shen Yunfen,

动物学研究 , 1996,
Abstract: The forest soil protozoa of Mount Luojia was studied quantitatively with both directand culture counting methods from January to December in 1993. It was dicovered that the summit of the annual abundance dynamics of protozoa was in spring (March, April & May),the valley in winter (January & Febrary), and the abundance fluntuated gently in summer and fall. The results of regression analyses showed that there were obvious positive correlations between the annual dynamics of protozoan abundance and the variations of water amount and PH value of the soil, and there was no obvious correlation between the dynamics and the variations of the soil temperature. The dominant species were Bodo edax, Trinemalinears, T. enchelys, B. globosus, Centropyxis elongata, Cryptomonas ovata, Cyclopyxis eurostoma and Cercomonas longicauda. The common species were B. edax, B. globosus,Pleuromonas Pculans, T. linears, T. enchelys, Centropyxis elongata, Colpoda inflata, C. steinii,Leptopharynx costatus, Frontonia depressa, Cercomonas longycauda, C. cucullus and Monas minimum. The variation trend of protozoan abundance showed by the two counting methodswas consistent, but the results of the culture method were 102 to 103 times as much as the ones of the direct counting method. This demonstrated that most of protozoan individuals existed in cyst forms and only small numbers in active forms in soil, and on the other hand, the culture counting method overestimated the standing crop of soil protozoa. Therefore, we believed that direct counting method gives more reliable estimations of the abundance of soilprotozoa and it is better to adopt direct counting method if the objective conditions permit.
Toxic effects of ent-kaurane diterpenoids on soil ciliate communities

NING Yingzhi,DU Haifeng,ZOU Tao,WANG Hongjunv,

生态学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 选取小陇山自然保护区麻沿林区的土壤纤毛虫并通过盆栽实验从纤毛虫的群落结构、丰度和食性三方面研究了对映-贝壳杉烷型二萜类化合物对纤毛虫群落的毒性作用。纤毛虫群落结构采用"非浸没式培养法"进行分析,物种鉴定采用活体观察和蛋白银染色法,同时采用直接计数法分析土壤纤毛虫的丰度。共鉴定到纤毛虫 88 种,隶属于3纲11目29科42属,其中对照组 75 种;分析表明二萜化合物可导致土壤纤毛虫群落结构的衰退演替;双因子方差分析显示纤毛虫物种数在二萜化合物各浓度处理组间呈现极显著差异 (F5,9=137.776,P<0.01),并在不同时间处理组间呈显著差异 (F5,9=2.607,P<0.05);线性回归分析显示土壤纤毛虫总物种数随着二萜类化合物浓度的升高有下降趋势,具有良好的直线线性关系(R2 =0.9521)。当二萜类化合物浓度超过 32.5 mg/kg 时土壤纤毛虫优势种由膨胀肾形虫、长篮环虫、大口薄咽虫和长圆膜袋虫演替为膨胀肾形虫、长篮环虫、苔藓膜袋虫、水藓薄咽虫和大弹跳虫,且C/P系数从小于1变为大于1,当施药浓度超过 62.5 mg/kg时,优势种演替为大弹跳虫、小尖毛虫、有肋薄咽虫和一种前口虫。同时,分析还显示肾形目对二萜化合物有较高的耐受能力,下毛目、前口目和篮口目对二萜类化合物有一定的耐受能力。对纤毛虫食性研究发现二萜类化合物对纤毛虫的影响还与纤毛虫的食性有关,尤其对肉食性纤毛虫危害最大。比较分析显示,在相同暴露时间,不同施药浓度下土壤纤毛虫丰度与对照组相比均有极明显的降低,而同一施药浓度,随着暴露时间逐渐延长,纤毛虫的数量逐渐回升,但即使土壤中二萜类化合物残留浓度很低,也对纤毛虫群落有显著的抑制作用。非参数多个独立样本检验分析结果表明各浓度组间纤毛虫的丰度存在极显著差异。结果表明,不同浓度的对二萜化合物对土壤纤毛虫群落结构在种类组成和丰度方面均成具有强烈的扰动作用。
Super Cyclically Edge Connected Half Vertex Transitive Graphs  [PDF]
Haining Jiang, Jixiang Meng, Yingzhi Tian
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.42053

Tian and Meng in [Y. Tian and J. Meng, λc -Optimally half vertex transitive graphs with regularity k, Information Processing Letters 109 (2009) 683 - 686] shown that a connected half vertex transitive graph with regularity k and girth g(G) ≥ 6 is cyclically optimal. In this paper, we show that a connected half vertex transitive graph G is super cyclically edge-connected if minimum degree δ(G) ≥ 6 and girth g(G) ≥ 6.

Market Discipline and City Commercial Banks’ Risk Taking
Yaling WANG,Yingzhi LIU
Management Science and Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/j.mse.1913035x20120603.z0124
Abstract: Since the end of 2006, commitment period of China’s joining into the WTO is over, Chinese bank industry fully opened, and market competition has become stronger. But China has an implicit deposit insurance, under this circumstances whether market discipline exists in city commercial banks has become an important question. This paper used data from 60 city commercial banks between 2003 and 2010 to analyze this issue. Study shows that before Chinese bank sector fully opened, the power of market is weak, market is unable to restrict city commercial bank’s risk effectively; in the wake of Chinese bank sector opening at the end of 2006, the power of market discipline gradually appeared, which controlled risk taking efficiently by price mechanism, but quantity discipline is always not obvious. Key words: Market discipline; Banking sector; Risk taking
On restricted edge-connectivity of half-transitive multigraphs
Yingzhi Tian,Jixiang Meng
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let $G=(V,E)$ be a multigraph (it has multiple edges, but no loops). We call $G$ maximally edge-connected if $\lambda(G)=\delta(G)$, and $G$ super edge-connected if every minimum edge-cut is a set of edges incident with some vertex. The restricted edge-connectivity $\lambda'(G)$ of $G$ is the minimum number of edges whose removal disconnects $G$ into non-trivial components. If $\lambda'(G)$ achieves the upper bound of restricted edge-connectivity, then $G$ is said to be $\lambda'$-optimal. A bipartite multigraph is said to be half-transitive if its automorphism group is transitive on the sets of its bipartition. In this paper, we will characterize maximally edge-connected half-transitive multigraphs, super edge-connected half-transitive multigraphs, and $\lambda'$-optimal half-transitive multigraphs.
Correct Use of Table Footnotes in English Sci-tech Papers

ZHOU YingZhi,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2008,
Abstract: 表注与表题、表身的有机组合,可以增强表格的自明性。本研究抽样比较了中外科技论文中表注的应用情况,发现中文期刊应用表注的比例明显低于英文期刊。为了帮助国内作者合理运用表注,进一步分析了英语科技论文中表注的应用条件,主要包括:解释数据,解释缩略语或符号,补充统计学处理,补充参考资料,限定或解释概念、研究对象。
An addition of medium-dose ATG to conditioning regimens favours the long-term survival of patients with allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation  [PDF]
Bingyi Wu, Chaoyan Song, Zhigang Lu, Kunyuan Guo, Yingzhi He, Sanfan Tu, Shaojuan Pan, Can Sun, Junyong Fang
Stem Cell Discovery (SCD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/scd.2013.31004

Long-term survival of 116 leukemia/MDS patients received allo-SCT conditioned by a regimen with ATG-F or without ATG-F was analysed, together with the impact of ATG-F on the long-term survival, GVHD and disease relapse. Seventy patients received an ATG-F containing conditioning regimen FBCA, and 46 patients received a non-ATG-F FBC regimen. The FBCA regimen was associated with a 5-year survival of 65.4% in the complete HLA-matched group and 39.3% in the HLA-mismatched group. The difference between the two groups was significant (P = 0.012). For the FBC conditioning regimen, the 5-year overall survival of HLA-matched patients and the HLA-mismatched patients was 34.2% and 24.2% respectively (P = 0.216). The incidence of cGVHD was 32.9% and 83.6% in the FBCA and FBC condition regimen group respectively. Only 2.9% of the cases showed extensive cGVHD in the FBCA group while it was 69.4% in the FBC group (P = 0.00). Multivariate analysis indicated that relapse was related to the disease status and HLA typing, but unrelated to the conditioning regimens whether or not ATG-F was used (HR 0.54, P = 0.109). We conclude that the addition of ATG-F to conditioning regimen favours the longterm survival of allo-SCT.

Complete Solutions to Mixed Integer Programming  [PDF]
Ning Ruan
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2013.33B005

This paper considers a new canonical duality theory for solving mixed integer quadratic programming problem. It shows that this well-known NP-hard problem can be converted into concave maximization dual problems without duality gap. And the dual problems can be solved, under certain conditions, by polynomial algorithms.

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