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Contemporary relations of Serbian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Drustvene Nauke , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/zmsdn1033019n
Abstract: The issue of primacy divides Roman Catholic (RCC) and Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) in theological field. Painful historical heritage from Second World War is also the great obstacle. Yugoslav atheistic state supported development of inter-church relations in acceptable proportion that would increase national relations in Yugoslav federation. Its fear was related to possible 'common front' against ideological system. Regional inter-church relations were initiated by Vatican and Pope Paul II, while SOC accepted it particularly in the social field. Both agreed on common responsibility for the evangelization an atheistic society. The variety of institutional forms of cooperation was also agreed, Common Commission for dialogue of SOC Council and Yugoslav Bishop Conference, and Theological Faculties Conferences in Post World War II Vatican period. In post-conflict Balkan Societies, RCC and SOC agreed to continue common activities for post-conflict rehabilitation and evangelizational purposes.
Institutional forms of contemporary ecumenical dialogue
NikoliMarko,Petkovi? Petar
Medjunarodni Problemi , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/medjp1102276n
Abstract: The article deals with ecumenism and the most important examples of its “institutionalisation”. It is stated that ecumenism implies the doctrine (idea), universal inter-church movement and the proclaimed goal of achieving Christian unity. It possesses at least theological, sociological and political determinants. The World Council of Churches is a universal inter-church forum for dialogue and cooperation that lacks clear ecclesiological identity. However, it is getting the characteristics of a typical international political movement. The Conference of European Churches is a similar European organization. The Parliament of World Religions tends to found and promote “global ethics” in order to accomplish pacifistic goals in the world.
Sharpening of the multistage modified comb filters
NikoliMarko,Lutovac Miroslav
Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/sjee1103281n
Abstract: This paper describes the application of filter sharpening method to the modified comb filter (MCF) in the case of decimation factor, which is product of two or more positive integers. It is shown that in the case of multistage decimation with MCF, filters in each stage are also MCF. Applying the sharpening to the decimation filter in the last stage provides very good results, with savings in the number of operations comparing to the case of sharpening of the complete filter. Direct-form FIR polyphase filter structure is proposed for the filters in each stage.
Museum architecture and conversion: From paradigm to institutionalization of anti-museum
Milojkovi? Aleksandar,NikoliMarko
Facta Universitatis Series : Architecture and Civil Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/fuace1201069m
Abstract: The majority of art museums all over the world have found their accommodation in buildings whose primary function and service, at the time of construction, was completely different. Conversion was more a rule than an exception during (not so long) museum history, and it is unambiguous that typological structure of renaissance and baroque palaces have had dominant influence on museum organization and structure. The further important step forward, considering museum accommodation in historical buildings, happened after the Second World War, with reevaluation and representation of old artistic works by means of new architectonic tools. During the late seventies, reaction of artists to contemporary prevailing trends in museum architecture resulted in creation of numerous unconventional museums, placed in abandoned industrial facilities, warehouses, powerplants, on the margins of official culture, as a contrast to the overdesigned museums as sites of luxury and entertainment. Not long afterwards, the network of museum institutions has accepted the vital elements of this "parallel cultural system" concept and reaffirmed conversion as an equally worthy solution for collection accommodation and temporary exhibition space. In this paper, we have presented the history of conversion as a part of museum architectural typology evolution, advantages and disadvantages of conversion, as well as the contribution of conversion to the sustainable urban development.
Potentials for export of fresh raspberries from Serbia to EU fresh markets
Nikoli? Ivan,Miljkovi? Marko,Okiljevi? Milo?
Industrija , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present potentials of the most significant EU national markets for imports of fresh raspberries from Serbia. We carried out analysis of three markets with highest trade deficit of fresh raspberries expressed in quantities: Germany, Netherlands and Austria. The paper further analyses production and foreign trade trends in selected countries. According to results of this analysis, we identified monthly periods with highest potential for exports of fresh raspberries from Serbia to target markets. The paper also analyses wholesale prices of fresh raspberries and EU policy of direct support to raspberry producers.
Thermal characteristics of air of the basin of Nis for the purpose of quicker economic development
Ivanovi? Radomir,Marti?-Bursa? Nata?a,Ivanovi? Marko,Nikoli? Milena
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd1102085i
Abstract: The characteristics of air temperature or heat mode the air is an important segment of the overall climate and the natural resource factor in the economic development of any place or region. In order to properly determine those, needs is a continuous series of data for at least 25-35 years. As longer as series are, the obtained data are more realistic. Weather Station-observatory "Tvrdjava" in Nis (φ-430 20 ', λ-21054', h-201 m), is the only higher-order station in the Ni valley, so, for determining the thermal properties of air, used measurement data from this station, for the period 1950-2009. Based on this 60-year period, analyzed the mean monthly, extreme temperature and annual temperature, the certain temperature thresholds and dates of onset for characteristic temperatures, and analyzed the frequency of occurrence some typical days.
Craniofacial morphology in males with 46,XX chromosomal constitution
??epan Ivana,Gli?i? Branislav,Babi? Marko,Nikoli? Zorana
Stomatolo?ki Glasnik Srbije , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/sgs0303120i
Abstract: The aim of this investigation was to assess the craniofacial morphology of five male individuals with 46,XX chromosomal constitution, and to compare them with normal male individuals (46,XY) and normal female participates (46,XX). The investigation was carried out on the lateral cephalomestic radiographs of five male individuals with sex reverse syndrome (46,XX chromosomal constitution), 62 normal female (46,XX) and 31 normal male (46,XY chromosomal constitution) participants. The following angular variables were measured: SNA, SNB, ANB, SN/SpP, SN/MP and SpP/MP. For each variable the mean value and standard deviation were calculated. The Student t-test was used to compare the result obtained between the group of patients with sex reverse syndrome and group of normal male, as well as of normal female participants. The male individuals with 46, XX chromosomal constitution showed slight bimaxillary retrognathism, and class III sagittal jaw relationship. Due to decreased inclination of the upper jaw to the anterior cranial base, the angle of vertical jaw relationship slightly increased in the group of patients with sex reverse syndrome, compared to normal male and female participants.
Simulation Model of Magnetic Levitation Based on NARX Neural Networks
Dragan Anti?,Miroslav Milovanovi?,Sa?a Nikoli,Marko Milojkovi?
International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, we present analysis of different training types for nonlinear autoregressive neural network, used for simulation of magnetic levitation system. First, the model of this highly nonlinear system is described and after that the Nonlinear Auto Regressive eXogenous (NARX) of neural network model is given. Also, numerical optimization techniques for improved network training are described. It is verified that NARX neural network can be successfully used to simulate real magnetic levitation system if suitable training procedure is chosen, and the best two training types, obtained from experimental results, are described in details.
Marko Lazovi?,Svetlana Petrovi?-Nagorni,Danijela Stani?i?,Predrag Nikoli
Acta Medica Medianae , 2000,
Abstract: In the period from 1974 to 1994 there were 78 patients suffering from the AIM of the Romanies' population of the city of Ni hospitalized and treated. The average annual rate of incidence was 136,2 of the sick per 100.000 citizens older than 30 years. There were 56 or 71,8% of men and 22 or 28,2% of women. The absolute ratio was 2,5:1 for men. The general incidence rate for male sex was 222,7 of the sick and for women it was 72,4 of the sick per 100.000 citizens of the same sex. The incidence rates regarding age showed a high degree of correlation with the age of the sick. In all the age groups the incidence rates regarding sex and age are dominant among men. The average age of men was 54,5 (SD=11,0) years while of women it was 59,1 (SD= 10,7) years and with no significant difference in age (p>0,05). The average age of the Romanies' population of both the sexes was considerably less than the average age of the city population of Nis (p<0,05).
Surgical treatment of invasive vulvar cancer
Panteli? Milo?,?ur?evi? Sr?an,Nikoli? Dragan,Maksimovi? Marko
Medicinski Pregled , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/mpns1204097p
Abstract: This paper presents the surgical treatment of invasive cancer of the vulva at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Novi Sad in the period from 2000 to 2010. Forty-one patients underwent different surgical procedures depending on their stage of the disease, age and general physical condition assessed according to the International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians: wide excision to the healthy area with negative edges of 10 mm, simplex - radical vulvectomy or hemivulvectomy, block dissection of the vulva by Way, one-sided or bilateral lymphadenectomy and skin-muscle flap to cover the resulting skin defects. The number of removed lymph nodes on one side ranged from 8 to 19, the average being 12.6. Various postoperative complications (inflammation and wound dehiscence, lymphorrhoea, lymphocyst and limb lymphedema) developed in 9 (21.9%) and the local regional recurrence was recorded in 7 (17%) patients. The outcome was lethal in 4 (9.8%) surgically treated women. The primary surgical procedure is always individually planned and the choice of individual plans depends on three main factors: the size and position of the primary tumor in relation to the center line of the vulva (clitoral area - anus) and the involvement of regional lymph nodes. In order to reduce the psychosexual morbidity the preference is nowadays widely given to the local excision with adequate and histopathologically confirmed negative edges of the tumor together with determining the presence of metastases in sentinel lymph nodes.
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