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The visual simulators for architecture and computer organization learning
NikoliBoko,Grbanovi? Nenad,?or?evi? Jovan
Journal of Automatic Control , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/jac0901031n
Abstract: The paper proposes a method of an effective distance learning of architecture and computer organization. The proposed method is based on a software system that is possible to be applied in any course in this field. Within this system students are enabled to observe simulation of already created computer systems. The system provides creation and simulation of switch systems, too.
Trends in use of injection drugs in the Health Centre Novi Sad
Medicinski Pregled , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/mpns1204142n
Abstract: Introduction. The Health Centre of Novi Sad deals primarily with prevention, but also provides curative health care. This paper was aimed at investigating trends in the use of injection drugs in out-patients visiting this institution in the period from 2005 to 2009. Material and Methods. The use of injection drugs was calculated according to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical/Defined Daily Doses methodology. The results were expressed as the number of defined daily doses per 1000 inhabitants/day. Results and Discussion. The total use of injection drugs was 21.2696 defined daily doses /1000 inhabitants/day in 2005, 31.8427 defined daily doses /1000 inhabitants/day in 2006, 36.0633 defined daily doses /1000 inhabitants/ day in 2007, 34.4823 defined daily doses /1000 inhabitants/ day in 2008 and 26.2189 defined daily doses /1000 inhabitants/ day in 2009. The drug with the highest number of defined daily doses was hydroxocobolamin during all five years (accounting for about 90% of the total number of defined daily doses). In the observed period, the use of low molecular weight heparins increased from 0.0599 in 2005 to 0.2705 in 2009. The use of anti-infective drugs decreased from 0.6133 in 2005 to 0.2634 in 2009. A change in the structure of use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs was observed. Conclusion. The total use of injections in the observed period showed annual oscillations. The trend of use of low molecular weight heparins and the qualitative change in use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs was in accordance with the trend and the use in developed countries, while the use of hydroxocobolamin and gentamicin increased. The promotion of oral medications and the reduced prescription of injection drugs are the possibilities to be taken into consideration, especially in the use of hydroxocobolamin.
Hierarchy of evidence in interpretation of clinical significance of drug interactions
NikoliBo?ana,Savi? Miroslav
Medicinski Pregled , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/mpns1202045n
Abstract: Introduction. Since drug interactions may result in serious adverse effects or failure of therapy, it is of huge importance that health professionals base their decisions about drug prescription, dispensing and administration on reliable research evidence, taking into account the hierarchy of data sources for evaluation. Clinical Significance of Potential Interactions - Information Sources. The sources of data regarding drug interactions are numerous, beginning with various drug reference books. However, they are far from uniformity in the way of choosing and presenting putative clinically relevant interactions. Clinical Significance of Potential Interactions - Interpretation of Information. The difficulties in interpretation of drug interactions are illustrated through the analysis of a published example involving assessment made by two different groups of health professionals. Systematic Evaluation of Drug-Drug Interaction. The potential for interactions is mainly investigated before marketing a drug. Generally, the in vitro, followed by in vivo studies are to be performed. The major metabolic pathways involved in the metabolism of a new molecular entity, as well as the potential of induction of human enzymes involved in drug metabolism are to be examined. In the field of interaction research it is possible to make use of the population pharmacokinetic studies as well as of the pharmacodynamic assessment, and also the postregistration monitoring of the reported adverse reactions and other literature data. Conclusion. In vitro and in vivo drug metabolism and transport studies should be conducted to elucidate the mechanisms and potential for drug-drug interactions. The assessment of their clinical significance should be based on well-defined and validated exposure-response data.
Kinetics of paper drying and thermodynamic driving forces
Valent Vladimir,Krgovi? Milorad,Nikoli? Sre?ko
Hemijska Industrija , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/hemind0704190v
Abstract: Kinetics of paper drying, its relation with thermodynamic drying agent parameters and dynamics of technological process participants was analyzed. The importance of thermodynamic states of drying agents, rate of the participants versus heat transfer and wet transfer coefficients to drying agents were discussed.
An analysis of moist air energy potential during the process of paper band drying
Valent Vladimir,Krgovi? Milorad,Nikoli? Sre?ko
Hemijska Industrija , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/hemind0608188v
Abstract: The energy potential of moist air venting from the dryer of the installation for drying paper bands was analyzed. The thermodynamic state of air is defined by the air temperature at the outlet of the dryer and the dew temperature of the air. For the temperature at the outlet of the dryer (55-85°C) and selected dew temperatures (45-65°C), the specific consumption of dry air was determined. For selected kinetics of paper band drying, 10-35 kgH2O/(m2h), the modification of energy potential of the air as a function of air temperature at the outlet of the dryer and the temperature of dew air was specified. The air flow through the dryer was also correlated with the operation of the ventilation system and recuperation of energy. An analysis of the thermodynamic state of moist air venting from the dryer and the calculation of its energy potential confirmed that increase of the dew temperature of the air decreases its energy potential. With the intensity of vaporization Ivm,isp = 10 kgH2O/(m2h), the decrease is 6%. With Ivm,isp = 35 kgH2O/(m2h), the decrease is much greater and amounts to 21.6%. With increasing dew temperature, the specific consumption of dry air decreases, as well as the relative humidity of the air.
ú inky rekrea ních aktivit s volejbalovou a plaveckou náplní na antropometrické charakteristiky a funk ní schopnosti student The effects of recreational activities with volleyball and swimming contents on the anthropometric characteristics and functional abilities of students
Toplica Stojanovi?,Milo? Nikoli,Jo?ko Milenkoski
Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis : Gymnica , 2006,
Abstract: Základním cílem tohoto experimentálního vyzkumu bylo zkoumat ú innost rekrea ních program s volejbalovou a plaveckou náplní. Byl prováděn na vzorku 368 student mu ského pohlaví z Univerzity v Ni , kte í byli rozdělení do 3 podskupin. 115 ú astník bylo p i azeno do experimentální skupiny, která se věnovala volejbalu, 126 tvo ilo experimentální skupinu, která se věnovala plavání a 127 p edstavovalo kontrolní skupinu. P i pou ití dvou r znych program rekrea ního cvi ení do lo v pr běhu tréninku experimentálních skupin ke zvy ení funk ních schopností, zvlá tě v p ípadě experimentální skupiny, která se věnovala rekrea ní volejbalové náplni. U experimentální skupiny, která se věnovala volejbalu, byl stanoven vyznamněj í nár st maximální anaerobní schopnosti a relativního i absolutního maximálního p íjmu kyslíku. Vyu ití tohoto typu cvi ení p i tréninku zamě eném na jejich vyvoj se proto jeví jako opodstatněné. V p ípadě zbyvajících dvou experimentálních skupin byl pozorován vyznamny nár st vitální kapacity plic. Pokud jde o obvodová mě ení těla a tukové tkáně, byl u experimentální skupiny v i kontrolní skupině zaznamenán rozdíl ve sní ení tukové tkáně a tělesné hmotnosti a zároveň nár st hodnot p i obvodovém mě ení, co byl d sledek nár stu svalové tkáně na úkor tkáně tukové. U kontrolní skupiny byl p i obvodovém mě ení zaznamenán nár st hodnot, a to na úkor tukové tkáně. The basic aim of this experimental research was to study the effectiveness of recreational programs with volleyball and swimming contents. It was carried out on a sample of 368 male students of the University of Ni , which were divided into 3 sub-samples; 115 subjects were part of an experimental group which trained volleyball contents, 126 made up the experimental group which trained swimming contents and 127 were part of the control group. By using two different programs of recreational exercise in the training of the experimental groups, an increase in their functional abilities occurred, especially in the case of the experimental group which trained using recreational contents from volleyball. A more significant increase in maximal anaerobic ability and relative and absolute maximal oxygen uptake was determined for the experimental group which trained using contents from volleyball; therefore, the use of this type of exercise in the training aimed at their development is justified. In the case of the other experimental group, a significant increase in vital lung capacity was noted. When it comes to circular measurements of the body and fatty tissue, a difference was noted in the dec
Modelling Stand Damages and Comparison of Two Harvesting Methods
Bo?tjan Ko?ir
Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering , 2008,
Abstract: This paper deals with the problem of tree damage in a remaining stand. Two models were used for assessment of stand damage over the entire production period. Damage accumulates on the trees and in the stand, which is why the total share of damage tends towards thelimit 100% if the number of thinnings increases. Parameters used in the models were established partly by previous field measurements and partly by simulations measurements. Motor-manual and cut-to-length technologies were analysed and compared according to the total number of damaged trees and the structure of trees according to the number of injuries. It was found that motor-manual technology causes more damage to trees and results in worse tree structure, meaning more than one injury. Many unanswered questions provide plenty of opportunities for further research.
Damage to Young Forest Due to Harvesting in Shelterwood Systems
Bo?tjan Ko?ir
Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering , 2008,
Abstract: Different types of shelterwood system and group selection forests were studied to discover the extent of damage caused by logging.Motor-manual cutting and mainly tractor skidding were included. Sampling transects were used to estimate the damage to young forest and remaining stands. The whole research area was regenerated on average 31%, of which 21% was damaged. We found a higher density of designated and undesignated skid trails on larger regeneration areas. Damage to young forest and damage to remaining productive stands were compared. In this respect the whole rotation period was divided into three time intervals, the first of which designated a mixed pattern of young forest area and younger phases prior to commercial thinning, in which the last of the old mature trees are removed. The second phase is a mix of currently productive stands and some young forest, in which the first and second commercial thinnings begin, until the final stage, in which young forest becomes increasingly abundant and perspective. In the last period, damage to productive stands is high (around 70%), since they have accumulated over a long time period. The fact that better forest stand opening with skid trails means less damage to young forest, but slightly more damage to mature stands suggests the conclusion that the abundance and position of young forest patches should dictate the density and position of skid trails.
Replacement of the aortic root by composit graft valve: Bentall procedure and its modifications
?ukanovi? Boko P.
Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/aci0304047d
Abstract: Replacement of the aortic root by composite - graft valve is the most frequently used procedure for surgical treatment of dilation of aortic annulus, sinuses of Valsalve and tubular part of ascending aorta. Crucial part of the surgical procedure is the reestablishment of the coronary flow with one of the following methods: classic, Cabrol and so-called "button" technique. We have retrospectively evaluated 116 consecutive patients with aortic root replacement by composite - graft valve in a period form January 1996. to February 2002. We have applied several techniques for the restoration of coronary flow. Thirty-five patients (30%) underwent concomitant cardiac procedure, most frequently aorto-coronary bypass, whereas 7 patients had REDO operation. Deep hypothermic circulatory arrest was applied in 64 patients (55%) with acute dissection of the aorta or in cases of aortic arch resection. Classic Bentall procedure was performed in 4 patients, "button" technique in 97 patients and Cabrol (Cabrol II or modified) in 15. Total in-hospital mortality was 8,6% (10 patients). Perioperative complications occurred in 32 cases (27,5%), including early re-thoracotomy for excessive bleeding in 5 patients (4,3%). With the use of modern principles of aortic surgery, complex reconstructions of aortic root by composite - graft valve can be done with relatively low morbidity and mortality.
Geochemical haloes of Gold in the Lece ore field - southern Serbia
Stajevi? Boko U.
Geolo?ki Anali Balkanskog Poluostrva , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/gabp0301093s
Abstract: In the area of the Lece base-metal ore field in the SE part of the Radana Tertiary volcanic complex, prospecting researches, lasting several years was done during the last decade of the last century. In the paper some results are presented and analyzed, especially those concerning the distribution of gold relative to trace elements in the secondary lithogeochemical dispersion haloes. In the assemblage of 8 analyzed trace elements of the Lece lithogeochemical field, Au, Pb, Zn, Ag and Sb show expressive, contrasting and mutually well correlated secondary dispersion haloes. The presented results of geochemical prospecting are considered not to be clearly indicative for epithermal gold mineralization in the polymetallic ore field Lece.
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