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“Key to Learning”. Un programa educativo neo-Vygotskiano para ni os de 3 a 7
Moisés Esteban Guitard,Frances Sidera,Galina Dolya,Nikolai Veraksa
Revista de Psicología y Educación , 2011,
Abstract: El objetivo del artículo es presentar una visión general del programa educativo "Key to Learning", una propuesta curricular desarrollada por distintos autores rusos contemporáneos de orientación vygotskiana. El programa, dirigido a ni os y ni as de 3 a 7 a os de edad, consiste en distintas actividades divididas en 12 unidades curriculares. El objetivo principal del programa es mejorar las habilidades de aprendizaje cognitivas, comunicativas y directivas, entendiendo por habilidades de aprendizaje los recursos o capacidades que determinan la velocidad y flexibilidad necesaria para adquirir nuevos conocimientos y habilidades. Para este propósito se proponen 12 unidades: Matemáticas Sensoriales, Lógica, Matemáticas, Gramática de la Historia, Juegos de Desarrollo, Artegráfico, Viso-Espacial, Modelaje Creativo, Construcción, Exploración, Movimiento Expresivo y Yo-Mundo. Después de presentar las bases psicopedagógicas del programa, se ilustran las distintas unidades curriculares con actividades que ejemplifican su modo de aplicación.
Moisés Esteban Guitart,Galina Dolya,Nikolai Veraksa
Revista Electrónica Actualidades Investigativas en Educación , 2011,
Abstract: Resumen:En ciencias de la educación, las últimas décadas han estado marcadas por un interés en las ideas de Lev S. Vygotski. De hecho, a partir de esas ideas se han propuesto varias aplicaciones educativas. Una de ellas es el “Key to learning”. El artículo propone una visión general de este programa educativo desarrollado a partir de algunos trabajos e ideas de autores rusos contemporáneos. Primero, desarrollamos algunas ideas en torno a la noción de zona de desarrollo próximo (ZpD). Después, sugerimos la teoría de las habilidades de aprendizaje. En este sentido, el objetivo principal de “Key to learning” es mejorar las habilidades de aprendizaje cognitivas, comunicativas y directivas de ni os de entre 3 a 7 a os de edad. Para este propósito son creadas 12 unidades curriculares que componen el programa. Para concluir se enfatiza la creación de zonas de desarrollo próximo estructuradas como parte de un sistema de ense anza y aprendizaje que vincula la actividad, la asistencia y la agencia.Abstract: The last decades have been marked in educational sciences by an upsurge of interest in Lev S. Vygotsky′s ideas. Indeed, different applications of Vygotsky’s theory to education have been suggested. One of them is the “key to learning” program. This paper proposes an overview of this educational program developed from the work and ideas of several contemporary Russian scholars. First, we develop some ideas on zone of proximal development. After that, we suggest the learning skills theory. In that sense, the main objective of “Key to learning” is to improve the cognitive, communicative, and directive learning skills of children between 3 and 7 years of age. For this purpose are created 12 curriculum units composing the program. We conclude emphasizing the creation of structured zones of proximal development as a part of a teaching-learning learning system, which links activity, assistance and agency.
The Role of Symbolic Representation in the Cognitive Activity of Young Schoolchildren
Aleksander N. Veraksa
European Researcher , 2012,
Abstract: In the paper differences between sign-oriented representation and symbolic representation are discussed. The study explored perspectives of using symbolization to teach young schoolchildren the mathematical concept. The author recognizes relevant (that allows the proceeding to sign representation) and irrelevant symbolization. The three groups of young schoolchildren (N=49) were taught the mathematical concept of a function using different programs: traditional, employing sign representation and two experimental – based on relevant and irrelevant symbolizations. The experiment demonstrated that symbolic representation can facilitate mastering of the mathematical concept of a function if the content of symbol possesses structural interrelations that could be converted into sign form.
Binding of Hoechst with nucleic acids using fluorescence spectroscopy  [PDF]
Nikolai Vekshin
Journal of Biophysical Chemistry (JBPC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jbpc.2011.24052
Abstract: It has been shown that polarity of environment around Hoechst 33342 is almost unchanged while sorption of this fluorescent dye on a surface of the hairpin oligonucleotide HP1, t-RNA and DNA. At small concentrations, this dye, adsorbed on the surface of DNA, RNA or HP1, does not show any specificity to certain nucleotides. In the case of unwound sites of DNA or HP1, it can bind inside, but without the intercalation stacking with nucleotides. The energy transfer from nucleotide chromophores to Hoechst is absent due to their remoteness and also “bad” (non-stacking) orientation. The mutual fluorescence quenching of Hoechst by actinomycin D (AMD) and, vice versa, of 7-amino-actinomycin D (7AAMD) by Hoechst in DNA and HP1 is observed. It is due to dynamic deactivation and mutual replacing in binding sites.
Effect of Imagination on Sport Achievements of Novice Soccer Players
Aleksander N. Veraksa,Aleksandra E. Gorovaya
Psychology in Russia : State of Art , 2011,
Abstract: This article describes the connection between the use of types of mental imagery by athletes and the level of their imagination. Taking the model of imagery use suggested by K. Martin, S. Moritz and С Hall, the authors used a Russian version of "The Sport Imagery Questionnaire" (SIQ) with soccer players 8, 10 and 14 years old. The data shows that subjects with a higher level of imagination are more inclined to use mental imagery in their practice. Age differences in types of imagery usage are shown. The results indicated that mentalimagery training can result in enhanced performance among junior athletes.
Cognitive Aspects of Athlete Activity
Alexander N. Veraksa,Sergey V. Leonov
Psychology in Russia : State of Art , 2009,
Abstract: Article is devoted to the issues of symbolic mediation and diagnostic of time perception in sport. Distinction between iconic and symbolic mediation is discussed. Evidences of effective implementation of symbolic mediation in sport are examined. Means of optimization of sportsmen and sportswomen training by the instrumentality of symbol are considered. The results of time perception diagnostic of Russian synchronized swimmers are described. It was shown that sportswomen are greatly varied in accuracy and stability of reproduction of long (2–5 sec) and estimation of short (less than 250 ms) time intervals, which were filled with different contents – ticks of metronome, persistent sound, pressuring the button and etc. The improvement of individual characteristics of time perception is an important psychological resource of sports achievements increase.
Calculated and Experimental Regularities of Cloud Microstructure Formation and Evolution  [PDF]
Nikolai Romanov, Vasiliy Erankov
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2013.33032

Based on the model of regular condensation it was found that at low concentrations of CN (LC mode) at a height of about 10 m from the condensation level narrow spectra of cloud drop are formed. Their dispersion quickly decreases with increasing height. For high concentrations (HC mode) broad spectra are formed immediately due to the absence of separation into growing drops and CN covered with water. The process of spectra evolution is conducted at a constant height results, in all the cases, in the appearance of asymptotic spectra with a relative width rb 0.215. To approximate these calculated asymptotic spectra, the modified gamma-distribution with the fixed parameter α = 3 and a variable parameter γ are most suitable. For the intermediate spectra applicable are the simpler mirror-transformed known distributions. The comparison of the above distributions with the experimental spectra of a fog artificially formed in the Big Aerosol Chamber (BAC) of RPA “Typhoon” and the spectra of the morning fog and super cooled stratiform clouds demonstrated their good agreement. The phenomenon of multimodal spectra formation at a sharp rise of stratiform clouds with the velocity more than 0.1 - 0.3 m/s was theoretically shown and experimentally confirmed. The effect of CN high concentrations, evolution processes and sharp fluctuations of vertical velocities on the formation of cloud spectra observed in nature is discussed.

Methodological Foundations of Military Psychology and Psychological Security
Yuri P. Zinchenko,Aleksander N. Veraksa,Sergey V. Leonov
Psychology in Russia : State of Art , 2011,
Abstract: The article is devoted to the history of development of military psychology from psychological and philosophical positions. The transition stage in development of military psychology from classical to postclassical type of rationality is focused. Analysis of combat activity as self-regulation system is presented. The latest technologies in solving key problems of military science are discussed.
Anomalous Quark Chromomagnetic Moment and Single-Spin Asymmetries
Nikolai Kochelev,Nikolai Korchagin
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.01.003
Abstract: We discuss a nonperturbative mechanism for the single-spin asymmetries (SSA) in the strong interaction. This mechanism is based on the existence of a large anomalous quark chromomagnetic moment (AQCM) induced by the nontrivial topological structure of QCD vacuum. Our estimations within the instanton liquid model for QCD vacuum show that AQCM generates very large SSA on the quark level. Therefore, this mechanism can be responsible for the anomalously large SSA observed in different high energy reactions with hadrons.
Changes of Reef Community near Ku Lao Cham Islands (South China Sea) after Sangshen Typhoon  [PDF]
Yuri Ya. Latypov, Nikolai Selin
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2012.11004
Abstract: Coral reefs of Ku Lao Cham Islands in the Central Vietnam were studied over a quarter of a century. It was established that the reefs of these Islands were lost after the Sangshen typhoon and a heavy flood, which happened in 2006. As a result of these natural phenomena a significant part of coral populations was physically destroyed, and a powerful export of clay substances from the nearest Vietnamese coast and from the Bung River, flowing into the sea opposite the Islands, causing abundant sedimentation and death of almost all the remaining scleractinian corals. At present, where formerly there were coral reefs, now there is algal-alcyonarian stage of succession of reef communities. This is typical, as a rule, for restoration of reefs after a destructive typhoon effect.
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