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The aging Canadian population and hospitalizations for acute myocardial infarction: projection to 2020
Nigel SB Rawson, Rong Chu, Afisi S Ismaila, Jorge Terres
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2261-12-25
Abstract: Aggregated data on annual AMI hospitalizations were obtained from the Canadian Institute for Health Information for all provinces and territories, except Quebec, for 2002/03 and 2009/10. Using these data in a Poisson regression model to control for age, gender and year, the rate of AMI hospitalizations was extrapolated between 2010 and 2020. The extrapolated rate and Statistics Canada population projections were used to estimate the number of AMI hospitalizations in 2020.The rates of AMI hospitalizations by gender and age group showed a decrease between 2002 and 2009 in patients aged ≥ 65 years and relatively stable rates in those aged < 64 years in both males and females. However, the total number of AMI hospitalizations in Canada (excluding Quebec) is projected to increase by 4667 from 51847 in 2009 to 56514 in 2020, a 9.0% increase. Inflating this number to account for the unavailable Quebec data results in an increase of approximately 6200 for the whole of Canada. This would amount to an additional cost of between $46 and $54 million and sensitivity analyses indicate that it could be between $36 and $65 million.Despite projected decreasing or stable rates of AMI hospitalization, the number of hospitalizations is expected to increase substantially as a result of the aging of the Canadian population. The cost of these hospitalizations will be substantial. An increase of this extent in the number of AMI hospitalizations and the ensuing costs would significantly impact the already over-stretched Canadian healthcare system.Despite therapeutic advances in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) over the past two decades, the condition continues to be a leading cause of death in older adults in developed countries. Since the risk of experiencing an AMI increases with age [1], changes in the occurrence of this disorder have a major impact on the overall health of a country's population and its healthcare system.In Canada, the population is aging and the count
Developing algorithms for healthcare insurers to systematically monitor surgical site infection rates
Susan S Huang, James M Livingston, Nigel SB Rawson, Steven Schmaltz, Richard Platt
BMC Medical Research Methodology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2288-7-20
Abstract: We performed a descriptive study testing the operationalization of software for payers to routinely assess surgical infection rates among hospitals where enrollees receive cardiac procedures. We developed five SAS programs and a user manual for direct use by health plans and payers. The manual and programs were refined following provision to two national insurers who applied the programs to claims databases, following instructions on data preparation, data validation, analysis, and verification and interpretation of program output.A final set of programs and user manual successfully guided health plan programmer analysts to apply SSI algorithms to claims databases. Validation steps identified common problems such as incomplete preparation of data, missing data, insufficient sample size, and other issues that might result in program failure. Several user prompts enabled health plans to select time windows, strata such as insurance type, and the threshold number of procedures performed by a hospital before inclusion in regression models assessing relative SSI rates among hospitals. No health plan data was transferred to outside entities.Programs, on default settings, provided descriptive tables of SSI indicators stratified by hospital, insurer type, SSI indicator (inpatient, outpatient, antibiotic), and six-month period. Regression models provided rankings of hospital SSI indicator rates by quartiles, adjusted for comorbidities. Programs are publicly available without charge.We describe a free, user-friendly software package that enables payers to routinely assess and identify hospitals with potentially high SSI rates complicating cardiac procedures.Surgical site infections (SSIs) are among the most common healthcare-associated infections [1], and they incur substantial morbidity and mortality. Monitoring and feedback of SSI rates has consistently resulted in improvement of SSI rates when combined with other quality improvement activities [2]. Recently, increased emph
Ley de matrimonio igualitario y aborto en Argentina: notas sobre una revolución incompleta
Belgrano Rawson, Milagros;
Revista Estudos Feministas , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-026X2012000100010
Abstract: the argentine parliament recently passed the new equal marriage act for same-sex couples, making argentina the first country in latin america to legalize this type of union. this act represents a victory for a group historically discriminated for its sexual preferences and until then absent from the national legislation. in this context, in appearance so favourable to sexual equality, i believe this new law does not match the sexual order that today regulates the bodies of argentine women. as from 1920 abortion is illegal in argentina and it is reckoned as a crime against human life. nevertheless, abortion is still the major cause of death among women in this country. given this situation, in this article i will analyze the gap i find between homosexual and reproductive politics in the country. unlike europe, where reproductive rights preceded homosexual rights, in argentina the opposite situation is observed. in this country, the legal recognition of same sex couples matches measures taken by other democracies and aimed at reaching what certain authors call sexual citizenship. nevertheless, as long as argentina does not recognize the right to free and safe abortion, this notion, which legitimates the universal applicability of sexual rights, will continue to be problematic. i believe that without the right of self-ownership, which comprehends sexual freedom and the right to decide to terminate a pregnancy, in the current argentine context the gay marriage act represents an isolated event.
Milagros Belgrano Rawson, La science du mariage. Les femmes et l’institution matrimoniale en Argentine. 1900-1930
Milagros Belgrano?Rawson
Genre & Histoire , 2008,
Abstract: Les femmes argentines sont entièrement élevées pour se marier et avoir des enfants , affirmait en 1918 la collectionneuse d’art Katherine Dreier, qui s’était rendue à la capitale argentine deux années auparavant. Selon cette Américaine, le plus importante dans la vie de ces femmes consistait à rechercher un mari, mais pas le bonheur . C’est le même constat que faisait sa compatriote Jennie Howard. Cette enseignante, arrivée en Argentine en 1893, affirmait que toutes les filles de ce p...
La viajera y sus sombras: crónica de un aprendizaje
Milagros Belgrano Rawson
Mora (Buenos Aires) , 2011,
Sustainable teacher learning in Waldorf education: A socio-cultural perspective
Martyn P. Rawson
RoSE : Research on Steiner Education , 2010,
Abstract: This article takes up a socio-cultural approach to teacher learning and applies this to frame a research agenda aimed at the renewal of sustainable teacher learning in Waldorf education. It revisits and critically reflects on Steiner’s original model for teacher learning situated in a college of teachers using the method of meditatively acquired knowledge of the human being to generate intuitive knowledge. It interprets this model from the perspective of theories of understanding-in-practice and enskilment situated in communities of practice. It also identifies the need for teacher learning through action research. Drawing on Arthur Zajonc’s description of meditation as contemplative inquiry, it explores how action research can be enhanced by contemplative practice. The validity of this approach depends on the quality of criticality and reflectivity exercised by the researchers. This article forms an introduction to a sequence of further studies.German Abstract (Zusammenfassung): Dieser Artikel wendet eine soziokulturelle Analyse des Lehrerlernens an, um ein Forschungsprojekt zur nachhaltiger Erneuerung der internen Lehrerfortbildung in Waldorfeinrichtungen zu strukturieren. Er setzt sich mit Steiners ursprünglichem Model der Lehrerfortbildung in der Lehrerkonferenz unter Einbeziehung der Methode der meditativ erarbeiteten Menschenkunde kritisch auseinander. Das Model wird unter Berücksichtigung der Lerntheorie des “Verstehens-in-der Praxis” und der Bef higung (enskilment) Einzelner in einer Praxisgemeinschaft sowie des Prozesses der Bildung von Lehreridentit t interpretiert. Die Notwendigkeit der Praxisforschung für das Lehrerlernen wird identifiziert und untersucht, unter welchen Bedingungen und in wiefern Arthur Zajoncs Beschreibung der Meditation als kontemplative Forschung die Praxisforschung bereichern kann. Die Validit t dieses Ansatzes h ngt von der Qualit t der kritischen Reflexion und von der Positionalit t der Forschern und Forscherinnen ab. Dieser Artikel stellt eine Einführung in die Thematik da, die in weiteren Arbeiten vertieft werden soll.
Preservative property of Aframomum danielli fractions in stored grains
SB Fasoyiro
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: The use of petroleum ether and ethanol fractions of Aframomoum danielli was explored in the preservation of stored grains; soybean, cowpea and maize. Preservation property of A. danielli increased with increase in concentration of fractions used. The ethanolic fractions showed higher activity in reducing fungal infestation than petroleum ether fractions.
African Ruling Political Parties and the Making of ‘Authoritarian' Democracies: Extending the Frontiers of Social Justice in Nigeria
SB Kura
African Journal on Conflict Resolution , 2008,
Abstract: African democracies are distinguished by the character of their political parties. They are easily labelled as illiberal civilian autocracies. These features coupled with emerging so-called dominant ruling parties, demonstrate the inclination towards a new form of ‘modern' democratic authoritarianism. In other words, the ruling dominant parties are appearing to be a ‘reincarnation' of the one-party system and military rule that held sway for about three to four decades in Africa (from the 1960s). In the process of this transformation, African ruling parties have been grossly destabilising opposition and perceived dissenters through clientelism, patronage politics and extra-legal means, thereby undermining the provision of social justice in the guise of democratisation. In the light of this there seems to be a theoretical and empirical lacuna in the discourse of social justice, in explaining the contradictions inherent in safeguarding democracy through undemocratic practices, such as election misconduct, manipulation of judiciary, lack of provision of human rights, assassination and victimisation of political opponents, through which the provision of social justice is undermined. In this context and given the democratic authoritarian tendencies of African ruling political parties, this paper seeks to explore the pattern of authoritarian practice in Nigeria's ruling party – the People's Democratic Party (PDP) vis-à-vis the problems of social justice provision. Nigeria has returned to democracy about a decade ago, but the country is sliding towards a one-party system. The abuse of social justice, through detention, assassination and police brutality, defies any logic of democratisation. The paper therefore seeks to introduce a working framework for extending the frontiers of social justice for an integrative analysis and understanding of social justice in developing African democracies. African Journal on Conflict Resolution Vol. 8 (2) 2008: pp. 63-102
Darfur and the genocide debate
SB Okolo
African Journal on Conflict Resolution , 2009,
Abstract: The atrocities committed by the Government of Sudan backed Janjaweed militia in the ongoing conflict in Darfur have been labelled differently by analysts and scholars. While some argue that the crimes fall under the so-called crime of crimes – genocide, others are of the opinion that the crimes do not qualify as genocide. While the international community is playing a ‘labelling’ game with the situation in Darfur, civilians continue to die. What should interest the civilians more is that the international community offers them the protection as articulated under the different international conventions.
Motivation, Personal Satisfaction of Team Members and Conformity to Team Norms as Predictors of Team Performance
SB Ogunleye
African Research Review , 2011,
Abstract: The study investigated the Relationship between Motivation, PersonalSatisfaction of Team Members, Conformity to Teams Norms and TeamPerformance. Two hypotheses were postulated and tested. The surveyresearch design was adopted to conduct the study. The sample included two thousand and eighty-eight athletes (players of six sports) surveyed through a purposive sampling techniques from among the selected team sports in Nigeria Spots Zone One. The 4-Scale Group Environment Questionnaire (GEQ) and Structured Interview were the instruments used for the study. Results of data analysis and Cronbach s alpha coefficient tested at .05 level of significance indicated that there is a significant linear relationship between team performance and the entire set of predictor (Independent Variables (F 1,2048 = 1625972 P < .05). The observed R of .995 was significant and that 99% of the variance in team performance can be accounted for by the independent variables. With all predictor variables in the model, all the independent variables except for motivation are important for better prediction of team performance. On the basis of the findings, suggestions and recommendations were made on how to maintain and improve team performance.
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