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Data on Population Dynamics of Three Syntopic Newt Species from Western Romania
Alfred-S. Cicort-Lucaciu,Nicoleta-R. Radu,Cristiana Paina,Severus-D. Covaciu-Marcov
Ecologia Balkanica , 2011,
Abstract: We studied the population dynamics of three syntopic newt species [Mesotriton alpestris (Laurenti, 1768), Lissotriton vulgaris (Linnaeus, 1758) and Triturus cristatus (Laurenti, 1768)] in Zarand Mountains (Arad County, Romania). M. alpestris had the shortest aquatic phase, approximately two months, out of which the nuptial display was 2-3 weeks long. L. vulgaris and T. cristatus spent three months in the habitat, having a nuptial display of 2-3 weeks for L. vulgaris, and of 4-5 weeks for T. cristatus. M. alpestris had the highest degree of reproductive synchronization, while this was the lowest at T. cristatus. Males from all three species had a higher affinity for the aquatic habitat than females. The population size was estimated at 769 for L. vulgaris, 588 for T. cristatus, and 294 for M. alpestris. Balanced sex ratio was observed in the peak of breeding activity for all species.
Study about the ontogenetic development of cephalic sensory system of Cottus Gobio Linaeus 1758 (Pisces; Cottidae)
Ilie C. TELCEAN,István SAS,Nicoleta R. RADU
Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fascicula Biologie , 2005,
Abstract: The lateral-cephalic channels system of Cotus gobio L. was studied for a number of 66 juveniles originated from the upper Tisa River. The topography of cephalic channels system and the number of their opening pores present a lot of similarities between different fishes groups that is close related in their phylogeny. The jointly characters are in fact the results of convergent evolution.The study on the ontogenesis of cephalic-laterals channels system and its pores at Cottus gobio can offer an image on the main stages of their phylogeny. The first channels which are forming are the preoperculo-mandibularis (POM) followed by the infraorbitalis (IO), supratemporalis (ST) and the occipital (OC) channel. The last formed seem to be the supraorbital channels (SO). The main stages of this ontogeny suggest that the sensory channels from the mandible and upper head have the priority in their development. A number of genipores are the forerunner for the cephalic pores. The beginning genipores from the infraorbital and supratemporal cephalic surface are the most similar with those from the Gobiidae fish family. The secondary process in sensory system ontogeny consists in developing of the channel structure. The channels structure development occurred principally in the fresh water fishes it seems to be related with their environment.The total length of lateral line at the populations of Cottus gobio from the upper Tisa River is already complete at the individuals with 35-40 mm standard length. That earliest development of the cannels and its opening pores are distinctive for Cottus gobio from the Tisa River system or generally for the entire lower Danube rivers system. The mature individuals have an average number of 30-33 pores on the lateral line. The comparative study of the lateral line lengthiness correlated with the standard length of specimens reveal that the individuals from Tisa River have similarities with the populations of Cottus gobio from Czech Republic and from Polish rivers, (based on L. Koli and Witkowski data, 1969, 1995).The number of the pores on lateral line does not increase after that channel reaches the final length.
Riscuri ?i Catastrofe , 2012,
Abstract: The Influence of climatic factors upon the flash-floods occuring in the superior basin of the river Mure . The floods triggering factors in the upper river basin of the Mures are likely climatic in which case the analysis is based upon a string of data representative for the period 1986-2010, for eight stations and making reference to average rainfall,maximum rainfall within 24 hours, the thickness and duration of snow.The floods in the upper basin of the Mure do not cause major damage, except in exceptional cases. Most localities that have reported damage caused by floods are located near the Topli a-Deda gorge, an area that influences flow concentration through a relatively narrow territory compared to the upstream territory where the Mure river gathers its tributaries.
An Electronic Market Space Architecture Based On Intelligent Agents And Data Mining Technologies
Constanta Nicoleta BODEA,Radu Ioan MOGOS
Informatica Economica Journal , 2007,
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of current trends in electronic Business (E-Business), and discusses how an enterprise can use the Electronic Market space based on intelligent agents and data mining techniques to its strategic advantage. We define an agency as a multi-agent system created by integrating agents, selected from a library of reusable agents that have formed a federation. A federation of agents comprises of a set of registered agents, witch are themselves complete knowledge-based system [1].
Partnership and Territorial Networks for Regional Policy. Romania's Experience in European Context
Luiza Nicoleta RADU,Daniela Luminita CONSTANTIN
Informatica Economica Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Partnership is a basic principle which must be observed when institutional networks for regional policy are created. If partnership works properly, the regional institutional networks will have a high chance to be viable and to offer a strong support to regional policy. This paper proposes an evaluation of the preparations for implementing Romania's Operational Programme, as a fundamental tool of regional policy. It aims to demonstrate the importance of partnership between the actors involved for the success of these preparations.
Predicting the Financial Performance of the Building Sector Enterprises -- Case Study of Galati County (Romania)
Radu Stroe,Nicoleta Barbuta-Misu
Review of Finance and Banking , 2010,
Abstract: This paper predicts the financial performance of the enterprises acting in thebuilding sector in Galati County (Romania). The financial performance was evaluated usingthe model Conan & Holder of assessing the risk of bankruptcy adjusted to the specificity ofthe Romanian building sector. This model was achieved using financial data of 11 enterprisesacting in this sector in the period 2001-2006 and was tested on the same enterprises for theyear 2006 with a success rate of 81.82%. Also, the model was tested on another sample of 10enterprises, using financial data of 2006, with a rate of success of 77.78%. The aim of thispaper is to predict the financial performance of all enterprises used to designing and testingthe model, on the base of financial data from the balance sheets of enterprises in the period2007-2008. The conclusions show the relevance of the adjusted model in forecasting thefinancial performance and ranking the enterprises by performance; also reflect the evolutionof the financial performance registered by the studied enterprises in the actual economicenvironment.1
Necula Ciprian,Radu Alina-Nicoleta
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2009,
Abstract: In the present study we develop and implement a short term exchange rate forecasting methodology using dynamic confidence intervals based on GARCH processes and we analyze whether this methodology can be used to model a regime switch in the volatility of
Luiza Nicoleta RADU,Daniela Luminita CONSTANTIN
Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods , 2007,
Abstract: In a complex and interdependent world, many of the problems to be solved - from reduction of unemployment and social exclusion to improving the economic competitiveness – the spatial, territorial dimension becomes more and more important. It has become the third dimension of the European Union cohesion policy, added to the economic and social ones. The territorial delineation of the economic issues leans toward an approach that reflects the necessity of involvement of all decisional levels and economic actors, both for identifying the problems and for implementing the optimal solutions. Starting from these overall considerations this paper explores the significance of the partnership setting up and development for the creation of sustainable territorial networks, able to support the implementation of regional policy in Romania, considering the overall European context.
LIMS use in laboratory data management
Muntean Edward,Nicoleta Muntean,Tania Mih?iescu,Radu Mih?iescu
Proenvironment Promediu , 2008,
Abstract: Laboratory data management is a complex process involving both people and information in order toacquire, organize, store and distribute information. Information conversion to knowledge requires the applicationof many human qualities such as experience, intelligence, intuition and talent; it is not enough to simply acquireand own data, being necessary to have a proper understanding of the data structure and the required qualities toapply a suitable management system. Modern laboratories produce large amounts of data; with the continuousdevelopment of new technologies, both the quality and quantity of information is increasing, causing oftensignificant problems and new methods are needed to manage this situation. Laboratory Information ManagementSystems (LIMS) provides a way of automating part of the laboratory system. As the primary function of mostlaboratories is to provide validated information under some time constraints and based on that information,allowing customers to make decisions, LIMS can save considerable amounts of time and dramatically improvethe level of data access for all individuals involved in a given project; the sooner the user is notified of aproblem, the sooner that problem can be fixed and the less the solution will cost. Several of the main benefitsidentified from current users of LIMS are: analytical data can be obtained instantly being also easily accessibleonline; large amounts of data can be stored without the need for traditional archiving; improvement of dataquality as all the analytical instruments are integrated; automated tracking and management; automated customerreports; automated quality control. All these benefits can lead finally to a general improvement of laboratoryefficiency. Despite LIMS have been used for more than twenty years, they still remain difficult to implementsuccessfully. This paper provides a brief description of some of the existing technologies available to date,detailing the benefits that a LIMS can offer, giving finally an approach for the development of a successfulLIMS implementation.
Feeding niche characteristics of a Bombina bombina population from Livada Plain (Satu-Mare County, Romania)
Edina SZEPLAKI,Lilla ASZALOS,Nicoleta-Reka RADU,Aniela FILIMON
Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fascicula Biologie , 2006,
Abstract: Along our study we analyzed the food of 87 individuals of Bombina bombina. The reduced number of empty stomachs indicates that there were optimal feeding conditions. In the obtained stomach contents we identified vegetal remains (χ23=0.97, p=0.002), shad-skins fragments (χ2=11.21, p=0.1) and animal type food. We identified a total number of 1498 preys belonging to 37 categories. Most of the identified preys proceed from terrestrial environment (Amean=72.97 %, DSA=45.46). The most important preys items from the diet of the studied fire-bellied toads are: Collembola (Amean=28.98%; Fmean=31.59%, χ23=23.35, p=0.13), Coleoptera’s adults (Amean=34.25%; Fmean=67.74%, χ23=1.53, p=0.004) and Hymenopera Formicidae (Amean=15.02%; Fmean=33.93%, χ23=23.35, p=0.09). There was noticed an important seasonal variation at the consumed preys’ level. Diet diversity presents seasonal changes (Hmean=1.7, SDH=0.62). The trophic niche overlap, according to Pianka’s index, presents the highest values between May and June (Q=0.87) and April-June (Q=0.967).

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