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Mechanical Containment in Emergency
Nerea Carcoba Rubio,Carlos García Barriuso,Concepción Guevara Jiménez
NURE Investigación , 2012,
Abstract: The restraint is a therapeutic measure aimed at blocking partial or widespread in most of the body of a patient to try to ensure the safety of himself or others. In most cases it forces to act against their will, and in a common context of urgency; in such a way that its use applies a therapeutic plan without the consent of the patient and is temporally deprived of freedom of movement. A literature review of the issue has been performed consulting surveillance systems and protocols developed at hospitals in several spanish cities. Also the current legal regulations on health matters relating to the subject are checked.After the analysis of data and evidence, is created a protocol of restraint in emergency and the various functions of the components of the team, to address the situation with greater efficiency and safe as possible.
Attachment Relationships with Fathers and Mothers during Early Chilhood  [PDF]
Nerea Portu-Zapirain
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2013.43A038

The aim of this study was to analyze the nature of affective relationships between parents and children and to explore representational models in a sample of 111 children aged between 3 and 6, assessed using a projective measure. The results obtained confirm that, globally, security in the representation of attachment is higher with mothers. The figure of the father in the established hierarchy is secondary. The results also reveal a statistically significant relationship between children’s age and the attachment established with their fathers and mothers. The older the child, the greater the security manifested in their relations, and the younger the child, the greater the insecurity.

A ver si nos perdemos: La construcción a ver si en la historia del espa?ol
Núcleo , 2010,
Abstract: this study investigates the construction a ver si throughout the history of the spanish language, based on the distinction between its primary and secondary usages. in the former case, the construction depends on a previous syntactic segment (pregunte a su hermana a ver si ella sabe algo), and in the latter, a ver si heads independent sentences that have different pragmatic values (a ver si nos perdemos). i took the cases which i analyzed from the corpus diacrónico del espa?ol (corde) and categorized them, firstly, according to their type of usage (primary or secondary) and the century in which the text was written. secondly, i categorized the primary usages according to the type of verb that this construction depends on (transitive, intransitive, copulative, and impersonal), and the secondary usages according to the type of statement (expressive or directive), the subtype, and whether it occurs in a dialogue or not. the results show that: i) the primary usages basically depend on intransitive verbs; ii) the secondary usages are of late appearance in the history of spanish and are mainly used in dialogues; and iii) a ver si heads, mostly, expressive statements of desire or expectations, as well as directive statements of order or request.
Ana Caro de Mallén, la musa sevillana: una periodista feminista en el Siglo de Oro
Nerea Riesco Suárez
IC : Revista Científica de Información y Comunicación , 2005,
Abstract: Una periodista feminista en el Siglo de Oro
Nuevas pautas del TJUE para la identificación del lugar de entrega de las mercancías en las compraventas internacionales a distancia
Nerea Magallón Elósegui
Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales , 2012,
Abstract: The Court of Justice of the Union has recently addressed some doubts on the meaning of Article 5.1 b) of the Brussels Regulation 44/2001, related to the place of deliveryof goods. In two recent decisions (Cases C-381/98, Car Trim, and C-87/10, Electrosteel), the Court has sets new standards to be followed by national courts in order to determine the place of delivery of goods in international sales involving the carriage of goods. Together, these decisions represent a shift in the ECJ previous case law to a line of interpretation that departs from the use of lex contractus.
Adaptation process of Communication studies to EHEA. The case of Aragon, a pioneering region
Nerea Vadillo Bengoa, Ph. D.
Revista Latina de Comunicación Social , 2010,
Abstract: The Autonomous Region of Aragón (Spain) is one of the pioneers in its full adaptation to the parameters and demands established by the European Higher Education Area [2]. The Aragonese universities with on-site classes began their study plans in their respective Communication degree programmes under the philosophy known as the “Bologna model” in the academic year of 2008-2009.The aim of this article is to analyze the initiation process these studies have gone through in both the public university (Universidad de Zaragoza, UNIZAR) as well as in the private university (Universidad San Jorge, USJ).The main objective of this work is to study how new Communication study plans created in the common European framework began to be implemented and to evaluate the new forms of learning that this model of university teaching has created.Therefore, we will conclude with the results that have been obtained to date with the application of active methods of learning aimed at acquiring professional skills based on concepts such as flexible and lifelong learning (LLL),To sum up, the aim is to identify the keys of paradigm change brought on by Bologna in Communication studies and how and with what concrete results the innovations that have been introduced in content and teaching methodology in degree programmes can be interpreted based on the experience in Aragón. Resumen: La Comunidad Autónoma de Aragón (Espa a) es una de las pioneras en su plena adaptación a los parámetros y exigencias que plantea el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior [1]. En el curso académico 2008-2009, las universidades aragonesas con ense anza presencial iniciaron los planes de estudio bajo la filosofía del conocido “modelo Bolonia” en la ense anza de sus respectivos grados de las titulaciones de Comunicación.En el presente artículo, analizamos el proceso de iniciación que han seguido los estudios, tanto en la universidad pública (Universidad de Zaragoza, UNIZAR) como en la universidad privada (Universidad San Jorge, USJ).El principal objetivo de este trabajo es estudiar el modo en el que se han empezado a implantar los nuevos planes de estudio en Comunicación nacidos dentro del marco europeo común, para a partir de ahí realizar una primera evaluación acerca de las nuevas formas de aprender que exige la puesta en marcha de este modelo de ense anza universitaria.De este modo, concluiremos con los resultados que hasta el momento se han obtenido con la aplicación de los métodos activos de aprendizaje orientados a la adquisición de competencias profesionales y fundamentados en conceptos como el apre
Behavioral, Biochemical, and Molecular Indices of Stress are Enhanced in Female Versus Male Rats Experiencing Nicotine Withdrawal
Oscar V. Torres,Luis A. Natividad,Luis M. Carcoba,Laura E. O’Dell
Frontiers in Psychiatry , 2013, DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2013.00038
Abstract: Stress is a major factor that promotes tobacco use and relapse during withdrawal. Although women are more vulnerable to tobacco use than men, the manner in which stress contributes to tobacco use in women versus men is unclear. Thus, the goal of this study was to compare behavioral and biological indices of stress in male and female rats during nicotine withdrawal. Since the effects of nicotine withdrawal are age-dependent, this study also included adolescent rats. An initial study was conducted to provide comparable nicotine doses across age and sex during nicotine exposure and withdrawal. Rats received sham surgery or an osmotic pump that delivered nicotine. After 14 days of nicotine, the pumps were removed and controls received a sham surgery. Twenty-four hours later, anxiety-like behavior and plasma corticosterone were assessed. The nucleus accumbens (NAcc), amygdala, and hypothalamus were examined for changes in corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) gene expression. In order to differentiate the effects of nicotine withdrawal from exposure to nicotine, a cohort of rats did not have their pumps removed. The major finding is that during nicotine withdrawal, adult females display higher levels of anxiety-like behavior, plasma corticosterone, and CRF mRNA expression in the NAcc relative to adult males. However, during nicotine exposure, adult males exhibited higher levels of corticosterone and CRF mRNA in the amygdala relative to females. Adolescents displayed less nicotine withdrawal than adults. Moreover, adolescent males displayed an increase in anxiety-like behavior and an up-regulation of CRF mRNA in the amygdala during nicotine exposure and withdrawal. These findings are likely related to stress produced by the high doses of nicotine that were administered to adolescents to produce equivalent levels of cotinine as adults. In conclusion, these findings suggest that intense stress produced by nicotine withdrawal may contribute to tobacco use in women.
The Effects of Systemic Risk on the Allocation between Value and Growth Portfolios  [PDF]
Gabriel Penagos, Gonzalo Rubio
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2013.31A016

Given the striking effects of the recent financial turmoil, and the importance of value and growth portfolios for both local and international portfolio allocation, we investigate the effects of systemic jumps on the optimal portfolio investment strategies across value and growth equity portfolios. We find that the cost of ignoring systemic jumps is not substantial, unless the portfolio is highly levered and the average size amplitude of the jump is large enough. From the optimal asset allocation point of view, it seems more important the effects of few but relatively large jumps than highly frequent but small jumps. Indeed, the period in which the value premium is higher coincides with a period of few, but large and positive average size jumps for value stocks, and negative and very large average size jumps for growth stocks.

Regionalization of the telencephalon in urodele amphibians and its bearing on the identification of the amygdaloid complex
Nerea Moreno,Agustín González
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy , 2007, DOI: 10.3389/neuro.05.001.2007
Abstract: The brain of urodele amphibians has formed the basis for numerous comparative neuroanatomical studies because its simplified arrangement of neurons and fibers was considered to represent the basic pattern common to all tetrapods. However, on the basis of classical histological techniques many common features shared by the brain of amniotes could not be identified in the anamniotic amphibians. Recently, the combined analysis of the chemoarchitecture and hodology has demonstrated that the brain, and particularly the telencephalon, of anuran amphibians shares all major basic features with amniotes. In the present study, we have conducted a series of immunohistochemical detections for telencephalic regional markers (nitric oxide synthase (NOS), γ-amino butyric acid (GABA), Islet-1 (Isl1), and Nkx2.1) that were useful tools for unraveling telencephalic organization in other vertebrates. In addition, the combination of tract-tracing techniques with dextran amines to demonstrate olfactory secondary centers, hypothalamic projections, and brainstem connections has served to propose subdivisions within the amygdaloid complex. The results of the present analysis of the urodele telencephalon using a multiple approach have demonstrated, among other features, the presence of a ventral pallial region, striatopallidal subdivision in the basal ganglia, and three main components of the amygdaloid complex. Therefore, in spite of its apparently simple organization, within the telencephalon of urodeles it is possible to identify most of the features observed in amniotes and anurans that are only revealed with the use of combined modern techniques in neuroanatomy.
The Non-Evaginated Secondary Prosencephalon of Vertebrates
Nerea Moreno,Agustín González
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy , 2011, DOI: 10.3389/fnana.2011.00012
Abstract: The secondary prosencephalon (telencephalon plus hypothalamus) is probably the most complex area of the brain, with complicated patterning specifications. As yet, no prosomeric subdivisions have been reported and only distinct histogenetic territories have been recognized. In the present comparative study we analyzed cross-correlated expression maps in the non-evaginated territories of the secondary prosencephalon in different vertebrates throughout development, to assess the existence of comparable divisions and subdivisions in the different groups. Each division is characterized by expression of a unique combination of developmental regulatory genes, and each appears to represent a self-regulated and topologically constant histogenetic brain compartment that gives rise to a specific cell group. The non-evaginated area of the telencephalon corresponds to the preoptic region, whereas the hypothalamus, topologically rostral to the diencephalic prethalamus, includes basal (mammillary and tuberal) and alar (paraventricular and suprachiasmatic) parts. This complex area is specified by a cascade of transcription factors, among which the Dlx family members and Nkx2.1 are essential for the correct development. The only exception is found in the subdivision named termed the supraoptoparaventricular area, in which the transcription factor Orthopedia is essential in restricting the fate of multiple categories of neuroendocrine neurons, in the absence of the Dlx/Nkx2.1 combination. Our analysis, based on own data and published results by other researchers, suggests that common features are shared at least by all tetrapods and, therefore, they most likely were present in the stem tetrapods. The available data for agnathans (lampreys) and other fish groups indicate that not all subdivisions of the secondary prosencephalon were present at the origin of vertebrates, raising important questions about their evolution.
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