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é possível uma sociologia do sujeito? Uma abordagem sobre as teorias de Foucault e Touraine
Furlin, Neiva;
Sociologias , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222012000100011
Abstract: this research essay analyzes the theoretical concepts of the notion of "subject" in the works of two french intellectuals, touraine and foucault. this comparative approach seeks to establish a relation between the convergent and the contrasting aspects of their social theories, on the purpose of reflecting on their contributions to the comprehension of contemporary society, especially concerning individuals' subjectivation processes. for this purpose we chose the last works in the scholarly trajectory of these intellectuals. touraine as well as foucault offer theoretical contributions to a sociology that does not resort to the great historical phenomena, but puts the efforts of the subjects within their social micro-relations on the stage, considering their cultural, economic, political and personal contradictions.
Teologia feminista: uma voz que emerge nas margens do discurso teológico hegem nico
Neiva Furlin
REVER : Revista de Estudos da Religi?o , 2011,
Abstract: Este artigo tem a finalidade de analisar os fatores que contribuíram para a emergência da Teologia Feminista na América Latina, as fases dessa produ o e as estratégias que favoreceram a sua consolida o e o reconhecimento no campo acadêmico de hegemonia masculina, para compreender o status dessa Teologia e a sua importancia no campo do saber teológico. Em vista disso, buscou-se fundamento nas teorias de gênero, sobretudo nos conceitos de space off e tecnologias de gênero de Tereza de Lauretis. O estudo aponta que a Teologia Feminista é um saber que se cruza e intercruza com os limites e as fronteiras do discurso constituído e hegem nico. é uma outra voz no interior do campo teológico, construída no space-off, num “outro lugar”. é um discurso que, aparentemente ‘invisível’, penetra e questiona as estruturas do pensamento teológico, constituindo-se em uma nova tecnologia de gênero que produz outras subjetividades e valoriza o sujeito mulher na a o evangelizadora da Igreja.
Rela??o entre consciência fonológica e desvio fonológico em crian?as da 1a série do ensino fundamental
Rizzon, Giovana Furlin;Chiechelski, Patrícia;Gomes, Erissandra;
Revista CEFAC , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462009000600010
Abstract: purpose: to assess the relationship between phonological awareness and phonological deviations. methods: this study was performed with 34 children from both genders, where 17 showed changes in the phonological aspect and 17 none, with ages ranging from 6 to 8 years, students in the first grade in a state and a municipal school in the state of rio grande do sul. the children were evaluated in order to check their phonological deviation through the abfw phonology test, and to evaluate the phonological awareness through the confias test. results: the age average was 7.18 ± 0.52, predominantly females 18 (2.9%). there was no statistical difference when compared to the variable phonological deviation with the performance of the children in the confias test, either in the sum concerning levels of syllables or phonemes (p=0.81 and p=0.53, respectively). in only one sub-test, the syllabic segmentation (p=0.03), a difference appeared. when stratified in relation to gender, the groups did not differ, however when compared by type of school (state vs. municipal school) significant differences were found with the confias test in the production of a word with a given syllable (p=0.002) and in the production of rhyme (p=0.031). conclusion: the occurrence of phonological deviation in children from the first grade in school did not interfere in their performance in items related to phonological awareness.
Women in upper houses: a global perspective
Brazilian Political Science Review (Online) , 2008,
Abstract: in analyses of female representation in lower houses, the adoption of quotas, the electoral system and the religious aspect have been identified as the main explanatory variables. in the case of upper houses,1 i see a relationship between their political strength and women's presence in them: when they are weak, the presence of female representatives tends to be larger; when they are strong, women's presence is smaller. furthermore, the article shows that an analysis based solely on the number of seats held by women is insufficient for one to gather the true dimension of their participation in politics. evaluating the role and expressiveness of the institutions in which they are present is also necessary.
Cultura e conflito: li es da cidade de Atenas na guerra do Peloponeso
Eduardo Neiva
Galáxia , 2008,
Abstract: O artigo analisa e contextualiza os três discursos de Péricles nos primeiros anos da Guerra do Peloponeso, situando sua ênfase no papel da cultura durante a guerra. Além disso, o texto refere-se a outros aspectos da narrativa do historiador grego Tucí-dides que privilegiam fatores da cultura durante o curso do conflito no mundo helênico. Os episódios do iní-cio da guerra do Peloponeso servem como um argumento contraposto às suposi es recentes de autores como Huntington, em The Clash of Civilizations, que acreditam haver um causa cultural para os conflitos entre na es e que as diferen as culturais ser o aplainadas pelo exercí-cio inevitável da influência cultural, da diplomacia e da for a militar propriamente dita. Além de ser uma análise histórica, o artigo postula uma crí-tica à idéia de que as culturas s o causas de guerras, além de uma refuta o í presun o de socializa o excessiva presente nas teorias convencionalistas da cultura. O trabalho argumenta em favor da sele o natural darwiniana como um estágio primordial no entendimento das rela es entre conflito e cultura. Palavras-chave conflito, cultura, estratégias de guerra, semiótica da guerra, discursos cí-vicos. Abstract The article analyzes and contextualizes the three speeches of Pericles during the early days of the Peloponnesian War, emphasizing not only Pericles' contentions as well as the ones formulated by the Greek historian Thucydides about the role that Athenian culture plays during the conflict. The events at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War serve as an argument contrary to recent assumptions, such as the ones of authors like Huntington in The Clash of Civilizations, which presume that there is a cultural cause for the conflict between nations, and that cultural differences will be leveled out through the inevitable exercise of diplomacy, cultural influence or military force per se. The paper is more than a historical interpretation: it presents a critique to the idea that cultures are the cause of wars; it also refutes the notion of oversocialization claimed by conventionalist theories of culture. The work claims that the Darwinian theory of sexual selection is a primordial stage in the understanding of the relations between cultures and conflict. Key words conflict, culture, strategies of war, Semiotics of war, civic speeches
Altera??es ortopédicas em crian?as e adolescentes obesos
Brandalize, Michelle;Leite, Neiva;
Fisioterapia em Movimento , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-51502010000200011
Abstract: introducion: childhood obesity is a very recurrent problem that causes some complications which can be present in early stage of life, like orthopedic alterations. objective: to describe the locomotor system alterations in obese children and adolescents. methods: articles were found in medline, scielo, lilacs, isi and standford databases. the follow key-words were used: "children obesity", "orthopedic disorders", "posture", "gait" and "musculoskeletal pain", in portuguese and english. results: this review could observe that obese children and adolescents are more predispose to have these complications than the eutrofic ones and the main problems are the postural alterations, like lumbar hiperlordosis and genu valgum. musculoskeletal pains are also a common complaint, mainly back pain and knee pain. the main factors that can cause these problems are not well defined, but include an increase in body fat mass and in weight-bearing forces associated to a weaker bone in growth phase and the decrease in postural stability, which leads to a higher mechanical regional needs are some hypothesis. conclusion: the early identification of these problems is essential for these children to receive the adequate multi-professional care.
Roteiro pedagógico: um instrumento para a aprendizagem de conceitos de física
Manzini, Neiva Irma Jost;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132007000100008
Abstract: this investigation aims to analyze the possibilities and limits of a teaching-and-learning experience about physics subjects, carried out with students from a physics degree and its basis is in the "genetics epistemology", of jean piaget. as a methodology of teaching, it uses a pedagogical schedule, that aims to identify and promote the construction and reconstruction of cognitive processes using piaget′s perspective, aiming to make possible the comprehension of the magnitudes in physics involved in the phenomenon and logical-mathematical relations between them. i noticed that this pedagogical activity helps students in the acquisition of their knowledge and the formation of mathematical equations that expresses the physical phenomenon studied.
Coes?o e disciplina partidária no Senado Federal
Neiva, Pedro Robson Pereira;
Dados , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582011000200003
Abstract: this article analyzes party discipline in the brazilian senate based on a previously untapped database covering roll call votes from 1989 to 2009. as occurs in the chamber of deputies, political parties in the senate display a high degree of unity that remains reasonably stable over time. despite the similar results in the two houses, i suggest that the explanations are not the same. as compared to the chamber of deputies, the senate appears to feel less power from the executive, the leaders are scarcely relevant, and the decision-making process is less centralized. i do not offer a solution to this paradox, but i do suggest that it involves not only the institutional rules, but also the organizational characteristics and even the political profile of the senators themselves.
Os determinantes da existência e dos poderes das camaras altas: federalismo ou presidencialismo?
Neiva, Pedro Robson Pereira;
Dados , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582006000200002
Abstract: this article seeks to identify the determinants of the existence and powers of upper legislative chambers. by analyzing their constitutionally established powers, including all of the minimally democratic bicameral countries, it was possible to reach conclusions not previously suggested in the literature. using a two-step model whose calculation includes the possibility of a selection bias (heckman model), the study evaluated both the factors leading to the existence of an upper chamber and those defining its powers. federalism proved to be an important variable for explaining the difference between bicameral and unicameral countries, but not for explaining the political strength of upper chambers. the most relevant explanatory variable in this sense was the system of government: in parliamentary systems, upper chambers have limited powers; in presidential systems they exercise broad powers.
Os sem-voto do Legislativo brasileiro: quem s?o os senadores suplentes e quais os seus impactos sobre o processo legislativo
Neiva, Pedro;Izumi, Mauricio;
Opini?o Pública , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-62762012000100001
Abstract: this article has two main objectives. the first one is to create a profile of senators' substitutes, compared to the elected senators. the second objective is to investigate the substitutes' political performance, with the intent of evaluating the impact of their actions on both the functioning of the senate and their relationship to the executive power. we suggest that, because they are not directly elected, they are selected to work on difficult tasks, especially those that could bring negative political effects to the senators, which depend on the electorate's vote. we also found that the substitutes give a bit more support to the presidency, particularly observed in right wing parties coalitions.
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