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Pharmaceutical assistance in the enteral administration of drugs: choosing the appropriate pharmaceutical formulation
Gisele de Lima,Neila Maria Marques Negrini
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: To study solid medications for oral delivery on the formulary of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE), investigating the possibility of using these drugs through enteral feeding tubes, and recommending appropriate administration. Methods: Study carried out through survey of solid medications for oral delivery included on the formulary of HIAE, literature review, and analysis of medication monographs, manufacturer information and pharmacotechnical data of active ingredients and excipients. It was observed the factors that might hinder or complicate the administration of these drugs though enteral tubes, and was drawn an information chart with recommendations about drug administration in this context. Rresults: The study evaluated 234 medications; and the main problems of administering these drugs through enteral feeding tubes were as follows: changes in drug pharmacokinetics (38); gastrointestinal damage (9); risk of obstruction (40), drug-nutrient interactions (7); biological hazards (5) and no information (33). Cconclusions: Compiling this information helps the healthcare team to choose the appropriate pharmaceutical formulation for medications administered through enteral tubes, and may help identify adverse events related to this technique.
Adult scoliosis can be reduced through specific SEAS exercises: a case report
Alessandra Negrini, Silvana Parzini, Maria Negrini, Michele Romano, Salvatore Atanasio, Fabio Zaina, Stefano Negrini
Scoliosis , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1748-7161-3-20
Abstract: All radiographs have been measured blindly twice using the same protractor by one expert physician whose repeatability error proved to be < 3° Cobb; the average measurement has been used. In this case a 25 years old female scoliosis patient, previously treated from 14 (Risser 1) to 19 years of age with a decrease of the curve from 46° to 37°, showed a progression of 10° Cobb in 6 years. The patient has then been treated with SEAS exercises only, and in one year progression has been reverted from 47° to 28.5°.A scoliosis curve is made of different components: the structural bony and ligamentous components, and a postural one that counts up to 9° in children, while it has not been quantified in adults. This case shows that when adult scoliosis aggravates it is possible to intervene with specific exercises (SEAS) not just to get stability, but to recover last years collapse. The reduction of scoliotic curve through rehabilitation presumably does not indicate a reduction of the bone deformity, but rely on a recovery of the upright postural collapse. This reduction can decrease the chronic asymmetric load on the spine and, in the long run, reduce the risks of progression.It has been known since 1969 that scoliosis can continue to progress during adulthood after skeletal maturity [1]. Its evolution is slow and insidious and involves both the anatomic and the functional aspect of the curve (development or worsening of painful spinal or radicular symptoms and/or disequilibrium) [2]. Once an asymmetric load or degeneration occurs, the pathomorphology and pathomechanism in adult scoliosis is quite predictable. Asymmetric degeneration leads to increased asymmetric load and therefore to a progression of the degeneration and deformity [3].68% of cases of scoliosis progress, particularly curves measuring more than 30 Cobb degrees at skeletal maturity, regardless of the curve pattern [4,5]. Marty-Poumarat [6] showed that the rate of progression in adult scoliosis is linear, and it
Potencialidades do dióxido de chumbo eletrodepositado como sensor potenciométrico
Capelato, Milton Duffles;Cassiano, Neila Maria;
Química Nova , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40421998000400022
Abstract: this paper proposes an experiment to be performed in both instrumental analysis and experimental physical-chemistry curricular disciplines in order to open options to develop challenging basic research activities. thus the experimental procedures and the results obtained in the preparation of electrodeposited lead dioxide onto graphite and its evaluation as potentiometric sensor for h3o+ and pb2+ ions, are presented. the data obtained in acid-base titrations were compared with those of the traditional combination glass electrode at the same conditions. although a linear sub-nernstian response to free hydrogen ions was observed for the electrodeposited pbo2 electrode, a good agreement was obtained between them. working as lead(ii) sensing electrode, the pbo2 showed a linear sub-nernstian behavior at total pb2+ concentrations ranging from 3,5 x 10-4 to 3,0 x 10-2 mol/l in nitrate media. for the redox couple pbo2/pb(ii) the operational slope converges to the theoretical one, as the acidity of the working solution increases.
Care in a new age: the work of caregivers with psychiatric patients in houses
Sprioli, Neila;Costa, Maria Cristina Silva;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692011000500013
Abstract: the research aims to analyze the caregivers' work developed with psychiatric patients in assisted living facilities. the research used the ethnographic method and is theoretically based on interpretative anthropology for the analysis of the meanings of practices related to the caregiver's work in these residential devices. the techniques used in the research were participant observation and interviews. the main subjects of the search were the eleven caregivers and the secondary subjects were four supervisors. the results show the bond established between caregivers and residents, the possibility of a regular discussion under supervision, the impact of different equipments at the dwelling house on the daily reality of professionals and patients. the main conclusions permit recognizing the relevance of caregivers' work. despite its deficient education, training and legal definition, this work supports behavioral changes observed in dwellers, which reveal the ongoing rehabilitation process.
Potencialidades do dióxido de chumbo eletrodepositado como sensor potenciométrico
Capelato Milton Duffles,Cassiano Neila Maria
Química Nova , 1998,
Abstract: This paper proposes an experiment to be performed in both instrumental analysis and experimental physical-chemistry curricular disciplines in order to open options to develop challenging basic research activities. Thus the experimental procedures and the results obtained in the preparation of electrodeposited lead dioxide onto graphite and its evaluation as potentiometric sensor for H3O+ and Pb2+ ions, are presented. The data obtained in acid-base titrations were compared with those of the traditional combination glass electrode at the same conditions. Although a linear sub-Nernstian response to free hydrogen ions was observed for the electrodeposited PbO2 electrode, a good agreement was obtained between them. Working as lead(II) sensing electrode, the PbO2 showed a linear sub-Nernstian behavior at total Pb2+ concentrations ranging from 3,5 x 10-4 to 3,0 x 10-2 mol/L in nitrate media. For the redox couple PbO2/Pb(II) the operational slope converges to the theoretical one, as the acidity of the working solution increases.
Expression of Messenger RNA of Oncoproteins E6 and E7 of Human Papilomavirus in Women with Negative Oncotic Cytologies, Epithelial Squamous Atypias of Undefined Significance and Low-Grade Intraepithelial Lesions  [PDF]
Daiene Carvalho Casagrande, Julisa Chamorro Lascasas Ribalta, Katia de Araujo Prado Ferreira Leite, Manoel Schimidt, Neila Maria de Góis Speck
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2015.51006

Objectives: To verify the prevalence of E6/E7 RNAm expression of HPV in patients with negative cervicovaginal cytology, ASC-US and LSIL; to correlate with negative anatomopathological exams and/or squamous intraepithelial neoplasy grade I (SIN 1) of the lower genital tract (LGT); to relate the RNAm expression with viral infection types; to assess the genotyping in single infections. Methods: Findings from 825 women submitted to E6/E7 RNAm survey and 422 women submitted to LGT biopsies were analyzed. Results: A larger percentage of E6/E7 in ASC-US and LSIL cytologies occurred. Negative results of RNAm expression were in accordance with negative cytologies and negative anatomopathological exam. In positive cases, the infection by a single HPV type was most prevalent, with the type 16 being the most common. Conclusions: the expression of mRNA was most prevalent in ASC-US and LSIL cytologies, comparing with the negative ones. The findings of SIN 1 biopsies were related to the positive expression of mRNA and negative cytologies; the negative expression was in agreement with negative anatomopathological exam. The infection by a HPV type was more frequent in cases of positive expression, the HPV type 16 being most frequently found. Patients with low grade intraepithelial lesion cytologies had a higher percentage of multiple infections.

Dióxido de chumbo eletrodepositado sobre grafite como sensor potenciométrico à ions chumbo e sulfato
CASSIANO, Neila Maria;RAMOS, Luiz Ant?nio;CAPELATO, Milton Duffles;
Eclética Química , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-46702001000100009
Abstract: the development of a pbo2 electrodeposited in a graphite substrate electrode and evaluation of its potenciometric response as a sensor for pb2+ and so42- ions, at constant ph and ionic strength is described. the electrode was applicated in the potenciometric titration in precipitation reaction of pb2+ with so42- in hydro-ethanolic medium. the results showed that the pbo2 electrodeposited electrode is useful as a potenciometric sensor to the pb(ii) ions presenting a linear response range between 3,98x10-4 a 3,09x10-2 mol l-1 in nitrate medium, with a practical detection limit of (4,98 ± 0,11)x10-4 mol l-1. for sulphate ions the pbo2 electrode did not responded directly. these ions might be dosed indirectly by potentimetric titration with standard pb(ii) solution in acidic media, in 1:1 ethanol-water (v/v), with good definition of the equivalence volumes. the reprodutibilidade of the potenciais and of the equivalence volumes obtained in samples with concentration at milimolar level in sulphate, indicate the possibility of the use of this electrode in quantifying sulphate ions.
Neila Barbosa de Oliveira Bornemann,Maria Inês Pagliarini Cox
Signótica , 2011, DOI: 10.5216/sig.v23i2.17530
Abstract: Este estudo investiga o funcionamento e a constru o dos efeitos de sentidos no discurso de chargistas, ao tematizarem acontecimentos sazonais em destaque no país e, portanto, na mídia, como é o caso da elei o do humorista Tiririca, supostamente um analfabeto, ao cargo de Deputado Federal. Para tanto, foram mobilizados os conceitos de condi es de produ o e interdiscurso na perspectiva da Análise de Discurso de linha francesa. Para a constitui o do corpus, foram selecionados três textos pertencentes ao gênero charge. A análise dos textos, com base em tais conceitos, evidenciou como o processo de produ o de sentidos se constitui a partir de conhecimentos pré-construídos.
Considera es sobre a clínica ampliada no processo de enfermagem
Maria Silvia Teixeira Giacomasso Vergílio,Neila Regina de Oliveira
Saúde Coletiva , 2010,
Abstract: La clínica ampliada tiene por objeto revisar la fragmentación de la atención, la ampliación del papel de los profesionales sobre la base de compromiso ético, la autonomía y la corresponsabilidad de los sujetos por su proceso salud-enfermedad. Este trabajo propone la re-evaluación del quehacer de la enfermería a la luz de la clínica ampliada. Se trata de una investigación de la literatura basada en marcos teóricos de la planificación de los cuidados de enfermería mediante el método del proceso de enfermería (PE) y de la clínica ampliada. Se discute la posibilidad de calificar el funcionamiento de los pasos del PE, ya establecidos en las instituciones de salud, con valores mayores de la clínica ampliada proponiendo una mayor visibilidad al conocimiento y hacer de la enfermería incluidas en el trabajo multidisciplinario e intersectorial valorizando la subjetividad y la integridad de los usuarios en la asistencia en los servicios de salud.
A second generation radiation hybrid map to aid the assembly of the bovine genome sequence
Oliver C Jann, Jan Aerts, Michelle Jones, Nicola Hastings, Andy Law, Stephanie McKay, Elisa Marques, Aparna Prasad, Jody Yu, Stephen S Moore, Sandrine Floriot, Marie-Fran?oise Mahé, André Eggen, Licia Silveri, Riccardo Negrini, Elisabetta Milanesi, Paolo Ajmone-Marsan, Alessio Valentini, Cinzia Marchitelli, Maria C Savarese, Michal Janitz, Ralf Herwig, Steffen Hennig, Chiara Gorni, Erin E Connor, Tad S Sonstegard, Timothy Smith, Cord Dr?gemüller, John L Williams
BMC Genomics , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-7-283
Abstract: An RH map for the 30 bovine chromosomes is presented. The map was built using the Roslin 3000-rad RH panel (BovGen RH map) and contains 3966 markers including 2473 new loci in addition to 262 amplified fragment-length polymorphisms (AFLP) and 1231 markers previously published with the first generation RH map. Sequences of the mapped loci were aligned with published bovine genome maps to identify inconsistencies. In addition to differences in the order of loci, several cases were observed where the chromosomal assignment of loci differed between maps. All the chromosome maps were aligned with the current 6× bovine assembly (Btau_2.0) and 2898 loci were unambiguously located in the bovine sequence. The order of loci on the RH map for BTA 5, 7, 16, 22, 25 and 29 differed substantially from the assembled bovine sequence. From the 2898 loci unambiguously identified in the bovine sequence assembly, 131 mapped to different chromosomes in the BovGen RH map.Alignment of the BovGen RH map with other published RH and genetic maps showed higher consistency in marker order and chromosome assignment than with the current 6× sequence assembly. This suggests that the bovine sequence assembly could be significantly improved by incorporating additional independent mapping information.The global importance of cattle production has resulted in considerable efforts to detect the genes controlling variations in economically important traits. This task is greatly facilitated by the availability of molecular markers ordered along chromosomes. In the last decade a number the bovine genome maps have been published, many of them based on genetic linkage between markers [1-3]. A major disadvantage of linkage maps is that only polymorphic loci can be included, whereas, RH maps can be constructed using sequence information from non-polymorphic loci. Therefore, RH maps potentially contain more coding loci than linkage maps facilitating comparative mapping across species. In contrast to linkage ma
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