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Treatment Engagement of Psychotic Patients with a Mobile Mental Health Unit in Rural Areas in Greece: A Five-Year Study
Vaios Peritogiannis,Athina Tatsioni,Nefeli Menti,Aikaterini Grammeniati,Vassiliki Fotopoulou,Venetsanos Mavreas
Schizophrenia Research and Treatment , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/613956
Abstract: Objectives. Treatment of psychotic disorders is impended by high rates of disengagement from mental health services and poor adherence to antipsychotic medication. This study examined the engagement rates of psychotic patients with a community mental health service during a 5-year period. Methods. The Mobile Mental Health Unit of Ioannina and Thesprotia (MMHU I-T) delivers services in remote, rural, mountainous areas using the resources of the primary care system. Clinical and demographic information for patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and related psychoses was obtained from the medical records of our unit. Results. A total of 74 psychotic patients initially engaged in treatment with our unit. In half of cases treatment was home-based. With the exclusion of patients who died or discharged, engagement rates were 67.2%. Statistical analysis was performed for 64 patients, and no differences were found between engaged and disengaged patients regarding clinical and demographic parameters. All engaged patients regularly refilled their antipsychotic prescriptions. Conclusion. Engagement rates in our study were comparable to previous research, involving urban settings and shorter follow-up duration. Community mental health teams may ensure treatment continuation for psychotic patients in deprived, remote areas. This is important for low-income countries, affected by economic crisis, such as Greece. 1. Introduction Schizophrenia and related disorders are chronic and disabling and have a major impact on the person, the family, and the society in general. Continuity of care is considered essential in the effective management of such long-term disorders by service users, clinicians, and health care policy makers [1]. Previous studies have suggested that continuity of care is positively associated with health outcomes among persons with severe mental illness [2]. More recently, continuity of care was linked to better social functioning of people with chronic psychotic disorders [3]. However, despite the availability of effective pharmacological and psychosocial treatments for the management of psychotic disorders, treatment is impended by high rates of disengagement from mental health services and poor adherence to antipsychotic medication. Treatment discontinuation has severe consequences for the patients, such as relapse, hospitalization, homelessness, suicide, and violence [4, 5]. This may be particularly the case of psychotic patients living in poor and deprived remote rural areas who may not receive appropriate mental health care. Evidence from
Metaphors: The Elementary School Teacher Candidates Come Up with Relation to the Concept of “Drama”  [PDF]
Ay?e Menti? Ta?
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.47063

The purpose of this study is to uncover the perceptions of the elementary school teacher candidates who have related to the concept of “drama” through metaphors. The study group consisted of 129 third-year students taking the “Drama” course during the fall semester of the 2012-2013 academic year in the Department of Elementary School Teaching of Necmettin Erbakan University’s Faculty of Education. 66 of the teacher candidates, who participated in the study, were females and the 63 of them were males. The data of the study was obtained by students completing the sentence of “Drama is like… because…”. To do this, the teacher candidates were given a blank sheet of paper with the aforementioned sentence written at the top of the paper and were asked to express their thoughts by using that statement and by concentrating on only one metaphor. During the analysis of the data, frequency, percentage calculations and content analysis which is a qualitative method, were used. The process of analyzing and interpreting the metaphors developed by the teacher candidates was carried in five phases: (1) naming stage, (2) screening and clarifying phase, (3) compiling and category development phase, (4) proving the validity and reliability phase, (5) transferring the data into the computer. According to the findings of the study, the teacher candidates developed 30 valid metaphors related to the concept of “Drama”. These metaphors were then grouped under five different conceptual categories after examining them in terms of common characteristics.

Ay?e Menti? TA?
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2007,
Abstract: The aim of this research is to designate the opinions of the 4th and 5th Class teachers of thePrimary Schools related to the new social sciences course books which have been prepared basedon the new social science education program. The 4th and 5th Class teachers, who are working inthe 76 Primary schools which consist the 50% out of 153 Primary Schools of the Konyaprovince, constitute the sampling of the research. The teacher survey which is developed by theresearchers to collect data is used in the research. The factor structure of the items taking placein the survey an their reliability have been studied with the interior consistency coefficient ofCronbach Alpha. Frequency and percent has been used in item basis in the designation of theteachers’ opinions. According to the findings of the research, the teachers have evaluated thenew social sciences course book to be partly positive with respect to the content while evaluatingthem to be positive with respect to design, visual order, physical structure, language andexposition.
Orientación Educativa sobre el vocabulario y el acceso a la alfabetización: Evaluación del impacto de un programa de intervención en las familias y la escuela
Rosemberg,Celia Renata; Stein,Alejandra; Menti,Alejandra;
Orientaci?3n y sociedad , 2011,
Abstract: the study evaluates the impact of a linguistic and cognitive development program for 5-year-old children. the program was implemented undergoing two conditions. in the first condition, the children participated in activities in their preschool classroom (extensive condition), while the second condition also involved family literacy activities in the children's homes (intensive condition). the program's impact was evaluated by using a pre-test - post-test design. the tests for receptive vocabulary (rv), category production (cp) and writing were administered to a sample of 214 children who participated in the intensive condition, 69 who participated in the extensive condition, and a control group of 49 children from buenos aires who did not participate in the program. the results showed that participation in the intensive condition led to a greater increase in rv, cp and writing abilities than the extensive condition and that both experimental conditions showed a greater increase in skill level when compared with the control group. the mother's education level and previous preschool attendance seemed to have no effect. the results showed significant correlations between all of the variables analyzed and that the rv scores at the beginning of the year predicted both the rv and writing scores at the end of the year.
Orientación Educativa sobre el vocabulario y el acceso a la alfabetización: Evaluación del impacto de un programa de intervención en las familias y la escuela Orienta o Educativa sobre o vocabulário e o acesso à alfabetiza ao: Avalia o do impacto de um programa de interven ao nas familias e a escola Educational orientation regarding vocabulary and literacy access: Evaluating the impact of an intervention program designed to promote early learning at home
Celia Renata Rosemberg,Alejandra Stein,Alejandra Menti
Orientación y Sociedad : Revista Internacional e Interdisciplinaria de Orientación Vocacional Ocupacional , 2011,
Abstract: El estudio evalúa el impacto de un programa de promoción del desarrollo lingüístico y cognitivo para ni os de 5 a os implementado según dos modalidades: una que implicó acciones de alfabetización familiar en los hogares de los ni os (modalidad intensiva) y otra que incluyó la participación de los ni os en las salas de jardín de infantes (modalidad extensiva). La evaluación del impacto se realizó por medio de un dise o pre-test - post-test. Se tomaron pruebas de vocabulario receptivo (VR), producción de categorías (PC) y escritura a una muestra de 214 ni os participantes de la modalidad intensiva, 69 participantes de la modalidad extensiva y un grupo control de no participó del programa (49 ni os). Los resultados mostraron que l a participación en la modalidad intensiva implicó un mayor incremento en las habilidades infantiles de VR, PC que en la modalidad extensiva. A su vez ambas modalidades experimentales mostraron un mayor incremento en las variables examinadas respecto de las observadas en el grupo control. No se detectaron efectos de la escolaridad de la madre y la asistencia previa al jardín. Los resultados mostraron correlaciones significativas entre todas las variables analizadas y el valor predictivo de los puntajes en VR a principio de a o respecto de los puntajes en VR y escritura a fin de a o. O estudo avalia o impacto de um programa de promo o do desenvolvimento lingüístico e cognitivo para crian as de 5 anos implementado segundo as duas modalidades: uma que implicou a es de alfabetiza o familiar nos lares das crian as (modalidade intensiva) e a outra que incluiu a participa o das crian as nas aulas do pré-escolar (modalidade extensiva). A avalia o do impacto realizou-se por meio de um desenho pre-test - post-test. Executaram-se provas de vocabulário receptivo (VR), produ o de categorias (PC) e a escrita a uma mostra de 214 crian as participantes da modalidade intensiva, 69 participantes da modalidade extensiva e um grupo controle que n o participou do programa (49 crian as). Os resultados mostraram que a participa o na modalidade intensiva implicou um maior incremento nas habilidades infantis de VR, PC que na modalidade extensiva. Ambas as modalidades experimentais mostraram também um maior incremento nas variáveis examinadas respeito das observadas no grupo controle. N o se detectaram efeitos da escolaridade da m e e a assistência previa ao nível pré-escolar. Os resultados mostraram correla es significativas entre todas as variáveis analisadas e o valor preditivo dos resultados em VR a principio de ano respeito dos resultados em VR
Analysis of humor styles, problem solving and self- esteem of prospective teachers
Zeliha Tra?,Co?kun Arslan,Ay?e Menti? Ta?
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is a difference among prospective teachers in terms of humor styles, problem solving skills and self- esteem in regard to gender variable and whether there is a relation among humor styles, problem solving and self- esteem. The data of the study have been gathered through Humor Styles Scale, Problem Solving Inventory, Self- Esteem Scale and Personal Information Form. The sample of the study is composed of randomly selected 442 prospective teachers (251 female, 191 male) studying at various departments of Education Faculty of Selcuk University. Statistical analysis of the data has been carried out by independent t test and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient. It is observed that there is not a significant difference between the average scores of affiliative humor and self-enhancing humor styles, when the humor styles of prospective teachers are analysed in regard to gender. However it is observed that the difference between the average scores of aggressive humor and self-defeating humor is significant. Moreover, a significant and positive relation has been observed between self- esteem and affiliative and self-enhancing humor and a significant and negative relation has been observed between self- esteem and aggressive and self-defeating humor. Through an increase of positive problem solving approach, self- esteem, affiliative and self-enhancing humor are also increasing and aggressive and self-defeating humor are decreasing.
Infec??o bacteriana no paciente cirrótico
Mattos, Angelo A. de;Coral, Gabriela P.;Menti, Eduardo;Valiatti, Fabiana;Kramer, Caroline;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032003000100003
Abstract: background: bacterial infections at admission or during hospitalization are frequent complication of cirrhosis that occurs in about 30% of the cases. furthermore they are responsible for 25% of deaths in this population. aim: evaluate the prevalence of bacterial infections in cirrhotic patients at a general hospital and determine its correlation with alcoholic etiology of liver disease; degree of hepatic dysfunction and upper gastrointestinal bleeding. patients/methods: five hundred and forty one admissions were retrospectively evaluated in 426 cirrhotic patients at years 1992 to 2000. the mean age was 50.5 years (15-95), being 71.2% male. the alcoholic etiology of cirrhosis was 35.4%. the main outcome considered was discharge or death during admission. results: one hundred and thirty five episodes of bacterial infections (25%) were diagnosed. the most frequent are urinary tract infection (31.1%), spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (25.9%) and pneumonia (25.2%). the association between urinary tract infection and pneumonia occurred in 3.7% and erysipelas or cellulites in 11.1%. bacteremia occurred in 2.9%. there was a correlation between bacterial infection and alcoholic etiology of liver disease, hepatic dysfunction and upper gastrointestinal bleeding. the mortality was higher in the infected patients (8.9%) and in those with a poor hepatic function. conclusions: bacterial infections are common complications in cirrhotic patients and are correlated with alcoholic etiology, child pugh classification and upper gastrointestinal bleeding. furthermore, bacterial infections are correlated with poor prognosis.
Infec o bacteriana no paciente cirrótico
Mattos Angelo A. de,Coral Gabriela P.,Menti Eduardo,Valiatti Fabiana
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2003,
Abstract: RACIONAL: Em torno de 30% dos pacientes com cirrose hepática apresentam infec o bacteriana na admiss o hospitalar ou a desenvolvem durante a mesma. As infec es bacterianas s o responsáveis por até 25% das mortes nesta popula o de pacientes. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a prevalência de infec o bacteriana em uma popula o de pacientes cirróticos internados em hospital geral, bem como correlacionar sua presen a com a etiologia alcoólica da hepatopatia, com o grau de comprometimento da fun o hepática e com a presen a de hemorragia digestiva alta. PACIENTES E MéTODOS: Foram avaliadas retrospectivamente 541 interna es hospitalares consecutivas em 426 pacientes com cirrose hepática, internados no período de 1992 a 2000. A média de idade destes pacientes foi de 50,5 anos (15-95), sendo 71,2% do sexo masculino. Etiologia alcoólica da hepatopatia esteve presente em 35,4% dos pacientes. Alta ou óbito do paciente no período da interna o hospitalar foi considerado como principal desfecho. O nível de significancia considerado na análise estatística foi de 5%. RESULTADOS: As infec es bacterianas ocorreram em 25% dos cirróticos (135 episódios). Destas, as mais freqüentes foram: a infec o do trato urinário em 31,1%, a peritonite bacteriana espontanea em 25,9% e a broncopneumonia em 25,2%. Ocorreu associa o de infec o urinária e broncopneumonia em 3,7% e infec o de pele e tecido celular subcutaneo em 11,11%. Bacteremia sem foco definido ocorreu nos quatro casos restantes (2,9%). Houve associa o da presen a de infec o com a etiologia alcoólica da hepatopatia, com a classifica o de Child-Pugh e com a ocorrência de hemorragia digestiva alta. A mortalidade hospitalar foi maior nos pacientes infectados (8,9%), estando a mesma associada ao grau de disfun o hepatocelular. CONCLUS ES: A ocorrência de infec o bacteriana no paciente cirrótico hospitalizado é freqüente e correlaciona-se com a etiologia alcoólica da hepatopatia, com a reserva funcional hepática e com a presen a de sangramento digestivo. Além disso, a presen a de infec o bacteriana correlaciona-se com mau prognóstico.
Valor prognóstico da glicemia de jejum em pacientes idosos com síndrome coronariana aguda
Ramos, Adriane Monserrat;Pellanda, Lucia Campos;Vieira, Pedro Lima;Ribeiro, Daniel Pinto;Menti, Eduardo;Portal, Vera Lúcia;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2012000300002
Abstract: background: the fasting plasma glucose (fpg) test is a predictor of complications after acute coronary syndrome (acs). however, its prognostic value is not yet fully established in different age groups. objective: to evaluate the role of admission fasting plasma glucose (fpg) as a predictor of 30 days after acs, and the association of hyperglycemia with major cardiovascular events (mace): death, reinfarction and coronary artery bypass grafting, in two different age groups (<65 year and >65 year-old patients). methods: contemporary cohort of patients hospitalized for acs in the institute of cardiology of rio grande do sul (southern brazil). in the first 24 hours of admission, patients answered a questionnaire with clinical information and had peripheral blood collected for measurement of fpg. patients were followed up during hospitalization and for 30 days for the presence of mace. statistical analyses were performed using the spss 15.0 with the chi-square or fisher exact test (categorical variables) and the student t test (numerical variables). multivariate analysis was performed. results: 580 patients were included in the study. mean age was 61.2 (a±12.3) years, with 38.6% of the patients (224) >65 years old, and 67.7% (393) were male. multivariable analysis showed that, after 30 days of follow-up, only fpg (or= 1.01, 95% ci:1.00-1.01, p= 0.001) was associated with mace in both age groups. conclusion: admission fpg was an independent predictor for mace in the early phase of acs.
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